Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sallys house - & the Lavender farm

Hello dear friends & readers
It is no secret to you all that I like to live my life vicariously through other peoples homes :-)
And so at the begining of December when my friend Jane suggested we take a drive up to Auckland to see her sister Sallys new home  -
I jumped at the chance!
I dont get up to the city very often -
so it is such a treat for me when I do
Sally had moved house since Jane & I last visited her together
She was now in an amazing place perched on the side of a hill
with wonderful views through the bush to the water

Sallys dining area looks out onto the native bush hillside (note the handcrafted owls on the dining table - gifts ready for Jane to take back home for nieces)


note the handmade rag wreath on wall
the thing I think I love the most about Sallys house
is that she has this total vintage look running right through it
unlike myself,  with my eclectic mix of mismatched items

Looking through to Sallys kitchen area - LOVE this shelving

Note Sallys collection of vintage aprons hanging on her vintage hook

Imagine gazing at this while cooking dinner . .


Sally had begun her christmas decorating before we arrived
I LOVED her tree decorated with snowflake ornaments
she had hand-made from vintage wool blankets
She had been framing some old calendar pictures for her wall
I fell in love with this pastel grouping of pictures :-)
woops - sorry to chop some off but was trying to get couch in also :-)
Off from her dining area she has the loveliest little private courtyard & she has set up a little seating area
with her vintage cane chairs & granny rugs
However . . .
it was when I saw her craft room I got seriously envious! ! !
this is my idea of what heaven would look like ! !
Note the doiley bunting across the window
Oohh I wanted to stay in this room forever ! !
vintage tea wagon holding craft supplies
If there is a syndrome called "craft room envy"
then I definately have it ! ! ! 
the cross stitch up on theleft is Sallys handwork
the wall above her work desk

Sally has a real "dottie angel" look with her decorating I feel
very Granny chic -
This is the chair I got to sit in with my cuppa

(I think it had been Sally's Granny's chair)
A couple of pics of Sal's bedroom I snapped
vintage crochet bedspread & handmade cushions

& a final snap of the dining area before my camera decided to "die" on me :-(

door to courtyard just to left of photo - note pile of vintage wool rugs on stool
Sally writes a blog of her crafty makes
you can see more of her wonderful handwork here . . .

Jane & I had the very bestest days outing
It is so exciting to visit "the big smoke"
especially when it doesnt happen that often.

(I must add a footnote here -
the house was actually much nicer than my pics show
I blame my outdated camera having yet another "off "day)

And then yesterday morning I had to take another little trip
this time just around the corner from where I live -
to Alphra Lavender farm
I had to take some more of my D.L.E cards to Bev
& this is what I saw on arrival, out my car window. . .

Bev & Ian have been running the lavender farm for 15 years now
you can see the wonderful products they make & sell in their
on site shop at the lavender farm
They are hoping to begin their yearly flower harvest next Friday
& then they extract the oil in their distiller
to be made up into all their lovely products.
Honestly it is a feast for the senses paying them a visit
both visually & aromatically
the above bushes are 5 years old now
I remember when Bev first planted them
& had such a problem with rabbits constantly digging them up
the small bushes in front were planted last October
& the ones behind a couple of years ago
You can go visit their website here
Bev has a beautiful garden to complement the lavender

Before I go I just wanted to share with you a christmas gift I received
that I had actually requested sometime ago
This gift was definately not romantic nor personal
but has actually made such a difference to my life already

Yes - I now have a gate buzzer !!! :-)
Although we seem to be having a few volume problems
it is rather loud ! !
Even  deaf ol' Mr Wolf heard it yesterday
& beat me out to greet the lady in her car
who didnt see his approach & when he put his head around her door . . .
she let out this bloodcurdling scream ! ! !
It was awfully embarrassing (for Me not the dog)
I apologised profusely & she did also for being so dramatic
once she saw the big deaf ol' fat fluffy was harmless
then when we got in the cottage . . .
I got a fit of the giggles ! ! !
honestly, I could not stop laughing at her scream
I was mortified - at myself
(I actually seem to spend an awful lot of time apologising for that flipping dog & his antics)
stupid ol' Mum making things up about me again & that stupid o'l gate buzzer
Well thats about it from me this week folks -
but just wanted to send out a bit of a plea . ..
is anyone else having problems uploading pics with blogger??
for some reason the browse pics button I used to use has gone
& I now have to go into HTML to add pics instead of Compose
which instead of 1 hour to do a post -
takes me 2 days ! ! !
If anyone has a solution to this I would appreciate any info
but please bear in mind . . .
I am NOT computer savvy
Wishing you all a happy weekend ahead
thanks, as always, for stopping by
much love, hugs, friendship,
Julie Xoxo


  1. Looks like a great trip to the big smoke! Lovely home. Doesn't that lavender look stunning!
    Funny about the dog, scream & buzzer!
    I have read a few others having the same problems with blogger. I did have a problem loading a video on my blog the other day??

    1. Hi Leeanne, thank you for stopping by :-)
      Yes it was kind of funny about the dog/scream thing etc but I did feel awful laughing but it was just one of those moments!!!! I was still kind of laughing 2 days later & am not normally like that, See you soon maybe, Julie :-)

  2. Hi Julie I have seen lots of bloggers having trouble loading pictures lately and they are saying that if they use google chrome as their browser it seems to resolve things. Your friends house is very pretty and homely - it is refreshing to visit other peoples homes, that's why I like blogger! The lavender fields are fabulous - we went to some in Norfolk a few years back and the smell was amazing - I hope you came home with a few treats for yourself. Betty

    1. Thankyou Betty - shall look into the google chrome idea for sure. Yes I love looking into peoples homes via blogs & getting ideas etc I hope others like to do it also, thats why I share it on here. Sometimes just one idea for a corner perhaps. The lavender farm was stunning - when I came home, everything seemed so "blah" here !!!! Have a great weekend Betty, Julie :-)

  3. Hello dear, yes it's most perturbing when bloggery things don't work quite as they ought to. There is a bit of a discussion over at Mags is having the same problem & there are various options mooted in the comments there. So funny...getting the giggles especially. I guess if you haven't met him before Mr Fluffy could be quite startling : ) Phew it was 35 degrees here today! The only thing that I can think of that would love such temperatures is that lavender...isn't it magnificent!! My you, my basil seems pretty keen too just now. Don't suppose it would take all that long for you to get through to the big smoke from your place. That was kind for the lady to let us all see her home...just lovely : ) I was amazed that you had the Okoroire conversation..wasn't that astonishing. So glad that we stopped when we did then & that we took some photos. Thanks for the interesting post. Have a grand week. Much love & friendship Catherine x0x0x

  4. Hello Catherine, thankyou, have gone to the blog you mentioned & had a look at the comments. Yes I agree about Mr Fluffy, he could be scary looking at first sight :-) Gosh, 35 degrees, bet that is exhausting. It is hot here too & so energy sapping. Just want to sit in my chair and wait for the cooler weather :-) Have a lovely weekend, Love, Julie

  5. Hi Julie, love, love the lavender farm! wonder if Mike will give up the cows for lavender??? Poor lady- I bet she got a hell of a fright! He is pretty big, but so friendly! (sorry still laughing!!) Very cool house.
    Have a great weekend, Michelle.

    1. Hi Michelle - not too sure Mike would be so keen to swap the cows for lavender !!! Unfortunately :-(
      Yes the fat fluffy can be scary until you know him and then he is more interested in peeing on your car tyres.
      Have a great weekend. Julie :-)


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