Monday, September 22, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Good morning dear friends & readers 
  . . . & "welcome to a bright shiny new week"

I have been invited by my friend Shane to join in this "Around the World blog hop"
Although Shane & I have never met up in person (yet) I feel we have become good friends, albeit, blogging friends.
I really enjoy Shane's blog & her photo mosaics are a special favorite of mine

Do pop over to Shane's blog & say Hello won't you ... its a really lovely place to visit.
Way back in March of this year, I had an Angel Giveaway & The Mr drew Shane's name out of the teapot.
And then, out of the blue one day, the most delightful box of treasures arrived in the post, a surprise from Shane, 
read about it here

I have been asked to answer 4 questions as part of the blog hop ...

(1) How does my writing/creative process work?

No weeks, or even two days, are ever the same here at My Threadbear Life.  Running my rustic little craft cottage from the garden here at our rural property, can bring a diverse mix of days & encounters. I have tried to get into the habit of taking my camera with me where-ever I go, which has been the great thing about blogging, as I now photograph my work (whereas before my blog I always forgot).
From helping on the farm somedays, to gardening, painting my Op Shop "treasures", hosting groups or just spending time in my sewing room ... I really enjoy the diversity of the days & draw my creativity from the entirely different aspects of all of these things

(2) Why do I create what I do?

This is an easy question . . .  I really, really love it.  Its that simple.
I honestly enjoy what I do. And when I no longer feel like that about it . . . I will know its time to stop.
Anyone who pursues craft related pastimes will know, if you choose to sell your work, you never, ever get your time back, so you must really have a passion for it, in order to continue to do this kind of work.
 I also really enjoy being at home so running a home-based business suits me perfectly.

(3) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I dont really think I work in any particular genre.
My craft related activities tend to jump around all over the place as I go from working on a primitive project, to some stitchery, to perhaps something a little more shabby chic, then off to dehydrate fruit or paint my thrifted vintage finds.
I tend to find this "hopscotch" style of work suits me now. I used to really focus alot more on one particular project or work in one medium, whereas now I jump about all over the place.  I think this may feel somewhat "unstructured" to some people, but I also find I can end up with a variety of completed projects & be okay about enjoying the process along the way.

(4) What am I working on now?

Currently I am trying to complete some christmas projects as I would love to do a bigger christmas area in the Cottage come early November.
(however, I think it only fair to admit ... I think this every single year & have yet to achieve it!!!)
I have been making some more matchbox mice like the ones I posted about here

And also stitching the gorgeous Natalie Bird design "Making Spirits Bright" that I was given for my birthday by my friend Bev

stitched using Cottage Garden Thread Waratah

And now its my turn to introduce the 3 bloggers who have agreed to take part in continuing the "Around the World blog hop"
I would especially like to thank them all for taking part as it can be daunting when first asked, but I have really enjoyed joining in here today.

For my first participant we jump across the Tasman Sea to Australia & welcome the very talented Bev from the blog Welcome to Kainga Happenings ... Bev writes on a variety of topics from her amazing patchwork & embroidery to her cooking & gardening pursuits. 
I love the little verse on her header "come, let us have some tea & talk about happy things" . . .

My second blogger today is my lovely swap friend Anne from the blog NANA GoGo - all the way across the oceans & miles to Scotland we go. Do pop in & say Hello to Anne, her blog is a very enjoyable place to visit.
I especially love this little verse on Anne's sidebar

And lastly (all the way back to New Zealand again), I would like to welcome Wendy - a lovely friend who lives in my region - from the gorgeous blog Charlotte's Web
Wendy & I originally met through our blogs & I thoroughly enjoy it when we get the opportunity to catch up from time to time. 
Wendy too, is a talented girl who does beautiful stitchery, knitting, crochet & all manner of crafty things ...

Do go visit these 3 lovely girls, tell them I sent you please
They will be posting next Monday 29th September
Thanks so much for your visit today & reading my lengthy post
Thanks also to Shane for inviting me to take part.
Wishing you all a great week ahead filled with all that you wish for ...
with love & friendship,
Julie x0x0 


  1. Hello dear Julie

    I was both grateful and excited when you agreed to take part!
    Grateful because I know how busy your life is and excited because I wanted more bloggers to find you!
    Your creative talent is incredible and now you've inspired me once again to get cracking on some Christmas pieces!
    Where has this year gone? You're always at least ten paces ahead of me!

    Thank you so much for taking part Julie, I know people will love meeting you!
    Your blog has so much to offer with your beautiful garden, and wonderful creations you offer for sale in the cottage – am I right in saying people can order things through your blog too? I need to get in touch as I see some things here my granddaughters need!

    Enjoy your week, I know it won’t be an idle one!!
    Shane xox
    To others reading my comment, Julie grows and drys her own lavender, she sent me two bags and it is amazing! S

  2. fabulous post! I always love to visit you through your blog and of course in person. I have trouble keeping my purse in keep in your beautiful cottage, sooooooo many treats calling out my name! Many of your gorgeous makes now live at my home and I treasure each one.

  3. Lovely post, so nice to see what's going on. I sem to be a bit like you, flitting from project to project as time etc dictates. I'm enjoying this bloghop, I like the way it keeps popping up as different people take part.

  4. Lovely post Julie, I always enjoy the variety of things you do. I love the idea of your Christmas corner in the cottage, the mice sure are sweet. Hugs Wendy xx

  5. Have fallen in love with match box mice! You are seriously talented.

  6. I keep repeating myself to you, Julie but you really are a wonderful craftswoman. I adore my very own Dolly that you made for me and will treasure her forever. I also adore those little meeces to pieces!! A Threadbear Christmas Corner would be wonderful. I can just picture it now! Lovely post Julie and what comes across from your writing is just how much you love your craft and it certainly shows in everything that you make. I'm afraid my post won't hold a candle to yours in the 'creativity' department but I'll have a jolly good bash trying!! Have a great week my new Bloggy Friend. xxx

  7. Hello Julie,

    I want your little sign about the weeds! Good luck with the Christmas display I am sure it will all come together just perfectly.I would love to sit and chatter in your garden it does look so inviting.

    Happy days.

  8. Hello Julie,

    So lovely to discover your blog and thank you for visiting me - fun to meet new blog friends from the blog hop.
    I love all the beautiful work you have done - the sweet mice, embroidery and your dollies. You have a beautiful place and love the lavender
    Have a happy week and I look forward to coming back again.

  9. What a lovely post dear Julie. Lots of work to put it all together. I am glad that you get so much pleasure from all your crafting endeavours. You are so productive. I like to work in the same kind of way....what did you call it....hopscotch (most appropriately vintage) I think of it as butterfly mode. I have been digging out an area outside Lucy's door to do some more paving & since that's not the funnest work I have assigned myself just to do a bucket or two a day, then off to do something else. I'm getting there! You are so good at completion, however. The matchbox mice are adorable. Golly hope you didn't have quite the storm & the earthquake that we've just had : 0 Might even start to warm up soon! Much love from across the island. Your friend Catherine x0x0x


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