Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lots to share . . .

Hello there dear friends & readers
I have lots to share this post so you may like to grab a cuppa & come join me
(warning : rather photo heavy post sorry)

Firstly I wanted to share some more about the "From My Home to Yours Swap" that I mentioned last post
Almost too delicous to unwrap !!!!

Gosh it was certainly my lucky day when Betty matched me with my swap partner Anne from from the blog NANA GoGo
Anne's gift arrived yesterday & what a treasure trove of goodies she posted me ... all the way from Scotland!!

The Mr told me I was like a "little kid" opening the packages ... oohing & aahing at all the gorgeous treasures inside
Anne had crocheted me the most beautiful wrist warmers in a gorgeous soft pastel grey wool - I know they will get lots of use next winter

Also included amongst all the goodies was a lovely tartan cushion cover with a stags head on it, (which made the Mr's eyes light up) - Anne had crocheted the edging around it which was stunningly complimentary.  
There was an assortment of crafty bits, trims, vintage buttons, tartan fabrics & patchwork pieces, a beautiful vintage doiley from Anne's collection, a soap that smelt divine (lemongrass), a gorgeous zipped pouch made from vintage fabrics & doiley trims, along with magazines & a recipe book "soup & scone"   WoW!!   How lucky was I ??!!

You can read Annes post about our swap here
Thank You SO VERY MUCH Anne for your kind & generous gifts. I have thoroughly enjoyed this swap, I did not feel pressured (as can often happen with swaps), & loved that we both just decided to "do our own thing".

Immediately after my last post, I had to do a brief trip down to my Mums. I usually try to catch up with my friend Claire while down at Mums, but instead I had been invited to the meeting of Claire & the "KHS" girls.  For those of you that follow Michelle's blog, you will know about these crafty ladies & their monthly get togethers.
The meeting was at Michelles new home & was just off the very same road I was travelling on ...

As soon as I parked my car at Michelle's, this was the view that greeted me ... Oh how I still miss you Mount Taranaki Egmont!!

Michelle's new home was just gorgeous & decorated very much in her favourite primitive style.  Despite her protests otherwise, she is one crafty, creative girl & her home & garden are a credit to her busy life - I honestly dont know how she accomplishes all that she does.
I clicked some photos but it was impossible to share all that I took ...

this will just give you a little taste of her style . . . 
I adored the rusty saw she had hanging between dining room & lounge

Gorgeous handmade Raggedies everywhere I looked
even outside was given the "prim treatment"

The girls have a challenge each month & despite their protests that "nooo, we haven't done anything this month" ... these were some of their creations ... the theme this month was "wool"

Michelle S (there are 2 Michelles) had knitted a gorgeous dishcloth, a hottie cover & a banner brooch, all in the softest blue wools

Nicky was gathering together a stunning assortment of vintage trims & embellishments to make a bag - no not "wool" as such, but I could easily have sneaked this lot into my own bag!!
And Claire had "whipped up" this gorgeous wheat bag in wool fabrics, & also added some lavender so it smelt divine.
Michelle hadn't done the challenge this month but she did provide us with the most yummy morning tea & lunch
Such lovely, friendly, creative girls ... Michelle 1 & 2, Nicky, Claire & Nancy - thanks SO very much for a lovely visit.
Oh how I WISH I lived closer!!!

One of the things I always do when at Mums is take her to the Memorial Gardens at the crematorium to "take flowers to my Dad" as his ashes are scattered there

The Memorial Gardens are set in a huge circle & I have always loved this giant gnarly old tree that sits right in the middle of the circle

Prior to my trip to Mums I had completed some revamps (feels like I am kind of working backwards in this post) ... this cane chair was a purchase from St Vinny's quite sometime ago & on my neverending "to do list"

A good scrub, then a spray paint gave it a fresh new lease of life, but I wanted to bring some colour to it somehow. 
 I decided to make a squab & a roundie cushion using some of my vintage sheets as I felt it had a real vintagey style to it

I was really pleased with how it turned out & hope someone falls in love with it in the Cottage - I think it would make a very lovely bedroom chair.

This wooden base lamp was in amongst a box of "junk" my friend was taking to the Op Shop.  I - of course - promptly fished it out !!

I carefully cleaned the shade which was rather dusty, waxed & painted the base, & then embellished it with some crochet doilies & my usual pompom trim (dunked in parisian essence)

While down at Mums I completed this simple "Make a Wish" stitchery, which is a free download from here
I stitched it using a gorgeous Cottage Garden thread "Blue Wren"

I originally planned to make it up into a cushion but instead rather liked the idea of popping it in this Op Shop wooden embroidery hoop

I quite liked the "unfussiness" of it just as a simple hanger.

Thank you all so much for your good wishes for Little Jinxy in my last post ... as you can see she is still continuing to lead a rather stressful life here at Threadbear ...

Happy to show off her wound site .... Yes Jinxy WE KNOW you have had stitches!!!
... along with little Blackie who remains quite traumatised by life in general ...

Thank you all SO much for staying with me through this rather lengthy post
I hope you have a great week ahead filled with only good things . . .

. . . & that it is NOT a week with any days like Little Jinxy has had ! ! !
with much love & friendship to you all
Julie x0x0x


  1. Absolutely wonderful, lovely post to wake up to....
    Full of colour, gifts and house hold things of great
    interest! Love the giant tree up there....So, majestic!

    Just gone eight in the morning over here in U.K.
    Bit dull at the moment..But, the sun's trying to make
    an effort of breaking through..! Another lemon tea...
    And, another look/read through...
    AND! Not forgetting the stars of the post....Jinxy and
    Blackie...HeHe! Tell Jinxy she has a most wonderful
    wound...Well worth a closer look...! :>).

  2. Oh Julie that lamp looks so amazing after your pimping magic! I seriously need lessons on waxing and painting!! A road trip to the Naki, and a catch up with some crafty locals aswell. Hope your lovely mum is happy and well. Your kittens are living a blessed life at Threadbear for sure.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful visit to Taranaki, Michelle's home looks amazing. I love your makeover's, the chair is gorgeous. Your kitties are so cute, they look like they are living in the lap of luxury. Hugs Wendy xx

  4. So very happy that you liked everything, Julie. I wonder if I put something in between the pages of the craft mag for you? Or maybe I just thought I had!! Would it be ok to pinch your pic of the wristwarmers for my Ravelry Project Page - I didn't have time to take a pic before I posted them off to you and your photograph makes them look so nice?!! I absolutely love what you did with the chair and the lamp. Now I know what I'm going to do with that collection of doilies which are just gathering dust! I love your friend's house, particularly the saw on the ceiling and I want to make a ragdoll for myself! Thanks for being a super 'swapee' Julie. It was really great to communicate with you and as I said before, maybe one day we'll meet in NZ. Never-say-never, that's me!! Glad you had a good time at your Mum's too. xxx

  5. I don't know how you manage to fit so much in between posts...and how lovely to receive a wee bit of Scotland. I have an identical cream shade waiting for inspiration, thank you. xx

  6. A lovely swap - two of my favourite bloggers - what's not to like! I love the tartan cushion and your knitty hand warmers look cosy (I was given a pair by Nana last winter and love them so much)... the best of this swap is that you both have similar taste/style - I hope you will enjoy keeping in touch over the miles. Betty x

  7. Hello Julie
    I'm dropping by at the invitation of Shane as she's featured your blog on her post today. The swap you took part in produced some lovely gifts on your end and your kitties are adorable.

  8. Hi Julie
    It was soo lovely to see you again, I wish you lived closer too!
    I love what you have done with the lamp and the chair! You certainly received some lovely goodies too.
    Your kitties don't seem too traumatized from your trip away, but I'm sure they were happy to have you home again.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs and blessings

  9. Thanks for the photo of Mt. Egmont. I haven't seen it in awhile now.....but used to see it that's not true it wasn't always visible daily.

  10. Hello Julie,

    What a lovely parcel to receive, especially love the Elk cushion. Your Dad's resting place tree is amazing, glad your were able to visit.Lots of lovely photo's shared this week, very inspiring. Love the embroidery in the hoop, it fits the design perfectly. I am sure someone will fall in love with your chair. Have a happy week with those feline friends.

    Happy days.

  11. Where to start my friend? Jinxy is look pretty good, she isn't shy is she? They have the good life at your place! Oh yummy chair and lamp, clever chickie. I like the stitchery too, nice to pop in a hoop for something different. Looks like a super gifts from Scotland, but no Kilt for the Mr???? Holy smoke Michelle's place looks amazing! Perfect timing for you, being in their neck of the woods at the time of their get together! Love that mountain too! I think why we love it so much is it's rare to see it! It is usually covered with clouds.

  12. I am visiting from Shane's...what a nice blog post here :) Love the Raggedy Dolls and that Make a Wish design :)

  13. Hi Julie. Hope all is well. It has been forever since I have been able to pop in. It lpoks like you are happy amd full of life with those little kittens! Love it! What a whrilwind of creativity around you. Such fun. Its always such a cozy place to stop by and get inspiration. Take care

  14. I hopped over here from Shane's blog. So happy to meet you. You are a very busy lady with so many lovely creations. Your lamp with the doilies is such a beautiful idea. Love that look. Now to those kitties - Jinxy and Blackie...what adorable babies. Your Blackie could be a twin to my Scooter. Enjoyed some of your previous posts. Will be coming back again real soon. Have a great week.

  15. Gorgeous post Julie and lovely to see what you have been up to! How cool you got to spend time with the girls at Michelle's, such a creative bunch :-) What a lovely swap too from Scotland, lots of goodies, I had a little giggle at your childlike oohs and aahs! You have been creative too, love what you have been doing. Glad to see Jinxy is doing ok!

  16. Hello dear Julie, glad to see that you had some lovely fine weather while in Taranaki. What a wonderful old tree there in the Memorial Gardens...that was a nice thing to do with your Mum. Lovely freesias & lavender in the little posy. What a lovely get together with all the girls. Love Michelle S's vintage fabric ensemble...of course!
    You made a great job of the chair...nice if it sells, but I bet it looks lovely even sitting in the cottage. It's a great pattern that one...the round cushion, isn't it. Funny how a doily or two can make the world of difference on almost anything (especially anything you set your hand to). The Parisian dipped pom poms are a perfect addition to your lovely lamp revamp.
    What are you up to in the garden this week? I am loving the blue of the forget-me-nots (while they're still playing nice anyway!).
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  17. As always, such a lovely post. Love your vintage trims...yummy! Lots of cool stuff
    and great things happening your way. You know, there is too much stress in your
    house....I can tell by the feline friends!! lol Have a great day.
    Cheers, Anita.

  18. What a nice side trip you had with Claire at Michelle's... Love her red /white China. Make a wish is such a sweet stitchery. You have some lovely crafty finishes xx

  19. Lovely to catch up with your goings on.... Those gloves are so beautiful! Lisa xx


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