Saturday, December 13, 2014

Much Skipping & Rejoicing . . .

Hello & Happy Weekend to you dear friends & readers

There has been much skipping & rejoicing going on at my threadbear life this week . . .
& the reason for this IS . . . I have finished my orders for the year!!!!

I completed the last 2 hottie covers that were ordered for christmas gifts by my lovely friend Shirley

Shirley's grandaughter is into hearts, pinks & blues, & "pretty things" ... so the cover on the left was perfect for her.
Shirley's young grandson is very much into trains & engines ... so once again faithful "Mr Google" helped me find a good basic train shape that I could applique on

I lined this one with some lovely blue flannelette fabric I had that was so soft, warm & cosy.

And finally, a repeat customer had ordered some more of the felt mice in stockings  ... 
I had previously made 8 for the Cottage but they had all been snapped up fairly quickly this christmas

These are fun to sit & do in the evenings & don't require too much concentration or effort.

My friend Carolyn's daughter Rose, is getting married next month in the far north 
Though I have been invited to the wedding - but am unable to attend - I offered to make a horseshoe for Rose

I have become partial to these plain white boxes you can buy from Warehouse Stationery ... they are the perfect size to hold the horseshoe in, & look lovely with a little decoration on . . .

The horseshoe (along with 12 cups of my dried lavender to toss) will be my gift to Rose

Since my orders were complete, I decided to do a little christmas decorating in the house
OF COURSE ... I was under supervision to ensure I got it right . . .

Little Jinxy is growing up fast ... she has bought so much joy into our lives ...hard to believe she was a wild, feral kitten

Treasured gifts from friends from past christmas's

Last week, walking past the Sallies Op Shop in town, this basket outside was "waving & calling to me"
(you know how things have a habit of doing that don't you???!!!)

It was in a large box with my favourite words on it . . . "bargain bin" ... so it came home with me  (of course!!!)
After a scrub & a good dry in the sunshine, I lined the base with heavy cardboard, wadding & some vintage Sanderson fabric

It came up beautifully & I thought might make a great work basket to keep by your chair with your handwork in

Whilst attempting to tidy my sewing room somewhat, I came across this stitchery I had done earlier in the year ... 
so quickly made it up into a Santa bag

I told myself that this is really the only time of year I am going to sell a Santa bag!!!
The discolouration on the calico is from me dying it with parisian essence ... I really like this mottled aged effect
This is an old Country Friends pattern by Wendy Brigg ... I usually make one each christmas, either as a gift or as stock for the Cottage.

I have been having a real "love affair" with poppies this spring ... I toss seeds endlessly into my garden & in one particular area this year, I have had such a variety & assortment come up.
I took these photos to share with you ... all in one garden in close proximity to each other

A beautiful array of colours ... a shame they are over so quickly.

Well dear friends, with my last group due tomorrow, there is tidying to be done outside
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead & that you find some skipping & rejoicing of your own to do, even for the tiniest little reason,
thanks so much for your visits today
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0


  1. It is looking very Christmassy at your place Julie. I love all your special treasures. The poppies are so pretty. Enjoy your down time x

  2. Oh dear THIS is the time to visit Julie! (well every other time of the year is grand too) Look at you Christmas decorations, so many and so beautiful. You make me want to put my tree up now. So glad you are at the end of your orders, I am not quite there, but nearly! Will Jinxy have a play the decorations on the tree??? You Bet she will, I would if I was her! I love my Santa bag you made me last year and my sweet wee mouse in the stocking. Cool basket you rescued, you are like the SPCA only you save doilies and baskets!

  3. Ah! What a lovely, lovely festive post!
    Have to go through it a few times to take
    it All in...

    Though..I had to stop for a while, at the top!
    HeHe! I did'nt realise until the 2nd look that
    Blackie was laying on top of Jinxy...!
    There're really lovely....Bless them both!
    And, Jinxy guarding the Christmas tree....
    What a poser...Lovely!

    Well..Not long to go now, l'm 50% there.
    Few more prezzies to buy, then off to my
    daughters on the 23rd. Back for the new
    year though....Goodness 2015.

  4. How lovely to have everything done, you have worked so hard - I hope you can now relax and enjoy the lead up to Christmas and relax. The horse shoe is a lovely gift - my husbands family are from the North of England and their tradition is to give a horse shoe for a wedding decorated with ribbon wrapped like yours and then entwined with rosesfor the bride to carry (heavy!) - mine was given to me by my mother in law with yellow roses and ribbons - I still have the horseshoe on the garden wall for luck! I like the one you made for your friends. Betty

  5. Ooooh! Is the Santa bag sold? If not we would like to buy him, and have him come live at our house. He is special!

  6. You decorated the tree!! Obviously you got the top on and made it fit, and I bet it looks glorious. I love all your special touches you put around your home, and of course those beautiful kittens. I think I need you to write me a list of things to look out for for you when I am out that you can Julieafie in your own beautiful way. Your Poppies are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful post Julie, your home must look a real treat with your lovely decorations. Your new makings are gorgeous, you amazing how much you get made! And your poppies are beautiful too. Little Jinxie is so cute, it's amazing how our cats become such important members of our families! Lovely reminder to find even little things that bring joy. hugs Wendy xx

  8. Hello dear Julie. What a fabulous array of poppies. I dried some just recently & was so incredulous when I tipped them up to see just how much seed comes out of each head & so easily. Some seed is a real mission to collect. Goodness, I keep thinking what a wildly generous gift the 7 cups of lavender..precisely what I am talking about...lots of work to harvest. I love your collection of Christmas hearts..well all of it really! Funny little cats. How will they be with visitors in the house? Are they still shy? Hope you have a chance to get all your own preparing done now. Much love for a peaceful week (chance would be a fine thing with those two ning-nongs on the bed!) Catherine x0x0x

  9. Hello Julie and little Jinxy.

    What a gorgeous array of Christmas love around your home.Love the Santa holding his crossed leg. Poppies are great plants, so many seeds for the next year.The basket rescued from S A looks lovely.

    Happy days.

  10. I love my "Mouse in stocking" which is hanging on my tree. Our garden is slowly getting there, I don't have a particularly green thumb it is kind of a shade of grey!!!! Love the poppies, just gorgeous

  11. Beautiful post Julie!! Love your 'last minute ' crafting - those mice are too cute for words. And those Poppies are gorgeous too. I hope you have a fabulous day, with time to skip and rejoice :-) hugsx


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