Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pincushions .... from trash to treasure

Good afternoon/evening dear friends & readers

I have been away for several days to attend a funeral & upon return, decided it was high time I tackled the "ever-growing mountain" of Op Shop treasures, waiting to be re-vamped in my sleep out.

These 3 wooden bowls seemed like a nice simple first attempt  ... they were from the Sallies Op Shop ... in a box with those favourite words on the side ...   "half price bargain bin"

I gave them a good scrub & then a rub over with my wax candle, then I simply coated them with 2 coats of the cream wall paint I had in my shed  - (Dulux Cottage Cream)
When dry, I lightly sand the edges to give them that shabby chic/distressed effect

I think this smallish heart shaped one was my favourite ... it was in the worst condition of the 3 but is such a cute size & came up beautifully with some fabric & trims

I embellished this little cutie with a miniature antique scissor charm

This plain round, medium size bowl was in very good condition, but I am still really happy with how it turned out ... 
I used some of my treasured Tilda fabric on this one & some pink pom-pom trim

This was the largest one - a good 5 1/2   inches in diameter - I really love the shabby chic look of this one too

How about you . . . do you have a favourite??   Do let me know which one you prefer the best.

Inspired by the pincushions I dragged out these 2 wooden trays

The top one had already been coated in a lemon paint so I planned to give it one coat of cream & then a light sand for the lemon to still show through slightly

My photography doesn't show it up very clearly but it is a lovely soft, slightly buttery colour.  I decided to embellish it with two lacey paper doilies  ... so I mod podged these on with 2 coats

The black tray needed 3 coats of paint to cover it, but turned out really well ... I found this beautiful piece of scrap booking paper fitted on it perfectly ... I mod podged this also, as it ensures the trays remain wipeable

While away for the funeral I popped into the Hospice Shop & picked up these little china butter dishes - they had just been put out & were only $3 each.
I have a "bit of a thing" for small butter dishes (Yes Julie, along with the "bit of a thing" you have for nice soaps & small china jugs!!!***)

I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to you all from the bottom of my heart, for your kind, thoughtful, & heartfelt comments on the loss of my dear little kitten Jinxy.
Your comments "wrapped their arms around me" & gave me comfort & I am so very grateful for this.
Bless you all for the kindness you showed at such a difficult time

Thank you to the friends that sent me the little "care packages" - your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.
A customer that has recently started coming to my Cottage - a lovely girl called Vicky - came across my blog post on the internet & rang to read me a poem she had written about Jinxy.  I couldn't believe that, although Vicky had never met Jinxy in person, or even heard me speak of her (now there's a wonder Julie!!!) she still managed to compose the most beautiful poem that covered her short life in exact detail.  I would like to share it with you if I may ... 

Mummy Cat, she had it tough
Out there all alone
She was ready with a litter
She was searching for a home

She came upon a garden
It was pretty and serene
The loveliest of places
That her eyes had ever seen

She settled in to birth us
There were four of us in all
My siblings were all healthy
But I was Oh so small

My Mummy tried to do her best
To keep us warm and fed
She tucked us up all safe and sound
In a big old doggy bed

A lady came from time to time
I knew that she meant well
Mummy didnt understand
You were helping, I could tell

Sometimes she would take me
Inside her lovely, cosy house
I'd get toasty by the fire
And stay quiet as a mouse

She called me "Little Sickie"
A title true to form
The lady helped me grow so strong
She kept me fed and warm

As I became much stronger
She changed my silly name
It suited me no longer
And so "Jinxy" I became

I looked upon the lady
And my heart felt full and strong
She had become my human
I had loved her all along

I was happy with my lady
See, she had become my Mum
I loved it when she stroked me
From my head down to my bum

Nearly a year had gone by
I was such a happy girl
My lady mum was always there
To me she was my world

But then one day I was playing
And I strayed away from home
I saw a light then all was still
And then I was all alone

I was sitting on a rainbow
And as I looked around
I saw my sister, Whitey
She was lost, but now was found

We looked down from there together
And we saw her, looking sad
Her eyes were full of tears
So we knew that it was bad

Soon I came to understand
Those tears were shed for me
I said "don't cry I will wait here
My beautiful Mummy"

And so we stay here playing
And I will await the day
That she comes to me on Rainbow Bridge
And once again, we'll play.

I can just about - almost - get to the last verse now without weeping
I hope you enjoy the poem dearest friends & readers
Vicky, thank you So much for your very kind gesture which brings me great comfort
I am planning to make a little photo book of Jinxy & frame a copy of the poem inside it

Little Big Blackie is settling slowly - he likes the tune that The Mr's i-phone plays, it lulls him to sleep
(yes I know, we are a pathetic lot aren't we!!??)
In the meantime I read this little verse to Blackie each day  . . . (& try very hard to remember it myself!!)

Thanks so very much for your visits today & reading all the way to the end of this lengthy post
with much love, friendship & blessings to you all
And THANK YOU all again for your kindness & thoughts
Julie & little quite big Blackie


  1. Wow! That poem is amazing - as you say quite hard to get through without a sniffle! Beautiful. Love your butter dishes. And we think what you did to the wooden bowls was wonderful. You made them quite special again. Lovely work.

  2. Hello Julie,

    Vicky has written an incredible poem about your love for little Jinxy.
    Love the makeovers on the pincushions and trays. My favourite butter dish would have to be the one in the top left hand corner.

    Happy days.

  3. Lovely pincushions, i quite fancy them all thanks! But the wee heart one would be my first choice. Cute trays also. Oh that poem is heart wrenching and so beautiful, what a treasure. Cool photo of Blackie, looks like he's going to be OK without his sister.

  4. Beautiful pincushions! Loved the heart shape makeover, The trays are lovely too. I love the butter dishes, my "thing" is teacups got a wonderful set from the hospice on Monday.That poem for Jinxy had me in tears! Pleased that Blackie is doing okay, cats do mourn, He so looks like my Ambrose. Take care.

  5. Such a beautiful poem Julie...there was barely a dry eye in the house... how special of Vicky to do that for you. I love the pincushions, wonderful makeovers, I think my favourite is the heart one. I've heard wonders about modge podge but never tried it - sounds like good stuff.

  6. Oh! My goodness!
    When l saw from my profile that you'd posted Julie...
    A little shudder went down my body! So, l went downstairs,
    and, made a cup of lemon tea, and, here l am.
    That is until l got to Vicky's poem...After the third verse....
    No! Can't read any more of this...For now, anyway! Bless!
    HeHe! I wanted to keep the last post, Jinxy,some how in my
    pussy~cat folder...! Did'nt know how. So l e~mailed it to my
    self, wrote down the link, put it on an e~mail, and sent it to my
    self. It worked. So, from time to time, when l feel brave, l can,
    hopefully, go back and read it. 'Hopefully'.
    I think this post will be joining it to....! Thankyou!x
    "Add life to your days, not days to your life"...

    And, the pin cushions....Well, for me it has to be the heart
    shaped one...Yes! Reminds me of another saying...
    "Friends are like bras...close to your heart, and, always there
    for support".

    AND....BIG....(((HUGS))) AND...XXXX's for the BIG furry one!x
    HeHe! Bless you Blackie!x Bless!

  7. Such a lovely post filled with lovely treasures that you have lovingly repurposed into lovely objects. The pincushions are lovely as are the trays. I don't know if I can choose a favourite as they are all pretty. Those butter dishes are a gorgeous find as well.Such a lovely poem Vicki penned, that seems to captures your Jinxy and you perfectly. Hugs to you Julie xx

  8. A wonderful poem Julie. Your trays and pincushions are lovely. My favourite is the heart pin cushion. Take care.

  9. I can't believe how those op shop finds have transformed into treasures!!!!! Well done, I bet
    you're pretty darn proud of yourself!!!!! I'm into the little dishes as well, they're cute. What a
    beautiful poem, I cried.
    hugs, Anita.

  10. I saw the word 'pincushions' and got excited...the heart shape is so sweet. I wish I could write poems like that. Lovely post.xx

    1. Thank you E.E. It seems the heart shaped one is everyones favourite :-)
      Yes I wish I could write like Vicky does too ... that poem sure is a treasure.

  11. Julie, my heart has been heavy for you since hearing of the passing of wee Jinxy. Love the poem your friend wrote, just beautiful words!! Heading off on a road trip with hubby later in the month and just hoping (planning) that our vehicle swings past the end of your driveway one day. Love all your new treasures, clever you the way you can turn ordinary pieces into pieces of such charm. Hugs xx

  12. I can't see, you did well to get to the last verse, a beautiful poem *sob*
    May favourite is the heart one. Trays are very cool too, I really should pull out the 'treasures in the wardrobe and do something with them xxx

    1. Oh Sue - dont worry, I have shed so many tears over that poem. It has sat on my dining table & when I think I am feeling "brave" I attempt to have a wee read. But usually, I am not that brave after all :-)
      Yes you should pull your treasures out of the cupboard, I imagine you have quite a nice stash x0x

  13. Well I couldn't get to the end of Vicki's beautiful poem. I am so sorry to hear about Jinxy. I am very behind in my blog reading. That is so sad for you Julie xoxo This darling little creatures steal our hearts away. Love all your up cycled treasures...hard to pick a fav. I will say as someone with a small collection of CrownDerby "Derby Posies" the little oval dish on the right was quite a find. Hugs xx

  14. Love what you achieve with a lick of paint and fabric and lace. My favourite would be the heart one!! And I didn't even get half way with the lovely poem before the tears began, what special words for you to keep. xxxx

  15. Gosh Julie, blow you, I'm weeping buckets almost. Didn't get to the last 3 verses before the screen became so blurred. Take care dear Julie. I am sure that Jinxy is very happy scampering around on the rainbow bridge. xx,oo, Shirley

  16. What a beautiful poem, and so very very true. Now those wooden treats you have pimped and preened, well my my they are all fabulous, how could I ever chose just one? I feel a visit coming on very soon!!

  17. Hello dear Julie, goodness I don't think I would have looked twice myself at your op shop finds but what a transformation. You always see beyond to what things can become...must have a great imagination! Of course the heart one is my fav....so sweet. Dear little fabric you've used. The trays turned out so well too. Some of the scrapbook paper is just so lovely isn't it (& really quite reasonably priced) & worked very well indeed on the square one. I have always meant to buy some Modge Podge but there's never anyone around knows anything about the products at Spotlight & I needed to know that it would seal well. So thank you for answering that question.
    What a blessing, the poem. Quite, quite perfect.
    Much love, Catherine x0x0x

  18. Love the poem Julie! Sorry to hear about Jinxy-I have been out of the loop! I love the pose of how Blackie is sleeping! And your pin cushions and trays are gorgeous! Hope you are getting the rain we are, you look like you need it!!

  19. I love your new/old creations, I think my favourite pincushion is the heart one and I love how the scrapbooking paper looks perfect in the square tray! Just gorgeous Julie. Blackie looks such a cutie on the chair, I'm sure he's loving your special attention. Hugs Wendy xx

  20. Hi! Your pincushion projects are really pretty and the biggest one is my favorite. I so love the butter dishes you got! They are so lovely! :)


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