Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Enter My Angel Giveaway to Welcome Spring

Spring Greetings dear friends & readers
Welcome to my absolute favourite season of the year !!!
Would you like to win my beautiful Spring Angel??

I decided a good way to welcome my favourite season of the year is to have a Giveaway on my blog
And so . . . I made this lovely Angel from Rosalie Quinlan's pattern An Angel for all Seasons

I used fabrics from my treasured Tilda stash & put her together in floral pinks & greens ... spring colours I imagined.
She is a nice medium size doll measuring 50cms in length.

The pocket on her pinafore has Spring embroidered on it & button flowers growing out of the pocket
These flowers however, require No watering !!!   :-)

She has dainty pink pantaloons under her dress & in her hand she has a handmade wreath all ready to hang up to welcome in spring with a small cluster of silk flowers on it.
Because spring can still be rather chilly (in fact, today in my part of the world you would swear it was still winter!!!) 
so she has a woollen beanie on her head adorned with a handmade crochet flower.

Although I have photographed her hanging up, she is equally as lovely sitting .  .  .
  either tucked in amongst your old china

.  .  .  perched on a stack of old suitcases  .  .  .

.  .  .  or sitting on an old chair perhaps .  .  .

Her wings have been stiffened with Stiffy fabric stiffener as we can't have angels with droopy wings ... 
& the fabric tabs on her pinny are adorned with tiny vintage buttons

My Spring Angel Giveaway is Open to anyone
Yes, I will post to anywhere in the world.
You don't have to be a follower to enter but if you are a follower you get two entries into the draw
I will put all the names in my old enamel teapot & The Mr will draw out a name
The Giveaway is Open til the end of September
In order to account for all my friends who tell me they try to leave me comments but can never remember their passwords, I have decided to allow anonymous comments .... 
However, if you are commenting anonymously you will need to leave me your christian name at the end of your comment
eg:  "thanks for the chance to enter your angel giveaway (from Julie in New Zealand).
Also when you comment you might like to tell me which is your favourite season of them all   :-)

In between sewing my Spring Angel I have managed a couple of other completions this past week  .  .  .
Remember last post where I showed you the old aluminium kettles rescued from my wood shed ??

This was the one I had originally painted with blackboard paint - it got 2 coats of Resene testpot "Hot Chilli" ... 
to match my outdoor table & chairs, already painted the same colour

Even Miss Pippi gave it her sniff of approval

Although there are slim pickings at the Garden Centre as we enter this change of season, I still thought this white primula gave it the pop of colour I had visualised.

This little wooden shelf was another gift from Sue ... only this was from her visit before her visit last week ... I posted about this way back here late last year

I had been looking for a nice pale vintagey pink for awhile & think I might have found the right shade ... again this is a Resene testpot -  "Pale Rose".

Not too bright but a lovely pink just the same.
What do you think my dear friend Willie seeing as you are definately the expert on pinks??
I lined the drawers with a pretty floral scrapbooking paper & modpodged it onto the outer drawers also - then I lined one of the shelves with some white broderie lace 

Yesterday it rained here all day long !!
What to do with two cats stuck indoors wanting to "assist me with my sewing" ???
I remembered what I used to do when my boys were young ... build them a hut !!!
Miss Pippi exiting the Hut 
Yes I can hear you all . . . quite pathetic aren't I ???!!!
Pippi played for hours in the hut but Blackie preferred to observe the entertainment from his favourite spot on the couch ... horizontal

Thank You all so much for stopping by today
I do hope you are inspired to enter my Angel Giveaway ... even if you don't fancy her for yourself, she would make a wonderful gift for someone.
The very bestest of luck to all of you who do enter,
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Pippi & Fat Black 


  1. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway. I visited last week with the Vintage car club and loved it. My favourite season is summer!

  2. ooooO! ooooO! What a lovely surprise to wake up to....! :).
    Nearly seven in morning over here...1st lemon tea of the day!
    The sun's trying to get through....!

    The Angel Dolly is simply splendid.....My daughter would love it,
    so is it o.k. if l enter the giveaway...Anonymously....!!! HeHe!
    " can't do that...everyone knows you".
    So please put me in the hat/basket/kettle Julie....Thankyou!

    And! Yes! Love the vintagey pink, my bedroom is done out in
    Rose' unlike my downstair loo of course.....but l do love the
    garden table and chairs.

    Pippi looking lovely in her make~shift hut...And Blackie..HeHe!
    Leg in the air as usual! Showing off his lovely white tummy! Bless!x

    My 'Flavourite' time of year is Autumn...Especially September..........!
    September is 'MY' month...Lots going on...And, of course l have a birthday,
    which always goes on for a few days! Love it! Surrounded by family and friends!
    Oh! And pussy~cats...And, talking of pussy~cats, l can see Flossy, through the
    Paddington Bear curtains sitting on the patio table, waiting for her saucer of milk!
    Must Go! Ciao for now....! =(^..^)=

  3. Hi Julie ,oh wow what a wonderful giveaway prize she would look right at home in my house. I love the kettles you are amazing with your projects,thankyou for sharing xx

  4. Oh and i am a very happy follower and my favourite season is Spring xx

  5. Dreamy pretty Angel, even for a Winter loving gal like me! She looks like the cousin to my Winter Angel? Loving her sweet wee hat, it will keep her ears warm. Oh lalaaaaa.....the kettle...RED! Yeah baby! Love it! As is the 'ex- Sue' shelf, gosh you really do work magic on preloved stuff. As I said did YOU get in the hut with the cats??

  6. Your sure have been very busy Julie. I love what you have done to the shelf. The shade of pink you have used is perfect. And your lovely angel doll. She is lovely and very spring like. I am glad that like me spring is your favourite season. We are not like our friend Leeanne who loves the winter season best. Winter is far too cold for me.

  7. I'm in! Autumn is my favourite season because Strictly Come Dancing starts next week!! Yipee! I was so inspired by your last 'kettle' post that I went and bought a lovely little enamel kettle at a jumble sale on Saturday! Love all your new makes and that shade of pink is just divine! Hugs x

  8. She is beautiful! A very special angel! Summer is our favourite season - all those beach walks. Love the kettle - the red is a great colour. And the shelf is so pretty in that pink. I think the hut is the perfect idea! So like Pippi to enjoy it and Blackie just to chill out on the sofa! Ha!

  9. O, wow, what a wonderful angel and all these sweet details! So precious and thank you so much for giving it to one of us! Autumn is probably my favourite season as I love the cooler mornings and the changing of the colour all around.

  10. And thank you so much for a second chance being a follower of your blog, often very quietly though... Perhaps the angel wants to fly to!

  11. What a transformation of that little shelf and draws, knew you could add your magical touch to it Julie! Also loving all the red you have painted, we need some colour in this dull wet days. Totally over Winter and looking forward to Spring. Like you it is my favourite, my garden is slowly waking up and coming back to life, yay!!! Yes please put my name in your giveaway, and tell the Mr if he pulls my name out I'll give him a hug!!

  12. I love the outdoor table and chairs and the old teapot in that colour! And what a clever idea to use the teapot for a plant. Even though I do like Spring, Autumn is my favourite season. The colours, the food, everything about Autumn makes me feel so cozy and it also brings back many memories of my dad. We loved to watch the trees change colour.
    Thank you for this giveaway. She is so cute and would hang on my patio door with my Autumn angel! ( I do follow you)

    1. Thanks Deb for your kind comment ... have entered you twice & thanks so much for taking part. Also for telling me your favourite season .... autumn seems to be quite popular so far :-) Julie x x

  13. What a beautiful blog you have! I found you by happenstance but am so glad I did and I am now a follower, as well. Your projects are wonderful, I love the red table and chairs and have used a similar old pot as a planter as well. I didn't paint mine though and I have to say, yours looks much better. Love the pink shelf and all the special touches - I am a pink girl myself! The doll is precious and I would love to have her keep me company in my craft room! Her little hat is adorable. Late Spring is my favorite time - love when the ground is finally warm (I live in Michigan, USA) and I can start planting and all the trees are leafing out and they look so clean and bright. Rebirth and renewel. Love it.

  14. Oh Julie, I love that you made your cats a hut to play in... I have done that for my cats out of boxes!
    You sure must keep busy with all those the pink shelf and the red kettle!
    Would love to win the doll, she is so pretty and just my colours... wink wink!
    Hope your keeping dry....

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the doll, its so adorable I especially love the cute face. I live in the Caribbean so we don't exactly celebrate Spring but the its such a sweet looking doll I couldn't help it.

    1. Hello Kimberly = thanks for taking part in the angel giveaway, I have entered you in the draw. I am sure she would LoVe to fly across to the Caribbean & live you with :-) Julie x x

    2. It is lovely and I would love a chance to win, but I'll defer to someone closer to you. Postage to US would be too much. I love how she looks with the china. I have a doll made from wedding pillowcases in my hutch.

  16. My favourite season is `Spring` as the blossoms come out on the fruit trees and the Tui`s come for a visit and sing to us. Your `Spring Angel` doll is beautiful. I would love to be in this giveaway as your finishing details are amazing and I love these dolls. Happy Stitching.

  17. Julie, your Spring Angel is an absolute sweetheart!! I can never pick my favourite season, I love them all but am always ready for the next one to begin! Love your hut for the cats - a favourite past time for my kids when they were younger too. Great work as always with your re-modelling, the kettle is stunning!

  18. Hello Julie,

    Your Spring Angel is beautiful. Spring used to be my favourite Season but I think Autumn is taking if off the number one spot. Your fire engine red teapot looks stunning, the Primula suits it perfectly. Enjoy seeing what those kitties are up to at your cottage. The pink makeover looks stunning, wish I lived closer so I could have a look around.

    Happy days.

  19. A lovely giveaway, beautifully made and very pretty ... I won't go in the giveaway though as I wouldn't have anywhere for an angel to live with all the wood fairies around here and I would like someone who wants her desperately to be the winner. Good luck to all who enter :D

  20. Julie, I think your Spring Angel needs to be homed in a hot country like Cyprus. I can offer her sun, sea and beautiful mountain views. I would look after her as if she was my very own child. Yes, Spring Angel needs to be flown to Cyprus right away!! I do love your red kettle. My grandmother had exactly the same one, not in red of course. Thank you for the chance of entering your lovely giveaway. You are so generous. I love the Spring season but unfortunately it's a very short season here in Cyprus. Our summers are sooooo long :).
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus
    PS I don't have a blog but I always pop in to visit your lovely blog xxxx

    1. Hello Sue, thanks for taking part & entering in the giveaway. I think my Spring Angel would be most delighted with what you have to offer her fact, I might accompany her myself !!!! Thanks for the times you do visit my blog too Sue .... nice to know I am not just talking to myself x x x

    2. Oh Julie, of course you're not talking to yourself but I can understand where you get that feeling from!! Keep up the good work girl, we are right behind you.
      Hugs, Sue from Cyprus xxx

  21. Oh you are a clever lady. I especially love your up-cycled kettle. Pippi has great taste :)

    Your Spring Angel is completely adorable. I'm not entering your generous giveaway, but am sending good luck wishes to all the entrants. I do hope she finds a good home.

    A perfectly lovely post, as always x

    1. Thanks Yvonne for taking the time to leave your lovely comment. I have been painting (again) this afternoon & am now trying to get green paint off Madam Pippis ear & tail ... she is currently coloured "amulet" !!!!!

  22. Hi Julie as always seem to be late hopping onto your blog....(my other northern friends as well!) I do follow you and of course love what you do...think I like Autumn best still the hint of summer but those cooler evenings are so good. Love your Spring doll and especially the teapot what clever ideas you have. Its raining here now, slow and steady, hope we don't get too much. Hugs xxxx
    P.S bet that grandson is growing fast :-)

  23. Hi Julie...I just chanced upon your beautiful blog and your Spring Angel is stunning. I have become a follower and I am feeling very inspired by your fabulous creations and ideas and I think I might have to have a go at a little up-cycling too. I just love those kettles...they look great. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. I think every season has its joys and surprises but for me here in the UK Autumn has to be my favourite....closely followed by the Spring, xx

  24. loved the hut for the cats, such a good idea for entertainment
    the shelf is just adorable in the rose pink!
    your angel is gorgeous too though i won't be entering, good luck to all the participants
    fat black makes me giggle every time!
    amulet must look pretty good if pippi wants to wear it lol! would like to see that
    thanx for sharing

  25. Your cats look so contented. I love the sound of cats purring. Spring is my favourite season, when the garden springs back into life. I am a follower, so please enter me in your giveaway. Blessings

  26. Oooo how exciting to have the chance to win one of your gorgeous dolls Julie :) Thankyou for the giveaway :)
    As to my favourite season - hmmm probably late spring, lots of pretty colour everywhere but not too hot either :) It's just turning to Autumn here, which is lovely at the minute but it's going to get chilly soon I fear! Have a great weekend,

  27. Love your angel. I would give her a good home.

  28. Oh Julie...I am simply delighted to have stumbled across your truly beautiful blog... Making new friends always brings a smile to my face...and oh! You do sew the loveliest things...your angel is simply darling and I can see what love you poured into creating her...just look at those precious details! Oh, I would dearly love to be entered into your very sweet and generous giveaway...I am a happy follower now...I look forward to browsing your wonderful pages in the future! And before I forget, my favourite season of all is...Spring! I am so happy Springtime has arrived in sunny South lovely! The garden is ready to be planted and there are such beautiful blooms on the fruit trees...{{happy sigh}}
    Blessings and joy to you!

  29. Hello Julie, I have loved your blog for a while now and look forward to your cheery posts! I live south of Melbourne and yes we are still having cold weather too. I do look forward to autumn (my favourite season) because the weather is cooler the garden has a spurt and usually the wind stops blowing!! Cheers and thanks for sharing your news and pictures with us, Judy x

  30. Hi Julie, What a lovely dolly, Winter is my favourite time of the year, although this Winter was exceptionally harder for me, as I lost my big sister:(
    Spring is a little difficult here in Australia, we have those nasty swooping magpies lol Take care Julie, love your blog. Chris xoxo

  31. Love the Angel she's very pretty.
    Theresa N

  32. Hi Julie, that is such a lovely giveaway, thank you so much for the opportunity to win it, she is really a gorgeous doll :) I love all your other makings, it's always inspiring to see how you give old things new life. And that cat play hut is such a cute idea. xx

  33. Wonderful giveaway, beautiful doll. Love her pocket with the button flowers. Pleased to have found your blog.

  34. Julie, your spring angel is an angel indeed. She is beautiful and so smart with her hat. You have dressed her beautifully. Very much like the kettle revamp and that hot chilli colour. I do like spring but the wild winds and cold temps spoil it so probably Autumn is my time. Giggles with miss Pippi's hut, spoilt little missy isn't she. Love Blackies taking life easy<3.. Hugs Shirley

  35. Julie love your angel. made me smile today on a sad day in our house. Our wee grandie girl and her Mum are moving away from the region. Her and I love spring, getting out in the garden and enjoying the spring flowers

  36. Love the Angel, please enter me too please chook. I love Spring and Autumn, I can't choose a favourite out of those two. I really do have to drag out the kettles, I might even have some test pots somewhere too. :D You made a great job of the little shelves, love 'em :D

  37. I would love to win anything you made! Oh my, those kettles - you inspire me always. x

  38. I would love to have the beautiful Spring Angel in my craft room. I would call her Julie because of all the inspiration and lovely words you put on your blog. I would love to meet you one day.

  39. Running like mad to catch up... hope I'm not too late to play! xx

  40. I think that gorgeous little Angel really needs to come and live at my is
    so cute!!! I would love to be in the draw.
    Cheers, Anita.

  41. I think that gorgeous little Angel really needs to come and live at my is
    so cute!!! I would love to be in the draw.
    Cheers, Anita.


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