Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This & That . . . . (part One)

Greetings dear friends & readers,
This past week or more, has seen little bursts of creativity in different areas .  .  .

I was looking at this sweet doiley that I was gifted in this post & decided it seemed such a shame to sit things on it & cover it up.
I decided to frame it instead

I found a pair of these cheap wooden frames in my sewing cupboard ... purchased on special from The Warehouse

I gave one of them a lick of paint & then lightly sanded/distressed the edges
 I searched for a nice piece of scrapbooking paper to mount the doiley onto but nothing was forthcoming.
As it was the weekend & I wanted this project finished yesterday I simply stretched a pretty piece of Tilda fabric over the back board & then attached the doiley onto it with double-sided tape
Once framed I loved it ... apologies for the ray of light in the top of the frame ...it is that rarely seen thing these days ...sunlight !!

This vintage cane basket was in the rafters of Mums shed holding some old rubbish bits & bobs of hers.

She asked me to clear the rafters out for her so I acquired the basket in return - I liked that it was a generous size & thought it would make a good workbasket
I scrubbed the basket & dried it thoroughly by the fire ... then I padded & lined the base with a pretty Sanderson linen fabric

I have popped the workbasket for sale in the Cottage

My dear friend Leeanne gifted me this sweet framed stitchery (amongst other goodies) for my birthday
I loved it so much that I wanted to add a little collection of stitcheries to it
After making some inquiries with Leeanne, I was able to purchase some of the gorgeous wooden frames from The Country Yard ... a veerry wonderful store that is on my wishlist to visit oneday.

I reduced a couple of the little stitcheries from Jenny of elephantz Stitchery Club & have so far completed this dear little bird one
I always love the names of the Cottage Garden Threads ... the one I used for my stitchery was called "Running Postman" !!

These wooden angel wings were my only christmas decoration purchase last December ... I loved them so much that I chose not to pack them away after christmas .  .  .  .

.   .  .  . but this week I decided they needed "distressing/shabby-ing" .  .  .  .
.  .  .  . before hanging on my lounge wall

A large new Retirement Complex has been developed in our town called Highfield Country Estate
This year, right in the middle of the large establishment, they built a magnificent Community Centre called The Lodge.

I was asked to go & teach some craft classes at The Lodge, in the special multi-purpose craft room built within the complex.
Last month I had 8 ladies attend & we made teacup or coffee mug pincushions

The ladies had a wonderful time & at the end of the session, they all had completed a pincushion to take home with them

We have been having some finer days at long last, but our nights here are still especially chilly

Pippi & Blackie like to me to build them a little nest of cuddly rugs & they tuck up together on the couch to stay warm during the nights.
I hope you are all managing to stay warm or cool dear readers - where ever you are
Thanks so much for your visit today - I shall be back again soon with Part Two.
Happy Week to you all
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Such a cute post, Julie. I LOVE the angel wings in white. I would not put them away either. We are in mid-summer right now and have been experiencing the hottest and driest summer on record since the '30's. Finally we got rain this weekend. It has been quite a job keeping the gardens alive. Nice to see Pippi & Blackie. Give the kitties a hug for me. Deb

  2. Oh hugs to Blackie & Pippi......I woke this morning to find Simon curled into a tight ball on his Biscornu, when I walked in the room he was looking at the log burner then to me as if to say: "Well are you going to light it"? Your little framed stitcheries look so lovely. AS does the cat linen all framed up. The ladies look like they had a blast making their pincushions.

  3. The pussy~cat doiley looks lovely...pink nose and all! :).
    And, looks much better framed, rather than a potted plant
    stuck on it! Simple and nice!

    The basket! The basket! The basket...The 'empty' basket! :).
    Is that the first time l've ever seen a basket with 'no'
    pussy~cat in..! :). Or have'nt the furry ones not seen it yet!
    Bless!x Though, Julie, you always finish up with a photo...of
    love and affection...furry paws and all! Bless!xx
    BIG (((HUGS))).

    Oh! And, can l just say..love those pincushions..always loved
    them, so much so, l'm gonna have a go at making one, once l've
    drank the tea out of one! AND...talking of tea...ready for my
    second cup! It's just gone seven over here..suns out in all
    it's glory, they say it's the hottest day of the week, to~day.
    My car's in for MOT..and l'm gonna have a wander round the
    charity shops, then coffee at Costa! Cheers!

  4. wonderful post, love how you make the most ordinary of things looks super special!
    don't you just love those furrrbabies?! they look all toasty & warm on their little nest
    hope your mum is healing okay too & didn't hurt herself too badly
    thanx for sharing

  5. Love what you did with the kitty doiley. It looks great in the frame and with the Tilda fabric behind it. Have to tuck that idea away in the back of my head!. The basket looks great too. Good reward for the job you did!. Looks like the ladies had a lot of fun making their pincushions. Hope they invite you back to make more stuff with them. Good to know you are well experienced in your other job of blankie fluffer! The cats are obviously appreciating it! Ha!

  6. Great job framing the doily and stitching. Looks like your pincushion class was a success, they all did a great job. Such cute kitty cuddles.

  7. The young ladies did a great job on the pincushions!!! Lovely. I see Tarzan and
    Jane are having a well earned nap? lol You've done a wonderful job with all your
    gifted things, looks amazing. Wonderful post as always.

  8. I have enjoyed your post very much Julie...love what you have done with the litle doily, it looks amazing in the frame. The class you did was wonderful, I bet the ladies were so happy to go home with something they had made. Your stitchery from Leanne is besutiful as is the one you have made, the frames are great. I found something similar to that but for Christmas recently. Your cats look so cuddly and warm together.

  9. I always love your painting and distressing, and the angel wings look so good. I would keep them up all year round too, well after all Julie you are an angel!! Good for you teaching the ladies one of your many crafts, they would have totally enjoyed themselves. I don't mind our cool nights if we get rain free and fog free days, so loving the SUNSHINE!!!

  10. Your wooden frames are beautiful, I haven't seen anything like them before and don't they lend themselves well to stitchery. Very pretty. How lucky that you have some ladies at the new estate to work with, I hope it will be a regular thing for you. Looking forward to part 2, your posts are such a treat.

  11. It's lovely to see what you've been up to in your bursts of creativity Julie and how you have transformed your bits and bobs. The doiley looks great framed! Looks like a fun time at the Lodge. Our weather is alternating between warm and cold, wet and dry.... feels like spring might be on the way!

  12. Hi Julie, great job on your doiley frame, looks great, love the basket to, wish I had kept all of mine now, those frames for the stitcheries are gorgeous, hope your keeping warm like the kitties, we are going to have a lovely day here in Melbourne, well except for that nasty wind again, oh well cant have it all, look forward to your next post, bye for now, chris xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Chris ... I am really pleased I framed the doiley now. Yes the weather has improved thank goodness & you can feel a touch of spring in the air. Thanks so much for the lovely comments you always take the time to leave Chris. x x

  13. I love those baskets and I love the sleeping kitties :)


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