Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Country Friends Angel & A Bowl of Gingers ..........................................................

Greetings dearest friends & folk
Welcome to another bright shiny new month
Exactly one week to go now until my local Christmas Craft Fair

 If you are in the area on the day, do pop by & say Hello ... I am site No 76
Lets hope for some fine weather for the day Please ..................... !!!!

This Country Friends Angel doll started her life quite sometime ago
I think it would be fair to say we are talking years here, rather than months !!
 Like many things here at Threadbear, she sat as a half completed dolly, wearing a pale blue floral skirt in the 
"one day pile"
(The pattern is called "Christmas Angel" & is an old design by Wendy Briggs of Country Friends)
When I came across her again I decided she should indeed be a Christmas Angel & so removed her blue skirt & made her one in christmas fabric instead ... bright red poinsettia fabric !

The original pale blue skirt

Though I have forgotten to take any photos as I progressed, I completed her but still felt something was missing ??
Perhaps she needed to be framed ??
I found an old "welcome" picture frame in my sleepout, removed the centre & then, with The Mr's help, stapled chicken mesh to the back of the frame ... she might look okay in this I thought

Yes she fitted perfectly but still .... something was missing ....
 I sewed a rusty star wreath to her hands then wound some berries around the wreath & hung a wooden folk art christmas decoration from it

I glued an old key to the frame & then I decided to add the christmas berry swag .... I think this just gave her that extra festive christmas zing somehow ....

I am thinking of including the blue skirt with her ... that way the red skirt, the wreath & the berry swag could be removed & she could stay out all year round in her frame wearing the blue skirt.
What do you think dear friends - would you do this ???

(The berry swag is wired to the frame .... so easily removed if necessary)

Another item in the "one day pile" was this plastic bag full of gingerbread men/women christmas decorations.
These had been purchased many years ago when I worked at the Gift Shop & would've been bought in the New Year sale when all the christmas stock was down to half price

I just loved their happy, smiley faces & had always planned to make up a small "gingerbread collection"
A friend had given me a cream porcelain bowl with a chip in the rim & I had put it aside for this very idea ....
Using Cottage Garden thread "waratah"  I stitched a small primitive pillow which I filled with crushed walnut shells 
I made some primitive candy canes & a calico gingerbread man shape which I painted with a strong coffee mixture ... he smelt delicious ... I coated him in a pva/water mix to stiffen him

All my bits & bobs fitted perfectly in my (chipped) bowl & I added some greenery, berries & a bundle of cinnamon sticks
I didn't have any gingerbread smelling oil so instead I sprinkled everything liberally with cinnamon oil

Lean in real close to your screens & take a big sniff !!
To say it smells divine would be an understatement !! 😊

A long time customer phoned to ask me if I would be at the craft fair this year & if so, would I have any golly teatowels for sale??
I realised I had not one single teatowel left in the Cottage so this week I managed to applique 6 golly teatowels & 6 angel ones

These items usually sell well for Christmas gifts

A small Christmas display created in the Cottage mid week

I was lucky enough yesterday to spend some time with my delightful grandson Alec ...

... who was so proud of the very colourful "worm" he created at daycare!!
Alec is now 2 1/2 & is talking very well - even his Granny can understand him now !!

Thanks So Very Much for your visits today dearest friends,
May your weekend be a happy & creative one
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. You are so over-the-top creative, Julie! What you did with the angel doll is proof! She is adorable. And the gingerbread bowl--I would snatch that up! I CAN smell it from here (actually, I am making soap today with essential oils, and I just finished a batch of cinnamon peppermint soap, so maybe I was cheating a little).
    Can't believe you also just happened to whip up 12 tea towels. How do you do it?
    What a cute little guy with his worm. :)

  2. Christmas Angel is beyond beautiful!What a great job you did, Julie. Little Guy is certainly taking a stretch! Good Luck with the Craft Fair, though I'm sure you don't need it, everything is so beautifully made.xx

  3. You NEVER ever cease to amaze me.........your creations are always fabulous. I think your idea of another skirt for the Christmas Angel is a good one. Good luck with the craft fair. Alec is a sweetie......xx

  4. You are such a fine doll maker. You are like Santa in his toy shop. I’m sure your sales will be wonderful!
    Cute little grand!

  5. Oh my goodness Julie, you have been so busy! You have done a wonderful job with the Christmas angel, I definitely would be proud to hang her on my wall. And you are right, those gingerbread's spell delicious and look amazing in that "chipped" bowl. Those tea towels are so sweet, I can imagine they would be a great seller!

    I love all that you have created here in this post. These pretties brought back memories of a time when I was creative and had a stall at our monthly market. I looked at my neglected messy craft room (that I still haven't sorted and cleaned) and thought, this is it, time to do it! I miss being creative and making craft bits n pieces. So now the fun begins...then all I need to do is find somewhere to source fabric. We have no stores near us anymore, the nearest is in Adelaide, three hours from here! I might have a look online. I do frequent the op shops but sometimes they just haven't got what I am looking for.

    Wishing you a lovely week,


  6. Trust me the Christmas Angel is perfect, I have seen her in the flesh!! Thanks for the plants, all potted up and currently being watered by the rain. Alec is gorgeous!!

  7. You are so, so creative.. love your works..

  8. Wowsers! You and your pretties are going to be such a hit at this Christmas Craft Fair. Love the Christmas Angel. She looks perfect framed. Love her Christmas skirt. Gingerbread men, sweet teatowels.......all are quite gorgeous, lovely Julie. Everything crossed that all pretties fly off the shelves, though I am quite certain they will!

  9. Hi Julie, wow you have been a busy girl, love your angel, you could always make two, if you have enough time of coarse, I love the blue fabric skirt, so pretty, and your bowl of gingers are adorable, as are the tea towels. Gee Alec is 2 and a half already, time flies. Good luck with your fair next week, hope the weather is perfect for you. Chris xoxo

  10. Hi Julie I think it's a great idea to include the blue skirt,she would look gorgeous displayed all year round.
    Wow your Xmas goodies look fantastic,I hope you sell everything at the fair,you make such beautiful things and I love those tea towels,well done my friend xx

  11. Gone seven over here! And..still dark..On my first
    lemon tea of the day! mmmmM! :).

    Oh! 'JOY' Love the angel..she's really angelic....
    I think that's the 'key' to her loveliness! :).
    HeHe! Goodness l think my jokes are getting worse!
    But, l like the idea of a change of outfit, say
    after Christmas..!
    And in a frame, mounted chicken mess is a good
    idea to...hope the chickens are o.k. and not
    running a muck! :).

    The Gingerbread men/women look great to, at
    least you can tell them apart, dressing them
    as such..They'll look nice on a real tree...! :).
    And...ALL the creations you've created mid week
    Julie, look really, really nice!
    I always pop back to your posts l've
    usually missed something the 1/2/3/4th time round!
    But! No! I won't say what l have missed...HeHe! :(.

    Just starting to get lighter now, though there's a
    bit of light rain about! So, off for a 2nd lemon tea...
    Oh! If l win the lottery to~night....I'll see ya at the
    Craft Fair on the 11th...! :).
    Oh! And tell Alec..his worm looks lovely and colourful...
    Bless! =(^..^)=

  12. Alec is so grown up!! What a sweetheart he is. :-)
    Love Joy's new skirt so very much.

  13. The angel doll is delightful. You always have just the right pieces to add to give your creations that something the chicken wire frame, just perfect. Lovely tea towels too, not sure you'd get away with Golly embellished items in the UK now.

  14. Hi Julie, I love your Christmas angel and probably would not include the blue skirt. Your little grandson is adorable. The bowl with the gingerbread men and canes turned out very well. If you would like to get rid of some of that creative talent just send it this way! LOL If you gave lessons and lived close enough I would be sure to sign up. Thanks for sharing some of your joyful things! Hope your craft show does well! Nancy

  15. Your angel is beautiful, I love how you have finished her off. Great teatowels, you have been a busy girl Julie. Gosh Alec has changed. It doesn't take long does it.

  16. Alec is a beautiful boy, love the creativity, just like his granny. Beautiful angel doll, love the finishing touch of the berries too xx

  17. Love your angel, just beautiful. Love your other projects too. Wish i could visit your stall. Alec is a cutie. Hugs, xx

  18. Looks like Alec has some of your creative genes. I love your gingerbread men, they are delightful hope your fsyre is prosperous x

  19. The Christmas fairy is beautiful..I think I would keep her Christams, but then what to do with the blue skirt?? Love the ginges bowl, for some reason the smell didnt come thru to me!!! Lol!! I can imagine it though. The tea towels are of look uck with the Market, hope you have lots of sales and a beautiful sunny day. Alec is very cute.

  20. your craftiness amazes me, you do such beautiful things! very clever with the xmas angel too!
    ooo i love golly wogs! what an interesting idfea putting them on tea towels!
    thanx for sharing

  21. Oh I love your doll in the frame. I wouldn't be able to put her away at all so I would use the blue dress to change her. She's sweet. I love her little face!!! Very clever idea with the tea towels and the ginger's are way too gorgeous. Wishing you well with your sales. xx

  22. Oh Julie, she is so beautiful, I wonder how you can sell some of your creations I would want to keep them all!!! I might have to send a rabbit your way for you to work your magic on! And Alec has grown, he is such a cutie! Enjoy your week :O)

  23. I do love the gingerbread basket. And the old key is a great touch 💕

  24. All of your projects are gorgeous, Julie. You are so clever!

  25. Have fun at the Craft Fair tomorrow - hope you sell out!!!

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