Thursday, March 21, 2019

Rabbiting .................................................

Greetings dear friends & readers

It's strange how I can remember exactly  where I was & what I was doing when news of some very tragic events occurred in my life.
I distinctly remember pushing my trolley around the Supermarket when I heard the devastating news of Princess Diana's death like it was just yesterday.
Likewise I recall vacuuming my lounge early one morning when The Mr switched on the TV & I absentmindedly thought what a ghastly movie was on .... when in fact it was the Twin Towers terrorist attacks being broadcast live!

 So it is that it will be forever imprinted in my brain how I was happily ensconced in my sewing room (sewing fabric rabbits) when The Mr rang to tell me the devastating news of the terrorist attacks in Christchurch last Friday.
I turned on the news reports & sat for the rest of the day in tears scarcely able to believe what I was seeing unfold in this beautiful Country of ours.

(Image from Instagram)

Two days later when The Mr asked me what I had planned for the day, I told him it seemed "inappropriate & frivolous" to spend time sewing rabbits when there was so much devastation going on in Christchurch.
He wisely pointed out me that when we no longer continue with our normal lives as such, including the small things that bring us pleasure, then surely we are allowing the people who perpetrate these hateful crimes to win out?
He was right.      I went back to my sewing room.

The Tilda Rabbits that I had been enjoying working on are a free pattern from Here
They are made entirely using up what I had in my stash & the wee pink girl below left is dressed in a
 Liberty print remnant

Here is a wee pic of Blackie lying down dreaming of catching rabbits helping me choose fabrics for my rabbits !!

I made two of the original size & then enlarged the pattern a bit & made two bigger size rabbits.
Original Size measuring 27 cms from toe to tip of ear

Larger Size measuring 35 cms from toe to tip of ear

I am not quite sure of my sudden fascination for rabbits but I did love them & thought they looked simple enough

On Monday morning I thought I had completed them until I remembered these beautiful Tilda buttons, gifted to me by
 my lovely friend Shirley ... so each bunny got a matching Tilda button tied on 💗

Although the pattern says to paint the eyes on, I just used black DMC & a french knot.

On Sunday morning I pulled out my container of vintage sheets & enlisted Miss Pippi's help in choosing a sheet 
to make a mattress for the basket gifted to her in my last post

It did not take long to run up a soft round mattress for her basket - I made it nice & padded so she was not sitting 
on the hard base & since then  .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .  she has not gone anywhere near her new basket, the fickle creature that she is !!!!! 😉

BEFORE                                                                                       AFTER
This tall wooden pedestal Plant holder was another revamp for the St John's Op Shop, along with the 3 items 
in my last post

This one was painted in a pale Grey Chalk Paint called Quarter Absolute - I love this colour & it came up wonderfully after a rub with soft wax.

When I returned these items to the store I could not resist buying this unusual silver sugar salver 
It was certainly Not this colour when I purchased it but some elbow grease & some Silvo cleaner & it came up beautifully to add to my non collection of silverware 😉  - I have filled it with some rose petal potpourri

To finish this post on a lighter note dear friends, I have been trying to walk each day now for 4 weeks to benefit both my physical And my mental health.
I must be honest & say that I do Not really enjoy exercise but I endeavour to make myself do it in some form or other.
And so I could laugh & fully relate when this came through in my inbox from my dear friend Willie 

Just the laugh I needed thanks so much Willie!

For those creative folk out there, here is the link to some information & a free pattern to make up heart blocks
 for those affected by the Christchurch devastation.
I plan to make some up next week.
Thanks So Much to you All for your visits today,
Be kind to yourselves & to each other dear friends,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Junk Cupboard

Greetings dear friends & readers,

We have a large floor to ceiling cupboard right beside our dining room table where we toss all our junk 
everyday bits & bobs 
We call this cupboard The Junk Cupboard.

Last week The Junk Cupboard got a major clean out ...... personally I blame Blackie for this.
About 5.30 am on Monday morning Blackie bought a mouse inside & did the catch-n-release thing that he is so fond of doing - the little sod!
The mouse went under the door of The Junk Cupboard & there it stayed!

Here is a pic of The Junk Cupboard but the very top shelf - which is not visible in my photo, is full of falling down bags of wadding, broken appliances & 3 shoe boxes of rubbish stuff!
In my rage, I dragged every single thing out of the cupboard & put it in the middle of my dining room floor 
And YES! - the mouse came out too! 😾

Next I furiously scrubbed the cupboard out from top to toe.
My plan had been to paint the inside but I realised - after a good scrub - that the enamel paint my dear old Dad applied some 20 years ago, was still in good repair.

I used the remnants of oilcloth leftover from covering my sewing table in this Post - to line the bottom of the cupboard

I went to The Warehouse to shop for some storage containers.
There are such a wide range available now - & not expensive either.
Containers like the one below that have separate bottom compartments & then a tray that fits in the top with its own compartments - plus a lid!

This sort of container was ideal for all my curtain fitting bits & bobs, screws & other oddments - they could all be kept separate so that when I am looking for something, the entire container doesn't have to be tipped out as has been the case previously.

The white baskets were $4 for a set of 3!  I bought 3 sets 😊 
Then I typed up labels, laminated, & tied onto the baskets.

A friend called in mid way through my clear out.
"Oh - are you Marie Kondo-ing" she inquired.
"No! more like Julie Kondo-ing" I replied .  .  .  I didn't have time to hold each item & ask if it "sparked Joy" in me 😉
 3 large rubbish bags went to the burning hole at the farm, so alot did get tossed out.
I am thrilled with my cupboard now & told The Mr we might have to re-think the name!

Tucked away in the very top shelf was this tall wooden Prim doll below
I looked long & hard at her before I pulled off her hat, hair & her pinny, which had all been glued on.
I gave her a gentle wash  -  I thought she should have another chance at life!

Click on the photo to get a better picture of her
I found a cute remnant of Tilda fabric & made her a new pinny.
Then I gave her some fresh new hair & glued her hat back on

I painted her "shoes" & added some ribbon roses - also a bunch for her hands

She is no longer "prim looking" but I love her little upcycle & she looks delightful standing beside the stand

Speaking of revamps, I have been doing some more painting projects for my local St Johns Op Shop

This mirror above got painted in a pale grey chalkpaint
This pic shows the detailing on the corners which I lightly scuffed with my sandpaper

The cute little wooden stool/table above got painted in Cottage Cream

And this wooden planter box also got the Cottage Cream treatment - I couldn't resist trying my fern in it!

Thanks so much for staying with me through this lengthy post dear friends,
I shall leave you with this photo - taken just now - of Miss Pippi
My friend Sally's 2 fur babies refused to sleep in this basket so Sal sent me home with it last week
Perfect for the Princess that she is 💗
With much love & friendship to you All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Thursday, March 7, 2019

(Not) Collecting Vintage Silverware (!!!)

Thursday Greetings dear friends & readers

A friend called in for lunch late last week on her way travelling North.
While I prepared us some lunch Liz wandered around my house looking at all my junk treasures.

"I really love your vintage silverware collection" Liz commented while we were enjoying lunch
"But I don't collect vintage silverware" I promptly replied
"Oh Julie ... I think maybe you are in denial" said Liz "remember anything more than 3 items Is a collection! 
And You my dear have way more than 3 silverware items"!!
When Liz had left I wandered around the house looking at my junk displays ... perhaps she was right ??

And Yes, I do know it all needs a polish but I quite like the slightly tarnished look of it all

These groups of photos above were taken in my lounge & my bathroom ... I did not even dare go in my bedroom!!

And so it was, that same night, while browsing Pinterest I came across the sweetest little pincushion that 
just happened to be made using vintage silverware

This is the lady - Laurie May - that I must credit with creating the pincushion ...... her flicker pages are just 
beautiful 💗

 I remembered that I had a few pieces of vintage silverware left over in my Cottage from when I closed it a year ago.
This little silver sugar bowl above - almost identical to Laurie Mays bowl - was among my leftover bits.

For my "pattern" I drew a bread & butter plate circle - one in calico, one in a cream crochet doiley

Here is the sugar bowl all polished up, & with the pincushion part inserted - now to create the wee bird
I used a scrap of cream wool blanketing from my stash & fashioned a wee birdie with wings & a tail

Then I affixed my bird to the pincushion before adding some bling - I keep a small bag of old costume jewellery in my craft stash - this is an old brooch
Some mother-of-pearl buttons just finished it off.

I am delighted with my birdie pincushion & shall be finding a nice spot to display it among my non-collection 
of silverware 😉

Last Saturday I had some luck at the Op Shops in my local town
I haven't visited for several months & was delighted to come away with this stash of treasures

There are 7 Op Shops in my small town & these treasures were bought from just two of them - Hospice & St John's 

This beautiful glass pedestal stand above ($10 from St Johns) was just perfect for the new/old pomanders 
I wrote about in my last post

I wanted to display all my pomanders together so this oak petticoat table from my Cottage, was just the ideal size

I had some lovely post this week also - this book had been on Order for several weeks & finally arrived 
in my mail box.

I have been enjoying following along with Jenny of elefantz in her Gentle Domesticity book studies & now I will have my own copy to leaf through

Every morning when I get out of bed, I complain endlessly to The Mr about the cats sleeping on (my side!!) 
of the bed all night!
I tell him I am going to get my own bed in my own room with the door shut tight 😉
This morning, this little funny appeared in my inbox from The Mr alongside a message he wrote telling me "we will follow you Mum, no matter where you go !!"

Thanks so very much for your visits today dear friends,
I hope the week is treating you kindly
Be good & kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A few bits & bobs ..................................

Greetings dear friends & readers
Wishing you all a Very Happy Wednesday !!

It has been a bits & bobs kinda week with time spent in the kitchen, the sewing room & the garden.

I called to see my friend Elaine to drop her some bottles of Worm Tea - we had not seen each other for
 quite some time

As I was leaving Elaine presented me with these two decanters telling me she no longer wanted them - lucky me! 
They are what I would call a small/medium size decanter, the tallest one being only 19 cms high.
I knew I didn't need any more for my Laundry Liquid so I decided to make up some bath salts to fill the 
more square shaped decanter

I used this recipe *here* - nice & simple & everything was already in my cupboards 
(not the Wendyl's brand but just basic baking soda)
For the fragrance I used a mix of lavender & rose geranium essential oils, & added a handful of dried lavender

The recipe made up enough to fill the square decanter Plus I managed to fill a glass jar for my present box.
I filled the tall narrow decanter with some liquid body wash that I had already in my bathroom cupboard, then 
tied them with some sparkly twine & bling 
They look great sitting on the end of my bath tub.

While I was in the kitchen I made up a double batch of Miracle Spray
I used the recipe from *here*
My friend Marie had asked me for the recipe so I printed it off & also filled a small bottle for her to try 

I finally finally finished a stitchery I began about two years ago. I kept picking it up on & off but it still seemed 
to take forever to complete.
This is an old Sampler Pattern by Wendy Brigg of Country Friends designs 

The stitchery above was the first one I completed & had framed -  I really wanted the same frame, & was concerned they may discontinue this style as I was taking so long!

They are now hanging on my lounge wall & even though there are several Samplers in this series, I have decided there will only be two done by Julie 😉

My South Island friend Therle very kindly sent me this sweet Golly Cross Stitch two winters ago & I finally got around to getting it framed as well - just gorgeous!

Last week while The Mr rode twilight Moto X, I was tidying & faffing in my lounge.

I decided I would like to add one or two more pomanders to my collection (I have 7).  
A quick look on our buy/sell site Trademe & low & behold - someone was selling a collection of 8 china pomanders for just $15.00 !!
Now I could not possibly leave them there could I ??!!
They arrived just yesterday & I had a lovely time gently washing them all & replacing most of the ribbons - underneath the dust & grime, they came up beautifully 💗

Some time was spent in the Sewing Room finishing off these sweet little fabric Sewing Machines, a pattern from the Tilda Book "Homemade & Happy"

The one above was intended for a gift but I am rather liking it sitting on my sewing room bookcase & feel it
 just might have to stay there!!

My daughter in law sent me this delightful photo of my beautiful wee grandsons - cousins, not brothers. 
Both families had a weekend away & the wee boys had a wonderful time together.

Finally folks, my friend sent me this little verse on Instagram & I loved it ... so very true indeed!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest-of-the-week dear friends,
Take care of yourselves & each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0