Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mice, Lavender fields ................................ & A Sad Farewell

Greetings dear friends & readers

Last week, after crossing some jobs off my never-ending to-do-list I decided to reward myself with some crafting time.
My lovely neighbor had gifted me another kitset for pet feeding duties over the Christmas period.

Kitset available from * Here *
These sweet little felt mice thread holders/pincushions.
Everything needed was in the Kitset except the stuffing.

When Blackie heard the word "mice" he decided to come inside & flatten my pattern inspect what I was working on !!

They turned out so sweet - the hand dyed lace included was so very beautiful.

Small Size                                           Large Size

Here they are being used as they are intended - as thread holders & pincushions.  
(Tho' I think they are just beautiful sitting there being decorative)

My lovely friend Sue came over from the city last week for a visit.
We had some morning tea together & then I suggested we go around the corner to visit the local Lavender Farm

This is what greets you (below) when you step out of your car

Luckily they hadn't harvested yet so the view, the fragrance & the buzzing of the bees was just heavenly

Sue & I wandered around the rows just taking it all in & wishing we never had to leave !

Sue is very good at "selfies" - I would've cut our heads off ! 😉

"Bend down a fraction & you'll have a stunning purple backdrop" said Sue 💜

I purchased some soap & a Lavender Relax Balm from the Farm Shop - Sue & I joked with the Owners 
that we really needed the Relax Balm in a large pump bottle, not a teeny pot 😉

Finally dear friends - we had to say a very difficult Farewell last weekend.
We had to say Goodbye to dear little Karma, my daughter in law's dog & constant companion for over 13 years.

Long time readers of my blog will remember how Karma was very much a part of their wedding when my son & Nicole married 5 years ago
In fact Karma was always very much a part of every single thing we all did.  She was the sweetest little soul 
& just happy to tag along.
She will leave a huge gap in her families life but Oh - what a wonderful life she had in that 13 years.
Farewell precious Karma 💕 Thanks for the special memories.

Wishing you a most wonderful weekend dear friends,
Be kind to yourselves & to each other,
Thanks so much for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone

💙 Happy Bright Shiny New Year Everyone 💙

A bright shiny new decade - Two Thousand & Twenty - 2020
I like the sound of it - a nice big rounded out & sturdy number.

Mum has been delivered home again & the decorations have been packed away for another year 
This candle called Christmas Time has the most beautiful fragrance & I am still enjoying burning it each night

We had a busy but wonderful Christmas Day spent with the ones I love & care about 
The day was full on from start to finish & I did not manage to get out of my work dress all day long 
(no one noticed I might add!!)

My grandsons are growing up so fast with the eldest one Alec, due to start school this coming year & 
Sid will be turning 3 !!

I loved this photo taken of Mum sitting on her walker on my deck area - a shame about the Red Bull drinks chiller
 in the background! 😉

I hope no-one is offended by showing this but this is the card I bought The Mr this year.
I could not resist it & must confess I laughed outrageously when I read it in my local Book Store & somewhat drew attention to myself 😆
The inside reads "Wishing you a roasty toasty Christmas"
The main reason is because this is exactly how Blackie sits & gets the very same (sour) expression on his face !

I was very spoilt this year in the book department & have already made a start on the Elton John biography 
which I am loving 💗

These sweet little flock deer were purchased to gift to a friend but unfortunately, they did not manage to leave 
my house.
I just fell in love with them & could not part with them, hence another gift was found for my friend 😉

My only other treat to myself  this Christmas was this mug - I really loved the shape of it & thought the title 
was rather apt 😸

My daughter in laws birthday is always just a few days after Christmas - I had purchased a voucher for her but also wanted to hand make something to go along with it 
These cotton washcloths & scrubby cloths just fitted the bill perfectly as they are simple to do at nights when my eyes are tired, as well as using up scraps of my knitting cotton.

I have really struggled to grow sweet peas this year but have persevered with copious quantities of worm tea & constant watering.
I picked my first vase full this morning & the fragrance in my kitchen is so wonderful & makes me happy I kept trying.

After my return from Mums these two have hardly left my side - this is them right beside me on the couch each night.

I have been having a self imposed break from Instagram & all things social media - I did not like how I seemed to be constantly checking my phone screen.
I think it's good for us to take a break when we feel like this & perhaps re-assess our attitudes to these things.
My blog is something I still really enjoy & the interacting with like-minded folk in the great world of cyberspace.
 I love my little niche in this diverse creative community out here.
So sorry folks - you are stuck with me for the meantime 😉

Wishing you a wonderful Weekend dear friends,
Take care of yourselves & of each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas Wishes Everyone

Greetings dear friends & readers,

This will be my last post for 2019 & I would like to take this opportunity to wish you ALL a most wonderful 
festive season.

I would also like to thank each & every one of you that comes this way - to my little part of cyberspace, reads my ramblings & takes the time to leave me a comment - now & then - just to say Hello & to let me know you have visited 😊
I can't tell you how much it means to me & how much pleasure this little blog of mine brings to me 💛

Last night The Mr had an AGM to attend so I stood in my kitchen while the rain lashed the windows, & finished up some more Christmas Baking as well as packaging some ready for gifting

This year I made my usual Gingernut Bites & Chocolate Fudge Cake, but also made some Mars Bar Slices 
& Chocolate Crackles - some of which I added cute little festive picks to for my grandsons.

My lovely friend & longtime customer Desiree, has a beautiful baby daughter who is about to celebrate her first Christmas

Desiree called to see me in early November with the 3 fat quarters above, asking me to please make a stocking for Gretchen's first Christmas in this colourway
Her only request was Patchwork & perhaps some vintage lace somewhere in it.

I have sewn alot for Desiree & know her taste fairly well so I felt confident adding in the other fabrics to the three 
she had given me.
After I had patchworked the front, I machine appliqued on the letters for Gretchen's name

I found this beautiful vintage cotton lace in my scraps so I added a border of it to the top, then this cute cotton bird tape, which I felt matched the sweet little birds in the fabrics.
The silver charms were sewn on last as I felt they added a nice finishing touch.

I also added one of the fabric tags I had made from my Grandson's Advent Calendar Panels
(& a vintage button)

Both front & back were patchworked & a sweet crochet doiley was stitched to both sides.

The "handmade with love" woven ribbon was stitched on the back toe part

I LoVe these colours together & thought it turned out beautiful 💗

A friend messaged me with a late Order after seeing the candles in my last post made using vintage glassware.
I had 3 containers left so made them up into candles for her over the weekend.

Also over the weekend, my lovely neighbor Jenny popped in with the sweet Angel kit above - a gift for some 
pet feeding duties I had done for her.
I was determined to find time to make her up last Sunday - she turned out beautifully & I have hung her on my tree.

It's such a treat to have a kitset & not have to go searching for anything - just enjoy sitting & putting it together.
For anyone interested, the kitset was purchased from * Here *

Yesterday while the weather was wild, these two fought & hissed & spat at each other & left big clumps of fur on the floor - mainly ginger !!
So I was rather surprised to see them tucked up together on the bed last night - when I went to get in !!
Friends again - for now 😉

Wishing you all a safe & joyous Christmas dear friends,
I look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year,
From our Home to Yours - with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0x

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas Bits & Bobs

Greetings dear friends & readers 
I hope the week is treating you kindly - the days seem to be going by so very fast!

Last Tuesday when Sid was here we decorated the tree ... Sid grew tired of this task about 1/4 the way through 
so I finished it when he had his afternoon nap

I have been wrapping my gifts as they are either made or bought & putting them under the tree - but once again 
I have to leave a space for the Christmas Fairy who is under the tree yet again this year!

Sid & I made a few decorations together - some for his tree & some for Granny's

Last weekend The Mr was away riding Moto X for two days.  I got alot done. 😊
Not that he necessarily stops me from doing things, but I find not having to make meals & endless cups of tea - I seem to achieve alot more.
I got all my smaller orders completed, including the lavender bags (10) & mothball sachets (20) above

I made a vintage china teacup birdfeeder - an Order for my friend Elaine.
Yes I often do "try them out" in my garden first 😉

I made a batch of soy candles in vintage glassware - some of these are for gifts & some are Orders.
The house smelt delicious - a mixture of Mulled Wine & Calico fragrance oils

My lovely, clever friend Shirley sent me a photo of some beautiful dainty stockings she had made. Shirley had come across a piece of handmade felt that she had made awhile ago & decided to make 6 little stockings with crocheted snowflakes on & silk ribbon bows.

Shirley asked me to fashion her "a coathanger of sorts" to hang them on.

I had a lace covered cream satin coathanger already made so I added a wooden snowflake to it - sprayed first with some cream spray paint.

I made some holly shaped leaves from felt for each end along with gold bells & embellishments to compliment the bells Shirley had stitched to her stockings.

When I delivered the coathanger to Shirley I thought it looked So Stunning I could quite easily have bought it 
right back home with me!!

I decided to do a quick paint/upcycle on this old wooden stool to use in my bedroom.
I have to do these projects when The Mr is not here because he does not like me painting the native wood.
The colour is Old Linen (chalkpaint) & I covered it with some leftover curtain fabric.

Though my eyes are tired at night, I still like to sit & knit either dishcloths or cotton scrubby cloths,
Blackie tucks up right beside me these evenings - he is feeling rather tired himself from all the Christmas prep 
he has still to do 😉 !!

Thanks as always for your lovely visits here today dear friends,
I hope the lead up to Christmas is going well for you all,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0