Thursday, June 16, 2022

Moving My Mum to Resthome Care

Greetings lovely friends & readers

I have been away for over a week as I moved my dear Mum in to Resthome Care.    I think some overseas Countries call it Assisted Living but here in New Zealand we call it Resthome Care.     It feels like I went away in Autumn & returned in Winter as there are bare branches & leaves everywhere around my section & garden.


The day before I went I had a VeRy important event to attend ... Grandparents Day at Sid's new school.  Though the weather was dreadful & the scheduled Cross Country Run cancelled, we still had a wonderful time & both enjoyed it very much.

My 93 year old Mum has spent the past 10 years of her life saying she is Never Ever going in to Resthome Care ... so I knew it was going to be difficult to navigate.   We had been waiting all year for a room to become available & finally when one was, I didn't want to risk losing it.  I am hoping that as the days & weeks go by Mum comes to accept that she can no longer manage living on her own at Home anymore.  It is 21 years today since my Dad passed away from Cancer.    Mum's new room is very pleasant & has a nice big picture window that looks out on to greenery & big trees.  

(You can just see Mums reflection in the window)

The Resthome has 3 cats, two of them were rescue kittens & this one above (Boots) came to welcome Mum on her first day there.  Here she is sitting on Mum's windowsill.  

The next day Boot's brother (Marley) followed me up the hallway & into Mum's room, where he promptly took up residence on her bed for the rest of the day.  The third day I visited, Marley was on her lap enjoying her pats.  I do think they sense when the Residents are "cat lovers" or not, as they don't go in to everyone's rooms apparently.

I had really hoped that Mum would find "a new friend" while in the Resthome but I kind of thought a two-legged one & not a four-legged, furry one !! 😉

When my brother came to install a new TV set in Mum's room Marley was not fazed in the slightest & just carried 
on sleeping.

(The wooden childs chair was $5 & I thought I may re-purpose it as a plant stand)

During stressful times I try to relax by browsing the isles of Op Shops ... however it was slim pickings this trip.  The above items were found in the local SPCA Op Shop apart from the Cane frame which was in a shop opposite that was closing down & was $3.

I thought the wee lavender porcelain jug & bowl would be sweet with candles poured into them & the ($2) terracotta wheelbarrow will get a coat of paint & some succulents planted in it sometime.

Before                                                                        After

I couldn't resist this little framed cutwork design for $3 ... but once home I gave the frame 3 coats of Pale Duck Egg chalk paint as I thought this complimented the soft pastel needlework more than the darker wood.

It fits perfectly on my occasional table with other thrifted/upcycled items painted in the same colour 💙
You can read about the Jug Upcycle * Here *
    & the taller Frame Upcycle * Here *

This wee girl spends her Saturday mornings on the Counter at the SPCA shop & is quite a hit with the regular customers.  I asked if I could take a photo of her - she was very social & seemed to really enjoy all the pats & attention.

 Back in early May I entered a Mothers Day Giveaway run by Joy from "The Joy Within" .. & was delighted to be informed I had won it!!   The prize was a Gift Voucher & one of Joy's repurposed Squished Tin's.  Joy delivered my prize while I was down at Mums & I hope to use the Voucher to attend one of her classes at some stage.

Thank You So much for stopping by today dear friends 💕
I shall get round to visiting you all at your blogs as soon as I can,
Right now I am off to make something sweet & sugary that satisfies my craving & no doubt, goes straight to my Hips 😉 !!!
Wishing you a wonderful rest-of-the-week,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x