Sunday, July 28, 2019

(Still) Chasing My Tail !!

Greetings dear friends & readers
I did not mean to be gone from here for so long!
It feels like I have been chasing my tail for the entire month of July!

Since I last posted here I have completed a large sewing Order, had a trip down to my Mum's, put together some gifts, looked after Sid extra days & had a tummy bug!!
Phew 😉 Life is certainly never dull here at Threadbear HQ!
So blogging has definately taken a bit of a back seat.

My friend D placed a large sewing Order with me earlier in the year & I finished the first part of it in this post *Here*
In classic "Julie fashion" I left the hardest items til last.

Finally I managed to complete the Order for D & she collected it just yesterday
These patchwork foxes are from the Tilda book Sewing By Heart
I have never made them before & think I may need a good long rest before I attempt them again 😉!!
The first one I made was the large size in the photos above - he (or she) measures 77 cms tall - a fact I overlooked until I begun sewing him.

The second size is called "small" but I would say it's more a medium at 62 cms tall
This one came together much easier as is often the way when sewing things for the very first time.

I thought they made such a great pair with their cute faces - as if their little personalities were showing through

The final part of the Order was from another Tilda book - this time  Homemade & Happy

It was D's idea to have the toy animals made up & then hang them up as a mobile - I thought this was 
such a wonderful idea.

The pigs tail has florist wire in it to make it bendable
I used fabrics from my linen stash to make the animals - the fabric for the pig was a linen wrap skirt hand painted 
with flowers - I thought it was perfect for the piggy

The Lamb was made in white handkerchief linen .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  & the deer was made in raw linen with antlers courtesy of my flowering cherry blossom tree 
which is currently bare of leaves, so ideal for finding the right antlers.
The photo on the right shows the petite size of the animals 
I purchased a natural cane ring from Spotlight & hung the animals using some clear twine.

In between working on this Order I wanted to make a homemade gift package for D.
I used some flannelette fabric to make some bibs, backed with white towelling, I made the cat toy from a 
wool blanket scrap & inserted a rattle inside when stuffing it.

Some cuddly rugs & wraps were made & I just could not resist this gorgeous fleece from Spotlight while I was there buying the ring for the mobile.  Just look at that little hedgehog family 💗

Speaking of gift making - I decided to make hottie covers for two people that I love & care about a great deal

The first one was for my sister-in-law (& dear friend) Felicity who runs a busy little coffee cart in New Plymouth - she is there all year round rain hail or shine!

I found this gorgeous tartan blanket & embellished it with some kiwiana fabric as I knew Felicity loved these colours.
I thought it might keep her cosy & warm in between customers.

My daughter-in-law had requested a hottie cover for Alec - he already had the hot water bottle but no cover.
I know he is a robot loving little boy so I decided to applique a robot onto the cover 
(The Mr laughed loudly when he saw my attempt at a robot - I can't imagine why !!!)

I also knew Alec loved anything tactile, especially satin - so I stitched a length of wide satin ribbon to the back so he can run his fingers along it when he is cuddling his hottie.

If you have stayed with me right til the end friends, give yourselves a pat on the back!
Thank You 😊 !

I think by the look of this photo above I need to fill the wood basket & light the fire - it feels like a chilly night ahead.
Thanks So Much for your visits here today friends,
I hope the week ahead is filled with good things - take care of yourselves & each other,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Birthdays, Books ............................... & Sheep !!

Greetings dear friends & readers & Welcome to July!
Gosh - half of the year gone already! 

Last Sunday - the very last day of June, I celebrated another birthday!
59 years around this clock of life 💗!

I had the most special day indeed.
My daughter in law Sarah invited me out there for lunch along with my other son & his family.
Sarah put on a beautiful finger food lunch.

I even had a chocolate birthday cake with 5 candles on it ... & I also got some help to blow those candles out 😉

Best of all - I got to laugh lots & spend time with my precious grandsons.

I received some beautiful gifts from my dear friends & family members & was rather spoilt indeed.

All to soon the day was over  ......  but I had another friend celebrating a special birthday last Friday 
so I wanted to make her a handmade gift.

This padded coathanger kind of came together quite by accident - I was just playing around with my vintage laces & the idea came to mind.
I spray painted a wire hanger cream & then padded it out really well underneath before slipping the lace cover over it

I added a small lavender bag tied to the top & then - at the last minute, I stitched some Mother of Pearl buttons on it. 
My friend Sandy was delighted with her gift.

When my dear friend Leeanne sent my birthday package, she managed to squeeze in these 3 books that she had offered me several months ago whilst decluttering her bookcase.
I was So thrilled - I have read Dewey the Library cat already & am just beginning A Cat called Norton.

So it seemed appropriate then to receive this email card from my dear friend Willie 😉

These hanging lambs are a pattern from the Tilda Book "Homemade & Happy"
My friend D asked if I would make the pair for her - they are plain teadyed calico, each with a small green polka dot heart in their hands.
D has yet to collect her Order & I am unsure whether she will want the feather wings, which I have just pinned in place - or leave the lambs plain, without wings.

Large Size Lamb                                                                       Small Size Lamb
The Lambs in the pattern book have glittery gold Tilda wings.

I have been having Sid extra days while his other Nanny is away in Europe (the lucky, lucky girl!!)
Miss Pippi has been most annoyed about this new arrangement & when Sid went home last Wednesday she lay on the couch & miaowed at anyone that went past, whilst doing her best to look neglected & uncared for ! 😹

The house smells wonderful today dear friends, I am burning a new waffle bar - Cinnamon & Spice fragrance 💕

I hope the week ahead is good to you all dear readers
Thanks SO Very Much for your visits today - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the (spoilt) furry ones x0x0x0