Saturday, June 15, 2024

Still Going Green 💚

Greetings lovely friends & readers

I have a small-sized galley-style kitchen with the only light source being French Doors at one end.  Sometimes it can get dark - especially at this time of year.

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the thick curtain ruffle I had hanging up & decided to change it for something lighter - both in colour & in weight.  I'd made this red check one using left-over remnants from the large blind at my dining room window - this was well over 10 years ago now. 

On my last trip to Spotlight I'd purchased this sage green check fabric - tho' it looks like gingham it is not - it's thicker with a denser weave & more body.  I LoVed this shade of green 💚.  I took down the old ruffle & used it as a pattern-of-sorts.  This simple task took me an entire day longer than necessary due to a certain ginger being who insisted on ironing the fabric for me for half a day (!!)

I used the wide broderie lace edging off a thrifted sheet to make an underskirt for my ruffle - this is on it's own wire so could be removed if necessary - but for now I love the freshness of it.  I made the new ruffle slightly deeper & more gathered than the red one.  (apologies hard to get a good photo on this grey overcast day)

Inspired by this I found an old wooden box in The Mr's shed & gave it a wash after removing its rubbish contents.  I oiled it & then applied a simple decor transfer to tizzy it up a bit.

This fit perfectly in the corner of my bench to hold my chopping boards & rolling pins. I had a large round crock here but it took up alot of space that I don't really have.  The slim box is much better.

I removed all my red spatulas & kitchen utensils & put them in a drawer, just leaving the green ones on show.  Yes I do use all these vintage utensils all the time.

Everything got a gentle wash & a polish. You can read about my wall rake in * this post *.

I pulled out this green leaf bowl that was Mums & filled it with citrus fruits from our trees ... then I swapped the red ribbon on my paper towel holder for a sage green one. 

I had a Ripsalis succulent on a corner shelf that desperately needed repotting.  I found this yellow pot under my house & gave it a couple of coats of the Resene Green (Paddock) that I love.  

 I just love how the pattern shows through on the pot & it was the perfect size for the succulent.   I replaced a red                             enamel bowl with a pale green china plate - all using up things that I already had on hand.

While I had the green paint out this red tin heart got a couple of coats.  The sage green mugs were purchased from 
* here * using a gift card that I'd been given & forgotten about.

And then,  just this morning - I washed everything on my enamel shelf above & oiled my benches.  What a great feeling to see it looking so fresh. I try to keep a clean house but sometimes when I put my glasses on ... I surprise myself with how grubby things actually are (!!) 😧

Mums green egg basket painted in * this post *.

Dear friends ... remember in my last post how I said Blackie had taken over from Pippi & was sleeping in my lace box??  Well he moved on & decided the baskets on my fabric shelf were far more appealing.  I could not believe it when I came in & they were both in them ... I guess at least Madam Pip got the basket colour right!!  

Thankfully when I first spotted this I had the good fortune to quickly tuck an old drop-cloth sheet under them ... or there would be quite a pile of fabric needing washing!!  These are not low shelves either - the one they are currently on is about shoulder height. 

After complaining to The Mr about the cats this arrived in my inbox yesterday !!

Thank you dear friends, for staying with me through this lengthy post.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you may be in the world,
With much love & friendship to you all,

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Welcome to June

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Welcome to June - officially the first month of Winter here at the bottom of the world.   

I know I say this every month ... but goodness didn't May go by so very fast ??!!

 On certain mornings of the week Sid gets dropped off here by 7 am,  I give him breakfast & drive him to school at 8.30.  I like to get up early, get the fire going & then walk out to open the gates for his Dad to drive in.   Last Thursday the sunrise was looking so spectacular that I grabbed my phone & took these pics.

Remember in my last post when I mentioned that Madam Pip had taken up residence in my lace box & how I was going to regret letting her do this?  Well dear friends ... guess who is in there now & Yes I most definately DO regret this!!!  Blackie sheds far more than her & all that lace is going to have to be hand-washed.  It is day 6 now & he is still sleeping in there!!  😮

I purchased the blue plasterers trowel from St Johns Op-Shop for $3.50, then remembered I already had 2 of these in my Sleepout.  The middle one was my Dads & the right hand one was $5 from Hospice shop.  I decided to do something with them as once you have 3 of anything ...... you have a collection (!!) 😉
I scrubbed them first but decided Not to paint the trowel surface & to keep the rusty effect of them.

I painted the two with the plain wood handles - one Green (Paddock), one Country Clay ... then I sanded them to make them look aged like the blue handle.

When it came time to choose which transfers to put on them I had really good assistance from Miss pain in the Pippi who kindly helped me choose, & then flattened the rolled up ones for me 😖

I was just using up oddments of transfers & decided to go with a bit of a bird theme.  I also applied some transfer offcuts to the handles. 
Once finished I sprayed them all with 2 coats of clear matt varnish to seal them. 

I asked The Mr to drill holes in the top of each one so I could hang them but he tried & tried & could not drill through that high-tensile steel.  So I purchased 3 Disc hangers from my Hardware Store & hopefully these will hold them sufficiently.  I've hung them on the outside wall above my Pansy Planter Box. 

They go really well with the Vintage Saws that I upcycled in this post.

Thank you all so much for your sweet, kind & encouraging comments on Miss Luna Lapin.  Unfortunately she would not stand by herself or even lean against something without being pinned at the back.  I found this old doll stand in my sleepout so I gave it two coats of pale grey chalk paint & glued felt to the rough underside of it.

It does the job perfectly & now she is one fine upstanding rabbit with her suitcase, waiting for her adventures. 

The mystery object that I featured in my last post drew quite a bit of interest as you all tried to guess what it was.  Here it is above on the far left.     It was my friend Chris who emailed me with the photos above (centre & right) - it was a manicure set holder !  How wonderful & looking at the pictures Chris sent I can see just how it would work. I shall now be on the look out for a dainty little set to sit in my holder.  Thanks so much Chris ... this is such a wonderful community we have out here in blogland.  

Thank you as always dear friends, for your welcome visits here today,

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Friday, May 31, 2024

A Mixed Bag

Greetings lovely friends & readers

It has been one-of-those-weeks ... a mixed bag filled with good & not-so-good things.  I am choosing trying really hard to focus on the positives.

 I stood out on my deck one glorious day at the start of the week & took this photo of the brilliant blue sky & the autumn colours of the trees down the section. 

Even the shadows looked wonderful  💙

On my way out to babysit Alec I called into The Floral Shed & purchased a bunch of Paperwhites.  Their fragrance is amazing & they are still looking good after nearly a week as I put them outside at nights.  They are sitting in Mum's antique Crown Devon Vase.

I lit a new candle that I'd been gifted at Christmas.  The fragrance is White Lily & Ginger & it is subtle, soft & lovely.  

I planted up a punnet of Antique Pansies into my old tin tub.  This shade of pansies is my absolute favorite  💗

 I parked outside Habitat for Humanity Op-Shop last week & - of course - popped in for a quick squizz.  This little dish came home with me - $2.  I've cleaned it up but am unsure what it is meant for .... the assistant thought perhaps a tooth-brush holder ?

Any thoughts/ideas dear readers ............. ?

Remember back in this post in February when I repotted my two moth orchids?  I was delighted to see healthy looking flower shoots now appearing on both plants.

The white one above has not flowered for a few years, the pink one skipped last year ... so I was thrilled that they seem to be much happier & healthier in their new pots.

I made two loaves of banana bread on Wednesday - one is for Sid's family, one is for ours.  The banana's seem to turn black quite quickly with the warmth of the fire going.

I finished stitching the Sashiko Panel that I had been slowly stitching since the beginning of the year.  This was a preprinted panel purchased from * Here *.  I decided to make mine into a pouch to hold my Journals.  I had bought a fat quarter of Japanese Woven fabric at the same time so I used this to line it & also for the edges.  This pouch kind of "evolved" in my head as I went along 😉

This is what generally happens when I sit at night to do some handwork & watch TV.  Inevitably the ginger girl ends up in my lap & Oh My - does she shed fur !!!!  I have wiped the pouch over with a damp cloth but I can see by my photos I am going to have to vacuum it to get the hairs off.

Using up the last tiny scrap of fabric I stitched a little pocket to the inside flap to hold my pen.  I am really pleased with how this turned out & it was therapeutic to sit & stitch when my eyes are tired at night (despite the cat hairs!!)

Speaking of said ginger cat ... I went searching for a lace scrap in my lace bin last Monday & before I could put it all back in again - she took up residence. 
 The photo on the left is on Monday - the right one is on Wednesday - she is still sleeping in there & I am going to seriously regret letting her do this I just know it (!!!)

When I went to collect Sid from school on Wednesday we encountered bad weather so drove particularly slowly home.  I am not sure whether a small tornado had gone through here but I noticed a huge branch had fallen off the tree onto my rose garden while we were gone.  Underneath it all - in the right photo - is my poor flattened rose garden.

We also lost a huge native Ponga tree by the pond which just completely tipped itself over.  There is going to be some cleaning up to be done at Threadbear HQ !!

Thank you so much dear friends, for your welcome visits here today,

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Creating Luna Lapin 💙

Greetings lovely friends & readers

It's nearly 2 years ago now since I treated myself to the book "Making Luna Lapin" using some birthday money.            A couple of months ago I pulled it out of my bookshelf & decided it was time to bring my own Luna to life.

 I had no Grey or Oatmeal coloured felt to make her body, but what I did have was an old Op-shop woolen skirt in a grey fleck - I decided to use up what I had in my stash.  I was worried the edges of the wool might fray but once blanket stitched I just trimmed any loose threads & it's fine.

The cream wool blanket with pale blue borders had come from Mum's when I cleared out No 44.  I had a purpose in mind for this.

Luna's body is entirely blanket stitched by hand but I decided to do her ears, body, & soles of her feet by machine - the rest all by hand.  I am pleased with this & it's enabled me to stuff her more tightly.  

 I used offcuts of vintage Tilda in a soft grey floral to line her ears & the soles of her feet.

 I made her the Polka Dot Dress (so called in the book) but I made mine using up some of my treasured Tilda stash - I think this piece might be from the Plum Garden range.  I used oddments of ricrac to trim her pockets & her sleeves.

This orphan earing was in Mum's jewellery box so I cut the back off & stitched it to her neck just under the Peter Pan collar.  A girl has to wear her finest jewellery when she's dressed in her best frock 😉

Using an oddment of broderie lace I sewed her the French Cami Knickers in the book but I made mine a bit longer.

I put off making the wool coat for awhile as I wasn't feeling confident in my sewing.  After the school holidays I decided to give it a go.  This is what I'd earmarked Mum's wool blanket for - the book suggests wool felt but I decided again to use what I had on hand.

I was able to cut it out using the blanket stitched edge as my hem. This was wonderful to be able to do this. Again I made mine slightly longer than the pattern states.

I just LoVe all the details that the coat has ... false pockets, sleeve tabs & a back tuck. 
Although it is showing as grey-ish in my photos on this overcast day, it is actually the softest pale blue.
Last Sunday all I had left to do was the buttonholes ... I simply could not fit the thickness of the wool blanket under the buttonholer on my sewing-machine !!  In the end I just sewed the buttons on the top & sewed some snap fasteners underneath - this works fine & holds it nice & snugly on Luna.

Of course a girl that's going off on a trip in her swish new wool coat needs a fancy suitcase to take with her don't you think?  This adorable suitcase just kind of fell into my shopping cart when I was browsing on Etsy.  I was delighted with it when it arrived & it even opens & has compartments (!!!)  💗

The next item I would like to make for Luna is the Patchwork scarf - I have lots of small Tilda offcuts that I could use for this.

And perhaps the lace up boots .... I think she could do with a pair of these.  I have no desire to make her any of the other clothes in the book although there is a huge assortment of garments as well as her own comfy armchair !!!   
The Mr asked me if Luna was to give to Juno (my step-grandaughter) but I told him "one day maybe"........  
Right now the grown-up-girl that writes this blog gets to enjoy her for awhile  😉

Last Saturday my eldest Grandson Alec turned 9 (!!) How on earth did that happen (??)  
His Mum Sarah asked me to make a chocolate cake for his birthday cake using her recipe which I was not familiar with & not that happy with the end result ... however M & M's can solve a large array of issues & cover up all sorts of faults 😳

Alec got to go ten pin bowling with 6 other friends including Sid.  We had a wonderful time at the venue & Sid won the rounds for his team.  After this we went back to the house for a pizza dinner (& cake).

It's a grey dismal day here in rural Waikato  - not cold but overcast & showery.   What's a girl to do but wait til your Mum is otherwise distracted,  then go to sleep on the good mohair rug that you're not meant to be on !!!  

Thank you as always dear friends, for your welcome visits here today,
Wishing you a wonderful rest-of-the-week ... remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,