Friday, July 23, 2021

There ............................ & Back Again

Greetings lovely friends & readers

I have been away down to my Mum's for a week & have also been home a week - finding the time to blog again has been difficult as it has been a busy time with school holidays.

Mount Taranaki (formerly Mount Egmont)
Whenever I return "home" again this beautiful mountain always takes my breath away as it rises from the mist.

Mum & I went out to my brother & sister-in-laws for afternoon tea. Mum's cat Bubby went to live with them 3 years ago now & she usually hides whenever Mum turns up, but this time she was more than happy to have a pat & a belly rub.

My brother has a 40 acre farm high on a hill with stunning views but in a real wind channel. His first fence blew down in strong winds but he is now erecting this Gabion Cage fence which will be sturdier.
 The amazing thing about this is that my brother is building this all by himself - each stone has to be placed by hand in the wire cages which he erects first & concretes into a base -  my brother only has one arm as he lost his other arm in a motorcycle accident at age 20. He has 15 cages to build & fill to complete the fence.

I had some good luck thrifting this trip - I stopped at Stratford Hospice on my way down & bought these goodies above - I am about half way through the ($1) Lesley Pearce book now & can hardly put it down. 

On the Saturday morning I met my friend Claire in town & we did some thrifting before having a coffee together.  The plates above right were at a ladies market stall & were $2 each & the tiny one was $1.  

I bought the wooden mirror for $10 - I wanted to use the frame of it & the wee salt shaker was 50c & is Old Foley china.

Last week Alec came to stay for some of the school holidays & then Sid joined him on the Tuesday. They made roads with my knitting needles & we built houses, petrol stations & even a McDonalds.

My lounge looked like a bomb had hit it & Pippi hid for an entire day.

My friend Gail had gifted me the image above left for my birthday - I loved it & had it in my head that I wanted to mount it on a vintage tray.  I found the one above while down at Mum's for $10.  I always put them through my dishwasher before painting as it removes any grease or residue. I gave it two coats of Chalk Paint in the colour Pumice.

I used baking paper to press into the bottom of the tray to get "a pattern" so I could cut my image out neatly. Then I modpodged it onto the tray & once dry, I sealed it with mod podge also.  I rubbed clear wax over it all & then rubbed dark wax just over the detailing as I felt it gave it a nice antique-y look.

❤  I just LoVe Mother Goose & her babies  ❤

And Yes - that actually IS a cat on my worktable 😉

This vintage teapot above left was a $4 find at Hospice - I gave this two coats of Pumice while I was painting my tray & then applied a Re-design transfer to it along with a tag.  This one will be planted for a birthday gift.

Yesterday I picked the first of my daffodils before the rains came - these were lying on the ground as we have had strong winds this week - but they soon perked up inside & make me feel as though spring is not too far away.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend dear friends - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
Thank You all for stopping by here today,
With much love & friendship to You All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Giveaway Winners & a Birthday ......................................

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Late one night last week I went through all the comments on my Giveaway post & gave each one a number. I had 75 comments altogether (not counting a couple of replies & a spam)  I wrote the numbers 1 to 75 on separate pieces of paper, folded them & put them all in my vintage twin-spout teapot.  Then I got The Mr to draw out 2 numbers.  First he drew out 44, then No 3.

The winner of the 1st Prize is Christine from the blog MacDonalds Patch & the winner of the 2nd Prize is Janet from the blog Roque Quilter

Both winners have been notified & I will be posting their parcels off overseas to them tomorrow.  I So enjoyed this Giveaway & would love to do these more often - I just loved reading everyone's comments about their favourite season.    I did a tally in case you are interested ......  Autumn (fall) was the winner with 36 votes followed by Spring at 23 votes, then Winter at 8 & Summer at 7. Some people didn't name their favourite, some named 2 seasons & two people said every season has its own special rewards to look forward to ... which is absolutely right ❤

As for myself - it was always Spring for me - the season of Hope after a cold winter & watching the garden come to life again.  But I have to confess our Autumns now are just beautiful & mild, so I think I might love them both equally.

Last week I also celebrated another birthday - I turned 61.   We had a simple informal family tea on the Sunday night & my daughter in law made me an Orange Cake with cream cheese icing - it was indeed delicious & moist.

I had a fairly quiet day on my birthday, which is what I wished for ... but I got thoroughly spoilt with some lovely gifts from family & friends.

The Mr had given me some money to buy a birthday gift about a month ago & I chose this vintage looking wrought iron planter.

I took it with me to the Garden Centre last week & bought this terracotta pot to sit in it along with the beautiful pansy - a new variety called "Eyelash Pansies" 💕

This old teapot had been sitting in a box of junk treasures so I gave it a coat of chalkpaint in the colour "Pumice"  ....  & some remnants of Re-design transfers to embellish it. 


I was able to remove the pin from the lid & put it on backwards as I have a pot that sits perfectly in this.  I will plant it with some babies tears ... a gift for a friend.

Longtime readers of my blog may remember reading in * this post *  how pleased I was with my 3 baskets of hanging geraniums. I have been able to start more cuttings from my main plant & potted them up this week - two of these baskets are going down to my sister-in-law as she asked me to do some for her.  I have tucked them up under my covered deck area as the heavy frosts we have had this week can burn the foliage.

I got up early this morning & made another Fridge Drawer Stew as I had pumpkin going soft & broccoli that needed using up. These stews are so warming during these winter months & use up all those leftover veggies in the Fridge - The Mr would have this every night if he could.

When I've peeled all my veggies I take the bowl of peelings out to my worm farm ... on my way back to the house I noticed Blackie asleep in the catcher of the ride-on lawn mower because of course - there are No Nice Comfy Places to sleep anywhere else on the entire property 😉

Thanks so very much for your visits here today dear friends & thanks to all of you who took part in my Giveaway.
If I could - I would give a prize to each & every one of you. 😊
I am off down to my Mum's for a few days to help her out so I shall catch up with all your blogs on my return,
With much love & friendship to You All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Monday, June 28, 2021

A Sewing Doll & A Collection of Vintage Saws

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Thank You all for your sweet kind comments regarding Pippi sleeping in my "greens" fabric basket in my last post - there have been "some developments" when I realised that Blackie had decided it looked a rather comfy spot to sleep in too & took it over.

This morning at 2.30 am I heard a crash & upon investigation ...... a basket of green fabrics upturned on the floor & two cats looking at me with big innocent expressions 😉
I have removed the basket & there is an empty shelf there now 😑

Earlier this year I had a huge craft magazine cull.  While sorting through them I came across this VeRy Old Australian Country Craft magazine & rather liked the  primitive Sewing doll pattern inside.  I had a very dear friend celebrating a special birthday this month so I put the magazine aside & thought I might make the doll for her.
I made mine much Less primitive than the doll in the magazine but I was thrilled with how she came out.  

 The pattern is called "Stitching Clarabelle" by Lynette Gunning of Lynette's Country Treasures.  I think it was the small stitchery sewed to the doll's hand which appealed to me so much, as the friend I was making this for is a professional Quilter.

I purchased a 4 inch hoop which fitted the stitchery perfectly.

I made her a button & cotton reel necklace as the pattern suggested which turned out really sweet

& I also stitched some sewing themed charms to her Pinny.  The hair is hand dyed mohair from my stash.

The fabrics are from a Lynette Anderson range which had a sewing theme & were perfect for the doll.

And Yes dear friends ... I had the usual help & assistance from Miss Pippi as she pressed & ironed the doll for me !! 😉😕

This small collection of old wood saws & saw blades had been sitting in my sleepout for a couple of years.  Last weekend when our weather was atrocious I decided to paint them on old sheets in front of my fire.  I knew I wanted to put transfers on them but wasn't sure what colour to paint the saws ... in the end I used up some old black chalk paint that was going hard in a pot.

The "Befores" on the left & Part way through on the right

Two coats each on both sides was enough to cover them well - I left the handles original.

I was excited about adding the transfers  -   Yep there she is again right there in the midst of everything !!!

I absolutely LoVe how these have turned out.  I gave them all two coats of a matt finish spray varnish as I knew I wanted them to go outdoors & was hoping this might seal them a bit & prevent moisture getting under the transfers.

I wish I'd sat my squirrel on a branch now but too late ........

I think these look wonderful hanging under my covered-in deck area & the black goes well with my vintage Mangle.  Another upcycle ticked off the list ❤

If you have not already entered my Giveaway dear friends - there is still two days left to do so.  Go to this post * here  & enter in the comments section.  I will be drawing this on Wednesday 30th June & remember I will post anywhere in the world!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other,

Thank You as always for your visits here today,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Saturday, June 19, 2021

A 2nd Prize Package, A Ginger Cat, & A Rabbit ..............................................

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Longtime readers of my blog will know that from time to time The Mr sends little "funnies" which just randomly arrive in my inbox.  This one below greeted me this morning ............

I have had such a wonderful response to my Giveaway last week - thank you to all of you who are taking part - that I have decided to add in a (slightly smaller) 2nd Prize Draw as it seemed unfair to just gift one package away.  I have absolutely LoVed reading all your comments & hearing about your favorite season & why.  I have so enjoyed each & every single comment - those that had trouble commenting have emailed me & I have been able to copy/paste your entries.  I have not replied to comments on the blog post as I plan to give each comment a number & then The Mr will draw the number out.  The comments are coming through to my inbox but everyone is coming in as a "no-reply blogger" so I can only reply to the ones whose emails I currently have.  So please - I am not ignoring you - I just need to sort this issue out with blogger. (& goodness knows how long that will take!!)

For the 2nd Prize Package I have embellished another waffle weave tea towel with beautiful Tilda fabric in "ginger rabbits & roses" - one of my faves.  I have included more Harney teas & a gorgeous handmade (but not by me) Rose & Geranium soap.  

Also I have made another Soy Candle in this miniature stoneware crock - the fragrance is Sweet Mandarin & Lime - honestly friends, my spare bedroom smells so fresh with this beautiful fragrance wafting around.

If you have already entered then you don't need to enter again - you will just have two chances at two Winter Care Packages instead of one.  If you have not entered then you have until June 30th to do so but go back to my original Giveaway Post Here to leave your comment.  Again - I will post anywhere in the world.
Just comment telling me your favorite season & why.  I must tell you dear friends - Autumn is out in front by a VeRy long way 😉 

The dish cloth knitting continues & though I am slow, I really enjoy it.  This was a new pattern I came across that I thought I would try.  It is called Chinese Waves Dishcloth & is a free download * here * at Maggies Rags.

Miss Pippi hates my Tuesdays-with-Sid.  Every Tuesday morning when she sees me bring out the dinosaur toys & the matchbox cars she gets her sour face on real good.  Although Sid takes no notice of her, she acts like she's traumatised all day long & does some really naughty things.  Last week I found her in my fabric basket up high on my sewing shelves.  I told her she was in the wrong colour basket & sorry there was no "ginger basket" for her.

Click on the photo to enlarge & get a better look at the little Madam's face !!

I watched her consider the "reds" basket, have a bit of a think & then decide that the window view from the "greens" basket suited her better.  When she moves on from this latest place I shall have to gently wash all the top fabrics in my "greens" basket to remove the ginger hairs 😐

Just yesterday I finished this sweet little Tilda Rabbit for a friend's daughter.  She is made using some of my treasured Tilda Woodland fabric & I have knitted the wee jersey in some leftover dishcloth cotton called "blush". 

I found this dainty little rabbit charm in my stash so I threaded it around her neck.

                             There is just one small teeny tiny problem with this Order ...............

Now that she is finished ...... I can't actually bear to part with her 😟  Look how perfect she looks sitting beside the Tilda Angel from my dear friend Claire. 💕
I may have to make another one ....................
The Rabbit Pattern is a free download from The Tilda Website


Wishing you all a most wonderful weekend dear friends,
It's a wet grey Waikato day here today & I am very thankful for more firewood delivered yesterday.

Thank You so much, as always, for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x