Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Craft Central Station !!

Greetings dear friends & readers!
I have only just turned my calendars over & here it is October 9th already!!

The days are slipping by in the blink of an eye with much creativity going on here at Threadbear.
I have successfully managed to make a mess in almost every room of my house & every single surface is covered in craft related pursuits!
The Mr commented it is beginning to look like "Craft Central Station" around here, but with only one month til my Christmas Market Stall, there is no time to relax!

I decided it was time to do something with the teeny tiny hexies I bought from the Op Shop last July in this post

I had long wanted to make up these tiny Christmas bags - a pattern by DeCuyper Trading Co called 
"Spirit of the Season pocket ornaments"

I made 3 gingerbread men & 3 snowmen to fill my bags ... you can see the size of them by the tape measure I have pinned to my photo ... they very nearly sent me cross eyed with their size!!
I am going to scent my wee "men" with some cinnamon & clove oils.

I tied 2 cinnamon sticks together & added some greenery & pip berries.  My friend Sally-the-florist is getting me some sphagnum moss to pop in the bottom of each bag.

Last week I sat at the table & made another batch of fabric Christmas trees ... I have made these in past years & they always go very well.  They are just sewn using fabric remnants from my stash, a cinnamon stick tree trunk & I also scent these with clove oils.

Along with the stitching, there has been a bit of painting going on here ......

This orange chippy chair was hauled out of the back of my sleep out - yet another Op Shop treasure!
I gave it 3 coats of cream wall paint (Resene Clotted Cream), however when I went to sand/distress it - as I did consider might happen - the orange paint showed through in lots of places.

I was disappointed but as time was against me, I decided to simply embrace the orange & found some doileys & linens in my stash with red & orange colourings in them

I made a chair pad using these colours & tied it with some satin ribbons to the sides of the chair

Then I mod podged some paper doiley hearts to the chair back

I am thrilled with my chippy upcycled chair now 💖

Sally very kindly gifted me a wooden magazine rack ... again I have forgotten to take a before photo!
I loved the little heart cut outs in each end!
Over the weekend, in the spring sunshine I gave it 3 coats of cream wall paint & then a light distress.
I mod podged doileys onto each side & end, & then pasted some Cath Kidston wallpaper to the inside base of it.

This is going for sale at my November stall.

I finished painting/distressing a dark wooden mahogany table for my friend Gail.
Then I washed up all my paintbrushes & gear & have put it away til after my market stall.

Last Thursday when Sid came for the day I decided to make him a sandpit
I tipped all my rolls of ribbons out of this plastic container & then filled it with some leftover sand that I knew 
we had down in the depot yard.

The little wooden stool he is sitting on & the wooden tray to his left are both Op Shop purchases - destined to be upcycled, but somewhat delayed at this stage due to His Lordship finding them quite perfect for his toys!!! 😉

Thanks so much for your visits today dear friends,
I hope the week is good to you all ... be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Saturday, September 29, 2018

(Christmas) Stitching & Painting ................................................

Weekend Greetings dear friends & readers!!

Though I have been absent from blogland I have not been idle & have been making good progress on creating 
for my November market stall.

The two Christmas bags above got the last stitch in them last night ... the pattern on the left is from the 
Lynette Anderson book  "Stitch It For Christmas" & in the book, it is made up into a wallhanging.
 The bag on the right is an old Country Friends design by Wendy Briggs, which I have stitched several times before.
This one is done using Cottage Garden Thread "Mistletoe".

I embellished the bag on the right with some Christmas buttons I found in my stash.
The bags are fully lined & are backed with a striped ticking fabric.

The two stuffed stockings above are an old Mogs designs pattern  ... I make these up most years as I really love the design & they are fun to put together.  The reason one of them is smaller is actually a mistake ... I forgot to use the enlarged pattern & by the time I realised this, I had stitched the design so I went ahead & made up a smaller version.

These handsome fellows below are A Tilda pattern from the book Homemade & Happy
They are called the "Hanging Reindeer" on page 28.

Though I love them 💕 & am delighted I have made them ...... I am So Pleased they are finished!!
I thought they would be sooo simple to make!
 No clothing to make, just teadyed calico bodies ... but I must admit turning & stuffing & shaping those long skinny limbs was no joke at all!!

My grandson Sid & I went for a long walk last Thursday to hunt out some branches suitable for their antlers.
Anything I happened to come across initally was soon demolished by Sid, but I eventually found some blossom tree branches that I was able to remove the buds from.

This little verse I found on the internet made me smile as I have indeed, accidently dipped my brush in my cuppa!!

I bought this white cane mirror home from the St Johns Op Shop to revamp.

I removed the tatty artificial flowers with my hair dryer but unfortunately alot of the glue had hardened & gone down into the cane.  It was a nightmare to try & remove! 
A google search suggested isopropyl alcohol so I went to Bunnings & purchased a bottle.
Rubbing it on the hard glue did absolutely nothing at all so I am wondering if perhaps you are meant to drink it
when it fails to work??!!

After a good scrub to remove the dust, I painted it with my chalk paint Pale Duck Egg ... & then sanded the worst of the glue & gave it another coat.
It is certainly an improvement ... these items belong to the St Johns Op Shop & will be offered for sale.

Now that I look at my photos I can see it is almost an Art Deco style in its shape

I have finally finished the wardrobe I have been working on for the Shop.
I completely forgot to take a "before" photo but it was old dark wood with a shiny lacquer on it. 
It got sanded, two undercoats & two top coats .. the colour is a pretty pink though my photos are certainly 
not doing it justice.

As you can see below, the door, shelf & railing were removed so I could wallpaper inside the wardrobe.

I was happy with the end result but rather relieved it was all done & dusted!
The wardrobe is being priced for sale in the shop.

While I was sitting at the table today stitching some tiny Christmas trees, I had my usual assistant - Miss Pippi.
She often commandeers my threads but I did smile to myself when she fell asleep on the perle cotton while trying 
to hide it from  me. 

Thanks So Much for stopping by today dear friends,
I shall be back quite soon to show you a beautiful Angel I am almost finished! 💗 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

" To Create Something New From Something Old "

Greetings dear friends & readers

Our Craft Group challenge for this past month was "to create something new from something old"
As is usual for me ...... I left mine to the very last minute!!

I knew the meeting was on Monday so over the weekend I pulled out this wooden builders trug, purchased on my last trip to Mums at the Hospice Shop for the sum of $2, due to the fact the wooden handle had come out & was loose.

I soon glued & screwed it back in, & then decided to give the trug a coat of chalk paint.

I left the base unpainted as I planned to line this using a gorgeous Tanya Whelan fabric that I had on hand 
which matched the paint colour beautifully

Some embellishing then took place to cover the several tiny faults in the trug's wood

Even crochet doilies got mod podged on each end!

Though the photo is showing blue, the colour is actually a gorgeous soft green called "aquamint"
I then mod podged some Tilda sewing cards onto the front to give it a "sewing theme" .... I thought it would be ideal for carting sewing projects around in & plan to put it on my stall for sale at the Christmas Craft Fair.

I hosted the craft ladies at my place yesterday so I baked an apricot slice & a lemon drizzle cake ... 
unfortunately the lemon glaze drizzled off the cake & onto the plate !!!

Sharlaine's project was to take an old frame + a vintage doiley & make it up into a picture using some other small embellishments ... I loved how she fashioned the vintage doiley into a dress.

Maureen had taken a coathanger destined for the bin,  padded it & added satin, a doiley & some silk flowers

I really loved Gail's project ... she had rescued a broken porcelain dolls body from the Op Shop where she volunteers.
The dolls head was smashed in, so she removed the remains & found a tattered rabbit soft toy destined for the bin, then attached the head & made clothing for it.  It reminded me of something you might find if you fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland 😉

While I had the paint brush out over the weekend, I upcycled this vintage Singer Sewing Machine drawer, gave it a lick of paint & lined the base with Cath Kidston wallpaper.

I have been gathering together some oddments of vintage china cups & saucers & finally got around to making up a dozen vintage teacup birdfeeders, in readiness for my stall.

I have bagged up 12 cellophane bags of Wild Bird Seed & like to pop one in each cup when I sell them.

Sid was delighted last Thursday, when the cows were in the house paddock for a change.  When he wasn't digging in my veggie garden, he happily stood at the fence watching them ... he just adores cows! 💜

Meanwhile a certain furry Miss had built herself a small fortress on the couch & climbed in ... 
no doubt hiding from Sid who is fascinated with her!

Have a great week dear friends ... don't forget to be kind to yourselves & to each other! 💕
Thanks so much for your visits today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Sunday, September 9, 2018

An Olde World Santa ...... (Catch Up #3)

Sunday Greetings dear friends & readers 💜
Welcome to the last of my "Catch Up Posts"

This half made Santa fell down recently from the very top of my craft room wardrobe
Even Blackie was none too impressed !!!

It had been acquired by me quite some time ago, when I happened to turn up at one of my friend Gails clean outs! 
It seems she had begun to make this Santa, gone no further & lost interest ... so home it came with 
Steptoe Yours truly 😉

There was no pattern for the Santa ... he had been made over a Coca Cola bottle filled with gravel to weight him.
Now I knew from past experience, once I dressed him & put something in his arms - he would topple forward.
So some surgery was performed on my ironing board - I removed some of the wadding & put in more fine gravel 
to make him really upright

I wanted to make him a long coat from some dark red fleece I had & trim it with fur.
I found an old op shop cardigan & used the last remaining sleeve to make him a long pom pom hat

The ribbing from the cardigan sleeve fitted nicely around his head & I made a large pom pom using the fur.
I removed all the hair & beard that Gail had used & replaced it with some beautiful soft hand-dyed mohair fur ... he begun to take on his Olde World Santa appearance
I tucked a bundle of greenery & pip berries into his arms but I felt he needed a sack or a stocking ......

I found some lovely old Christmas panels in my stash so I went about making him a large Santa sack ...I keep a good selection of small toys & decoration bits & bobs on hand for filling my Sacks & Stockings

I boxed the base of the sack but then decided to weight the bottom with fine gravel as well ... I am pleased I did this as it sits nice & sturdy
I filled the rest with wadding & then covered a thick piece of cardboard with calico to sit inside the lip of the sack ... then I hot glued all my toys & decorations to this.

I love him 💗& he sits so sturdily he could even be used as a doorstop.
Olde World Santa is going on my craft stall.

Last week I came across a box of vintage Agee Jars in the sleepout, so thought I would whip up some 
string jars for my stall.
I haven't made these for several years now but they came together nicely with all the bits & bobs already in my stash.

I had homespun fabrics in green, red & blue so made one Jar in each colourway.

I was still putting my string jars together on Thursday when I had Sid for the day so he spent a happy half hour playing with my bag of ring seals & lids ... just goes to show you don't need expensive toys to keep them amused!

When I wrote in my last post about the shelf I had painted/upcycled for St Johns Op Shop I also came home 
with this large wooden mirror.
A clean + two coats of the same grey chalkpaint (Half Absolute) & it totally transformed it!
I just scuffed the edges lightly with my fine sandpaper.
(these items are not mine but are for the St Johns shop to sell)

As you can see, one has not even budded yet & I don't think it is going to.
This year has been my first ever attempt at growing hyacinth bulbs in "bulb forcing jars".  I must confess they are not flowering yet & it seems to have been a long, slow & painful process to get them this far.  If anyone has ever had success with this & can offer any tips I would greatly appreciate it?

Though the sun is shining today dear friends, there is a bitterly cold wind blowing,
But this is typical spring weather for us here!
Wishing you all a lovely week ahead ... be kind to yourselves & to each other,
Thanks so much for coming back to visit me here again today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0