Thursday, February 25, 2021

More Orders .............................. & The Dinosaurs Came To Town (!!)

 Greetings lovely friends & readers

It has been another busy week filling Orders that have come in recently ....

I bagged up 10 bags each of Cottage Garden & Citrus/Clove potpourri's & sent over to The Farm Shop at Gordonton as they had completely sold out.

(Not sure why my picture is showing the pinky colour at the bottom)

Kerrin emailed me to ask if I could please make her another 6 handy kitchen hanging towels ... I had made her some several years ago & she loved them & used them every day.

Her request was for No bright colours please so I kept to a fairly pastel colour palette.  I knew she absolutely loved anything paisley so I was able to find enough paisley fabrics in my stash to make up 6 different ones.

My friend Vicky's son & partner are having their first child & are not going to find out the babies sex beforehand.  They have done up the nursery beautifully using natural caneware & complimented with greys/mustards & a hint of turquoise.     Vicky asked me to make a bunting in these colours so she can give to them at their baby shower.

I had the natural linen in my stash & my friend Gail gave me some  grey linen to go with it.  I purchased the cute novelty print fabric from my local Patchwork Shop & was able to fussy cut out the letters making sure I got the little animals in.  I found a nice light mustard fabric in my stash so used this to make the binding.

Vicky was delighted when I delivered the bunting yesterday.

In the middle of the week a surprise parcel arrived from my friend Joy of  The Joy Within .  Joy decoupages these sweet wooden hearts & had been sending out a few to friends for Valentine's Day.  I just adored the one she had made for me 💗

As my sewing room had undergone a long-overdue tidy up this week I decided to hang my heart right above my sewing table where I could see & enjoy it while I worked.

This photo above is looking up at our house from the back part of our property.  I was walking up from the pond last week & noticed how pretty my hanging baskets of geraniums were looking at present.  

(& look at that blue, blue sky 💙)

I first grew the one above left from a cutting from my Mum & once it was established I started two more cuttings off last summer.  You can see the other two baskets in the photo's above right.  They seem to do well here despite the wind that can whip through this area.

Last Sunday I took Sid & his parents to see The Amazing Dinosaur Discovery which was in our part of the Country.
I love this photo above though it wasn't always like this & he was a bit overwhelmed & frightened at first but once he settled down, he really enjoyed it - as did his Granny 😉

I thought it was really well set up & enjoyed looking at the models & reading the information about each one.

Sid's favorite dinosaur is a Carnotaurus which is in the photo below left.

I liked the fact that there were lots of interactive activities there ... Sid got to dig for fossils above 

He got to climb up high inside a dinosaur Bouncy Castle ... & to color in Dinosaur pictures.

He got his face painted with Dinosaur horns & his Daddy stuck his hand in a dinosaur's mouth (!!) 😉  It was such a fun & enjoyable Sunday outing.

Thank You all So Much for your visits here today dear friends
Enjoy the rest of your week & remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Orders .................... & Cleaning the Back Deck Area

💗 Greetings lovely friends & readers 💗

I came home from Mum's with this sweet china teacup & saucer - a favorite of Mum's but it had a tiny chip in the rim so I offered to make a teacup birdfeeder for Mum from it.

Here I am trying it out in my garden 

 As I have had a steady stream of Orders come in this past week I thought it was high time I made a start ...

Ali requested 2 wheatbags in darker colors - I put a generous handful of lavender in each one to make them smell nice & posted them away to her.

My lovely friend Jane had purchased this gorgeous length of vintage fabric - ? Sanderson.  She asked me to sew it up into a simple bolster style cushion for her & fill with wadding.

I finished off another Christmas Tag using one of Barb's beautiful wooden buttons won in her Giveaway 

I have had to go over to the city twice in the last fortnight for Appointments so I took myself off to Spotlight.  Browsing the aisles this beautiful hessian caught my eye. The lace edging is painted on & I thought it would be perfect for my outdoor table so I bought 3 metres.  It was only $6 per metre & I had a $10 off coupon.

I overlocked each end, then gave my outdoor table a really good scrub & left it to dry in the sunshine. I loved the new table runner & it fit just perfectly.

Now friends I kid you not ......  No Sooner had I put it on the table, stood back to admire it, & Princess Pippi appeared ... sashaying down the runner like a catwalk. I think I lay the runner down, blinked - & she appeared 😉

After her usual investigating, sniffing & giving it approval - she lay down on it & went to sleep for the entire afternoon !!

Whilst buying the runner length I noticed this paw print hessian so I bought a metre of this also as my outdoor cushions were looking rather shabby & falling to bits.  I re-used the existing inners & just made fresh new covers - Blackie tested them out for me for softness & comfort 😉

I also scrubbed down the old dog kennel which I use as a kind of potting bench on my deck. The curtain I had on it had long since gone threadbare so I found this nice floral fabric in my stash & sewed up another curtain.  A new length of oilcloth just finished it off nicely.  Gosh I wish I had taken a "before pic"  -  what a difference!!

Today is Valentine's Day so I would like to wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day however you choose to spend it.

As I had some banana's going black I made The Mr a banana cake - I am going to leave it uniced as The Mr dislikes icing & I will just sprinkle some icing sugar on it instead.
It smells so delicious straight from the Oven & I am thinking it may not last long once we cut into it - I am off to put the kettle on friends. 

Thank You all So Much for your visits here today,

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Another Week Zipped on by ......................................

 Greetings lovely friends & readers

Well another week has zipped on by & here we are into February already !!

Whenever I need to just pop to town briefly, I quickly throw a linen dress on & toss my round-the-house-tatty-cotton-dress on the spare bed.  I hadn't realised Miss Pip was shut inside & came home to her curled up sound asleep on my house dress & did not have the heart to move her.

Alec does not return to school until next Tuesday so he came to stay at Granny's for awhile this past week.  We went to the Park, the Library & then to the local Berry Farm for an icecream cone. 

There are raspberries & blackberries available for picking at present so we picked a punnet of raspberries tho' alot went into a small boy's mouth I noticed 😉

We went to the Garden Centre as I had a voucher from Christmas.  We bought Petunias & Busy Lizzies to fill some pots that had long since past their best.  I also bought a new pair of Gardening Gloves as mine were full of holes.

While Alec watered the garden (& most of me !!) I filled another 8 bottles of Worm Tea.  (This is the liquid residue that comes from my Worm farm & makes wonderful plant food)

I Wish I had taken a "before pic" of this ceramic pot from Mum's. She had used it to soak some old paint brushes in - obviously the paint had been brown as that is the color the pot was! I spent many hours of elbow grease scrubbing the outside & the inside to get it clean, then put it through the dishwasher a couple of times.  The inside was still a bit stained but the outside came up well.

I applied a Re-design transfer to it & potted up some babies tears - it goes nicely in my bathroom on the end of the bath.

I always follow Down to Earth Rhonda's advice & toss my tatty old dishcloths in the rag bag at the start of a New Year.  I have been knitting up my cotton/bamboo oddments & now have 4 fresh new dishcloths to use ... & will continue doing this as I have lots of scraps of the cotton yarn to use up.  

Another way I like to start the New Year is with a new Ironing Board Cover.  This heavy duty cotton fabric was in my stash so I sat on the floor yesterday, traced around my old ironing board cover & made a new one.  As I use the ironing board so much for craft work etc my covers get a hard time & I just LoVe having a fresh new one 💕

My stepson sent through this gorgeous little photo of Juno wearing the dress I gifted her at Christmas time.  The sweet dress was made by my friend Julie who sews/blogs under the label bo and co

I thought I would share this delightful photo of Darcy - Sid's newest family member.  She has bought such joy into their lives & although she looked like she had "rolled in coal dust" when she first arrived, I notice how much she is lightening & going quite caramel. She honestly has the sweetest nature.

Wishing you all yet another great week ahead dear friends,
Thank You as always for your visits here today - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0
(NO idea why that has come out super huge dear readers - blogger does my head in sometimes !!! 😕)