Saturday, January 19, 2013

Round in circles . . .

Hello dear friends & readers :-)
Do you ever have those weeks where you go round & round in circles???
Well I certainly do . . .
last week was one of them :-(

I seemed to go from one project to another & by the end of the day - not really have achieved much
my little cottage has been busier due to the lavender farm
being in full bloom
this is great for me but means I get very little done
however, I did manage to complete some half-started craft projects
(I wont confess how long ago I actually started them though)
Over New Year I dragged out some old rolls of vintage wallpaper
& decided to make some nice bags for the cottage
to pop my customers purchases into . .  .
apologies for really grainy photos - dont do them justice sorry
They were so simple to make - just sew up the sides,
tops folded under & a hole punched for the handles
I used some old cording & some ricrac for the "handles"
(trying to use up what supplies I already had)
It felt great to be able to use some of the wallpaper
& feels really nice when I hand them to the customers
& they admire their bag :-)
Two of these cane chairs were dragged out of the woodshed
I had purchased some paint a very very long while ago
& had been nagging & hassling asking nicely for the Mr to paint them for me . . .
he finally agreed last Saturday &I could've jumped for joy . . .
I wasted no time cleaning them up ready for him
distracting "someone" who wanted to help the painter
& quite fancied himself coloured "red"
Seeing as She has shut me inside I am going to sleep with my head on her carpet!!!

I am so chuffed with the finished product
(incidently the colour is called Hot Chilli should you feel tempted)

Next post I hope to be able to show you some cushions I have made for them :-)
These two little Miss's were sitting naked in the sewing room
& finally got some clothes (& hair) this week
they are called Baby Annie & are an Angels in Disguise pattern
I like to give them little toys to hold in their hands
(in case they get bored)
Another "completion" was this felt swag I really enjoyed making
It is the partner to this heart "door hanger"
which is an I Luv Country design by Tracey North
I really love her patterns & am always pleased with the finished result
But by far the most exciting thing that happened this past week
was a visit from a friend whom I met through my blog.
I had the loveliest visit from Leeanne & her husband
it felt like we were old friends & we could've chatted for ages
but they had a long journey ahead of them
you can find Leeanne here . . .
she has written a post about her trip so far
(I do so love meeting my blogging friends - thankyou Leeanne for popping in - it was definately the highlight of my week)
Leeanne had taken some photos of Isabella for her post
so yesterday when I was studying her (Isabella that is)
I realised how really filthy she was
- all cobwebby & bird pooey the poor wee lass
even a touch of moss beginning in her creases!!
so I set to & gave her a good scrub with the long brush
I do hope you can notice the difference
she is much shinier & smiling brighter I think :-)
Before I close I just wanted to show you these little "faces"
that have popped up in the garden this past week
I just adore them but the interesting thing is . . .
I have absolutely NO recollection of ever planting them
& as they are bulbs, I can't imagine they have self seeded there
the pink one is actually where I grew my tomatoes last year!!
The cream one has the most glorious scent
I love that about gardens - how these things sometimes happen
& kind of make up their own minds about where they grow,
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends
I hope its a creative one where-ever you are
thanks so much for stopping by
love/hugs/friendship - Julie Xox


  1. Hello Julie, I think you did loads, sometimes finishing off stuff is good as then you can move on to new ideas and makings....the chairs have come up amazing, waht a difference. and love all your makes, the hearts are lovely . The snow has turned to ice here and its pretty awful, jools has just gone to work, but he has a big 4x4 car, i'm too scared to drive in betty. so home today again sewing and keeping toastie. love seeing your flowers and can almost smell that lavender! oh for spring...have a good day and take care
    sophie xx

    1. Hello Sophie - gosh it is hard to imagine you there with all that snow when it is hot here. Today is overcast so I have hung all the washing outside - it is bound to make it rain!!!! And yes, Mr Wolf is a character alright - he is one of a kind (thank goodness) - take care & keep warm Sophie, Hugs, Julie

  2. P.s forgot to say Mr wolf bless him!!!! he is a gorgeous boy,, hugs from across the pond to Mr fluffy :-) and to you x

  3. Lovely post. I love your freshly painted cane set. Looks great. I have always loved Traceys designs too. Lucky you having gorgeous lavender in bloom.

    1. Hi Michelle - thanks for stopping by. Yes I love all Tracey Norths patterns - they always come out great & are not hard to do. Isnt it amazing how a coat of paint can just transform caneware & make it look all fresh & new again. Have a great weekend Michelle, :-) Julie

  4. Hello dear's a funny old feeling that round in circles business isn't it. I find that with the fruit at the gate..some days are just very interrupted & besides I like to break things down a bit..some of this then some of that. As long as you get back to where you started somewhere along the line it's generally ok. And that's all about as muddled as it feels! Great project to get done..the paint job on the chairs. I bet they look wonderful on your nice wide verandah. I love those wee heart mouths on the golly sweet. What a hoot the lilies turning up all by themselves. I adore the scent of them...heavenly. Yes, yes Isabella looks MUCH better...happy now ; ) Much love & hugs Catherine x0x0x

    1. Hello Catherine - yes I agree about the muddled-ness of the days - some days are just like that & we have to accept that :-) You know I was hoping you would say to me - about the lily bulbs ... well they do that because... with you being a gardener & such ... so its still a "mystery" kind of. Thought maybe there was a reason but - no. Yes I am loving the freshly painted chairs at long last. Happy week dear friend, Julie Xox

  5. Isabella does look fresh & shiny! Not that I noticed when I took photo's. So great to visit your corner of paradise. You have some lovely goodies for sale. I felt truly inspired!!, love the new look chain furniture!!
    Great to meet you face to face.

  6. chain???? You know I meant CANE!!!!

    1. ha ha - hi Leeanne, yes I knew you meant CANE :-) It was so great to meet you at last also - thanks so much for taking the time to visit. If you ever decide to do anything in that red, you can just get testpots from Resene in Hot Chilli - thats how I did my outdoor chairs & table by the cottage. ($4 each testpot I think) - have a great week dear blogging friend, Julie :-)

  7. Hello Julie - you have made some beautiful things here. I absolutely love your (incredibly neat embroidery work) door hanger heart - it's really special. A home full of laughter brings joy to the heart - I am going to hold that thought. I think Isabella looks very shiny and fresh. Your wicker chairs look fun - I have a couple that have been clawed to bits by cats and am looking out for old secondhand quilts to cover them. Your flowers were a nice surprise - how fun to not know where they came from - a little gift from the garden for you! Betty x

    1. Hello Betty - thankyou for your lovely comment - I think the door hanger is a lovely little verse also :-)
      Yes Isabella was smiling alot more since her "wash" & I need to try to keep it up as I notice her paint is fading quite rapidly.
      Yes the garden often throws up these little surprises when we least expect. Happy weekend Betty - hope you have had some better weather, Julie :-)

  8. hi Julie!
    I am finally getting around to catching up on blogs and boy oh boy have you been busy. You make me tired from just knowing what you have done.
    I love it all.
    Those red chairs came out AMAZING!!!! They look so good.
    You are so inspiring with all your using of your stuff on hand.
    Great idea with the bags for sure!
    Thanks for all your well wishes, it must be working cause I am feeling better today for sure!
    Take care

    1. Hi Amy - so great to hear from you & think of you everyday & hope you are recovering well my friend :-)
      Yes am really pleased with my red chairs - such a lift with just a coat of paint, its amazing.
      Sending well wishes across the miles to you Amy - Hugs, Julie :-)


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