Friday, June 14, 2013

Raggedies & Revamping

Hello dear friends & readers

A couple of posts back I wrote about the doll I had made for my friend Christine who was a mad keen teddy bear fanatic  -  you may recall ...

Doll order for Christine

Well Christine emailed me this picture of her spare room & requested a doll ... of medium size, a raggedy style but not painted stripes on her legs, & in blues please, were her specifications

Initially, a tiny bit of this went on  ...

painted dolly legs drying by the fire

I had decided to make her order + one for the Cottage, but somehow, a 3rd doll evolved too
The pattern I used is "Annie Lou" by Cheryls Country Treasures but I altered the hair 

Here are the completed 3 little Miss Raggedies

This was the dolly for Christine

note her bear button stitched onto the pinny ties

The sign was an op-shop find quite sometime ago & stashed away for "one day" - 
(it originally had an old magnet on the back which I removed & covered the back with felt)

another lovely blue girl with a touch of mustard
In true raggedy fashion I made the 3rd girl in reds

I particularly love her wooden "button" which again had been bought some years ago

I personally love all 3 girls - do you have any particular favourite??

We have had the odd day of sunshine & I have been trying to complete a few more revamps
The deck is perfect for painting on when it is sunny

Although the Mr has taught me to warm the wooden things up by the fire first 
(makes the paint adhere much better)

This old wooden box was on its way to the tip
It was missing its lid & just not very appealing
however, a coat of wax & paint & some nice floral scrapbooking paper .... 

a vast improvement dont you think ???

On my last visit to Mums my friend Claire gave me this lovely book that she no longer had any use for

I especially liked the idea of these "vintage teatowels"

So I found some white teatowels in my stash & trimmed them with some lovely vintage looking fabrics

the wooden ladder I was revamping (in the photo 5 pics above) was absolutely perfect for displaying them all on

I used some vintage crochet trim & found these beautiful buttons in my button jar which almost felt like they were bakelite - they were so very old

I think this mustard one is my favourite :-)

Next week I am hoping to close my cottage for 2 weeks & give the inside a repaint & a bit of a revamp
I have been tossing this idea around for sometime now & saw this little verse on pinterest...

"the absolutely perfect time to start something...
Never actually arrives"
   Yes I thought - that is exactly what I have been waiting for - the perfect time :-)
                                                                             Just get on & do it Julie !!!!

So wish me luck folks & I shall be back with - (hopefully) - before AND after photos in my next post

 Wishing you all a great weekend out there  
thanks - as always, for stopping by :-)
much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie x0x0 


  1. Hello Julie,

    I can't choose a favourite doll, all the little extra's really add to their personality. Loved the photo of their legs drying in front of the fire. Great hint about the paint and warming up your project. Now is the prefect time etc, a great saying and so true we just have to jump in and have a go. Happy painting.

  2. Best, best of luck with the revamp!! Gee is there anything that passes your creative hand that doesn't come out looking great? I think NOT!!!
    All those legs remind me of some Cancan dancers.

  3. Where to start................I think I love the blue and mustard doll best, but in saying that they all look beautiful! Love the ladder make-over and the painted box-too cute!! My most favourite is the vintage tea towels!! Just gorgeous!! And what are the knobs you have painted white in the photo with the ladder? Take care, Michelle.

  4. Yes, do tell about your knobs dear Julie...some new clever project I feel sure! Wondering too what colour cream do you use ie that totally redeemed draw? You are just the very best doll maker! They are all so friendly & delightful & the vintage trimmed tea towels are so sweet. I think you may be right, the mustard one is just lovely especially with those wonderful old buttons on it! How can you bare to part with them? I would think that moving everything in the cottage to paint was a huge job all by itself..good luck! I am so glad that you are there my friend!! Much love, friendship & hugs Catherine x0x0x

  5. Hi Julie,
    Loves your pics, especially the one
    with the legs hanging out of the cups!!
    Your dolls are so gorgeous.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. The new dolls are gorgeous, I love all the care and details you add to them, I think my favourite is the red one. Your repurposing looks lovely too and the tea towels are beautiful and look wonderful displayed on your ladder. All the best with the shop repaint, hugs Wendy

  7. Hi Julie, love the raggedy dolls very much. They are all wonderful, if I was to choose I would go with the red one.I would love the drawer you revamped, superb. You certainly make each minute of the day count. Hugs Shirley

  8. I love seeing what you do with all your finds and how you transform them so well. Love the dolls - the red is my favourite too! Hope your revamping and painting is going well - and the rain stays away long enough for the paint to dry?


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