Sunday, May 31, 2015

Granbabies & Gifts

Greetings dear friends & readers,
Thank You All for your very kind comments & well wishes on my last post regarding my imminent grandchild
However, no sooner had I hit the "publish" button than my son phoned to tell me his wife Sarah, had gone into early labour.

8 days old

This beautiful boy - my grandson - made his early entrance to the world on May 18th at 12.40 pm.
They have named him Alec Raoul - he is beautiful & yes, I am indeed biased  :-)

My precious Grandson & his Granny Julie

My heart has well & truely been captured by this wee soul, who turns 2 weeks old tomorrow

And so ... begs the question ... what to be called ??
Although I love all the names ... Gran, Grandma, Nan, Nanny etc ... ever since I was a wee girl I have just adored the programme The Beverly Hillbillies.   One of my all-time favourite characters over all the decades was Granny ... I loved the way she would sit on the back of the truck with her shotgun in her arms ... Oh I thought she was wonderful.
And so I decided ... Granny it was to be    :-)

It is nothing short of a miracle that I have any completions to show you this week as my mind has been elsewhere.
I received an invite to my friend Sandy's daughters 21st birthday. When Sandy & I first met through our younger sons becoming friends, Abby was only 18 months old.
So I have watched her grow up through the years & become the lovely young woman that she is today.  
What to make Abby for her 21st birthday??
I knew she loved to cook & bake & spend time in her kitchen.  I also knew she loved blue. 
So I decided upon an apron ...

It was very much a "make it up as you go along" kind of project.
Firstly, as I wanted to personalise it, I embroidered the bib part with her name
(I must confess it was one of those occasions when I was thankful Abby had been blessed with a short name!!!)

I used the Stitchery Alphabet from month 6 of Jenny of elephantz Stitchery Club 

I decided to make it quite girly & feminine, so added a deep frill & lace to the bottom - Abby is about my height so it was easy to gauge how long to make it.
A pocket is always handy on an apron so I added a generous pocket & - of course - I had to add a doiley to it !!!
I also like quite long ties on my aprons so added these to the sides, & some button embellishments to finish off.

I had managed to buy some good quality teatowels in similar colourings to the apron fabric so decided to embellish these to match

I appliqued the words "cook" & "bake" to each one, then added a frill along the lower edge of the applique strip

To one I added ric rac & to the other, a simple daisy trim

I was really pleased with how these turned out & especially loved the checked one

A good quality wooden spoon & some matching stick-on labels completed the gift package.
I hope Abby enjoys many happy hours in her kitchen being a domestic goddess & wearing her new apron.

Another gift completed for a dear friend & posted away ... this is certainly a miracle as . . . well . . .  have you ever tried knitting with a kitten on your lap ???!!!**!

Once again ... a "make it up as you go along" gift.  Some small knitted squares from some scraps of wool ... hmmm ... what to do with these squares ... Oh, perhaps make a small shelf bunting in simple neutral tonings

I appliqued "I (heart) home" in Lynette Anderson fabrics, attached it to Lynette Anderson ribbon, then added Lynette Anderson buttons to each end  . . . for no particular reason other than I was using what I had in my stash at the time.  
This morning I have been trying to stuffing some soft toys at the kitchen table ... the help I have been getting is unfortunately not optional!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead dear friends & readers,
 Thanks so much for popping by today so I can share my news with you all

with much love & friendship to you all,
Granny Julie x0x0


  1. Aww Julie!! Congratulations, he is sooooooo gorgeous xxxx Loving the gifts and well just everything. So pleased for you xxx

    1. Thanks so much Sue .... he reminds me of my son with his dark hair & olive complexion ... which soon turned blonde & fair skinned!!! Shall be interested to see if wee Alec turns like this too as his Mum is also a blondie.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Granny Julie!!!!!!!!!!
    Now you know that very special feeling too.
    Alec Raoul is gorgeous and I can just imagine how you loved holding and cuddling him. Please give him an extra hug and cuddle for me!
    ENJOY every moment!
    Beautiful gifts for Abby!
    Shane xox

  3. Julie! It's so strange! Every time l see a post, open it,
    read it, look at the photos, The only word that comes to
    mind is...Ah!
    Babies! Are'nt they lovely...HeHe! I was one once......! :).
    But! Lots and lots of congratulations...To you and ALL
    your family. And, don't worry, you'll fit everything in, after
    all, you have another little helper now! Bless!
    I suppose Blackie is somewhere on his back, legs in the
    air...Asleep! Bless!

    Oh! I think Granny or Nanny is best...Sounds a lot more feminine.
    I used to call my English Granny...Granny. And, my Sicilian one
    Nona! But it's ALL lovely....Cuddles all round....Not forgetting the
    furry ones!

  4. Yay! Granny Julie sounds just perfect! Wonderful little boy. Love the apron, and t-towels. They look great - all matching - she will love them - the name in Jenny's alphabet looks super cool. The bunting is super sweet too. Love the fabric on the knitted squares - great idea! I think you should now sign things as made by you and Pippi as she gives so much 'help'. heehee....

  5. Oh congratulations Granny! Alec is adorable! ♥

    You are a truly talented lady! I love the apron and tea towel gift set, it's perfect.

    The knitted bunting is really sweet, and a brilliant idea.

    I love your little 'helper' :) x

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne ... Abby texted me a photo of her wearing her new apron with the teatowels tucked into the pocket & holding the wooden spoon - a big smile on her face :-) Just lovely. You are welcome to the "little helper" anytime you like ... but I know you have enough of your own !!!

  6. Oh I loved the Beverley Hillbillies!!!! Favourites for sure!!! When I hear Granny I too
    think of that show. You are so lucky to have Grandchildren. I'm just itching for that time
    to happen to me, but my boys are still a bit too young yet. Enjoy this gorgeous time.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Welcome to the Granny Club! We get to love these grandies like no other. Your new grandson is a handsome we fella. Lovely gifts for the birthday girl I hope she likes them. Miss Pippi is growing up so fast!

  8. oh Julie congrats Granny he is just beautiful I am sure you will have hours of joy .I am loving this new role of Grandmother and I am sure you will as well hugs Beth [this is the best club to be in I think }

  9. Aw Congrats to all, Granny Julie and welcome to the world Gorgeous Alec Raoul. Beautiful pic of the two of you, Julie. All your makes are as lovely as ever. xxx

  10. Beautiful baby...the best make of all. Congratulations. xx

    1. He sure IS the best make of all E.E. - thank you SO much :-)

  11. Just Gorgeous .. Grandson Alec and his granny Julie.. How beautiful is that
    Chat soon😘😘😘

  12. GRANNY!!!!! How did i miss this?! Oh my gosh Julie congrats! He is so precious. My! Of course everything else is on a back burner. Just enjoy those family moments.
    You will be the best granny ever!

  13. Oh Julie! Congratulations to everyone. Your little grandson is just perfect and so precious. I love the photos! Beautiful!!! Your aprin is gorgeous too by the way. Enjoy every second of being a granny!!! X

  14. Giggles Julie to the picture of you turning out like "Granny" on the Hillbillies. But didn't we love her. Julie, Alec Raoul is adorable and such a beautiful photo of you holding the little petal.Adore the gifts you made for Abby. Hugs Shirley

  15. He is gorgeous and you are not biased at all, such a beautiful baby!!! Granny, I like it and your reason behind it. Enjoy the cuddles.

  16. beautiful!
    love the helper too!
    may you enjoy many 'granny' hours with your grandson. love granny from the hillbillies too! what a character!
    the apron & bunting are awesome & am sure they will be most cherished
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina for your lovely comment ... wasnt Granny from the Hillbillies just awesome. I wanted to be like her from a very young age!!! Abby texted me that she just loved her new apron ... I am sure she will enjoy wearing it when she is working in her kitchen.
      Thanks for stopping by Selina x0x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Oh your Grandson is super gorgeous!!! How exciting! Congrats Granny and to all your family. Loved the projects you managed amongst all the excitement xx

  18. Granny sounds great. What a beautiful little baby, perfect, you are going to have so many special times together. It's a lovely picture of you together Julie. I like the latest makes - especially the tea towels.

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous is that new grandbaby!! Oooooooh Julie, I am so excited for you!! Of course I am a long way off from Grandbabies, but I can't wait!! Lucky Ben and Cody won't read this!! He is beautiful, and very lucky to have a wonderful 'Granny' like you in his life!! Congrats.

  20. Your grandson is absolutely adorable, Julie. Congratulations Granny!!! Your apron and teatowels are almost too pretty to use! And the bunting is soo cute. Have fun doting on wee Alec...:O)

  21. Dear Granny Julie..congratulations, indeed! How amazing that little Alec is already 2 weeks old. I hope everything is going well for the new family & that they are getting to know each other happily. I am sure that you've been a marvellous help to them. What a precious photo of you holding Alec...especially as they don't stay that wee for long do they! Well done on so much sweet productivity during the week. I do love the sweet little knitted garland. Any ginger fur blended in? Have a lovely week. Good thing that all is a little quieter for you just now. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  22. The stitching is pretty neat.

  23. How very VERY precious to be called Granny. xxxx

  24. Congratulations Julie, little Alec is a gorgeous little boy. I'm sure you will enjoy many cuddles :) Lots of lovely makes, the apron is beautiful. Hugs Wendy

  25. Woot woot missed this post - awesome to see the beautiful photos of your little man! My mum is a Granny not the shotgun bearing kind but it is a cool name all the same!! Love your makes too of course but just wanted to say how much I loved your photos of wee Alec :-)

  26. Hello Julie,

    What a lovely photo of the latest member of your family. Granny will be busy sewing lots of blue outfits now. The apron etc makes a perfect gift for your friend.I think something homemade is always best.

    Happy Monday.

  27. I love the gorgeous photo of you and your beautiful grandson. So, so happy for you, Julie, what a bonny boy, Alec is! Congratulations!!


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