Monday, May 18, 2015

Sewing For a VERY Special Someone

Hello dear friends & readers,

I have some exciting news to share with you here on my blog ...
I am currently awaiting the birth of my very first grandchild due to be born at the end of this month
I have been lovingly stitching some handmade creations as I await the birth of this special wee baby  ... 
Oh ... Its a *BOY* by the way !!!

I had quite a stash of lovely soft, white towelling & I thought some handmade washcloths never go amiss ... 
so I stitched up half a dozen & bound them with some pretty bindings.

Also some polar fleece cuddlies are a definate pre-requisite for a winter baby ... along with some flannellette cot sheets & a matching wheatbag to warm the cot 

But the project I have been working away on diligently over the past few months ... in between orders & kitten related life ... is this cot blanket for my grandson

I came across the pattern in an old Country Threads back in January when I was culling alot of my craft magazines.  The design is called "The Toyroom Floor" & is by Lyn Hyland of Lil' Blokes.  
I thought it was perfect for a wee boy.
I used a gorgeous wool blanket I had tucked away but I enlarged the size, & added the Noah's Ark to the top

Soldier, Train & Jack-in-the-box

My favourites .... Teddy & Golly,  toy ball & Noah's Ark
I took it outdoors to photograph as I felt the colours were showing up really quite "wishy washy" & they are in fact lovely & bright & vibrant

When I had finished the applique I backed it with a nice thick cream polar fleece bought from Spotlight.  Then I bound it all .... but it still seemed to be lacking something ... so I purchased this variegated perle thread & decided to herringbone stitch around the edges of it all

phew ... what a loonng way round the blanket !!!

I have the label ready on the back to fill in with his name & date of birth   :-)
 I had an old toy which had fallen to bits so I saved the rattle inner & made this wee cat soft toy/rattle from the leftover blanket scraps.

And last but not least ...  a pair of soft flannel shoes in perfect kiwiana fabric, the buzzy bee ... lined with the same polar fleece as the blanket back

Gosh I do SO look forward to making many more special creations for my grandson over the coming months.
And I have included these next 2 photos to show you just how difficult life really is craft-wise in my house of late

On the floor - Me - trying to cut out blanket toys - helpers NOT optional !!!!

chewing on my machine cord - a frequent pastime !!
. . . this game is called "unravel the cotton for Mum" . . .
Oh it brings new meaning to the word "tolerance". 

Yesterday, just to get some fresh air & "blow the cobwebs out" we ("we" meaning me & cats) spent some time on the deck washing all my gourds & putting them in my old wheelbarrow ... hopefully a nice splash of colour for the coming winter months  :-)

Thank you all so much for popping by today to see my creations,
I hope the coming week brings you many lovely moments,
with love & friendship to you all,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi


  1. Oh how wonderful for you, Julie! Your very first grandson....'tis the most exciting news!! Your grandson isn't going to want anything in the line of all things handmade is he. All your makes are lovely. The lovely washcloths, the polar fleece cuddlies (such gorgeous fabric), the cute little cat rattle, the adorable shoes.....and of course the piece-de-resistance....the beautiful hand appliqued woollen blanket. It is gorgeous. All your hand applique is fabulous and each motif is adorable, especially the teddy and the gollywog. The herringbone stitching around the blanket is the perfect finishing touch. Your grandson is always going to feel the warmest and loving hug from his grand-mama when wrapped in this lovely blanket.

  2. Hello Julie,

    Well done you for keeping this huge secret for so long. Just love the blanket I can imagine it will get lots of use being a Winter bub. You will have to get him a Buzzy Bee toy, my kids loved the wooden toys from New Zealand.Good to see your little helpers doing two things at once, talking on the phone and finding the end of the cotton.

    Happy days.

  3. How very wonderful! Congratulations to you! What super things you have made for him. But especially so the wonderful blanket - he will love that. Probably drag it around everywhere he goes - love the teddy bear and the ark - very special. The herringbone stitching really does finish it off so nicely. The gourds look so pretty all set up in the wheelbarrow, and so good to know your helpers are helping - not!

  4. Oh! My! Everything looks lovely Julie...Lovely.
    Love the little shoes! And, yes, congratulations
    by the way...Splendid!
    Before l was born, my Mum, being Sicilian, thought
    she was having a girl...Old Sicilian myth..So she got
    everything ready in pink...(Hence my love of pink).
    I turn up of course, so for the first 12~14 months, l was
    dressed in pink...! :).
    Fortunate the old photos were in black/white so it did'nt
    show up!

    Nice to see the two furry ones lending a helping hand.
    They'll be cutting out and stitching for you next! :).
    I can see Pippi becoming an expert at it to! Bless!x
    She 'reely' 'reely' looks lovely!x

  5. SOOOOO blimming exciting! You can join the granny club! What beautiful and practical gifts you have made, lucky wee baby to have so much of your loved wrapped up in everything you have made. It's a wonder you got anything done with the 'Two trouble makers" on duty! The gourds have created lovely winter colour on your welcoming deck.

  6. Congratulations Julie on your 1st grandson. He will be a very special little bundle of joy. The blue blanket a beautiful gift of love for any little baby boy. Love the cuddlies and sheets. Lovely colours so warm & cosy.

  7. Oh how wonderful to be a grandma, you have been busy making things in the lead up to the big day! All really lovely and useful as well. I think the new mum will be so pleased to have these goodies. Think you deserve a rest now!

  8. That's great news, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing all your cute baby makes, he's a lucky boy. xx

  9. Good morning Julie
    The blanket turned out fabulous, love the herringbone stitch its perfect. Your kitties are just like mine... very helpful! We are shifting next week and they love to help by hiding in the boxes...;O). Your display of gourds looks great.
    Enjoy your week

  10. Good morning Julie
    The blanket turned out fabulous, love the herringbone stitch its perfect. Your kitties are just like mine... very helpful! We are shifting next week and they love to help by hiding in the boxes...;O). Your display of gourds looks great.
    Enjoy your week

  11. Such an exciting time Julie - the things you have made for the new wee fellow are gorgeous; he'll be nice and snuggly this winter for sure! Nice to see the kittycats helping you out so much and making sure you don't get bored :-) Your wheel barrow full of gourds looks great!

  12. All so beautiful Julie. Exciting news Hugs. Shirley

  13. Such exciting news! I can envisage so many more blog posts about the beautiful things you have for him. Exciting!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh how exciting!!! And what a marvelous bundle of love he has waiting for him already - though not as marvelous as you. xxx

  15. Congratulations on your first grandson! I always enjoy looking at your projects. It really is so nice to be able to sew creatively! Have a nice day.

  16. Oh are the most amazing grandma.. The beautiful things you have made for your darling little grandson are just so gorgeous.. What treasures
    Congratulations sweetie.. You so deserve this๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  17. Your little grandson is going to be one very lucky little lad to have such a beautiful and talented granny. That cot blanket is adorable, not at all wishy washy. So what will you be called, Nana, Granny, or maybe Nanny J??? Hope the cats realise they shall slip in the pecking order soon for your affections.

  18. Julie that is such lovely news.I love all your special sewing.....gorgeous! The cot blankey is perfect and sure to become treasure xx

  19. Hello Nana Julie! What will you be called I wonder? I am Katie to my grandsons & that works quite nicely. The quilt was entirely worth the time & labour; the love. it's wonderful!! Well done. And I imagine very durable too. Golly, the end of the month isn't very far away! I always think that winter is a lovely cuddly, snuggly time to have a new baby around, don't you? Especially while everyone's getting to know one another. I amazed at what you can manage to produce despite such rascally interference. You're gourds look wonderful & are no doubt fairly safe from becoming dinner, then : ) Much love for a happy autumnal week, Catherine x0x0x

  20. oh such fantastic news I am a new Nannie my grandson is 31/2 weeks old .you will be in love as soon as you see him enjoy . I love the things you have made

  21. Dearest Julie
    Awe I'm so excited for you - there is nothing so wonderful in the whole wide world as being a Grandmother - you are just going to love it!!!!!
    I can still remember my excitement when my first granddaughter was born in France eleven years ago - I just couldn't wait to get over there to meet her.
    Your grandson will soon know what a very clever and loving Gran you will be!!!
    I love everything you've made - your son and daughter-in-law will be over the moon with these beautiful things you have made.
    The quilt is adorable and the S.S Ark looks amazing - a real boy's blanket. You're so canny Julie using up every piece - nothing wasted - making the cat soft rattle - true to Hettie Brown's mantra!!!

    We're off to France in less than 2 weeks but I am taking my laptop (had hoped I would have an ipad by now!!) so I will be popping in to hear your news!

    Sorry I haven't been around I've been working almost every day - very little time for blogging.

    Take care dear Julie, believe me a whole new world opens up once your first grandchild arrives!
    Much love
    Shane xox

  22. How exciting to be looking forward to your first grandchild! All the things you are making him are gorgeous and so useful. The cot blanket is particularly lovely, I love the fluffy bear! I love the photos of your very cute kitties! Hugs Wendy

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