Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baby Corners, Boots . . . & Orange

Greetings dear friends & readers & Happy Sunday to you all

During my revamp I decided I would like to make a "baby corner" somewhere in the Cottage
I have always had a few baby bits & bobs dotted throughout, but I wanted to have more of a specific "baby area"

I decided I needed to define this area with a bunting so out came my wool blanket scraps yet again

I made up a scalloped bunting using blanket scraps & lovely Cath Kidston fabric leftovers

I am really pleased with how it looks in the corner of my little Cottage & hope to make some more baby bits for this area ... I am thinking even the bunting itself would make a lovely gift for that baby that perhaps has everything ??

Several months ago I received notification of a new pattern release from Lisa's BigLittle Etsy Store  The pattern was for her Baby Flower Boots ... I quickly purchased my copy as planned to make some for my imminent grandchild.

I embroidered Alec's name on each boot 

These finally got made this past week, along with two other pairs for friends grandsons.

I lined them with some soft flannelette from Spotlight & for the inner soles I used brushed polar fleece fabric.  I had long ago been given a box of leather scraps ... I am so very glad now that I didn't toss the box away, as I had originally intended to, the leather was perfect for the soles.

I have to say ... this pattern of Lisa's is quite surely the simplest, easiest instructions I think I have ever followed ...  her photos & steps are So clear & concise, it was a pleasure to sew these up.

I purchased the Baby Size Pattern but Lisa also does Childrens & Youths sizes.  My friend Donna's gorgeous little grandson Archie above is about to turn one ... I made him the largest Baby Size & they fitted perfectly & his Mum was most impressed that they stayed on !!!!   I made little Alec the smallest in the baby sizes.

Sarah, Alec's Mum, has asked me to make him bigger sizes as he grows & to embroider "left" & "right" on each little boot so he can look down & see which is which - a great way to learn I thought.

When sorting out the Cottage, you are always left with oddments & bits you are never quite sure what to do with ...
this was the case with these four orange items below ...

An Owl, 2 lavender hearts & a pair of wool coasters ... all made from a really lovely orange wool blanket ... 
but never ever sold.

I have a tall, thin, 4-shelf bookcase that houses the homemade jams & chutneys I have for sale ... so I decided to make a couple more "orange things" using up the last of the blanket, & have a bit of a splash of colour in the bottom two shelves

This was the woollen rabbit that I was sewing up last post when Pippi was being a pain assisting me

I had cut out a hottie cover from the blanket & also some hearts to applique onto it . . . but somehow I kept procrastinating.
I felt it needed something more "retro-ey" somehow . . . ? ?
So I gave in & appliqued a vintage caravan onto it ... I am so happy I didn't do the hearts as I just adore this little caravan & bunting flags & feel it suits the hottie cover to a tee 

This too got lined with the same lovely soft polar fleece as the boots above

Lets hope some "orange loving customers" come along to my little shop sometime  :-)

Rascally Miss Pippi has discovered she can climb this past week .... she looked down upon me from great heights above - here she is below on the grapevine frame ...

She has lived with us for 10 weeks now, has grown long & lean, but has yet to fill outwards . . .
Fat Black on the other hand, should probably not climb trees any longer . . .

. . . as this is what happened when he climbed up the Cabbage Tree 4 days ago - the entire middle trunk fell over under his weight !!! (I am wondering if they have a weight watchers group for cats??!!)

I hope the coming week brings you only good things dear friends
I hope mid-winter or mid-summer is treating you kindly,
thanks so much for popping by today to visit me
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi


  1. I love that you are so thrilled to be a granny and it shows in your sprucing up of the cottage :)
    Those little booties are too darn cute, I wish I would have had cute ones like that for B when he was a tot.
    LOVE that water bottle cozy. The little camper applique is perfect. I would so snap that up.
    It looks like you are having a good winter and keeping busy. Those babies of yours are growing so fast! Soon Pippi will be fat and lazy too ;)

  2. Lol...maybe Miss Pippi and Milo can get married....they sound the same!!! Love, love, love
    the baby corner, how cute is that? I bet you really had fun making the toys, bunting and shoes.
    They all look so yummy and the shoes look great on too. Very nice.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Ha... ha... just look at that cabbage tree - that is so funny! Black cat, Fat cat! Those booties are great especially with the leather on the bottom. I remember someone gave me a couple of pairs like that when my son was born and he wore them all the time, and then I used them for Hannah. Your baby corner looks great and I think bunting with a childs name on would look super. And the caravan on the orange hoity cover is too cool.

  4. Er.....that would be hotty not hoity....... spell check is a funny thing!

  5. loving all you show me! Cats and all! Weight Watchers for cats I'm not sure about that? i suppose Mr Black eats a fair share of Miss Pippi's food? The Booties are so sweet and very practical for the cooler weather. I like the bunting too, yes a perfect idea for a gift for the baby that has it all! Please can i buy the orange owl? I my sister's fav colour is orange and I think she is in need of a wee pick me up, your cheery faced owl will do just the trick! Sorry to muddle your cute orange display. :--)

  6. The we baby boots are too cute - pleased to hear that they stay on - thanks for the lnk :-) The orange corner positively glows, I'm sure it will attract orange lovers, especially now it's winter and they all look so cozy!

  7. Oh my goodness, your cottage is a darling place, Julie. I love the baby corner, so many pretties to delight the eyes. How adorable is the orange caravan hot water bottle much more delightful than hearts. I love this! Those baby boots are cute to boot!! Such a clever idea to make them out cozy blankets. As always a gorgeous post filled with gorgeous pretties!!

  8. Your cottage looks so cosy and I love the woolly wellies... I wonder if they would work for adults? Have a good week...we have a heat wave forecast! xx

    1. Hello E.E, I think they would work for adults okay - the inner lining has elastic across the back & this is what keeps them up & on your feet I think. This stops them from slipping down as you walk. I really enjoyed making them. Enjoy the heatwave as I fill my wood box :-)

  9. The orange collection is lovely and sure to sell, likewise are the gorgeous little boots. You are very clever Julie!! If there is a weight watchers for Cats my Tex would be a good candidate. Stay warm.

  10. I had adult slippers like that and wanted for my daughter when she was younger but the pairs we had wouldn't stay on her feet. I wish someone would replicate your cottage near me. I's have a go to place for gifts. I'm glad Pippin made the post.

  11. Ooh, I love the baby corner, what a brilliant idea! The orange makes are all gorgeous, I especially love the owl ♥

    Pippin is such a cutie :)

    1. Thanks Yvonne - I am really pleased with how its all come together. Yes the orange is a bright spot of colour isnt it. I have sold the Owl since this post so am really happy about that. Have a great week ahead Yvonne.

  12. That is such a lovely idea to have a Baby corner...those boots are soooo cute! Love your orange corner too x

  13. The baby corner looks fab! The cottage looks great............well we see more of it???? Hope so! Love the booties, so cute and as for the cat I just see mischief where ever she goes! I think it is a ginger thing!!

  14. I just love what you do with those Onkaparinga blankets - who knew?!

  15. Hi lovely .. Well as usual you've outdone yourself.. Cleverest lady I know and you just keep coming up with the most gorgeous things
    I love orange and that hottie cover is awesome.
    I'm in love with your baby boots too.. Sarah must be one of the luckiest daughter in laws on the planet.
    Can't wait to see that revamp.. Looks amazing
    Love and biggest hugs and the happiest of birthdays to you today.. Says me wake in wee hours over here 😘😘

  16. Hello Julie Blackie and Pippi.

    Love the fact that your little shoes have the leather soul. It seems we have been sewing much the same thing this month. I am sure your orange collection will sell, the caravan hot water bottle cover is lovely. Perfect for a caravan or Motorhome owners too.

    Happy days.

  17. lovely little soft shoes for baby toes. Hope the orange is popular with someone soon!

  18. HeHe! Catching up slowly....All a bit behind...Must be these
    tight trousers! :).
    Thanks for your e~mail Julie...Yes! Flossy is so much like
    Blackie, big with it to...HeHe! She loves her milk..Semi~skimmed
    of course. Strangest thing with Flossy, she's about five now, and,
    she has never meowed...Never, asked her owner once, Sue, they
    live a couple houses away, since a kitten, no meows ever. She'll
    purr...but no meows!
    Pippi looks lovely....What a poser, but, are'nt they all...And, l certainly
    know one when l see one...! :>)

    I must say, l do like the booties with the names on.What a good idea,
    l know a few grown~ups they'd be a help to...! :).
    Address might help to...! HeHe!

    Well, nearly seven over here..It's gonna be a hot one, and, the weather
    lady says tomorrow will be the hottest day so far, maybe the hottest of
    of the year....! Plenty of squash on hand then!

  19. Hello dear Julie, nice to see Lisa's lovely pattern made in to such great little boots. Lucky you kept the leather scarps then! Wasn't she working on some adult ones as well? Excellent if they stay on little feet well too....huge & happy accomplishment, actually! Now that was an really good idea to develop a designated baby corner. I'm sure that it will be very popular, especially as your stock is so unique, delightful & affordable. Good re-think on the orange bits & pieces too. Sometimes congregating items like that really works to draw new interest...hope so. Looks nice with the lace. Hope you're pleased with the cottage re-fresh. Good time to get it down before everything gets busy again. Well I guess Pippi was bound to learn to climb sometime. Have they spent enough time outside to become hunter's yet? All rather instinctive in them no matter what their little start in life. I found two pigeon tail feathers the other day & haven't seen Elijah since..oh oh! Much love & keep that fire going, Catherine x0x0x

  20. Hi Julie, your cottage is looking lovely, the baby corner is such a good idea and it looks really sweet. Love the baby boots, your little model looks very cute in them. I love your orange corner in the cottage too, very gorgeous :) I can see I must make time to visit your amazing shop again! xx

  21. I wish wish wish I lived near you and could pop into your shop, everything is lovely, I love the orange, esoecislly the little caravan hottie cover - so sweet :) And the baby bunting is really sweet too :)

  22. Why procrastinate today when you can put it off until tomorrow hahah :D Crafty awesomeness again! I'm not sure I can take much more lol.


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