Saturday, November 21, 2015

Family Reunions

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Greetings dear friends & readers,

My Mum came & stayed with me for 6 days as we had a small family reunion to attend over at Papamoa

Mum came from a family of 13 of which there are only 7 remaining today
It was lovely for the siblings to get together again - two of the brothers flew over from Australia to attend
Mum is in the blue floral blouse second from left ... Mum is the 3rd to eldest child

I grew up with a zillion cousins ... only some of which came to the reunion
The thought of all of them coming together would probably require a military manoeuvre... good grief, where would we all fit for starters???!!!
It was also a good chance for Mum to finally get to meet Alec, her first great grandchild.

Alec finally gets to meet his Great Nan
They both enjoyed each others company so much ... Alec is proving to be quite a social little boy

Alec & his Granny Julie

Aaron & Sarah have purchased a spa pool & at 6 months old now, he is allowed to go in it.
He loves the water jets & the bubbles
He is such an adorable wee boy & a delight to all of us

While Mum was here there was lots of tea drinking & chatter ... I try to always fit in a bit of stitching or creating while we are doing this.
I needed to make some more wool blanket hearts for my china bowl in the Cottage (which was empty)

These are just made from scraps/offcuts of wool blankets
Its a shame the computer screen is not scratch-n-sniff as the smell from the lavender is divine.

For a couple of days the sun shone brightly so we sat out on the deck table ... I had some revamps to give a coat or two of paint to . . .

The what-not shelf was a commision from a friend - she wanted it painted pale green so I decided to do all 3 items in the Amulet shade that I love so much

I finished the what-not & gave it back to my friend, then realised I had forgotten to take a photo of it.
You can just see it above in the picture & YES that IS Pippi trying to drink out of my water glass !!!!
I might add, there were several ginger hairs to pick out of the finished items I had painted !!!

The small wooden bowl was rescued by my friend Joyce from the Church Op Shop rubbish bin & gifted to me . . .

It is such a cutie .... I made the pincushion top from my Tilda fabrics & then trimmed it with some cotton lace & a gorgeous tape measure braid I found in my stash

Likewise the old tea kettle got the Amulet treatment .  .  .

.  .  .  before being "doiley-fied" & a babies tears plant popped in the top
This was a rather unusual tea kettle in that it has a swivel lid still intact ... which I unscrewed & attached to the side with some jute twine

(This little number was sold this very morning to a lovely customer)

Well dear friends, now Mum is home again & the cat basket has been returned to the table against my better judgement  .  .  .
.  .  .  as you can see above ... Round 537 goes to Pippi & Blackie !!!***

I have orders needing completion & my head is spinning somewhat
Sometimes this can be overwhelming & it feels as though I have piles of mess everywhere . . .
. . . well I'm not too sure about dancing, but I shall keep plodding on
Thanks so much for your visits this rainy spring day
It is always lovely to "see you pop in"
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends & readers
with much love,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking x0x0x


  1. How lovely for you all to get together and celebrate 'family'! Oh your wee Alec is a bonny bairn! I love that Amulet green, it is so pretty. I actually can smell those divine lavender wool hearts all the way down here...don't know must be magic!! That what not is gorgeous isn't, it. I wouldn't mind 'stealing' that one. And...your other makes are so pretty, but then everything you make is. I think a few ginger hairs adds to the character of your painted pieces, don't you. Hope you are having a loving weekend over there in your li'l bit of paradise!

  2. Great get together, sounds like when our mob get together, finding a space big enough is the challenge! Your Mum is looking good and lovely to see her with her great grandson. He is a handsome wee fella! Lovely photo of you and Alec. More lovely makes, hey don't tell everyone about the the orange hair in your painting, everyone will want that extra touch. Go Pippi and are like the All Blacks, you are un stoppable!

  3. Are'nt family reunions just great...On my Fathers side he had
    6 brothers and 2 sisters. On my Mum's there were 5 brothers,
    and 2 sisters! So! Quite big really.....Me! I think l've let the
    side down with only one daughter! But, she's worth all those put
    together....To me anyway! :). But then l'm an only child too! Ah! :).

    And Alec certainly is the star of the show.....Lovely little smiling
    face of his..And, of course the other two stars of the show are the
    'basket' twins...HeHe! Love it!x

    Don't know what to say about the tutu......Except l've got one in the
    wardrobe somewhere....And! No! It's not my daughters....Something l
    made once for a Fancy Dress..New Year! Enough said about that! :>).

    And...I see New Zealand was on telly over here this week...What with
    Jonah Lumo ..Sad that!
    And, voting for a new flag...They were with
    some 5yr olds in a school in Auckland with some of their designs.
    Perhaps a flag full of pussy~cats would be nice....! =(^..^)=

  4. What a lovely picture of you with Alec - you look lovely in soft pink, lovely to see so many generations all getting together in your pictures. Your makes are very pretty - the pale green is a colour I am fond of. Betty

  5. Awh Julie what lovely photos! And you're such a lovely and young granny! As I have said before, Alec is such a cutie pie. I can't wait to be a granny. My grand kids would have very red cheeks from all the kissing I would give them. Love what you have done with the wooden bowl and kettle. I love visiting your blog . it reminds me of the words 'cosy' and 'comfy'.
    Also that photo with your mum, uncles and aunts is a treasure!
    Hugs Sue from Cyprus xxxx

    1. Thank You Sue for your lovely kind words. I am so glad my blog reminds you of cosy & comfy :-)
      Yes the photo of Mum & her siblings is great isnt it .... I took loads of pics but that is one of the few that doesnt have one of them with their eyes closed !!! Have a super week Sue x x x

  6. That green you painted the whatnot is quintessentially shabby chic - wonderful. I know what you mean about relatives....I just have to bang a stick and they come out from under every bush

    1. Thanks Phil - I do love that green shade & am a bit addicted to it. I am hoping my friend decides she has no room in her home for it & returns it to me !!!!! Your relatives sound very similar to mine Phil :-)

  7. Hi Julie such lovely family photos and boy your GS sure is a cutie,I love seeing all the beautiful Hingis you make xx

  8. Hello Julie,

    How lucky to have lots of Aunts Uncles and Cousins. Alec is such a sweety, just love his cheeks, I can imagine he gets lots of hugs and kisses. The kettle makeover is stunning no wonder it sold so quickly.

    Happy days.

  9. Wow one of thirteen! Big families were all the rage back in the day. Love the photo of your mum with your gorgeous grandson, so cute. He has grown so much and he is getting cuter by the day Julie, just like his granny Julie I think!! Amulet is an addictive colour, no wonder you keep using it. Hope your garden is enjoying this RAIN!!

  10. beautiful as always
    what a lovely family gathering! memories to cherish
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina for your lovely comment - we dont have too many family gatherings now & I did comment to some of them that it was nice to all be together for an occasion that wasnt a funeral for a change !!!

  11. Gorgeous little chap of all your photos. The teapot is beautiful x

  12. It must be lovely to have such a big family and you still find time to craft! Have a good week. xx

    1. Thanks E,E, It was great to be able to take Mum to the gathering & then spend the next day visiting little Alec but yes .... in the back of my mind was all my orders that I needed to be working on !!!! Hope you have a good week too E.E. xx

  13. What a wonderful family get together and photo...lovely everyone could get together. Your gransdon looks so cute !! Lovley creations you have made and I am not surprised the tea pot sold!! The pin cushion is beautiful too. Keep on plodding, you will get there!!😊

  14. Such a lovely post, thank you for sharing your wonderful family times. I feel somewhat overwhelmed at the moment with my ever growing sewing pile I feel the same every year at this time but it will be all done by Christmas Eve and as sad as this may sound by Boxing day I will be thinking about my next project. xx

  15. Hello dear Julie
    Gorgeous photos from your family reunion - it's so important getting together and talking about the old days with everyone.
    My father was one of eleven and my mother had six sisters and one brother. Last count I had 42 first cousins!
    We have just been to Marton in the lower North Island for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. I drove over to Palmerston and took my 97 year old Aunt out for lunch - she is the last of the seven girls.
    I picked your mother straight away from the photos I've seen of you - you're very alike!
    Alec is just gorgeous - I adore babies too.
    Work tomorrow so I'll say Nite nite and sweet dreams!

  16. Gosh, Alec is a bonny wee baby - he looks so happy. The photo of your mum and him looks great. That will be a photo to treasure for sure. It is a wonder the tea pot even lasted a day after it was painted - that green really is a gorgeous colour. And the pin cushion is the sweetest. What fun to have a special reunion and as you say not a funeral - I am an only child with no living parents but Mark is one of three so it is nice to have rellies on his side to get together with. So nice to see double trouble back in their basket in their rightful place!! hee..hee... probably waiting till everyone was gone - so your concentration was just on them again!

  17. Golly Julie I was just thinking about your family reunion while I was doing the dishes. I guess in time to come such a thing will be rather rare since not many of us in subsequent generations have quite that many siblings! Do they all get on well together? Beautiful sweet peas on the table. So nice for your mum to meet Alec. He has your boys very fine looks..radiantly handsome. All lovely (of course) but a particularly gorgeous photo of Sarah & Alec.
    Funny how little lavender hearts are still such great sellers. I have a friend here Keriann & her Sweet Mary hearts sell very well too. She was saying this week that the ones with the addition of Attar of Rose geranium in them are the best sellers of all. There's a nice secondhand shop in town, I have gotten to know Elyse well over time & must have mentioned Amulet to her at one that when I popped in to her new premise across the road recently looked up & thought "gosh that's a nice colour on the walls" You guessed it! It's a keeper. old Amulet, isn't it. I like the lid strung on your teapot : )
    I bought a useful little table stand thing at The Hospice shop today...wouldn't normally have looked at it in the mahogany finish but then I thought...yip that'll be fine, I'll just do a Julie on it! Then I'll pop it out in the garden to give a pot a bit of height.
    Hope you're having a useful catch up week, with some fine weather mixed in.
    Much love sweet friend, Catherine x0x0x

  18. Your family photos are beautiful, Julie. You will treasure those. Alec is so darn cute. Aren't grand babies the best. And as far as the cats go, they always win at the mouse house, too. :) Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words on the passing of our Kane. I know you understand the sorrow that fills our hearts right now. Deb

  19. Julie your family photos are just beautiful.... great to have a family reunion and also lovely for your mum to meet your gorgeous wee Alec.. he looks like he is doing really well, such a sweetie! Love all your art work :-) and especially how the teapot came up, what a clever lass you are xx


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