Thursday, March 31, 2016

You're excited about A CUPBOARD ????*!*!*!

Good Thursday afternoon dear friends & readers
Goodness me ... the last fortnight sure went by in the blink of an eye !!!

When the architect drew up the plans for our lounge extension, one of the things I felt most excited about was turning our old back door entrance into a cupboard
Our house is small & lacks cupboard space badly, & ... with 6 entry doors already into our house, I was not sorry to wave goodbye to one more!!!
The photo above shows the former back door entrance from inside & outside

This is the new cupboard beginning to be framed in.
I had to make sure the builders made it to the maximum depth possible as I wanted to use every last inch of space available.

As we are still waiting for our hopeless plasterer I ran out of patience over Easter & decided to fill the holes myself.
The Mr came home & asked me if I knew what I was doing??
"Haven't a clue" I replied "but after all - its only a cupboard"
This is how it looked when I had filled all the holes & given it two coats of paint.
Not too bad for an un-professional I must say
I found some wood in The Mr's shed to make the side brackets for the shelves ... I gave these a paint also.
Then - just today - The Mr cut me up some timber lengths for my shelves.

Oh beautiful new cupboard .... how exciting you are !!!
You see folks, it is to be a craft cupboard to hold some of the supplies that are overtaking my sewing space
This is just a practise run ... to ensure the shelves can actually hold things ... I plan to organise my cupboard properly & really utilise the space available. Great excitement !!!!

After a young man came along & purchased two gollies from me for a baby gift, I noticed my golly stock had indeed diminished.
I thought I had better rectify that, so I cut out two more bodies & made them up .... the first is Baby Annie Golly, a pattern by Angels in Disguise ... she is one of my all-time favourites

I like to give them a little toy in their hands ... this teddy I named Rosebud as I embellished her with silk rosebuds
The next one I made needed to be a boy ... I used Tobias Golly, a pattern by Melody Daly  ... another old favourite 

The golly fabric I used on his pants was just perfect.
You can see in this earlier post here where I made this same pattern up into a wonderful girl golly.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed at The Warehouse, they had reduced their galvanised watering cans from $18 down to $10 in their weekly specials .  .  .  so I purchased 2 of them.

Wanting to make a gift for my Mums birthday, I dragged one out of the sleepout & gave it the Amulet treatment 
(for those of you new to my blog, this means I painted it green !!!)
Yes, I was tempted to rust it like the bucket I did here, but lets be honest, there are some folk you can give a rusty item to & some you simply cannot .... & somehow I don't think Mum would get excited about a bit of rust quite as much as I do !!!!!

Mum loves pansies so I planted some of the "antique variety" in the can this morning & then glued a doiley onto the front.  I just need to modpodge the doiley & lace trim & then it will be waterproofed & ready to gift.

Our old carpet & underfelt sits rolled up in our incompleted lounge room & Blackie likes to sit on the underfelt in the mornings & have a wash ... I snapped some pics of him yesterday enjoying the autumn sunshine

Well dear readers, I am off on my annual jaunt down to Mums to help her celebrate her 87th birthday so I shall be away from the internet for awhile.
Thank you all for stopping by today & visiting me ... I do appreciate you popping in so very much.
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones


  1. Hi Julie yes i can understand why you are excited with a cupboard,lol.
    Oh your baby Annie golly is adorable and i hope your mum has a wonderful birthday xx

  2. A cupboard sure a thing of excitement!And why not! Love Gollies and the watering can looks awesome in green! Safe travels, I hope your Mum likes her present.

  3. Good on you Julie getting stuck in with the stopping since your plasterer was hopeless. I think I would have too. Great job, the cupboard looks fabulous and perfect size wise although I am sure another cupboard would never go amiss once you have filled this one, which won't take long. Love your gollys, they are so sweet and your Mum's watering can looks fabulous. What a great idea, I am sure she will love it to bits. Safe travels.

  4. Oh! Dear! Dear! Julie....Back on the shelf...! :).
    Or should l say making the shelf...You've certainly
    done a very good job there..Looks as though everything
    is coming together nicely! :).
    Oh! Wow! Love those Gollies....Bit jealous of the the
    pants on boy golly! Competition of the type l wear! :)
    HeHe! Would they come in my size! Lov'em! :)

    And, love the watering can, that will be a great gift,
    for anyone in fact..Lovely! And, yes, l love pansies to!
    Please wish Mum a very Happy Burfday from me, all across
    the miles in the UK.x And have a lovely time with your Mum
    Julie...And...Make sure you behave, and, eat up ALL your
    greens! HeHe!

    And as for Blackie...Well, he's a number one poser...
    How do l know...? HeHe! Let's just say l know!!!
    Bless! Him! :). You wait till he finds those shelves!

  5. Way to go! You put the cupboard together like an expert!
    My mama will be 87 in December.
    The green watering can full of pansies is lovely!

  6. Happy birthday to your mum - hope you have a lovely time together, I am sure she will love the watering can arrangement, it's very pretty.. Your cupboard is impressive - very well made! Gollies are cute too. Betty

  7. And now she's making cupboards! Hope you get a well earned rest at your Mums. Have a good week. xx

  8. Well done on the cupboard Julie!!! Just goes to show women can do anything!!! Yay!!!! So good to have the extra storage space. Love the gollies, they are so cute. I am sure your Mum will love the watering looks amazing. Happy birthday to your Mum,I hope you have a great time together.

  9. Happy birthday to your dear Mum. I hope you enjoy your stay. I can fully understand such excitement over a cupboard! Well done to you. Love your gollies and I am sure your Mum will adore her gorgeous gift xx

  10. Oh I am excited about your new cupboard, we love shelves to store our stashes!! You must be getting close to the end of your renos, I am looking forward to visiting you when you are done. I think your mum will love the watering can full of pansies. I do hope you have a lovely time with her for her birthday.

  11. happy birthday to your mum! the watering can full of pansies is the perfect gift!
    love the new cupboard too, a job well done!
    those gollys are so adorable!
    safe trip
    thanx for sharing

  12. Ha...well, it is good to know you can add plasterer and builder to your list of talents. Very cool new cupboard and great shelves. They will be full in no time! The gollies look so wonderful. They will sell quickly I am sure. Happy Birthday to your Mum and Have a Wonderful time with here. I am at the moment spending 4 days in Tauranga with Hannah for her birthday!

  13. Hello Julie,

    Birthday wishes to your Mum, enjoy your time together, the green present is just perfect. Next we will see you on one of those renovations shows, great job on the cupboard. Blackie looks right at home on the carpet.

    Happy days.

  14. Happy birthday to your mum! What a truly lovely gift. I wondered about the waterproofing bit, but of course..modge podge & all sorted. I do so love the antique violas...such pretty colours. One pot of mine even flowered all through the summer, which was great as it gave me the chance to collect lots of seed. I guess all that previous fabulous crafting you've done equipped you well for cupboard assembling. I am sure you made a marvellous job of the filling & sanding, as always. Good for you! You'll be so pleased when you can put your crafting bits & pieces away nicely. I guess you'll be wanting to get that carpet relaid before winter too. Hope you've had a lovely week. Much love Catherine x0x0x


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