Monday, March 20, 2017

Three Little Upcycles & A GIVEAWAY !!!

Greetings dear friends & readers
Goodness .... those last two weeks flew by in the blink of an eye !!!
I had a fast trip down to my Mums & then helping my son & (very pregnant) daughter in law to shift house - the days just disappeared in a blur
But there have been 3 little upcycles take place here at Threadbear

The 2 wooden items above were from my dear friend Leeanne & I honestly can't remember where the Watering Can came from .... no doubt some Op Shop bargain bin !!!

The wooden pieces got painted 'Cottage Cream' as I had decided they were destined to become pincushions.
The rusty little watering can got sanded & then painted outside as well as inside .  .  .

.  .  .  .  then I decided to mod podge some small crochet motifs onto the side of it
I gave it an ever-so-slight sand to distress it a teeny bit.

My original intention had been to plant it with some baby's tears - but I kept looking at it thinking how lovely it would look filled with soaps ... so I did just that & packaged it up along with a facewasher & a lavender pouch

All cellophaned up & ready for sale in my Cottage.  (now Sold)

The wooden pot with the scalloped edge got filled with wadding & a top made from some Tilda fabric 
I then mod podged some vintage flower motifs onto the side of it & lightly embellished with some tape measure braid

I made a new padded top for the wooden stool with Tilda fabric, & added some gauze flower braid & ribbons

A selection of pins completed the two upcycles

Giveaway details :-
Yesterday was my blogging birthday ... yes 5 whole years of blogging !!!! 
5 years of listening to my rambles .  .  .  .  I think you all probably deserve a medal !!!!
So I thought to myself .... would you like to win one of my pincushions perhaps??
Here are the details of my Giveaway :-

- You can choose any pincushion you would like to win.
- I will post anywhere in the world!
- Anyone may enter !
 All you need to do is leave me a comment in the comments section below
If you should have any trouble doing this, then you may email me at
- Along with the pincushion of your choice, I will make up a small parcel of soaps, Tilda tags, a Tilda Peg fridge magnet & some choccy treats.
- I will draw the winner at the end of March
- There will only be 1 draw for one of the pincushions.
- Just choose which pincushion below you would like - No. 1 or No. 2
Simple enough I am sure.

These early Autumn days have been so lovely weather wise ... it is enjoyable to sit out on the deck & paint my little upcycle projects.
I always have company of the 4 legged variety who supervise my painting endeavours ...but sometimes get a little weary too 

Miss Pippi is so pleased her banana box is back on the table after being tossed in the shed during one of my white tornado's cleanup sessions  

Recently after visiting with Alec, I called to see my friend Elaine on the way home to deliver some worm tea.
My timing was absolutely perfect because ....................
Elaine was right in the midst of a de-clutter !!!!

Amongst a whole boot load of 'treasures' that I came away with, was this box above
I wasn't sure what to do with it for a few days until I decided it might be a good holder for all my knitting needles . . . .
How absolutely perfect !!   Thanks so much Elaine 😉

I look forward to sharing with you friends, what I have done with some of the other treasures from Elaine.
I hope you have a lovely week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other
I hope you will be enticed to enter my little Giveaway
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi sweet Julie! Oh, I love both pin cushions but especially number 2.
    You make everything pretty!
    The kitties look happy.
    I hope your mum is well.
    Have a happy week, friend!

  2. Oh and happy 5 year anniversary of blogging!

  3. Crikey Julie you got me wondering how long I have been blogging? I went to find out...... 7yrs tomorrow! Time sure does fly doesn't it and the fact that we met through blogging is pretty awesome. I knew you would whip up something amazing with those wooden thingies.......they both look great! As does the water can gift basket :-) These blimmin' cats sure have the life!

  4. happy anniversary/birthday to your blog!
    & a wonderful lot of ramblings & modge podges it's been too! love watching you transform many sad & unloved into gorgeous & glamorous, loved the ups & the downs & watching Pippi Longstockings grow up & become the beautiful helper she is now. the adorable Blackie is a sweetie too!
    here's to many more ramblings & modge podges!
    thanx for sharing

  5. Ah! Bless! Are Pippi and Blackie included in the giveaway!!! :).
    HeHe! If only...!

    Seriously though Julie, l do like what you've done with the three
    idem's. Especially the watering can...looks lovely, filled with
    soap, and sold already, yes, l can believe that!
    And the pin cushions are lovely to, my favourite l think in the
    stool...Though, maybe a bit risky sitting on it with all those
    pins in it...! :). The little bits and pieces with it sound nice
    to...Thankyou! :).

    Oh! My goodness...Worm Tea...which reminds's nearly seven
    over here, time for another lemon tea me thinks...! Love the
    post usual...! Great fun..! :0).

    1. Oh! Sorry Julie....A very happy 5th anniversary...
      Which l believe is known as 'wooden'..And the
      appropriate gift is 'silverware'...!

  6. Happy Blogaversary Julie. There is always beautiful treasures to drool over at your place. Moving house is always so draining and hard graft! You must be getting excited now xx

  7. Hi Julie happy blogaversary,how nice of you to have a giveaway,if I was lucky enough to win could I pick pincushion number two please .
    You do such a lovely job of upclycling ,well done Julie .

  8. Hi Julie

    I am addicted to your blog and reading about your upcycled transformations.Awe inspiring!

    I'd like to win pincushion no.1.

    Praying you draw my name!
    Nicky B.

  9. I love reading your blogs. I am amazed at all that you do. I would be happy to win either pin cushion, but will go for #2 please

  10. No need to entice me to desire one of your gorgeous makes, Julie. Both are lovely.....particularly pin cushion No. 1. As always, you have magically transformed a little something into a beautiful "Cinderella". How fortuitous for you to visit Elaine right smack in the middle of a de-clutter, very fortuitous indeed! Sometimes I would like to be a cat where the only problem of the day would be "where do I sleep". Have a lovely week, lovely lady.....oh and happy blogaversary. It is always a joy to visit your delightful place. It is a happy gal that I am, to have happened upon your cheery and gorgeous place all those years ago. Xx

  11. I read your blog at every new post and I love it! I am in the United STates and would love to win a pin cushion! I love both but choose "photo one" - the "pot" style on if I win !!! thank you, Ellen

  12. how lovely, can I join in please? I like number one pin cushion. I don't have ornaments here but think a pincushion would be loved and treasured because it's useful, you see! Happy blog anniversary - I have enjoyed following your blog for several years and hope you never stop. Betty x

  13. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I've only recently discovered your blog, but look forward to your posts. I love both the pin cushions, but if I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner, I would LOVE No. 2!

  14. What great makeovers! Love all of them!

  15. Good morning from the USA. I love your blog and wish you would post more frequently, although reading your post I can absolutely see how busy you are. What a treasure to see all the upcyle things you do. What a great imagination and seeing a treasure in others junk.
    I have a hard time commenting on anyones blog so I hoe this reaches you and you add my name for the giveaway.
    I wish I lived near you because I would probably visit you, your shop and you grounds for inspiration. I am 74 years old and my energy is not what it used to be but I still love to dabble in projects.
    Thanks for a great blog and have the very best day.
    Sandy maniscalco from long island NY no blog.
    I would like #2 pincushion if I am so very lucky to be the winner.

  16. I enjoy reading your blog . Both pin cushions are lovely but if
    I was to win no1 please

  17. Congratulations on your anniversary. time flies!!! Your make kvers are beautiful, I am not surprised the watering can has flown out of the cottage, you present things so beautifully there. Great idea for your knitting needles in that pretty container. Moving house is such a big job isn't it, and to be nearly due to have a baby would make it harder!! Excitement must be mounting!! Voth poo incushions are beautiful but No 1 appeals the most to me if I was lucky to win!! Miss Pippi and Blackie look lovely and relaxed there while supervising you!! Woke to rain this morning, such a wonderful sound on the roof.

  18. Hi Julie, Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. I have been reading your blog for several years now and am always in awe of the makeovers and other gorgeous things you make. If I'm ever down your way (I live north of Auckland) I will certainly be calling in to feast my eyes in person.
    Love to hear about the kittys, animal antics are so entertaining.
    Congratulations on the soon to arrive grandbaby. I am expecting my eighth grandbaby in June - its so exciting.
    Take Care.
    Pam MacLennan

    PS number 2 please

  19. OOps, I don't have a blog but can be reached on

  20. Congrats on your blogging birthday Julie, time flies when your having fun, so they say, it is always a pleasure to read your blog, thanks for the chance to win one of your lovely creations, number one for me. Chris xoxo

  21. I love the bucket one which is #1. Would be thrilled to win it. I also love the new container for your needles. What a neat idea! Nancy

  22. Hi Julia,
    I have only joined your mailing list fairly recently and I adore the way you can turn something unloved and unwanted into something divine. I, myself, try to recycle and updo as much as I can, but I have to admit, I don't always have the best eye. I love both of your pincushions. My mum was a dressmaker in her younger years (she's 80 now and has just had her 2nd knee replacement operation). She worked in one of the busier dressmakers shops in Queen St. Brisbane many years ago. Should I be lucky enough to win one of your pincushions, I would like to give it to her. She's had to be such a tough old love and I'm sure she would appreciate it!

  23. Hi Julie
    Always so many goodies and inspiration on your blog. Hope to catch up again one day soon:O)

  24. You're such a creative lady and the pin cushions are perfect. Your kitties are as adorable as ever. Have a lovely week. 🙂

  25. I love seeing what you've made into beautiful items and each time I do, I think 'I'm going to have a go at that' but of course the idea gets lost in time!I won't enter this time because postage is so high to this side of the planet but good luck to everyone who does. The blanket that you were admiring over at mine is Lily Pond by Janie Crow, a very talented designer.I think the pattern is available on

  26. oh how I love to read your blog .I find such inspiration in your pictures and words please enter me in the draw and I would love pincushion 1 if I am lucky enough to win congrats on 5 years hugs Beth

  27. Lol...oh gosh!11 your 4 legged friends look absolutely bushed!!!! lol I love the treasures you picked up and worked on. Very cute. I would to win any one of the items you have to give away!!!! I know you already know this but....I love your knitting needle holder. What a special friend you have there. Have an awesome week!!

  28. Congratulations on 5 years! I always look forward to your posts. I have just the spot for 1, if I am lucky!

  29. Hi Julie what you achieve with someone's giveaways amazes me you are so talented! Congratulations on your five years of blogging, giving glimpses into your private life and animals! My favourite pincushion would be No2. Love where you put your knitting needles also mine are strewn about in a bag! All the best for the safe arrival of your next grand child also. xxx

  30. I would love to enter and number 1 is my favourite. I love your blogs. Keep it up😀
    Julie atkins

  31. You are always so gentle and kind. Every post is so uplifting. Both pincushions are lovely bit no 1 has a slight edge for me. Thanks or the chance.

  32. Thank you for this opportunity! Congratulations on your 5 yr Bloggingversary, I am new to your blog, and have enjoyed all your posts that I have so far read and would one day love to visit your shop :) I love all your creations but I think Number 1 is the winner on this occassion.

    Rose ...

  33. Congratulations on your 5 year blogging birthday Julie - lots of beautiful posts and lots of beautiful photos! What a lovely giveaway - I'd love to put my name down for the stool (#2) should I be lucky enough to win - thanks for the chance to enter!!

  34. Congratulations on you 5 years of blogging.. all the things so, so beautiful.. you are very talented person.. I love the no. 1 most...

    Please visit:

  35. Dear Julie
    I love your blog, I don’t read many regularly but yours is one. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. I live in Hamilton so am not that far away but haven’t made it to visit your shop yet. I am also an op shop fan and like upcycling, not doing too much on that line at present though.
    Ps I like pincushion 1 best.

    Many thanks for the lovley photos and blog


  36. I recently found your wonderful blog, how have I missed this lovely place for 5 years? Not sure how I've missed you but I'm really glad to have found you. I am amazed at what you did with those 3 items. This blog makes me stop and think while I'm in the thrift store or at a yard sale. Thank you for helping me see found items with a new eye. I would love pincushion number 1. It is just lovely.

    Thank you for this wonderful, lovely. creative place.


  37. Hi Julie, I love seeing your projects, especially your vision bringing old things back to life. I like number 2! Jessica.

  38. Great little recycles! So nice to see what you do with things to give them a new life! Yipee! 5 years of blogging - what a great blogaversity - just counted how long we have been going - only 4 years. The cats sure do look happy - banana boxes rock!

  39. Congratulations on your anniversary! Wonderful giveaway!

  40. Hi Julie, I can't believe it's 5 years blogging. I remember when you first said you were thinking about blogging, gosh the time flies. Everyone of your entries have been an absolute treat and inspiring. I adore your pincushions and with some hard thought decided I would love to be entered in the draw for no.1:)Both of them are really lovely and so is the watering can with all the goodies in it. I'm not surprised it's sold.Also loved the knitting needle holder. Dear Blackie and Miss Pippi, as Willie would say, bless:)

  41. Only been following for a couple of years, but congratulations on 5 years. Please keep on blogging very welcomed here���� if I'm picked I'd like no 1 thanks

  42. Congratulations on your anniversary and for sharing your special times.
    Having anything in my craft room that you have created would be so precious. I particularly like number 1.

  43. Congratulations lovely, your rambles are just so delightful.. they are a real treat to read. Your ideas and your amazing ability to turn ordinary things into things of beauty is astounding.. proud you're my sister in law.
    I would choose the gorgeous wee stool pin cushion😍
    Your baby in waiting bag is amazing, they will just be thrilled I'm sure. I've been thinking about your wee grandson as we are nearly at end of March and sooo.....
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful entertaining blogs😘

  44. Congratulations on your fifth blogging anniversary dear Julie👏
    Without a doubt you are the Queen of upcycling!
    Your pincushions are both beautiful and will make whoever wins them very happy!
    I love everything you do, you talented Lady .
    I'm not entering your giveaway - I wish I had seen it earlier and I would have given you a shoutout!
    Good luck everyone

  45. I meant to add that I was the lucky winner of one of your beautiful angels a couple of years ago... that's the reason I'm not entering your draw!
    Every time I look at my angel, I think of you dear Julie and the beautiful things you make!
    Shane xxx


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