Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sewing for a Tractor-Mad Little Boy

Good Thursday Greetings dear friends & readers

Before my Grandson Alec ever learnt to say Mummy, Daddy or even "No", the sound he would frequently make was "atta"
When I would babysit him he would climb onto the wooden lid covering the Spa Pool, stand on tip toe, & point his tiny finger over the very top of the hedge to the surrounding hills saying "atta" over & over
My Son pointed out to me that the tiny dot on the top of the very farthest hill, was in fact, the farmers tractor.

This developed into the word "daktor"  ....... always said with such drama & relish ...... "daktoooooorrrr"
Therefore, on a recent shopping trip to my local Patchwork Shop to purchase craft glue, her gorgeous array of tractor fabrics stopped me in my tracks somewhat .... & I immediately thought of little Alec

Though I had not a clue what I wanted to make with them .... some purchases came home with me.  As Alec turns Two this month I thought these fabrics might inspire me to make him some birthday gifts.

The first thing I decided to make for him was a name bunting .  .  .
both my grandsons are blessed with short names, so this didn't take up too much time NOR fabric

I had bought him a farmyard book awhile ago when Paper Plus had a book sale.  This was tucked away in my cupboard so I made up a little Book Bag to pop the book in to ...

I made the bag reversible & used another of the tractor fabrics to line it with 

I also have a couple of tractor matchbox toys hidden in my cupboard which I will tuck into the book bag

At the end of last winter my friend Joyce had given me a large bag of brand new fleece fabrics in very boyish colours.
I remembered about the fabrics & thought I might make Alec a tracksuit that I could embellish with the tractor fabrics.

There was just enough of this lovely soft royal blue polar fleece to make a sweatshirt & I added a pocket & lined the hood with the tractor fabrics.

This bottle green made up into a complete tracksuit which will be cosy & warm for him this winter.
(Often when I am out babysitting Alec, you will find me with the roll of greaseproof paper tracing off his clothing to make patterns)

With the last square of fabric I was able to make a chair pad for this wooden childs chair. I had originally intended to give this to Alec last Christmas but decided he was still too small for it then.
We have a small birthday party planned for this Saturday & I have offered to help my daughter in law make 
an Elmo Cake !!!

My friend Pauline lost her Mother in law recently & inherited a large stash of her doilies & vintage linens.
After showing Pauline the order I did for Pru in my last post she asked if I could make her a runner using up as many of the doilies as possible.

Pauline presented me with the collection of doilies above

I was able to use up all but two small crocheted ones in the vintage runner I made above .... this beauty measured 60 cms x 1.70 when complete.  Pauline has a large (newly purchased) native timber dining table & this runner will look stunning across it.

Poor Miss Pippi has had a traumatic morning .  .  .
It would appear that the Electrician that came out to repair our alarm & security lights left his Van door open & a certain furry ginger being climbed in & took it upon herself to curl up & go to sleep.
Unfortunately he did not notice this until he was nearly back to town again - he was most unimpressed that he had to drive all the way back out here to return her & mentioned that he "should charge me 2 lots of travel fees" !!!
I apologised sincerely, thanked him profusely, agreed with everything he said & offered him a cuppa or something stronger ??!!
Imagine if he had just opened his door & let her go ..... doesn't bear thinking about.
Here she is currently asleep on a freshly folded pile of clean laundry - resting & recuperating from her trauma.
The Mr commented that she will "not do that again in a hurry" !!??
Me ... I am not so sure ... this IS Pippi we are talking about !!!

Thanks so much for your visits today dear friends,
I would love to just share with you the gorgeous photo that popped into my inbox when I went to check emails this morning
My youngest grandson Sid - 6 weeks old now !!!
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie, Blackie & Miss Pippi x0x0x0x


  1. Oh! My! What a lucky! Lucky! Little Grand~Little
    Alec is...Daktooorrrs ALL over the place, even on
    his cloths, l bet they get a bit baggy, as he shows
    them off to everyone! I wonder if a few Daktooorrrs
    would look nice on my 'pink' shirts..! mmmmmM! :).
    And, little Sid...looking soooo! Cool! :).

    The doilies and vintage linens look lovely, l wish
    l'd kept all of my Mums, gave most away to family
    and friends, who, l have to be honest, still use and
    look after them. As l told everyone, please wash them
    by hand...I hate washing machines...never had one,
    never will...! :).

    And..the best till last....Pipppi!x HeHe! Bless!
    I's amazing how cats, get into and sleep anywhere!
    Perhaps she just wanted a change of scenery, a day
    out maybe..who knows! But, at least she's back safe
    and sound...I bet Blackie gave her a 'good' telling
    off...! :). Bless!x

  2. Hi Julie lovely post ,your little man is so cute xx

  3. Your tractor makes are wonderful, Julie!
    The doily runner is smart (lovely, too!)
    You are such a good Granny!
    Miss Pippi is safe. I'm so glad! Poor Tim doesn't get to go outside.

  4. Julie, those little outfits are adorable as is the wee one. What a great granny you are. Thank goodness your little kittie was returned. The electrician should have kept his van door shut. She certainly doesn't look any worse for her

  5. Seu neto é lindo como tudo que vc faz. Um beijo da Eliane.

    1. Thank You for your lovely comment Eliane xx

  6. Oh Sid, what a gorgeous boy he is (I just can't wait for my grandson to arrive). I love the tractor fabrics with the 'atta' story, Alec is going to be so thrilled with his new clothes and bag. Naughty Pippi, bit like our Mitzi xx

  7. You're such an incredible Granny, Julie. My youngest used to love all things tractor-y then when he grew up, he became a tractor driver!! Your makes are a reflection of my memories!! Beautiful Baby and Happy Birthday to Alec. xxx

    1. Wow !! How wonderful that he grew up to become a tractor driver. Perhaps Alec will do that oneday too. He gets to ride on the ride-on mower with his Daddy & thinks that is a tractor too!!!! Have a lovely weekend Anne xxx

  8. Gidday Sid! Six weeks old and Alec about to turn two..........where the heck is time going?? Lovely lovely makes Julie, the tractor fanatic will adore all his goodies you have lovingly made him. There are some lovely vintage linens in that pile, I am finding them hard to come by at the opshops now, perhaps more people are holding onto them or buying them? I like them for quilt labels. Happy Party time this weekend.

  9. Hi Julie, what great gifts you made for your grandson, gee it only seems like yesterday he was born.
    Love the runner you made for Pauline, wish I had that many doilies, wow naughty miss pippi lol what a crack up, nice of him to return her. An adorable pic of young Sid, have a great week Julie, hope Alec has a great birthday party on Sunday. Thanks for sharing your life with us all.
    Chris xoxo

    1. Hi Chris, thank you :-) Yes it sure does seem like only yesterday he was born. He is such a real little boy at the moment ... into everything that moves & has a steering wheel. Hope you have a great week too Chris. xxx

  10. That tractor material and the items you made from them are so darling. Very lucky little boy! The table runner out of the doilies will look just gorgeous on your friends table! Nancy

  11. Your tractor creations are wonderful. I think any little boy would love a fleece like that. Lovely picture of baby boy too.

    1. Thanks so much Betty. Hope you had a great holiday away ... thought of you lots xxx

  12. You really are 'Supergran', he's a lucky boy... and I love what you're doing with the much more useful than a pile stuffed in a drawer...'Doily decoupage' this could catch on! xx

    1. Thanks E.E. I dont feel like Supergran .... more like "trying to juggle everything Gran" !!! I am hoping to pull some of my doilies out this winter & make myself some runners so I can use them & enjoy them. Hope all is well with you E.E. Havent seen you posting in awhile :-) Miss your posts Xxx

  13. There is going to be a very delighted litle birthday boy! All just wonderful! Love the runner....a beautiful keepsake and so nice to have them used instead of hidden away in a cupboard. Poor Miss Pippa xx

  14. I cannot believe wee Alec is two, where did those two years get to? I bet he will love all his tractor goodies from Granny Julie. Pippi!!!! OMG that was a very close call, hopefully she will not do that again. Sid is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Ah how cute is Sid! The tractor goodies you have made are fantastic Julie, Alec will be one happy little man. My goodness Miss Pippi took a walk on the wild side didn't she!!! Thank goodness she was brought home. The table runner you have made with the vintage doilies is beautiful too.

  16. Fantastic gifts with such great fabric! He is going to love them all. You have a special way with the dollies - the runner looks great. I saw on Pinterest they other day dollies cut in half and made into bunting. Might try that with my dollies. Glad Miss Pippi's day out ended well, bit scary really!
    Sis is a cutie!

  17. Ha,,,spell check....Sid is a cutie!

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