Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A (rather large) Tilda Skating Angel

Good Tuesday Greetings dear friends & readers!

Earlier in the year my lovely friend Shirley loaned me her copy of the book Tilda's Winter Delights
The book is filled with gorgeous things but the one item that was a "have-to-make-one-day" was on Page 6 -
 the Skating Angel.

Oh how I adored her!
With Shirley's permission I copied off the pattern, tucked it away & promptly forgot all about it!

After I closed my Craft Cottage last April I was tidying & sorting some leftover items ... this vintage faux fur wrap was amongst the items.  I looked at it long & hard & remembered about the Skating Angel.  This might be perfect for her 
I thought?
The man in my local photocopy Centre very kindly enlarged the pattern for me by 200 % ... I wanted to make 
a decent sized Angel !

As with several of the Tilda doll patterns, the clothing is built into the body as you sew ... there is no body & then dressed with clothes on top.
I must admit I found it somewhat tricky working with the thick fur fabric & I was thankful for my years of teddy bear making experience, which certainly helped.

With quite a few stops & starts along the way ... she slowly came to life ...

She has spent the last month sitting on a slipper chair in my lounge - not quite complete until just yesterday . . . .

The Mr finally made me some "ice skates" for her boots ! 💗

Though she is destined for my market stall ... let me tell you a tiny secret ... I would be more than happy to keep her !!!

I cannot decide whether to tuck some greenery & berries into her arms to make her a wee bit Christmassy ???

Please do let me know your thoughts dear readers 
(Incidently my Skating Angel measures 82 cms long)

I pulled out my Granny Chic book from the shelf last week

I had purchased some barkcloth fabric from Trademe & wanted to make some roundie cushions .... they turned 
out great!

When The Mr overheard me threatening to throw my sewing machine out the window last week, he suggested I take some time out & go for a walk in the fresh air (!!**??)

I took my camera around the garden & was pleasantly surprised to see that, despite my utter neglect these past few months, it has sprung to life & is looking rather pretty in parts.

The granny's bonnets & foxgloves always put on a wonderful show despite customers always assuring me they were weeds!!

As I sit typing this today the rain is bucketing down ... typical spring weather!
At least the garden is getting a really good drink.
Someone who shall remain nameless, has decided that since she is resident baby of the family she will take herself off to the Cot for the afternoon

Remind me to change the sheets before Sid comes on Thursday ! 😉
Have a lovely rest of the week dear friends,
Thanks as always, for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Oh, how delightfully beautiful and elegant your skating angel is. Doesn't she look oh-so-chic in her lovely white fur. Love those silver skates. I prefer she wasn't holding the greenery and berries, though something silver and sparkly would work...but I actually like her carrying not a thing. =) I adore everything in the Tilda books. Love your roundy cushions too.....I have that Granny Chic book.....isn't it fabulous. Your garden is looking very pretty. That's the thing with gardens, even when we don't pay them much attention they just simply bloom beautifully. As for the Foxgloves being weeds, a lot of people tell me that too, but I just smile and silently think what do they know. Have a beautiful week, lovely Julie. The sun is smiling down on me and my flowers here today.♥

  2. She is delightful! And her skates....well done Mr! I can see why you would be keen to keep her she would look right at home at your place......but someone will want her. Miss Pippi always finding the best spot to snuggle up.

  3. Adorable skating angel! I think she looks very nice holding something--breaks up the expanse of beautiful white fur (which I think would be difficult to sew). Her colors say Christmas to me, but she could probably hold something less seasonal, if you don't want her to just be for the holiday..
    I wish my garden would look that nice when I neglect it.:)

  4. Ah Miss Pippi, she makes me laugh!! You skating angel is beautiful Julie, I like her without greenery..bit hard to carry when you are skating!! Your machine must have been playing up badly for Mr to hear your comments!! That book looks very interesting, just the cover is appealing. Your garden looks beautiful Julie, we are nurturing along foxgloves over here and hoping they will grow for us!! The Grannies are lovely flowers too, surely they are not considered weeds??? Love your bird feeders in the garden there too. Have a great week Julie.

  5. Skating Angel is a beauty! Love her and I can understand not wanting to,part with her. Your garden is looking lovely. We have had a little rain but not nearly enough x

  6. Ah! Bless! Julie..over a period of time you've
    made lovely things..But, that angel is definitely
    'top of the pops'..it's amazing..and such detail..
    Love it! And, l would'nt want to part with it either!
    Still..you always have the knowing, that someone will
    enjoy it for a very long time! :).

    And..the garden looks great..but one thing there, that
    took me back to my Granny, was the mangle! What a lovely
    old thing..as a child, l used to try and turn the wheel,
    to wring out the water from the washing, in fact it took
    me until my teens when l was able to do so..! :).

    Looks as though Miss Pippi, is in the right place, all
    nicely curled up...Bless!x
    Oh! And..no more talk of throwing yer sewing machine
    out the window...! :0). If you do..make sure you unplug
    it first...! :).

    Just gone seven over here..need another lemon tea, cold
    and frosty outside, but another nice dry day forecast..!

    Oh! And Happy Halloween...! :). 👻 ☠️ 🎃

  7. I love the angel but think I prefer her without the greenery and berries. Pippi is adorable.

    1. Thanks so much Penny ... without the greenery seems to be the popular vote. I am off to change the sheets from Miss Pippi though I think that little Sid would not care less about a few cat hairs in there!!

  8. She is just wonderful and those little skates are so clever. How many hours all up do you think you spent making her?
    I love the round cushions. I have 2 Victorian ones made of red velvet and embroidered all over the top. They are so comfy. Must be difficult to make. Your garden always looks beautiful. Where do you find the extra hours in the day? Xxx

  9. Really pretty. I love how much effort and time you put into your creations.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment .. Yes I love Skating Angel too!

  10. Absolutely outdid yourself with this one Julie. She is GORGEOUS! I love her Berry Bouquet and the colours of the berries go with her dress. Her skates are fab too! Well done Julie. You rock at your craft!xxx

  11. Oh she is gorgeous. Love the Christmas greenery she is holding. I can see why you'd be happy to keep her. The round cushions are very cute. The garden is beautiful. Ahh cats always sleeping where they aren't supposed to. :). Hugs,xx Ps don't forget to change the sheets before Sid arrives tomorrow. :).

  12. Beautiful angel Julie, my vote would be without the greenery. Your garden looks so nice, don't forget to change the sheets when you have Sid on Thursday, naughty Miss Pippi, but she's so cute, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  13. awesome post!
    love your garden!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina ... the poor garden is looking great despite my utter neglect this spring!!!

  14. Your garden is divine as always!!!

  15. Your angel is beautiful, Julie. I love her skates. xxx

  16. I love your doll with the fur and what cute boots and skates1 I ten to like the little color of greenery and berries added. Very pretty garden for you to walk around! Nancy

  17. Is there anything that you cannot do and do to perfection? Your angel doll is amazing. No, I take that back, she is beyond amazing . . . You are amazing, too.
    Have a marvelous weekend.
    Connie :)

  18. The skating angel is gorgeous! I like her with or without the greenery, I have had the tilda makes books from the library before and loved everything but never actually made any of them. You have done a cracking job. x

  19. I lurve Tilda, me want Tilda ;-D Your garden is looking lovely xx

  20. Your Tilda angel is absolutely gorgeous!! All the little details on her are just lovely and the fur was the perfect choice for her! I hadn't heard of barkcloth before, but the cushions made up beautifully. Your garden is looking lovely too - we're at that stage where any rain is welcome!


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