Sunday, November 25, 2018

Flowers, Orders & Treats!

Good Sunday Greetings dear friends & readers

 I have been picking my rose petals every few days to dry for potpourri, & was so pleased I picked myself a vase of beautifully perfumed roses last week as my garden has been buffeted by rain & strong winds all weekend

The white roses are Iceberg  -  I do not know the name of the pink one but it has such a gorgeous old fashioned perfume

This wrought iron chair has sat in my sleepout for a few years now.
I pulled it out a couple of months ago & removed the wooden "seat" part & then it sat untouched until just last week.

A good scrub then a paint with my Resene Amulet bought it up good as new.
I purchased a new coconut fibre basket liner as I had the old wire basket from another project ... I potted up some succulents from the garden & am hopeful as they grow they will spread & cascade nicely down the sides

While I was out on my deck giving everything a good freshen up, I planted up my tatty old suitcase again 

 I usually plant busy lizzies in this but as the girls in the Garden Centre informed me the entire crops nationwide were wiped out with mildew, I decided to try some petunias & lobelia this year

Though I won't get as long a flowering as I do with the busy lizzies, I am sure they will give me a nice show of colour

Ange & Judy both requested two Pinkeeps in Country Colours please. 
These are made from cut down wooden coffee mug trees, with a round baking tin screwed through the centre.

The paint colour is a Resene testpot Persian Red ... this deep plum colour goes nicely with the muted tones 
of wool felt
I embellished with some rusty tin accents.

Still continuing to work my way through my Orders ... a lovely customer who is rather fond of anything in the vintage linen line ordered 6 covered coathangers

I made 5 of these from vintage linen pillowcases & the sixth one (bottom lower right) was made from a vintage linen table runner.
I attach a small lavender bag to the hanger which I fill with my own homegrown dried lavender.

I bagged up & posted off a large Order of both my Citrus & my Cottage Garden Potpourri's ... these are destined for The Farm Shop at Gordonton where they are sold on behalf

While waiting on a car repair last week I wandered along to the Hospice Shop ... this sweet little silver tray came home with me ... a good buff up with Silvo & it totally transformed it
Click on the pic to enlarge it if you would like a closer look!
I have potted up some succulents & baby's tears in some small glass jugs & sat them on my new/old tray

My other treat last week was this dainty Latte Mug which I purchased from The Hummingbird.  It is just the perfect size to fit under my coffee machine & keeps my coffee piping hot ... just how I like it πŸ’™
It was a bit of an added bonus when I turned the mug over to see that it is in fact, Green Gate πŸ’š! 

On a not-so-positive-note my naughty feral cat Blackie went awol for one night & two days last week.
He turned up home as if butter wouldn't melt & then proceeded to sleep for an entire day.  I informed him that my hair didn't need any more reason to go grey & that I was seriously considering fitting a hidden camera on him!!!
He did not take a scrap of notice of One Single Thing I Said !! 😞

Thanks So Much for your visits today dear friends,
Be good & kind to yourselves & to each other this coming week,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the feral furry ones x0x0x0


  1. What beautiful roses. Love your planting in the chair and suitcase. You have been soooo busy. Do you ever sleep Julie?

  2. Whey~Hey! Lovely seeing Blackie!x Bless him! 😼
    Two out of four paws in the air, is pretty good!
    So he went awol...never mind, perhaps he felt like
    a night out on the tiles..HeHe! Anyone's tiles! :).

    What a fun post Julie...And..what a good idea, flowers
    in a could take them off with you on
    holiday..put them out on the patio, instant flowers! :).

    The coat~hangers look nice to, very artistic! And, what
    you've done with the wrought iron chair is amazing, lets
    hope no one forgets, and sits on it, plants stuck to ones
    bottom...not a good idea! Bless! :).

    Well...nearly seven thirty over here, on my first lemon
    tea of the day, weathers a bit damp and wet, rain forecast
    for the week ahead..l hate the rain, the cold does'nt bother
    me..but rain..Yuk! :(.

    Best get on lemon tea mug is empty, needs refilling..
    Tickle Blackies tummy for me..if l ever win the lottery, l'll
    come over and do it myself...! :o). HeHe! 🐱 😸 😻 🐱

    1. Dear Willie I hope you win the lottery !!! Have you watched the “Braithwaites” ?

    2. Do you know Sally..I nave never watched the Braithwaites..!
      In fact..l've just Googled it..I see it's made here in the
      UK..And Peter Davison is in of the old Dr Who's..
      It's listed as a comedy/ l'm not to sure about that!
      Perhaps l'll give it a whirl...!! :).

      If l win the lottery and come over to New Zealand..Wow! :).
      You think Prince Harry's visit was special...The whole
      Island would get the 'weekend' off...HeHe! Bless!x

  3. Wow, I didn't know that about bizzie lizzies. The petunias look great tho'. Those coat hangers will be so wonderful in a wardrobe making everything smell so nice. And the revamped chair is brilliant. What a naughty kitty Blackie is. Just as well he knows where home is! and there he better stay!! Wonder if Miss Pippi will give him a good talking to.

  4. just beautiful!
    the revamped chair though think i would've like my coffee there! guess it will get a seat next time, the succulents are adorable still
    Blackie! don't worry your mum so! i fret when mine don't come home too
    lovely post as always
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks for dropping by Selina .. & your lovely comment. Yes that Blackie ... he was wild for so long & I guess he will never lose that "roaming instinct". Have a great week Selina Xx

  5. Love your garden chair turned flower pot. It's lovely.

  6. Petunia flower so constantly if you dead head them and they will look wonderful with lobelia. Your orders all look beautiful, I love the wrought iron chair with the succulent basket in the base. Betty

  7. Oh my gosh! I love everything you've shown us. You do beautiful work. The covered coat hangers are beautiful, and those roses you picked are breathtaking. If only I could grow roses like that. Knock-out roses are about the only kind I have any luck with. Love the chair and the suitcase filled with flowers. So glad your kitty cat came home.

  8. Always a treat to visit everything you have created. Gorgeous coathangers and I can smell those goodies from here. Naughty Kitty x

  9. Hello lovely Julie!
    Your succulent chair is so clever and cute!
    I love the pin keeps, too.
    It's so fun to see your blooms when we are nearing winter. It's cold!
    I'm so glad Blackie returned. How nerve wracking!

  10. love your suitcase garden. I'm at present soaking beautiful smelling roses which I was gifted. To make rosewater.

    1. Thanks so much! I can imagine the beautiful perfume from your rose soaking .... the rosewater will be wonderful. Happy new week to you Xx

  11. Hi! Beautiful roses! Your succulents in the chair seems like such a neat idea! Flowers in the suitcase look so pretty. I am wondering how you keep it propped open? Always love the pictures of the snoozy kitty! Nancy

  12. Dear Julie I can’t imagine where you find the hours in the day to create so many beautiful things. Do you get up at 5 am ?
    I think my favourite thing is that gorgeous citrus popourie. It looks good enough to eat. As for Blackie... we once had a cat like that and my husband wanted to put a camera on her! Xxx

  13. You are so clever and creative Julie, love what you have done with the chair. And your pot pouri look amazing!! I am sure it will sell very quickly. Mmm I was hoping Blackie was over the wanderings for you!! The suitcase looks beautiful too Julie and the coathangers are wonderful...running out of words here!! Lovely tray you picked up. Have a great week.

  14. Gorgeous roses. I love the old varieties with the lovely scents!
    Such a clever repurposing of the old chair, and the flowers in the old suitcase made me smile.
    The pinkeeps are so fun. Nice use of color.
    And the covered hangers are very vintage and sweet looking.
    You continue to work your magic. :)

  15. Hi Julie, what a great idea for that chair, and the suitcase looks good to, pity you couldn't get the busy lizzies.
    I have a few bags of lavender, so how do you make your bags? they look so nice. Maybe blackie has a girlfriend or two, and lost all track of timeπŸ˜† Have a lovely week. Chris xoxo

  16. You are a great artist. I love your works.

  17. Such different planter boxes. The suitcase is my favourite. I love the covered hangers. What a naughty Blackie. Hope he is behaving himself now. xxx

  18. Love, love, love all your projects. Those planters look fabulous. Oh dear what a naughty puss. I hope he's being good now. Hugs,xx

  19. Hi Julie wow you have the most amazing ideas,i love seeing your beautiful work,hmm naughty puss,hope you have a wonderful week my friend.

  20. Another interesting post Julie - you just ooze creativity!! It seems that you are just as busy now as you were with the shop! I especially love the chair you have given a new life to!

  21. A lovely post Julie it"s so lovely to see all your beautiful things you make. So inspiring.Well, Blackie obviously decided the grass isn"t greener over the other side wherever that maybe. Hope you only gave him bread and water for a day when he came back.

  22. Hi Julie, great post with lots of lovely things. I enjoyed reading it very much and look forward to following you and all the pretty things as well as naughty cat.

  23. Such lovely ideas, the seat turned planter is fabulous! x


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