Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Craft Group Meetings, Veggie Gardens & Cat Scratching Poles (!!!)

Greetings dear friends & readers & Welcome to August !!

Sometimes in the midst of winter, I find it's the simple little things that can bring the greatest pleasure

Like nipping out between the showers today to pick a bunch of daphne for my kitchen bench πŸ’—

Yesterday was our monthly Craft Group Meeting & it was my turn to be the hostess
The ladies were keen to learn candle making.
I found a big old cathedral candle in the back of my cupboard - one of those that seems to burn half way through & then give up completely.
I chopped it up on the brick path using my axe (!!) & then we melted it down in two old saucepans.
The ladies had all bought along op shopped containers of various shapes & sizes, & I showed them how to 
"wick them" before pouring our candles
We scented the melted wax with beautifully smelling Orange & Clove Oils.

While we waited for them to set we had a delicious lunch.
You know - I have said this before But ...... if we get nothing else right, we sure know how to do the food part of it πŸ˜‰

The finished candles ...... I wanted to pour another thin layer of melted wax over the top to fill in the small dents 
but the ladies decided they quite liked the "character" this gave their candles.
All in all - a wonderful way to spend a chilly wet winter's day!

Sid has discovered his love of drawing with felt pens.
Luckily I always keep a large stock of blank paper in the house for just such activities ... he loves me to 
sit beside him & draw

You can see my version of a dinosaur in this picture - Sid has "coloured it in" & then informs me the big black blob beside it is "Granny being eaten by the dinosaur" (!!) Thanks Sid!

When I returned from Mum's 90th birthday back in April, I decided to replant my veggie garden as our autumn days still seemed so mild.

I had purchased some veggie punnets while at Mum's & planted a couple of each into her raised garden so I had 
left over broccoli, silverbeet, cabbages & red beet to plant into my two gardens.

I have been surprised how well the plants have grown through our cold winter months & have recently begun picking a variety of veggies for our evening meal

This huge head of broccoli (one of my favorite veggies) is sitting on my kitchen bench to be cooked 
with our dinner tonight.

It is honestly quite pathetic how The Mr & I treat our furry friends here at Threadbear HQ 😺
Miss Pippi has repeatedly scratched & worked away at the edge of our (2 year old) carpet until she has worn it to 
a thread.
Last week in desperation I drove to the Vets & purchased this scratching pole below - I have always thought these were hideous things to have in your room but needs must

This is the photo I took of it in the Vets carpark & sent to The Mr via my phone to see what he thought.

I am pleased to report that Her Royal Highness has begun to use it .... I must admit The Mr & I take it in turns to "spend time" with her dragging her favourite cord over it & encouraging her to jolly well Use the thing !!

Yep - just like I said ......  we are pathetic πŸ˜‰ !!

I was gifted this lovely frame by my friend Jane, for my birthday back in June.
I knew exactly what I wanted to put in it ... a photo of each of my grandsons.

I had these photos of Alec & Sid enlarged to 5 x 7  & am so delighted with them in my frame.

Well dear friends - it is time once again to fill the wood basket,
Thanks So Much for your visits here today - I hope the week is treating you kindly,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie, it looks like you ladies have so much fun at your craft get togethers, you make the candle making look easy, and they turn out fabulous in those old op shop finds, your garden veggies look delish, except for that silverbeet, still brings back horrid memories from childhoodπŸ˜‚ lol how cute is Sid, and correct, cause if you were in front of a dinosaur you would be eaten. Gorgeous frame. Stay warm Julie, think we are in for another icy blast from the antartic tomorrow, hope it doesn't end up your way. Chris xoxoxo

  2. a delightful read, understand about the fur babies & their needs, we don't have a scratching post here either! Rita, my black cat goes outside & so she uses trees & logs out in the gardens but Poppet is an indoor cat & doesn't get to go outside much, i have a new (ex display) vanity unit sitting in a box in the front room which she has shredded! forever sweeping up cardboard bits.
    your craft groups look like a lot of fun! those candles look awesome too!
    mmm, nothing tastes better than home grown vegies!
    antique picture frames, ahhh, so nice
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  3. Plenty going on in your neck of the woods, all looks great, the food looks tasty, your creativity is growing like your winter veg!

  4. Sid's drawings made me chuckle..and quite envious,
    there better than mine..needless to say l can't
    draw for toffee..the only thing l can draw is money
    out the bank..if it's there! :).

    Some years back, when l had three pussy~cats l bought
    a scratching pole, something like yours three,
    never went near it..well..just looked at it, and that was
    that, they prefer the back of the settee..or the front if
    they could get away with it..Cats..!!! 😸 😻

    The veggies look lovely Julie..broccoli is one of my favourites
    to..l love roasting the thick stalks..!
    And the frames look lovely to..bit of character there! Very nice! :O).
    ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫

  5. crafts, gardening, grand kids, cats, you have the life my friend.

  6. Dear Julie, you're always so busy and turn out wonderful "things".It would have been a great way to spend the day with your crafty friends, love the candles in their containers.We are inclined to spoil our pets if we have them. When we had Brandy he was a very spoilt but very loved dog, you go girl and spoil the heck out of them.Gosh the grandies are growing- - - - - -too fast. Hugs

  7. What a really beautiful photo at the start and it all just got better. I adore daphne. Had a wonderful bush for years then it died so replaced it. Time will see how it goes.what a gorgeous table of food ! Wish I was there to share all the fun

  8. You have reminded me of the daphne we have in our garden Julie, it is small, but I am off outside soon to pick some of the flowers. Your candle making session looked wonderful as did your lunch! Yum! Your veges are growing really well, the brocoli looks good enough to eat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Lovley photos of the boys in the frame. I hope Miss Pippi leaves the carpet well alone now she has her beautiful scratch and entertainment centre!!

  9. Hi Julie lovely post my friend,i always enjoy your pics.
    I also love the smell of daphne ,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  10. Julie, you are so talented! Everything you do turns out beautifully! I know, aren't cats strange! I keep telling my two, they are going to be the death of yet...weaving in and out of my feet as I try to walk or digging their back claws into my legs when the jump from my lap. :) I've never heard of daphne. Will look that up. Your posts are always special.

  11. The Daphne is so pretty. It is scented?
    Would love to have been in on the candle-making session. Orange and clove is such a lovely combination. I use it sometimes in my soapmaking.
    Oh, I got a laugh out of the dinosaur eating Granny. :)
    You get better produce from your garden in the winter than I get from mine in the summer.
    Sounds like the cat is like a child at Christmas--they play with everything except the new toy.
    Your frame is a beautiful way to showcase your grandsons.

  12. So pleased it looks like the dinosaur spat you out in one piece!! Candle making looked like great fun. All lovely little containers. Looks like Miss Pippi has got her servants well under control I see!

  13. scratch posts are helpful although we don't have one - Amber uses the shed for her nail filing! You are doing so well with your veg, Winter is the most difficult time to feel enthusiastic about gardening outdoors! I think the candles look lovely and would like to make some myself!

  14. Our cats have ruined our carpets to, it's the bit on the top stair that is through to the underlay, animals ruin carpets. We recently bought a carpet shampooer, a necessity especially as Dot will still pee in the house, something that is beginning to really wear thin. The candles look really good, I wonder if our craft group would like to try this sometime xx

  15. It sounds like a perfect craft gathering to me.....delicious food and the making of sweet smelling candles. As for the cat scratching are oh-so-lovely......I am afraid one just wouldn't go with my decor. =) Your veggie patch produce looks fabulous. Jack Frost here has burnt and destroyed everything. Bring on Spring is what I say.


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