Sunday, September 1, 2019

A bit of an Upheaval

Greetings dear friends & readers & Welcome to Spring !!

To say our house has been in a bit of an upheaval these past 10 days would be an understatement!
Our dining room carpet was to be replaced by the firm we purchased it from 3 years ago, due to it de-laminating off the backing
While this was being done we decided to replace the old carpet in our 3 bedrooms,  so all our carpets matched
Every piece of furniture from the dining room & 3 bedrooms (including my sewing room) had to be moved 
to our lounge & some pieces went out onto our large covered deck

Every wardrobe had to be emptied out.
The Mr & I have mostly vintage wooden furniture (mainly Oak) & it is heavy!  Therefore all the drawers 
had to be carted out one at a time in order to lift the pieces.

It felt like we were living in one of those Hoarders homes you see on T.V  -  (no disrespect to those 
who choose to live like this)
Our new carpet is now down & I am slowly putting things back in their rightful place - a rather large boot load 
went to the Op Shop I might add !
Invariably when you move drawers around here, they rather rapidly get taken over by the four legged residents 
that live here 😉

As I have felt so tired there has been limited creativity going on but I am enjoying knitting these cotton dishcloths 
of an evening.
I like them to be just the right size to squeeze out so find 30 stitches across is just a nice handful 😉

Some new knitting cotton arrived on Friday - a Trademe purchase - I want to knit up some more scrubby cloths also

It seems - without even trying - I have become to go-to-girl in my neighborhood for anyone wanting animals fed,
 stock shifted or plants watered while they are away.

This trailer load of garden mulch arrived last week - a gift from a neighbor for pets fed & plants watered 
Does anyone else get really excited about such gifts I wonder ??!!

As if on cue this morning - the very first day of spring - my tulips opened their first flowers 
How wonderful 💗

My neighbor Lois has commissioned me to plant a dozen hanging baskets for her.

She is entering her garden in our local Altrusa Club Garden Ramble this November & wants hanging pots of colour dotted around her Cottage & through her trees.
As soon as I hit publish, I am heading outside to begin planting them in our lovely spring sunshine.

Quite often when I open my inbox in the mornings, The Mr has sent me through a little funny verse that he thinks 
I might enjoy - usually they are cat related ones 😸
However this one yesterday morning made me laugh & I thought I would share it with you all
Have a wonderful week ahead dear friends,
Hopefully - normal service will be resumed here very soon !!
Thanks so much for your visits today - take care of yourselves & each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0
(p.s I have no idea why some of this has printed out green & some black but I am too tired to rewrite it all)


  1. My goodness talk about being turned upside down Julie, what a job!! No wonder you are tired. Your fur babies make me laugh Julie, they find the best places while helping you. That trailer load of mulch is wonderful!! You have some work ahead of you getting all those baskets planted up, they will look wonderful though once they get established. Cooler day here for the first day of spring, rain is coming we have been told,not here yet!! 😁

  2. Oh! My goodness Julie! What a state to be in...
    I've often thought..what a silly place to put
    a carpet..on the floor..! HeHe! Best to go
    around the furniture than move it..and to do
    all three bedrooms at once is very brave...! :).
    And l bet the furry ones had a field day, getting
    lost amongst that lot..Bless!xx
    Be nice to see the carpets at a later date perhaps! :).

    Our hanging baskets are just coming to an end over here..
    Just removed the ivies repotted them and brought them
    indoors..bit chilly in the morning now! Though the
    Virginia Creeper is still baring up well..! :).

    And..Miss Pippi and Blackie in the drawer..Lovely!
    And both facing the same way..And another photo for
    my pussy~cat folder..! 😸 😻

    The pic at the bottom is brilliant..seen it before..
    Surprising how people advertise themselves..Own home,
    brilliant..I bet he got a lot of dates..There are funny
    ladies out well as men..HeHe! I rest my case! :o). get on..first day of my most favourite month....
    September..Birthday month..lots going on..lots to do..Bless! :o).
    ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫ ❀ヅ❤♫

  3. Oh my, getting carpets is such hard work. I am glad that you are more sorted now.

  4. Oh that's what I have to look forward to soon, we have 6 rooms to re-carpet, it is nice to be appreciated by your neighbors for helping them out. Those baskets will look wonderful once established going by some of yours Julie. We had a nice Fathers Day today, but raining now. Chris xoxoxo.

  5. Oh My Goodness, that so reminds me of my brother's patched up old caravan! I sometimes wonder how it doesn't fall apart as he tows it along! We're lucky we live in a rented house and the landlord put down pretty decent carpet just before we moved in so it's still looking good through the 8 years we've lived here. Best, Jane x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Jane. Yes the little verse was so funny! You are so lucky to have nice carpets - it makes such a difference. Ours are all down now & feel so soft underfoot - I am slowly getting everything put back in its place but have run out of puff for now. Have a great week Jane xx

  6. My goodness, Julie, you had your work cut out for you there! I think that's good luck getting the carpet people to come back after 3 years!!I couldn't get any satisfaction when my carpet people put in a new stair carpet for me - shambles could best describe it - with not even an apology or any sort of compensation offered. Needless to say, I won't ever use those same people again! You've spurred me on to get my boxroom sorted though! You're indeed an inspiration.xx

  7. Love the funny at the end!! Boy oh boy I have to say my friend I'm pleased we are not neighbours I would feel obliged to come and help you put those rooms back together! yes to the mulch please........spring is spring isn't it?

  8. Hi Julie wow lots of work happening at your place my friend,on the plus side every room will get a good clean out,maybe thats what i need to do lol.
    Oh i cant wait to see what you do with the plants that you are remaking for your friend and i am sure that they will win a prize.
    Lol your cats crack me up ,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  9. Hi! Your hubby's little verse gave me a chuckle too! Love the picture of the kitty's in the drawer together. We are starting fall here so our weather will be turning colder. Enjoy your new carpet! Nancy

  10. Wow--that IS an upheaval!! And yet you still find time to be creative. Wow!
    I got a chuckle from Leeanne's comment. Now that is a true friend!! :)

  11. Yes when things must be emptied we wonder why we insisted on filling them so full lol! Certainly lots of upheaval but hopefully you will feel wonderful when it's all put to rights again....your Tulips are stunning!

  12. Oh what an upheaval! I just reorganized my living room and that was enough! New carpet is nice and soft on the feet, love the pic of Blackie and Miss Pippi. Tulips, wow you are definitely ahead of us, and they are so beautiful.
    Ambrose has picked up today, and is more like himself. Have a good week, the rain comes tomorrow they say, so I can catch up on my indoor jobs. The garden was calling....

  13. whoa....that was some moving feat! Everything in the lounge area is amazing. So delighted to see Blackie and Miss Pippi taking advantage of the situation. ' Let just sleep the hours away while the humans play' I am sure the new carpet feels amazing. Shame its winter and you need your socks or slippers on at the moment. That trailer is a great gift for animal and house looking after - very practical! Had my hip replacement op on Friday, back home Monday, now to practice walking and staying home as I can't drive for 6 weeks!

  14. I bet the Mister was scratching his head at all your stuff(treasures) ...but new carpet, how wonderful!
    And it certainly does not look like spring today....I think we've been duped

  15. Gee I reckon you have had upheaval! Looks like the kitty cats dont mind cute!

    I am intrigued by those scrubbies, I am seeing them everywhere on social media. Must get to and make myself some as soon as I can source some yarn :)


  16. wonderful post, love the sound of your furniture, would love a pic once you're all settled too!
    awww aren't those two fur babies just adorable? wish mine got along ...
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina - they do get along some days but other days .... Oh wow you should see the fur flying !!!

  17. Gosh, what an upheaval you have experienced this week. The good thing is of course you get to cull and discover things you forgot you had. I must say a trailer of lovely mulch would put a smile in my day. I must say your furry friends sleeping in the drawer made me smile. Spring you yet Winter is not relinquishing his hold over here. =)


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