Friday, July 24, 2020

A Watering Can, A Wheelbarrow ............... & A Hen !!!

Greetings dear friends & readers

When I returned from my trip to Mum's I noticed that my sister in law Leonie, had stashed an old tatty watering can 
in the boot of my car.    
She asked me Please would I paint it for her?
It had been sitting outside with weeds growing in it & was in a sad looking state.

I gave it a good scrub & then let it dry by the fire before attempting to paint it.

Leonie's request was for red so I found some red paint in my supplies & proceeded to paint it on my kitchen bench, drying it by the fire between coats.
It actually took 4 thick coats to cover the black & used up the whole test pot of paint.

Leonie had given me a transfer she had purchased from The Joy Within so I applied this before waxing it.
What a transformation !!! 

A couple of swing tags tied to the handle & it was complete 💕
Leonie is going to sit some white cyclamen in it - I have suggested she just sits the pots inside on something 
& doesn't plant it with soil.

This wooden wheelbarrow below had long been languishing in my woodshed.

We had used it for many years when I worked in town in the Gift Shop to hold "specials" at the shops entrance way.
My friend Gail had decoupaged some gollies onto it at some stage & I think she had painted it brown.
It was in a rather sorry state of affairs!

After a really good scrub & a hose down, I dried it by the fire.
After I had done the first coat I realised I was going to have to sand the decoupaged gollies as their outline was still showing through quite clearly.
I used The Mr's Orbital Sander & gave it a thorough going over.
I felt much happier with it once this was done. 

3 coats later & I was able to apply the transfer I had purchased from Paint Me Vintage

Front & Back Views

I cut a piece of a cardboard box to the shape of the bottom, glued some wadding to this & then covered it with a 
scrap of vintage Sanderson fabric I had.
I affixed this to the base with double sided tape.

For now I have filled it with some lap quilts & some vintage embroidered supper cloths, though I am unsure/undecided of the perfect display for this wheelbarrow.   Perhaps some dried hydrangeas ??
Any suggestions would be most welcome dear readers 😊
I am just so pleased I "rescued it" & it's no longer residing in my woodshed as a home for spiders & other rodents.

My friend Elaine sent me through some photos of a Vintage Cane Hen Carrier she had purchased.
Elaine asked if I had a pattern for a chook or a hen that I could make to sit inside the Hen Carrier by the mesh inserts.
I dug out my rather old & tatty copy of Hettie Hen - this is a doorstop pattern & it has been many years since I have made Hettie now.

Though I used to make them in hessian - Elaine & I decided you would not be able to see the hessian through the mesh so we settled on lighter greens & pinks instead.
I had a pretty green polka dot fabric that I made the body from - this doorstop is weighted with a half a brick so she is good & heavy.
For the shawl I used some gorgeous Tilda fabric 💗

Elaine collected her Hettie Hen last week & was just so delighted.
She sent me a photo but told me she hasn't the heart to put her away in the Hen Carrier, out of view  ......  so for now Hettie gets to sit beside it instead.

I have had my eldest grandson for part of the school holidays - we got some puzzles out of the Library to do as 
he really loves puzzles - he was so proud we were able to complete this 300 piece one.

On one of the days that Sid was also here it poured with rain all day long.
I put an old shower curtain on the floor & bought the sandpit inside for them to play.  
They played really well together but like all boys ... they certainly "had their moments" 😉

No this is not Miss Pippi ...... though I'm sure she would like it to be  !!!!
Thanks as always dear friends, for your visits here today,
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - I think the sun is even going to make an appearance here for a change.
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie and how wonderful of your sister-in-law to see the potential in that watering can. What a cracking job you made of it and goes without saying, the same of the wheelbarrow. I love it and think it looks great with the vintage quilts in it, though the idea of the Hydrangea is appealing too. My Hydrangea are just coming into flower now but I still have some blue ones that I dried from last year and stuck in a vase. They keep their colour well.The pic of the boys is so sweet. I certainly know what you mean about 'having their moments'. I had my Granddaughters here the other day and they had one or two of those 'moments', mainly from being stuck inside all day due to the inclement weather, though it isn't as cold as you're having it there, from the weather reports I get from my bestie in Auckland. Have a great weekend, Julie.xx

  2. Great make overs of the wheelbarrow and watering can. I think the quilts etc look great rolled up in the wheelbarrow, you can change the items on display as mood takes you! No doubt a cat of two might become the 'display'.....That's fantastic your grandson loves to do puzzles. Fun sandpit much got into the carpet??

  3. The Watering can looks lovely Julie..
    And with the transfer on the side, and
    the label, it looks quite the 'antique'..
    Very nice! :).
    And an amazing job on the wheelbarrow..
    I thought perhaps an assortment of potted
    plants might look nice, then you could swap
    them about, every now and again, and being in
    pots, they won't spoil the decor or cushion..!

    And..having a Hettie hen, rather than a real
    one is a good idea, not so much hens
    do make a lot of mess! :(.
    I've a feeling the furry ones may have had a
    sniff around chance of a little inside
    inspection then..! HeHe! Bless!xx

    And, goodness! The boys are certainly growing
    fast, looks as though they had a fun time...
    Jig saw puzzles..wish l had the patience to
    do one..!

    Best get on..Nearly finished my lemon tea,
    l see Henny has posted, best go over and see
    what she has to say...that calls for another
    lemon tea..HeHe! Happy Weekend..! :o).
    🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍁

  4. you did a wonderful job on your upcycled items Julie, I especially love your wheelbarrow, and yes your Hettie hen is too nice for inside the basket. Lovely to see your grandsons can get along together. Have a great week. Social distance hugs from Chris xoxoxox

  5. Ah! There's Willie commenting, good, i see he is ok. I absolutely love the watering can, its beautiful all the other makes are just so professional too, you are so good at this Julie. The hen is something new and the wheelbarrow, well, what a transformation.

  6. A fun surprise to find the watering can when you got home and it looks terrific now. It will certainly show off any potted
    plant set inside it. The cloth you used inside that wheel barrow so matches the color scheme of the transfers you used.
    Funny to see a fire going inside right now. We did get 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes time yesterday and it is a bit
    cooler now. The boys looked like they were having fun right when you captured them in the photo. Hettie Hen is too
    handsome to hid in the basket, good choice your friend left it out to see that much better.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. Yes I agree - the white flowers will look great in the red watering can. My sister in law is very good at "surprising me" with these projects. The boys had a great time together but this Granny was rather exhausted! xx

  7. You do such a lovely workover of the pieces.I agree no soil in the watering can.Maybe some lovely dried flowers would look lovely in their new home. That wheel barrow turn out perfect. Do you have a pattern for the hen, or do you sell or trade for them? She is lovely. Blessing to you.

  8. I love seeing re done, recycled, reused projects. Thanks

  9. Lovely transformation of the watering can - I have never seen one with a wire like that around the spout. The wheelbarrrow looks great too - lots of uses there I suspect. And Hettie Hen is magnificent - I wouldnt be able to hide her away in the basket either! xx

  10. Wow! I love the red watering can. It will look amazing with white flowers in it. You are very talented in how you transform things through your craft.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Meg. I really enjoy these small upcycling projects. xx

  11. Hi Julie boy you are amazing my friend the watering can transformation is unreal ,you wouldn't think it was the same one and gee I just love your little wheel barrow,you are a very clever lady. Wow what a great idea for the boys to be able to play in their sand and cars inside it really is a top idea ,well done my friend,stay safe and take care xx

  12. Another wonderful post from you Julie filled with the lovely changes you make to things. The watering can looks amazing as does the wheelbarrow, it would,look lovely filled with hydrangea , but you could change your display with the season's. Betty Hen looks wonderful, I couldn't put her inside either 😁. The boys look like they had a great time with you, hopefully not too much sand was spread around.

  13. Julie, you are so talented! Your make-over of the watering can and the wheelbarrow is simply unbelievable. Both pieces are beautiful now, and that little hen is adorable. What a good idea, bringing the sand box inside for the boys. Back in the day, my grandsons would have had sand all over the house. :) My three used to come for a week every now and then.

  14. how gorgeous are the watering can and wheelbarrow now you have given them a new look... just wonderful..., I have to say I love the wheelbarrow as you have it with the quilts and covers in it.... The hen is amazing you really have a good eye and skill for these things... fun with the boys....

  15. Always fascinating to me to see how you can envision a new life for things and then transform them. Leaves me in awe.
    I'm sure there were "moments" with those two young men, but a lot of precious times as well.

  16. Love the water can and wheelbarrow projects! Beautiful! Sure wish I could find stuff like that! :-)

  17. Another set of "Julie" triumphs.....I love the wheelbarrow and can imagine more quilts in it lol! How cute is Hettie. I couldn't put her away cute! You making great memories there with your little boys xx

  18. What a transformation you magically whipped up with the watering can...amazing Julie! As for the wheelbarrow, how gorgeous it is. You will get no argument from me re the dried hydrangeas, though your pretty linen and quilts do look a picture displayed in it. Love Hettie the hen and what a gorgeous photo of your grandsons playing happily together. Little boys and sand play is always a most excellent idea.

  19. More wonderful projects. You always amaze me with what you come up with. I especially love the chicken. I have quite a collection of them. xx

  20. The hen is lovely. A shame to hide her inside.

  21. My goodness!!! Lots of wonderful revamps. It is amazing the difference from the rusty old watering can to that striking red can. The wheel barrow looks like a new one completely.. totally awesome!!! I have to agree with the majority here ....don't put Mrs Hen in the basket you need to show her off she looks splendid!! Keep well Amanda x

  22. Hi Julie, we are getting a lovely gentle rain today thank goodness. The cloud...I see a bear sitting in a bubble bath. Too funny! I love cloudwatching.

  23. Oh, Julie! I love everything you make! The red watering can is so adorable! Your fireplace insert is so inviting, all golden and warm looking.
    I hope you are keeping warm. We are DEFINITELY keeping warm. Ha ha! (BIG HUG!)

  24. What makeovers paint makes. A lot of work as well. So very pretty in the end. Made me smile.


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