Monday, August 10, 2020

Waffle - ing

Greetings dear friends & readers & Welcome to August !

Image courtesy of Pinterest - Tamsyn Morgan

I must admit I have been procrastinating with my blog posts as it feels like I have achieved little to show for the past two weeks or more.
Plus some issues with the new blogger have not helped - if anyone can offer any advice on how to centre my pictures, it would be much appreciated.
(I have reverted back to Legacy blogger for now as I could not get my photos centred & also my print was showing all different sizes 😐)

A good friend sent these 3 pieces of furniture along when her husband drove here to collect a calf feeder
 She asked me please would I paint them for her & she included the pot of chalk paint

I was able to work on one piece at a time by the fire as our weather has not been conducive to painting outdoors

The small square cane table in the front has a glass top - not shown
They are more greenish than the light blue they are showing up here - but they turned out great & I really loved
 the colour.
They are back with their Owner now who is delighted with them 💙

And all 3 pieces were done with this one small pot of paint !!!

There have been one or two mental health days these past couple of weeks as I had well & truly lost my crafting mojo & just could not get inspired about anything

Yesterday - in an attempt to be more disciplined, I dug out this kitset ... a gift from my neighbor earlier in the year
 for pet feeding duties
Sometimes it's lovely to have a kitset & not have to go looking for materials apart from thread & wadding 😉

Meet Fraser  . . . . . .  I am rather delighted with him myself 😊

All the felt shapes were precut & the charms included ... all I added was the mossy stick & some extra wool for his beard as I wanted it a bit more wild & woolly looking
(I also added the wooden ring he is standing on)

We have had a couple of sunny winters days where I have been able to work in the garden.
After pruning my roses & feeding them with sheep pellets I discovered these pots of bulbs under some shrubbery.
The left hand side are tulips & the right hand side are hyacinths - I will show another pic when they are flowering.

I picked myself a vase of early cheer daffy's & the lounge smells lovely

I also picked white daphne as I really enjoy their fragrance too.

One of the things I started making frequently during our Lockdown was "Fridge Drawer Stews".
In this one I had some pumpkins going brown & also some carrots going soft - perfect for the stew !

Every Monday morning I would pull any old veggies out of my Fridge Chiller Drawer & chop them up with some stewing steak, along with herbs & tomato paste.
I would cook it all day long in my slow cooker & it would usually last us 2 or 3 days.  
Once the veggies had cooked down a bit I would add chopped up silverbeet & spinach from my garden.
It was so delicious & hearty & warming that The Mr asks for it every week now.  I find after I have had Sid on a Tuesday it's great not to have to think "what do I cook for dinner".
Plus I am finding now that I never have to toss out any old veggies & all the peelings go to my worm farm.

Thanks so much dear friends for listening to "my waffle post"
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other  💗
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie omg Frazer is adorable ,what a wonderful quirky character he is,i love him ,what a wonderful kit to have received ,your work is amazing you sure are one very talented lady ,well done my friend on all your beautiful work,stay safe and take care xx

  2. I have trouble centering photos too but discovered that if I pressed enter and used my keyboard arrow to go back up I could then center the photo. Extra steps and very frustrating. I love your flowers and Fraser the Gnome. We have a gnome too... his hame is Hunley and he's our travel gnome.

  3. I do love daffodils and look forward to them coming out every year, it is so odd to think of them coming out in different months to us though as we see them in March. x

  4. Yes! I have sent six feedback comments to Blogger
    in the last two weeks, and l shall send more..
    Although my Blog has just the one post, l like to
    change..copy/ from time to time, or
    add some information..l am unable to do that now!
    Even reverting back to Legacy Blogger, which will
    end on the 1st of September, l am unable to do it!
    As they've changed that to..! :(.
    Why..? Can't they leave things alone...!

    Oh! And..Fraser looks lovely..quite unique is that,
    unusual..and l think he needs a lady friend Julie..! :).
    So..Hello Fraser..! :).

    We're having some very hot's been to hot
    to eat out on the patio hot to do anything
    Oh! Julie..had my daughter and family down weekend before
    last..on the Money at 8:30 we were on a nearby beach, me,
    on a beach, we took Zeeva, one on my daughters Stafy dogs,
    she loved it, as they live quite a distance from a beach!

    Oh! AND..The best thing from her visit was the making and
    bringing of a Scroggin that was a foot square...!
    Heaven..! Sheer heaven..! :o).
    Just gone 7:30..suns been up an hour, very hot already! :(.
    ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑

  5. aww love your gnome Julie, hope he sparked something for you, know what that's like, think it goes astray for all of us at some point. Good idea for dinner, we are a week down into our stage 4 so will keep your idea in mind. Chris xoxo

  6. You gave great new life to that set and love the color. Your flowers looks so lovely and bright, and I never tire of looking at pics of cats. Hugs, RO

  7. Sorry you had a blip in your creativity, Julie but glad you bounced back so quickly. It's amazing how far those little pots of paint go.Great job on the furniture. Your gnome is delightful. He does indeed look wild and woolly and not someone to be messed with! I love the pic of your Mum and the boys. I've got a couple of cuttings of Daphne which I 'procured' from my ex-workplace a couple of weeks ago when I returned there to make redcurrant jelly. I'm hoping they take but I'm not normally lucky with hardwood cuttings. Keeping fingers crossed because I love the smell of the flowers. I'm still using legacy Blogger, at least until they automatically change it. Keep safe,

  8. Your painted furniture looks great. No wonder your friend is delighted. We also like soups/ stews based on veggies which need to be used up. Re your title Waffle-ing.... if you’re lacking crafty mojo how about some waffle quilt blocks? Also known as Roman Strip blocks if your look at Cathy’s Sane crazy crumby quilts blog.

  9. Painting before the fire stove, while it is 90 degrees here. So hard to picture. I love you have daffodils already,
    but it just reminds me of what I have in store in 2 months. No flowers. I enjoy kits to, as I always need an idea presented
    to me, or a pattern to follow. The little fellow turned out nicely. I do stews year round, even in hot weather and in
    easier times. Just make for a very tasty meal or 2. Tastes better left over most times. Love seeing Pippi. Precious helped
    me wind all the packs of cheap yarn. Now I have to get busy to crochet. Still bike riding now, though.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. Yes its hard to believe I have the fire roaring when you are struggling in the heat. It will soon be all reversed!!

  10. I am in love! Fraser is gorgeous, so cute. Beautiful flowers and you did a great job on your friends furniture. Your stew sounds delicious. xx

  11. You did a great job on the furniture. I like the idea of your vegetable drawer stews, think in the Winter I will try doing this. I like Fraser, you made him beautifully, and I should think this kind of crafting for fun would raise anyones spirits, but am sorry you are feeling a bit low at times (mental health days). I don't care if you post lots of makes or just post because you feel like chatting, I love your posts - just day to day stuff is good enough for me - cooking, what you've been doing around the home, what's happening outside - especially as you are in a different season - it's good to slow down sometimes :)

  12. Hard to believe all of that beautiful color for all three pieces of furniture came from that one little paint pot!
    Fraser is so fun looking. I like your added touches. It is nice to have something to put together without too much thought now and then--especially when mental health days have been involved!
    Those daffodils just brightened my day. How lovely they are.
    Really like the idea and name of your Fridge Drawer Stew!

  13. Lovely post Julie, the furniture you painted looks wonderful. I love Fraser he is certainly wild and wooly looking!! We all need mental health days from time to time. Your flowers are great Julie, we have a tiny Daphne plant here, I picked a couple of flowers for inside too. On my walk yesterday I found freesias, they grow wild here and I enjoy picking them. U have some in the garden but Mr put his big foot on them a few days ago, not sure they will flower now!! Your fridge drawer stew sounds wonderful, nothing better than a crock pot meal.

  14. The threesome you painted has come up a treat....gorgeous colour! Fraser is just delighful, no wonder you are pleased. Very cheery Daffs from your garden! Love the idea of your stew. I keep chicken pieces always in my freezer for adding to my sad vegies!

  15. It is hard to have much more at this time of year. I feel rather lazy too.


  16. lovely post with all sorts in there.... I have always highlighted my whole post and then pressed the centring icon... I'm sure there are different ways but that seems to be working for me with the new blogger too...(but I may be thinking of something entirely different....I'm good at being off topic!!)
    Frazer is very gorgeous.....

  17. Ahhhh....daffy's! My favorite Spring flower! Of course, it is hot, hot, Summer here where I live.... I sure do enjoy Spring much MUCH more! :-)
    Great going on the furniture! I like the solid top table the best.
    Fraser looks very mysterious! You may find him wandering around and tending to your plants one day! lol!

  18. Losing one's mojo seems to be common during this pandemic. I lost mine for three months, but now I am back up and running. Even setting up my craft space for some much needed crafting and me time.

    I am not coping well with the new format and have reverted back to old blogger too! It seems to me that it is a lot harder to use than the old one. I guess finding time to fiddle around might improve the situation, but I don't really have that time.

    Fraser is so cute! You have done a wonderful job putting him together, and as always adding your special touches to make him look even better!

    Your friends outdoor furniture turned out really well. I love the colour she chose!

    The Daffodils and Daphne look lovely and I can imagine the fragrance they are spreading around.

    I usually make a thick veggie soup with any old veggies, making sure there is pumpkin and potatoes in the mix so it turns out like pumpkin soup but with added goodness.

    Happy crafting Julie, stay safe and well,

  19. Oh, nothing to be sorry about a "waffle" post as you state, dear Julie. As usual your place is brimming with pretties that you have re-fashioned or stitched with your clever hands. Love the colour on the furniture. Why, each piece looks beautiful. Fraser, is the sweetest little gnome. Another gorgeous creation to put a smile on all our faces. Your vases of flowers look almost identical over here. Spring is beginning to spring with all it's glorious sunny colour and scents. Why, I have vases of daphne and daffies brightening up my wintry place. I am sorry you have had a few down days. It is to be expected given the times we are living. Take care my lovely friend and may you smile as you gaze upon your beautiful flowers and pretty pretties that abound in your home. Xx

  20. Your posts are always wonderful...whatever you call them. :) I've had problems with the new Blogger too, especially with my print showing up all sizes and also with loading pictures...where I want them to be. Your flowers are so pretty and I love your 'frige drawer stews'. It's so easy to forget about the vegetables in the drawers. What a sweet kitty and he is so pretty. Julie, you are so creative. Everything you sew or paint or re-do turns out wonderful. I am trying hard to get myself back into sewing and crafting. If we can just get through this year! Love, Henny

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  22. Fraser is gorgeous. Don't you hate it when your mojo goes missing! Mine is slowly coming back after being gone for over a year. Your daffodils are lovely. We've got some that have popped up recently. Hubby had planted them as a surprise for me.


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