Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Another Busy Week .........................................................

Greetings dear friends & readers
Another week has rolled on by & we are just about to turn the calendar over Again !!

I picked the last freesia's for the season this week - before the winds & rain battered them.
Also I was so pleased to see the orchid flowering that my son & his family gifted me last year for Mother's Day 💗

Last month at our craft get-together Maureen gave everyone a flying geese shape that her husband had cut out 
of wood for each of us.

We had to paint the shape & bring to our next meeting to decoupage
I painted mine with some very pale pink chalk paint.

Last Weekend we had a 4 hour power cut ... there is not alot you can do with no power so I sat at the table & decided to start working on my flying goose.
As you can see I had "my usual furry assistance" 😉

I mod podged some of the gorgeous rice paper that I had purchased from Paint Me Vintage to my goose.

Then I added a lace ruffle & heart charm to the neck,  & found 3 small pearl heart buttons which I glued 
to one of the wings.
I also attached a hanger to the back so I could hang my flying goose.

Last Monday we met at Sally's & here are some of the ladies working on their geese - like me, some had completed them already. 
We shared a delicious lunch while the mod podge dried & then we carefully sanded the edges of our geese.

I snapped this pic just prior to lunch so you can see the bottom two are still wet & also one is yet to be trimmed.
Some of the girls used rice paper but most of them used serviettes to decoupage the geese.
It was a fun craft event & I really enjoy seeing all the different variations come to life.

The two pots above left were hauled out from under my house, painted & then I applied a Re-design transfer to the pale grey one.   I stencilled the white pot as this is a gift for my sister in law who is very much into black & white.
I would love to plant it with black pansies but I think I may have missed the pansy season here now. ❤

I have been the lucky recipient of some kindnesses lately & it was time for me to say Thank You to some folk.

I made some lavender bags using vintage linens for Jill, along with a Thank You soap ....  & I made a Soy Candle 
& some Potpourri for Julie as a "Welcome to your New Home" gift. 
Both ladies received some of my Gingernut Bites in cellophane packaging.

Then this morning I hand delivered a small parcel to my friend Marie who turned 80 the other week & wanted 
"no fuss, no bother whatsoever"
Sometimes I just don't want to not acknowledge certain things so Marie received lavender bags, choccy's, baking & some veggies from my garden.

Yesterday was my Tuesday-with-Sid day so I said to him "let's go to the Library".  
His reply was "Oh Granny I think the Library is closed ... I think there's a piece of the corona virus there".
(He's 3 & a half I might add !!)
Off we went & he spent a pleasant hour there looking at books & puzzles - I snapped the pics above of him .... probably seaching for the piece of the corona virus !! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by today dear friends,
I hope your week is going well - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to You All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie, oh isn't that so cute of Sid, a piece of corona virus, don't they make you crack up laughing at some of the things they come out with, awesome job on the geese, they bring back memories for me from school in Intermediate school, I always enjoyed woodwork, I remember cutting out a dog and dinosaur from wood, but we had to sand them with a rasp and stain them, no tissue paper decoupage back then for us at school. You made lovely gifts, and I loved what you did with your pots, take care Julie. Chris xoxoxox

  2. Nice to see you have had some time out with Sid,. children are so interesting when they start reading and their personality shapes up. Fun to make things in a group, I would have painted my flying duck in it's natural colours I think - not very imaginative of me! Betty x

  3. ooooO! Lots to see and say..
    I must say thoses flying geese look really
    nice and all so different!
    And, certainly nicer than those Tucan birds
    you usually see on a wall..remember those
    back in the 60's..there worth a lot of
    money now..! :).

    And..nice to see an Orchid, my 2nd most
    favourite 1st being pansies! :).
    They would look nice planted up in those
    two little pots..a snall flower, but so many
    vivid colours! Love them..! :).

    Goodness! Young Sid looks a BIG lad for three
    and a half..hope he neve found any Corona virus!
    Looks as if he's enjoying the library anyway! ;).

    And those two sets of paws on your usual furry
    assistant look familiar..Bless! :o).
    Best get on..have'nt had my lemon tea as yet,
    going to be another bright day, though rain
    forecast later..! :(. Hate the rain, it's so
    wet is'nt it..HeHe!
    🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱

    I've got this song in my head now...
    Goosey Goosey Gander where shall I wander,
    Upstairs, downstairs and in my lady's chamber
    There I met an old man who wouldn't say his prayers,
    I took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs...

  4. These are such lovely gifts, thoughtful and handmade is always best. x

  5. Dear little Sid, what a delight he is. Smashing craft work again. I'm still working on the tray you inspired me to decorate. Just the last coats of varnish to put on to seal the chalk paint. I'll post about it when it's finished and let you know. Have a lovely week Julie.x

  6. I live near a nature reserve and at this time of year, the African geese are leaving and the Canadian ones replacing them, flying over my house as they do so. I'll think of your beautiful flying goose the next time they pass over, Julie! Lovely handmade gifts, as always. Our libraries are open but you have to book (pun intentional!)an appointment to go and browse.Little Sid's growing fast! xxx

  7. Kudos to the hubby who did the handy wood work. And no 2 geese turned out alike, how imaginative of all you.
    Glad Miss Pippi had her paws into the project, otherwise it would have been boring for you, Julie. Sounds like
    you did good on your elderly friend's gifts. Sure she enjoyed it as much as Sid enjoyed the corona library!

  8. Like you theres not much I can do at home when we have power cuts, no pump means nowater. After 4 in 10 days, Hubby purchased a bigger generator, electrician wired it all in and we haven't had one since ....Murphys Law.
    Lovely gifts once again Julie. And love all the geese. Miss Pippi is really quite helpful isn't she.
    I have a 3yo granddaughter and she cracks us up with the things she comes out with. Watching their personalities develop is such fun.
    Have a good day.

  9. How cute is Sid looking for a piece of the virus, thank goodness he didn't find any!! Gotta love children and their ideas. Your geese are lovely Julie , a great activity for the group, I like how they are all different too. You have made beautiful presents for friends. Good to see Miss Pippi on the job 🐈🐈. Our libraries are closed, but we can order on line and then go and collect, while keeping a safe distance!!

  10. All the geese are pretty! I love the pale pink paint on yours. You make such lovely gifts. Sid's comment about the piece of virus is so cute. Children that age come up with some of the funniest things.

  11. I loved seeing all the different ways the geese were decorated! Your gifts were so pretty and thoughtful. I laughed out loud when I read about Sid and the piece of the corona virus at the library. Our library is closed and I have missed it terribly.

  12. Hi Julie I so enjoy your posts you are so clever with whatever you turn your hand too,those geese are fabulous and a lot of fun and the stencilling on your pots is awesome,I love them . Oh what wonderful gifts you put together for your friend and how wonderful you got to play with Sid ,nothing better than spending time with the grandies,take care my friend xx

  13. a lovely post and great to see all the geese... you are all so clever.... I love your orchid spray.... they are amazing flowers... so perfect. I love your grandsons 'piece of corona' ... it's good to know they have an understanding of being cautious of it...


  14. Lovely diverse geese and your pots painted up a treat. Treats for your lucky friends too! xx

  15. Gorgeous flowers--love the freesia and the orchid (I currently have 21 orchids).
    I would not have known where to start with a goose shape, but you, of course, knocked it out of the park. So cute!!
    Those pots look amazing with the new life you have given them.
    I got such a kick out of Sid's response to you. Wish there was just a piece of the corona virus we could find and dispose of easily.

  16. Hi Julie. Thank you for stopping over & leaving a comment. We had some nice rain a day or so after I moved that Lavender. It is on the south side of the house, looking forward to the pink Lavender. I love the smell of Lavender.

  17. Your flying geese is gorgeous. I am always struck by the beauty each transfer gives to whatever it is you add them to. Love those two pots. Your Sid is a smart cookie, isn't he. His reply re the library made me smile. Your craft group sounds like so much fun. Each of the ladies' flying geese is lovely.

  18. I love the way children think and how they see things in a different light. I think sometimes it wouldn't be such a bad idea to return to the way they perceive the world around them, at least at times. I am glad he did not find the piece of C19!! I must say I like the way you say thank you. You put a lot of thought into those thank you gifts and if I may add I think your thoughts are the most valuable part of those gifts. As always a colourful and delightful post! keep well Amanda x

  19. I love the geese. I made a horse from Ann Wood's website. I am going to Modpodge him.
    You always make lovely things.
    I love your library. I am not sure if ours is open. I should go see but it might be depressing.
    Take care, lovely one.


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