Monday, September 14, 2020

Waving My Brush Around .......................................... Part 2

Greetings dear friends & readers
I meant to be back much sooner than this but  ......  well life just gets in the way sometimes 😊

This small wooden bookcase has been in our lounge for many years now.
While I was "waving my brush around" I decided to paint it with my "Antique White" Chalk Paint.
The new paint definately lightened it up but it still lacked something, so I played around with one of my 
Re-design transfers from Paint Me Vintage

As this is the side that is visible when you walk into my lounge I applied a couple of transfers down the side & then added some to the side of this small drawer shelf - also a Paint Me Vintage purchase 

I love how the pink floral transfers just add such a feminine touch & go especially well with the vintage china that I 
like to display in the shelves.

I lightly sanded all the edges of the bookcase to give it a distressed look

This little candle holder on the left was a $2.50 purchase from the Hospice Shop - I loved how dainty & sweet it was.
I needed a pink taper candle to sit in it ... but the only one I had was lime green (!!!) - you can just see from the end of it here the original colour

As I had no actual intentions to burn the candle I simply painted it with the leftover pale rose paint from 
 last week's suitcase project
I applied a couple of small drawer knob transfers & it sits perfectly in my new/old candle holder.

After being so inspired (& rather addicted) to the re-design transfers, our craft group ladies decided to take a road trip over to Paint Me Vintage
Six of us spent a glorious couple of hours browsing all the pretties & being inspired - & Carla, the Owner, very kindly gave us a gilded waxing demonstration

I hardly snapped any photo's & they certainly do not do the shop justice, but I was too busy taking it all in.
I had been ordering a few bits online but it is just lovely to see it in real life & be able to hold it in your hands.

We had a wonderful outing ... after Carla's we stopped for lunch at a gorgeous cafe, visited two Op Shops, then 
home again ... just enough !

After watching the demonstration I treated myself to a good quality waxing brush ... & a few other purchases came home with me too 😉

Late last week I received 2 wonderful parcels in the post ....  Sue from Kiwikids blog sent me the gorgeous doll patterns in the front & then a small order of the latest Tilda Fabric "Maple Farm & Tiny Farm" arrived from 
Milly Mac Supplies
Thanks so much for thinking of me Sue ... I just love both the patterns 💕

When I put my new (vintage) bedspread on our bed & made myself some new cushions to match I loudly declared to all & sundry (& anyone else that might be listening!!) there was No Way In The World those cats were going on the bed anymore !!!!
Well you can see who won that argument & it certainly Was Not Me !!! 😣

Thanks So Very Much for stopping by today dear friends.
I will be back (hopefully) before the end of the week with a final Part 3 as I still have more paint projects to 
share with you.
Take care & be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. oooO! How exciting..Coming onto your Blog Julie..
    It's like traveling to a different dimension..!
    Everything seems to blend together so nicely, colour,
    theme, decor..really nice..! :).

    The small bookcase looks nice to..AND..l do love that
    candle, l must admit, l don't burn candles, for the
    obvious reason..l use those oils, that transfuse, if
    l use anything at all..! Mich safer..!

    AND...What can one say about the furry ones..Bless!
    Pussy~cats will always win an argument when it comes
    to beds..Bless!xx
    Still send the link of your posts to my daughter Julie
    as she loves to see/read them..she's very talented..
    Much like your self..

    Best get on..nearly 7.30..suns up and about, nice
    forecast for a few days..get to a bit of tidying
    up in the garden..ready for Winter...! :(.
    ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑 ✨ ✨ 🍑

  2. You certainly know how to "wave a paint brush around" successfully with grace and style!

  3. The cupboard is a good result, surprising how something can look so different when white. I love the clever way you have painted the candle to fit the scene and put the transfers on :)

  4. Wow! That is some fab paint brush waving! It looks beautiful! And looks like a wonderful visit to a wonderful store! Nothing nicer than special mail x

  5. That is pretty special paint brush waving!! They look amazing Jukie. Oh dear the cats will where they want to go won't they!! At least they are liking each other. Your outing sounded wonderful, paint me Vinatge looks amazing, lots to explore there. You came home with great treasures.

  6. My Julie, if there was more to see in that shoppe, I can't imagine! You took so many pictures to share, I
    can imagine being there. I really like the table runner (?) made of puffy circles in between the drawer shelf
    and the freshly painted cabinet. The colors go so well with the transfers. How clever to paint the candle. I would
    have had to leave it empty til I bought something! The bedspread is nicely complimented with 2 lovely cats.
    I'm home with just Precious this week, and she is a completely different kitty. We are enjoying our time together.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. The table runner is made from yo yo's .... just circles drawn together with thread & then stitched to make a runner. If you google Suffolk Puffs you will get more info. I love making them - they are so much fun & you can use up scraps of fabric. I am so pleased you are having a nice time with Precious this week.

  7. Wow, wow, wow. Your craftyness is infectious, so I'm off to paint a tray i have been meaning to upcycle for ages. Your hand made world is a delight, thank you muchly. x

  8. If only it were as easy as just waving your brush around, Julie and tah-dah, everything's done but we can see the amount of work you put into your projects and this lot are no exception. I love the bookcase upcycle and I would never have thought of painting a candle but what a great idea, as long as it stays unlit! Your bedcover is divine and I was smiling at the delightful duo making themselves very much at home atop it! Have a great week,

  9. When I wave my brush around I make a mess.

  10. I just read through your last few posts... you've been very busy! Everything looks so lovely! I was amazed by how different every thing looks, what incredible transformations!

  11. Wow, beautiful paint brush waving Julie. You inspire me I have a tin of chalk paint waiting for me to paint my bedroom furniture, I noticed the transfers on the web site when I bought the paint, I think I will be going back! I just love the bedspread, especially Blackie and Miss Pippi, hope their claws dont snag the cotton! Hope the winds are not too bad your way, I had a old plum tree come down overnight onto my washing line and strawberry patch and luckily was able to get someone to come this morning to take it away.

  12. your lounge room looks so nice Julie, and wish I could go visit Paint me vintage, everything looks lovely there, I have a stencil to do the top of my chalk painted coffee table, but no nerve to do it yet, might look into those transfers, we have 2 weeks to go in stage 4 lock down over here, so hopefully after that things will get better, no Christmas windows in Myers Melbourne this year, a little sad, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  13. Love your do over bookcase. Also the little scarf on it. Do you have a special gadget to make those lovely little round circle things? I have been struggling with chronic fatigue and haven't posted much. You make such lovely items. Nancy

  14. Your painting transformations always leave me in awe. Just keep waving that brush around.
    Looks like you and your crafting friends had a lovely day out. I can just imagine your joy in that "Paint Me Vintage" shop. :)
    The shot of your cats, and the preceding story, had me giggling. But that is a lovely vintage spread and it would be a shame if it fell victim to cat's claws. My Mom crocheted a spread like that when I was very small, and I know when it was on her bed, we were not!

  15. an unusual shape bookcase and I love what you did with it... all the little details make up such a pretty corner....
    sounds like a fun day out... playing and shopping. I must say I love the new Tilda range... pretty fabric and great quality...

  16. ohhh wow i love BOOK SHELVES of all sizes! they hold all my books! my daughter thought i was mad to keep buying or accepting them til she had a power outage on her kindle thingamajig & couldn't read anything; now she is again an avid book lover :))
    love the rose transfers you put on most of your items, love roses, there's something so old world about them
    hah keeping cats off a bed is like trying to keep your house clean from fur balls too! lol they suit it.
    have a wonderful week
    thanx for sharing

  17. Hi Julie omg you are amazing I love all these pieces you have really transformed them into such beautiful pieces,well done take care and stay safe my friend xx

  18. Love your book shelves. They are fabulous. The shop looks like a wonderful place to visit. Just had to laugh i'm sorry about the cats. I gave up trying to keep the cats out of anything. Hugs,xx

  19. I just love your cupboard and drawer shelf, Julie. You are so talented in making things look so wonderful. That shop looks like such a lovely place to visit. If I ever get over to NZ, I'll have to go visit (and hopefully get to me you in person!). Those cheeky cats!!!!


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