Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrifting Bargains

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter - the weather down at my Mums was just glorious and we got lots of outside jobs done.    I could've done with an extra week there as didnt quite finish but just ran out of time - always the way !!  
One of the things I love about my trips down to see her are the Op Shops along the way and also the town Mum lives in has 6 Op Shops (heaven!!)    When I was younger I didnt ever frequent Op Shops and now I shudder to think of all the bargains I must've missed over the years.    
However, I must also mention that I am usually just one step behind all the real bargains in these shops - I found myself standing in line in the Hospice Shop behind a lady holding the most amazing vintage patchwork quilt !!!   And then in the Salvation Army shop the man in front of me had an armload of wonderful old vintage books he was purchasing!!!  I am always just behind the 8 - ball when it comes to these things. 
So it was such a surprise when on my trip home to stop in the Hospice Shop and score a real bargain . . .  
the most amazing tin of buttons EVER !!!!     for the princely sum of $2.00!!!!  The lady behind the counter told me she had just put them out that morning.
Some of my other thrifting finds were . . . 
3 new granny blankets to add to my collection . . . 
 a couple of china cups and glassware & a bone china coffee-mug plus an old bonco patty pan tray  . . .    I plan to make up soy candle kits into the glassware & china . . . 
 some more doilies to add to my stash . . . 
 plus a couple more woollen blankets for making cushions with.
I LOVE unpacking the car after one of my thrifting trips and looking at all my purchases and I also love the whole process of soaking the linens and then washing/drying them on the line in the sun and ironing the doilies etc - I love the smell of them after hanging on the line in the sunshine . . .  I know, I know - I seriously need to GET a life !!!!!  :-)   I love the whole concept of re-using something from the past to make something for the future with . . .  & then I look at these things and I wonder about the stories they could tell me from their past lives - whose table the china cups have sat upon etc etc  . . . 
                                                     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mum does all my knitting for the cottage,  & the tin babies bath that I use to display her gollies in was down to about 8 boy gollies & nothing else . . .  -  so I came back with a large new selection of boys & girls to fill it up and make it look much more appealing  . . .

And a certain fluffy friend even got his own new/old granny blanket bought for him to curl up under when he is having one of his sulks  .  .   .   .

You sure cant beat a little bit of vintage granny warmth these chilly autumn mornings !!!!! :-)
Take care out there everyone & thanks for stopping by . . . 
Luv Julie & Mr Wolf x x x


  1. Hello dear Julie, glad that you had a nice time away (where does your Mum live by the way?) What a wonderful lot of finds. So pleased for you that you got the tin of buttons...I hate that experience of being second chance Charlie. I'm not sure that you've missed that many bargains you know. Op shops are different these days & lots of stuff is only just becoming vintage now. People seem to give away a lot better quality of "things" these days. We just love coming home & unpacking all our treasures...thank goodness that Rob likes the secondhand & op shops along the way too! Quite the opposite you know...loving the smell of sun-kissed linen is HAVING a life! I love all the adorable! Have a lovely weekend. Much love Catherine x

    1. Hello Catherine, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. My Mum lives in Hawera (in Taranaki) in my childhood home. Yes I agree about the quality of "things" in Op shops now. So glad you are a "fellow thrifter". I just REALLY enjoy your blog you know. Have an enjoyable weekend also, very kind wishes, Julie :-) (thanks again x x)


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