Monday, April 30, 2012

Sandys Penny Rug & some weekend snaps

Hello everyone,
Thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments on my last post regarding the pics of my home - they mean the world to me.
I am sitting at the computer supposed to be doing the G.S.T. and (as usual) I am off track :-)

My good friend Sandy had long admired the wool felt penny rug I had over my old travelling trunk in my dining room . . .
The pattern is a Neverending Thread design titled "Hand & Heart Penny Rug", and I have always loved it.  I actually enlarged the sizing when I made it as the original was a fraction small for my liking.

In January Sandy decided to commission me to make one for her lovely home.  I started off with a hiss and a roar  . . .   and soon fizzled out to a putter   . . .   the pennies take AGES as there are 20 of them and they are all double black wool felt plus they have the cream oval centre and every 2nd one has a burgundy wool heart inside ! ! !   60 times round the outer edges PLUS the hearts ! !   Phew . . .  quite a bit of stitching goes on there . . .

When I returned from my visit to my Mums I decided to really focus on it and get it done so I could move onto some other projects . . .   and I finally finished it last week and Sandy came and collected it . . . (& loved it thankfully)

Sandy had chosen a gorgeous blue/cream wool check fabric for her hands plus a different reddish colouring to mine and I just LOVE the colour combinations and it will go beautifully in her home as she has quite a few touches of blue.
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Also - a few snaps from my weekend just gone . . .  we had no power on Sunday so were limited to what we could do but I did remember to fill a Thermos so I could still enjoy a hot coffee . . .
And the latest issue of Extra Curricular Magazine arrived in my mail box this week :-)
I had made some more muslin bags for my herbal moth ball sachets during the week so I was able to make up the mixture (without power) and fill the bags . . .

They smell so lovely !!!
 I also managed to rake up some of our walnuts as I needed to mow the lawns however the weather had other ideas as the rain came and stayed for the rest of the day  . . .

I hope you all had a lovely weekend where-ever you are and that the coming week is a good one for you all - and lastly I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the lovely man that came to Threadbear Cottage last weekend (with his beautiful daughter) and bought the selection of gollies for his (lucky) wife for Mothers Day - you made my weekend ! ! ! thanks so much :-)

Take care out there friends and have a safe and happy week :-)
Julie X x x


  1. I love the name of the rug "Hand & Heart Penny Rug" pleased your friend loved hers. Please do tell me what you put into your sachets..other than lavender? Do they work? I keep thinking that I should make some but haven't got around to it yet. I am presently drying a couple of washing baskets of walnuts on the back porch amongst the feijoas. How great to have a tree in your back garden. Love the book & the pretty golly. Much love & friendship Catherine x0x

    1. Hello Catherine,
      I will send you an email with the recipe & explain a few things that I do :-) I dont have permission to put it on the internet just yet and dont want to get my hand smacked :-)
      Love Julie x x

  2. O mY I love that penny rug.
    I have always loved penny rugs, but alas the time it takes to make one is more than I will ever have on my hands, lol
    I have never bought one because of the expense. But I know how much work goes into one and it is so worth it.

    Have a great week.

    1. Thankyou Amy for admiring my work - yes I also adore penny rugs and there are some stunning patterns that come out of the States - much more variety than we can get here in New Zealand. Oneday when your little man is older you will find the time to make one :-)
      Have a lovely week - Julie x x

  3. To the Threadbear Cottage followers out there, Julie is my bestie. Love your blog Julie. Your many creative talents and patience along side your kind heart with a laugh or two inspire me to continue with my quilting. Love the penny rugs and dolls you have made for me. I am forever admiring them.

    Sandy xx

    1. Thank you Sandy for your lovely comment - yes I treasure our friendship also. So glad to see you have become a follower - I could take some gorgeous photos of your lovely home for my blog :-) ! ! !
      Love Julie x x x


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