Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions . . .

Hello dear friends & readers,
Happy New Year to you all!!! :-)
When I looked at my little notebook with my list of all the New Years resolutions I had written down for 2012 . . .
there were only 3 I could truthfully tick off
"grow more veges" -  tick
revamp my D.L.E cards - tick
start a blog for my cottage - tick
Remember Me rose - bought for my Dad - smells so divine
Of course all the usual were there . . .
lose weight, exercise more, get fitter! ! ! :-( (no ticks)
But I have to say, instead of being disheartened about all that I could NOT tick off
I was overjoyed about the ones I could
This little place - mythreadbearlife blog - has bought me SO much joy
& its all thanks to You dear readers
& your comments & encouragement that you send out to me in cyberspace
that bring such happiness into my day
deep heartfelt thanks to you all
big bunches of flowers to all of you out there :-)
I hope you all enjoyed the festive season??
We have had a busy time with these long summer days
We have had folk staying but now they have gone & the house is quieter & there are many chores to catch up on
there is lavendar picked ready to tie into bunches
a pleasant job for the cool of the evening
there are roses flowering to be deheaded before they drop
and the petals laid out on trays to be dried for potpourri

My sons lovely partner Sarah is having a birthday today
so there are flowers to pick for her & a gift to package & deliver
there are lots of veges ripening & the first of the seasons plums ready to pick

In between all this there are stitcheries to be traced off -
ready to be worked on at night
Mr Fluffy has really struggled with the heat this summer
as have all of us lately with this humidity that doesnt go away
Jared & the Mr decided it was time to bath him with the shampoo we use that cools his skin
He was not so impressed . . .

Well I dont know whose stupid idea this was - probably that Mums!!??
Remind me to come in the shower & take photos of YOU mum !!!!   NOT funny !!!
He certainly smells alot nicer now :-)
Yesterday the Mr decided he wanted to go to the seaside & have fish & chips on the beach
(he gets these whims every now & again)
I closed the Cottage early & we headed to Raglan
I do so love the Coast
We had enough time to look in a few shops for a change
They are usually all closed by the time we get there
Raglan has some really quirky, arty shops
I made a couple of purchases
from a little vintage gift shop called Zinnia - they have a Hamilton branch also

We enjoyed our fish & chips on the beach
even though it was a little windy out there
lovely freshly caught snapper
We had some visitors join us
the Mr couldnt resist sharing our tea with them
before long they brought along their friends too . . .
It was a great outing & blew the cobwebs out of our hair
but the highlight for me was a little "find"
in the Raglan Traders shop
(tucked around the corner from the main street) . .  .
someones beautiful handwork done in fine detail
I am giving it a gentle soak & will treasure this little piece
Well folks I am off to do some more picking
now the sun is a little cooler
Hope you all have an enjoyable New Year
& that the coming year brings you all your heart desires
thankyou again for all the pleasure you bring me
stopping by to read my ramblings
I look forward to sharing them with you for another year
also a Zinnia purchase  :-)

Take care out there - you are all very special
much love/hugs/friendship
Julie Xoxox


  1. Lovely post. Mmmm fish n' chips at the beach, I love those types of whims too. Raglan is a lovely place, I bought some hand made shoes from there many years ago, they are still going strong.
    Happy wishes for the New year. So glad I found your sweet blog.

    1. Thankyou Leeanne - yes really enjoyed my outing to the Coast - just what I needed I think. I remember those handmade shoes from Raglan, I think they are still being made & yes, they do last for years.
      Really looking forward to meeting up later this month, Julie :-)

  2. Happy 2013 Julie. Your garden looks beautiful - a very different sight to mine - we have had such heavy rains and no flowers yet! Your feast at the beach looked fun - those sort of unplanned trips always turn up treasure - you were very lucky to find the pretty embroidery. Bye for now - Betty

    1. Hello Betty - Happy 2013 to you also - lets hope its a creative one :-) The garden is beginning to "flag" now from the lack of water and lots of seed heads appearing. Yes the doiley was a great find Betty - I shall treasure it. Cheerio, Julie :-)

  3. What lovely conversation Julie..it so makes me smile. Poor old Mr Fluffy..he took the washing like a cat ; ) And it's been so sweltering for him this summer hasn't it. Gosh there's always so many little jobs to do..I think that's why we just have small outings mainly. It takes quite a good wee while to bunch up & hang even the lavender..all very worthwhile of course. Lovely, lovely roses & darling linen. Doesn't it just make your heart sing when you find a nice piece like that. I really loved Zinnia's when Aunty Shirley introduced us in November. ..the one in Hamilton...nice lady too. Of course, the best thing about the fish & chip adventure was the freshly caught snapper bit : ) With much love & friendship my dear creative friend x0x0x

    1. Hello there Catherine, Yes Mr Fluffy has really struggled so far this summer. I really enjoyed our little fish-n-chip outing, probably cos we so rarely have these little escapades. And yes I did think of you in Zinnia as I remembered you had loved the Hamilton one. Such unusual eclectic bits & pieces, Love/hugs, Julie :-)

  4. Happy New Year Julie!! Love the photos of the shampoo and shower! But my favourite photo is of the lavender on the old wood and concrete tub! Raglan, fish and chips sounds perfect! It has been 20 years since Mike and I where in Raglan. Enjoy the weather, Michelle.

    1. And a Happy New Year to you both too Michelle. Thankyou for stopping by - doesnt Mr Fluffy look so "peeved off" with his shampoo session.
      You know if you went back to Raglan after that long, not alot wouldve changed you would find. Which is great I think!!! cheerio, Julie :-)


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