Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone :-)

Hello dear friends & readers,
I hope everyone is managing to survive the leadup to Christmas okay??
This past week has gone by in a blur. . .
I have managed to do some christmas baking for some friends
Gingernut bites mixture cooling on the stove
I like to make little treats at this time of year
& package them up for friends/customers

It has been a battle trying to keep things real simple
(& I am not sure if I am actually achieving this!!!)
but I keep plodding on  . . .
Lavendar heart from wool blanketting
Lots of the gifts are wrapped under the tree (waiting)
I always try to gift wrap things real quick
cos otherwise I am tempted to Open the chocolate treats
& "taste test" them!!!!!(when I am home alone...)
One of my stepsons is coming to stay for a fortnight
so I had to clean the sleepout for him as he likes to stay out here
it was a "bit of a mess"
& took me an entire day to sort out
somewhere there is carpet in here I seem to recall??!!
Somewhere under all that is a sofa bed!!!!
It is all done now & ready for Jareds arrival
He lives down in Wellington so has a long trip ahead of him to get to us
There hasnt been much (any) crafting going on
but the garden is certainly in full swing now
Lots of things are in full bloom
& I was delighted to see a little visitor on my swan plant today
Welcome little monarch butterfly  -  please stay :-)

I took my camera down to the pond - things are dry here now
the lavendars have flopped over the pathway
they love the dry weather

Some lillies are coming into bloom by the pond

The daylillies are flowering away
& the penstemons all coming out in the rose garden
This little daisy flowers away down the far end of the section
beside an old wringer washing machine
planted with busy lizzies
I didnt plant any of these white daisies,
 they self seeded all by themselves :-)
& the native iris beside them came from Donnas (I think??)
I have to admit that although things are flowering away at present
I am tired of watering (already)
& although the photos all look lovely . . .
there is some serious weeding needs doing here!!! :-(
beautiful hollyhocks
planted last year - waited patiently - I adore them
although the leaves have rusted, I love the rich velvety colour
This will be my last post before christmas
so I wanted to wish you all a wonderful festive season
& may 2013 bring all your hopes, dreams & wishes true!!!
Mr Fat Fluffy has had a stressful lead-up to christmas
as I am sure you can imagine
(it is quite stressful deciding which patch of floor to chill out on you know)
Busy, busy, busy - superivising that Mum, she sure is energy draining
I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to read my ponderings
your comments always mean the world to me
thankyou so much for stopping by
& have a wonderful christmas
& I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies.
Take care of yourselves
you are all very special
Love/hugs/friendship,  Julie Xox


  1. Haha I love that you have to wrap the presents fast, so you can't 'test' them!!!
    Your garden looks lovely. I am hoping to get to visit in mid January, that is if you around.

    1. Hello Leeanne, thanks so much - yes so much for having no willpower eh!!!
      You would be most welcome to visit mid January & I AM planning to be around - I will email you my phone n.o.s beforehand. Have a lovely christmas Leeanne - Julie :-)

  2. Lovely entry Julie.Holly hocks are so cottagy, adore them. The Lavender is superb. Lots to pick and dry!Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs, Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley, thank you - good rain we are having tonight. We will be picking lavendar soon I am guessing. Have a lovely (creative) christmas Shirley, Hugs, Julie :-)

  3. Your garden is looking so beautiful, I could almost smell the lavender :-) Happy Christmas Julie, to you and yours, take care and see you in the new year, its always a pleasure to stop by Threadbare Cottage xx
    love Sophie

    1. Hello Sophie - thanks so much for stopping by - always a pleasure to have you. Yes the garden looks great so long as you only look thru a camera lens!!!!! Hope you & yours have a lovely christmas too - lovely pic of Tommy on your recent post!! Hugs, Julie :-) . . .(thanks for the inspiration this past year Sophie)

  4. I think it's just all the extra little jobs that make this time feel quite so squeezy, coupled with the fact that it can VERY warm very quickly & then add in all that watering!! I love the shape of your lavender hearts. When I mentioned to Rob that I thought that I might make some shortbread tonight he said oh yes lavender shortbread angels & hearts...cute!! It's presently chilling so that I can handle the all. What a lovely angel there just above Mr fat fluffy...phew he must be feeling the warmer temps. Your garden looks wonderfully summery. I imagine you get a good lot of lavender off your own bushes. I don't seem to have enough open sunny possies left to grow it well. Do you have a favourite variety scent wise? Have a wonderful Christmas! Much love Catherine x0x0x

    1. Hello Catherine, I hope your lavender shortbread turned out lovely - angels & hearts sounds wonderful. Yes Mr Fat Fluffy is really struggling with the heat now that its kicked in in all its force. So is the garden though we have rain predicted for the next few days due to that cyclone passing this way. Hope you & Rob & family have a wonderful christmas also Love Julie Xox

  5. A lovely post Julie and your treats look beautiful as does your garden.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

    1. Hello Michelle - thanks so much, the garden is wilting in the heat but still flowering away, Two more monarch butterflies were there this morning - I do love them. Wishing you a lovely christmas too Michelle - lets hope its a creative one :-) Julie

  6. Always enjoy reading your posts Julie, they are a breathe of fresh air. The garden looks beautiful in full bloom. Merry Christmas.... enjoy the festive season with family and friends!

    1. Thankyou Sandy - hope you have a lovely festive season also - the fudge you dropped off is "to die for"!!!!! I have sampled it already :-) Much love, Julie


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