Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Christmas Spirit . . . .

Hello dear friends & readers :-)
Well hooray, yay, yahooo, weehee
this morning I finished the last of my orders for the year!!!

it is great celebration in the house
Maybe if I pretend to be asleep she will stop dancing round like the fruitloop that she is??!!

I have been plodding away on orders for a long time now

It was a cushion making week
Peace sign cushion on wool blanketing
some were for gifts
Oilcloth cushion for a friends new rustic garden seat
I had an order for 10 metres of christmas bunting also
Love the old world Santas in this fabric

My last order - finished this morning - was for 12 cream covered coathangers with lavendar bunches on them. . .

Last week while needing a break from it all
with a dark sky & a rainy day
Mr Wolf & I decided to put the tree up & begin some decorating
she can flipping well think again if she thinks I'm going to help with that stupid tree
Approximately 17 years ago the Mr & I had a terrible house fire in the sleepout at the farm we were milking on
Because the house was small we had lots of our possessions stored in the sleepout
including ALL our christmas decorations
& so it was all lost in the fire
I lost all the things my boys had made me since little children
those christmas things they make at kindy & you treasure
So I began all over again buying special things & making lots too
this one always makes me smile when I get it out each year
After 18 years working (part-time) in a gift shop I must confess . . .
to a bit of an obsession with Santas . .  .
Some are gifts, some purchased, some made by me :-)
This little spindle legged table holds some of my precious decorations - a bit of a "primitive" look
note to self  . . .  tidy up messy sewing room on the right!!!!
The beautiful hand crocheted pumpkin & cover was made by the extremely talented Amy from here  . . .
my vintage marketplace

Amy is one very talented lady & if I could, I would buy one of everything she makes !!!

This felt christmas card holder was made by me a few years ago
it is a Country Friends design by Wendy Briggs

The beautiful patchwork runner was my craft swap with my friend Therle whom I posted about back in June
We took part in the fionamarie.com great global craft swap
& this is what Therle made me
I just love the colours she has used & enjoy taking it out each year
for my coffee table :-)

I like to put Santa hats on the teddies that sit beneath my tree
in the old violin case . . .

One of my all time favourite Santas (above)
a Woodcutters Daughter pattern (now known as Theodora Cleave)
this guy is called Rustic Santa

A doorstop Santa that I made some years ago with his bag of parcels
(made over a Coca Cola bottle filled with dry sand)

Skinny Minny
How is your christmas decorating coming along??
I have made a couple of new purchases this year -
each year I try to buy 1 or 2 special things
either new or pre-loved
this little guy had to come home with me - he was on sale

I loved the simplicity of him
he just hangs out by the fruit bowl in my kitchen  :-)

Dear Santa  -  I have been very good this year & have not poked my tongue out at anyone or anyones cats . . .

Well folks - I hope you are managing to get into the christmas spirit in your house & that you are not like Mr Wolf -
who just pokes his tongue out at the whole affair -
& dreams "cat dreams" curled up on his blanket

I am off now to tidy the sewing room so I can make a couple of christmas gifts - I am sure there is carpet in there underneath the avalanche that I have had!!!!!

Have a great week out there everyone,.
Julie & Mr (humbug) Wolf Xoxoxoxox


  1. Julie seriously how do you even find the time to post.
    The story of your Christmas things in a fire is so heartbreaking. The most precious things from your boys, saddest thing ever.

    Oh your things are amazing, no wonder you have had so many orders keeping you busy.

    I have always wanted a feather tree and the one you have decorated with the primitive photos is a beauty!!!

    Thank you so much for all your support of my handiwork and for all the kind words you have shared with me.
    You are such a great friend from the other side of the world.
    Oh there is so much more I want to say but goodness this comment is more like a book at this point. LOL
    Merry Christmas

    1. Hello Amy - thankyou for your heartfelt comment.
      Yes losing those precious things in the fire was devastating - you just never replace those special things - & insurance cannot cover the sentimental value of it all.
      I love my little feather tree (purchased in Australia a few years ago) - I often use it in the cottage for display too.
      I think you had the right idea closing off all your orders well before christmas this year - it has been quite a headache,
      Take care dear friend, Julie :-)

  2. So sad to lose your precious decorations, I too have some that my kids have made over the years.
    You sure have a love of santa's, all look beautiful!
    Wow you have been busy getting all your orders completed, isn't it fabulous to be so busy!

    1. Hello Leeanne, thanks for your lovely comment. You sure do treasure those things your kids make you as little ones. They are irreplaceable.
      Yes I love Santas (& have loads more patterns of "ones to make")
      Wishing you a lovely festive season, Julie :-)

  3. Love your Santa collection especially the ones with long legs. Love the christmas bunting! Our tree is up and my christmas table is done. It looks beautiful as always.

    Merry Christmas Julie & love always.

    1. Hello Sandy,
      thanks for your ever welcome comments. I can imagine how beautiful your christmas display looks - you have the magic touch for bringing it all together.,
      Merry Christmas & love to you too Sandy,
      Julie :-)

  4. What a huge collection! and it all looks very homely and colourful. I go for a minimalist look over here - your dear little white reindeer would come home with me if I had half a chance! We brought our tree in from the garden - it lives in a huge pot so took two men to carry and has 200 lights. Hope your orders are all complete and you can now enjoy the lead up to Christmas. Betty

    1. Hello Betty, thankyou. Yes the little white reindeer is lovely, he's wooden & so simple - nothing fussy - I have him in the kitchen & he makes me smile. Your tree sounds wonderful with all the lights. Wishing you a lovely christmas Betty, Hugs, Julie :-)

  5. Hello dear..oh what joyous Christmas spirit lives at your house. Well done on completing so much crafting. Was that a cushion partly made with all the pearl buttons on it? I bought some old gray blanket off cuts the other day to make a cushion for a friend...that red looks really great with it. I adore mother of pearl...anything really! 10 metres is a long & lot of bunting! Love the Father Christmas fabric you used in it. Adorable card holder too. Isn't it so lovely to be able to bring these love things out for a turn. Most definitely the dearest wee reindeer. Ah & another question...what needle would one use to sew oil cloth...very sensible material for an out of doors cushion..just asking should I ever get around to making such a thing! Hope you can relax in your blissfully completed state now : ) Isn't that lovely that so many different people will be receiving gifts this Christmas that you have made so beautifully! Love & a big hug Catherine x0x0x

    1. Hello dear Catherine, Yes the cushion was grey army blanket with a red cross on it + many pearl buttons. I too adore them. Yes the christmas card holder is a favourite though doesnt really show your cards to do them justice. Of course, you love it - its an angel :-)
      They say to use a ball point needle for oilcloth but I just find a good sharp one is fine as you dont really want ballpoint holes through your oilcloth, If you do make a cushion, it is fine out in the rain for the summer but do bring it in over winter as I have found (from experience) that mildew gets into the backing on the oilcloth fabric & you CANNOT get it out!!!!
      I am in that space where I want it all (christmas), to be over but I am telling myself off & saying to try to enjoy the process!!! I do this every year. Hugs to you my friend, Julie :-)

  6. First time I have visited your delightful blog. Just love your old singer sewing machine covered with gorgeous Christmas goodies.
    Best Wishes for 2012

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