Saturday, March 28, 2015

More hearts . . . . & a "Suzy Golly"

Good morning dear friends & readers & a Happy Saturday to you all !!

This week has been all about hearts again ...
I have finished an order for my friend Christine
These hearts are from a pattern by Tracey North of "I Luv Country"

I have made this pattern for Christine 2 years ago, but in burgundy felt. 
She is now decorating her upstairs guest bedroom & requested this set in blue tonings   ... I particularly like the pattern made up in this denimy blue colourway

The pattern includes both the "fond hearts swag" & the "fond heart door hanger" stitched onto a background fabric of wool felt

Another little golly girl got completed this week .... this is Suzy, she is a pattern by Kympatti Bears, Australia  

She only stands 7 inches tall so is a real cutie ... I am gradually filling up my golly ladder in the Cottage again

I love the little pink shoes which match her dress perfectly.
The pattern said to make her some optional striped pink tights, but I found the shoes to be a snug fit without any extra padding.
I made her body from some black brushed velour fabric & her little gloves are white felt.

After the lovely patchwork group ladies I had last Tuesday, I noticed I had completely sold out of my herbal mothball sachets.
Luckily I had the ingredients on hand to make up another batch & managed to stitch & fill a dozen bags

Although I mainly sell them to the wool/fibre artists, the patchwork ladies were most keen to toss them in amongst their fabrics.
I have popped the recipe at the bottom of this post should you be inspired to make some of your own.

My daughter-in-law Nicole has her birthday next week.  Both my daughter-in-laws are "minimalist girls" so I would never wish to impose more "stuff" onto them.  I usually buy them a gift voucher for their favourite store & of course, the obligatory choccies.  However I do like to pop in a little something handmade.
Nicoles kitchen is based on her all time favourite colour scheme of black/white & hot pink.

I had this black/white dotty teatowel in my stash so I found some hot pink remnants & appliqued the word "cook" onto it.
I didn't have any bright pink braid or ric-rac on hand, so I used a fancy stitch on my machine to embellish the edges

I am certain I remember seeing flouro pink kitchen spatulas the last time I was at the supermarket, so one of these will be popped in with the gift  (providing I was not hallucinating !!!)

The Mr came home last week to find me weeding & having (yet another) little weep about my Jinxy girl. 
 I miss that little fairy so very much but I am definately getting alot better now.
The next time I checked my emails, this little "note" popped up in my inbox

It certainly bought a smile to my face & his timing was just perfect   :-)

Do you remember the suitcase planter I wrote about in this post ??? 
I took this picture just after I had completed it . . .

In my post I wrote   "viola ... one suitcase of flowers ready to grow & spill out ..."
As I was sweeping my deck yesterday I noticed that it had indeed, grown & spilt out ... so I took some pics to share with you ...

....  apart from the lobelia which got lost somewhere under all the Impatiens ....

Well dear readers I am off to make this "Julie special" for my lunch again today ...

Our beefsteak tomatoes were late ripening this year but are so fat & tasty
I have been enjoying having them on toast with some mashed avocado & basil this week ... my basil has also been prolific this summer.
I wish for you all a super weekend & thanks - as always - for your welcome visits which are SO appreciated
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie x0x0x0

Herbal Moth Sachets :-
- 50 grams dried rosemary
- 50 grams dried mint
- 50 grams dried thyme
- 25 grams ginseng (I buy as a tea from Health Shops)
- 200 grams whole cloves.
Mix together & put in muslin bags (I also toss in a good handful of dried lavender)


  1. Hi ya Julie! Lovely blue swag of hearts. Suzy golly is very posh looking in her fancy shoes and white gloves.Fabulous teatowel for the minimalist daughter in law, I hope you find the pink spatular, that would be a fun addition to her parcel. I too enjoy avacado and tomato on toast for lunch, but have never thought to put basil leaves on top, probably because I don't have any basil!! Maybe your Jinxy & my Rosie are pals where ever they are bouncing around & getting up to mischief!xxx

  2. Another post filled to the rafter with gorgeousness! Those hearts are so pretty and as for your golly girl....too, too adorable. Those shoes are very sweet. However did you stitch those itty bitty pretties? Thank you for the herbal moth ball ingredients....must make a few to keep all those nasty bugs at bay. Your scrummy tomato sandwiches are making me hungry, they do look rather delish....must go and raid the fridge!! I must say I showed my husband your overspilling suitcase filled with impatiens and he is very impressed! Sending you hugs, Julie. xx

  3. Another lovely visit to your place. Beautiful hearts and sweet golly dolly! Wow! How gorgeous is your floral suitcase. Your lunch is very mouthwatering... Yum xx

  4. The little hearts at the top are really nice, and lovely
    sayings as well...No secret..I do love sayings!
    "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment
    until it becomes a memory".

    But! Oh! Oh! I do love the little Soul sister..HeHe! She is
    lovely...Goodness me yes! Do you think you could make
    me one 6ft tall Julie...! Love the little booties to...! :). Bless!

    And, dear little Jinxy!x Bless! She will never be forgotten.
    I've been back to 'that' particular post...Still trying to struggle
    through it....! Just a paws for thought...!x Thankyou!

  5. Do you ever sleep??? You are a crafty whirlwind! I love those hearts in blue and I will make those moth bags this year. Have a lovely week.xx

    1. Hello Eco Ethel ... thanks for your comment, yes I do sleep ... but even then my mind whirrs & buzzes away with crafty thoughts !!!! No wonder I look such a wreck !!!! :-) Hope you have a great week too E.E.

  6. I have noted your recipe as I would love to try this - we suffer badly with moths here as our windows open directly on to the woods and so the moths come in during the warm months - some are huge! Your hearts are beautiful, I like the navy/white combination and little Susy is just delightful, her head is so fluffy! I am sorry you are feeling so much sadness, hope other needy creatures that need love and care will fill the empty space although I can understand you probably don't feel there is room right now, there will be one day - I lost little Heidi cat many years ago and then along came Ambercat 5 years later and although I didn't think I could love her as much, she thought differently. Animals sort of choose us, I think. Betty x

  7. Oh Golly - she's beautiful! I love her pink shoes. It's all about pink at the moment in NZ right enough - my friend's daughter in Auckland had her twins last week, Isla and Bella and they're beautiful. I love the heart garland and larger heart Julie. I wish you had an online shop!! I hope another little kitty will come along soon and fill that gap that Jinxy has made. Have a great weekend, Julie. xxx

  8. Hello Dear Julie, love your heart swag and dear Suzie she would be welcome in my home anytime. My mouth drawled at the sight of your delectable toasty. It looked really yummm. Dear Jinxy, she will be busy scampering around in rainbow land with all her new friends and making much mischief. She will be alright Julie.Your floral suitcase looks great. Hugs Shirley

  9. Wow Julie, that suitcase looks amazing!!! Love those heart things, I know they have a flash name but they are gorgeous!

  10. More clever makes Julie - I'm not sure which I love the best - they all have their own wonderful charm :-) Your planter has done very well, the busy lizzies look so impatient to get out of the suitcase (hehe excuse the pun!). Have a lovely week ♥

  11. I cannot believe you get so much done! I love the tea towel, that is brilliant :) And you little suitcase is great :) So sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, hugs from me,

  12. I really like the hearts, I really enjoy doing stitchery and should do some more, I have a pattern in a book I quite like which I might uses as inspiration for a new quilt. I have a load of iron on patterns, I'll use those I think. Coming from the UK I always feel uncomfortable seeing gollies as much as I love them, they disappeared over there. I might have to come buy one to remind of the one I had as a child. The suitcase looks great, love that idea. I know that feeling after losing a pet, I still have it now when I see photos of Clyde, that lurch in the stomach and ache in the heart. I know I feel bad because I wasn't there when he was put to sleep, I always said I would be, and that's the hard part I think that I wasn't there for his last moments but that's something I'll get used to eventually, Joe was with him of course but it still niggles away.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your lovely comment .... its funny because when I get visitors to the Cottage from the U.K they always, always say to me "oh you would never be allowed those in our country ... I'll take one !!!" And I sell lots of Mums little knitted ones to my UK customers. Yes I fully understand what you are saying about Clyde ... I wasnt there for little Jinxy either so I know what you mean. I think its just a time thing & it feels less painful to us as time goes by. I always vow & declare NO MORE PETS .... & I always break my vow !!!!!

  13. Beautiful stitching Julie!
    Your golly is very sweet - right down to the tiny details like the shoes and gloves!
    You've got green fingers - everything you touch seems to thrive with your care and attention - impatiens put on a great show.

    Your Mr is very sweet sending you that sweet email - Jinxy was a special friend and she was lucky to have found you.
    I've had another go at the stain on my carpet - the worst part was the orange dye in the food - however I'm making good progress!

    Shane x

  14. Oh gosh! We LOVE Suzy Golly - she is adorable! We think she looks like she is a flower girl at a wedding, so pretty is pink and her shoes are so cute! Love the swag and big heart - how lovely she came back to you for more when she did another room - they'll look great hanging up.
    Your daughter- in- law will love your modern tea-towel - how clever is that! Wow the lobelia sure did get pushed out! But the bizzie Lizzie look fantastic in the suitcase. Might have to try this suitcase gardening after all.
    Gosh, that sandwich made us all hungry. I must check if Grandma has basil growing in the garden - we live next door and I usually leave the gardening to her. May have to request basil plants.
    Have a great Easter weekend. Hug Suzy for us

  15. Hello Julie and Suzy Golly.

    Julie, Suzy has so much character about her. I keep expecting Sam Golly to come along and swish her off her feet. That Lobelia really did get lobbed out of place, amazing growth on the other plants. Your friends home must look so inviting with the hearts on display.

    Have a lovely week Julie and thanks for the recipe. Just have to grow a bit more mint.

    Happy days.

  16. I do love your hearts! I know what Sue means about Gollies, I lived in the UK for 17 years and it would have been politically incorrect to have one, but I love them had two as a child. Yours are adorable! Love the suitcase I remember when you planted it up. It takes a long time to get over the loss of a pet, even when you were there to say goodbye. I lost my old 21 year old Tinker 12 years ago and still it seems like yesterday, but the pain does go! I promise. After her I was never going to have pets again but... I have had 4 since, the 3 I got now and poor Jandals (Ambroses sister)who ended her short life like Jinxy 4 years ago. Have a wonderful Easter, I am moving this weekend !!!!

  17. Hello dear friend, been meaning to pop back again to comment, but I have been caught up with seeds! Suzy Golly is adorable...look at those wee shoes & I love the one tiny rosebud in her hand. The planter suitcases are just brilliant I reckon. Aren't impatiens such great value. If you plant them in October they flower right through til May...not much else performs quite like that! And I love the range of bright colours. Your red looks great beside the chair. I am really enjoying the beefsteaks at the moment too..nothing like them with avo & salt & pepper...oh, & basil...yum!
    Hope you have a lovely Easter. Do you make hot cross buns? Much love Catherine x0x0x

  18. g'day
    just found your blog through jenny of elefantz, have been reading back through your posts & came across your loss, am sorry you lost little jinxy, she was an adorable little thing, i bawled my eyes out reading the poem & the post you did after your loss. agree whole heartedly with some of the other comments there will be another that will come into your life her will need you too. i lost cats to domestic dogs a few years ago & it still is a very sore subject & easily brought to tears as i miss my mama cat very deeply too. healing is slow but there are always fond memories. i planted herbs on all mine & glad you found a favourite spot for her.
    thanx for sharing

    1. Hello Selina - thanks so very much for your kind & lovely comment. Yes I still miss Jinxy a great deal but am getting better as each day passes. Even though I feel so sad about her loss, I try to be thankful that I did have her, even for just that short time. That poem sure did bring alot of people to tears - it was so beautiful. I am so sorry to read of your loss ... planting herbs sounds like a perfect idea. Thanks for stopping by & also taking the time to read back through my posts. Happy Easter to you x0x

  19. great projects. Lunch certainly looks yummy.


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