Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hotties, Hearts & Wine . . .

Hello there to you all, lovely friends & readers,

When the dear elderly man rang to book his Vintage Car Club in for this Sunday, his enquiry went like this ...
"Oh I do hope you have some hotwater bottle covers in stock as my dear wife would like to buy one??"
"Ummm .... yes I think there's a small selection" I lied replied
(meaning there are precisely   ...  none !!!)
Thankfully, it only took a rainy afternoons sewing & I managed to complete 4 new ones for the Cottage

I find the pastel blankets are always popular with everyone . . .

. . .  and I loved this warm, cosy, red checked blanket in muted tones, 
as well as a bright cheery Golly one that could be suitable for either boys or girls.

... hearts ...

After the New Year came & went, I began the massive task of sorting through my "mountain" of  craft magazines!
I am sure many of you crafty readers can relate to this statement?
I came across an old Country Threads edition (Vol 6 No 7) in which I had long ago earmarked the "heart bowl fillers" pattern by Michelle Bentley.
I decided to make some for my prim pottery bowl ... unfortunately the magazine no longer had its pattern sheet so I just had to invent a primitive heart shape

These received a very rough coat of paint & left to dry on the deck table in the warm autumn sun
I followed Michelles instructions & ironed baking paper onto some calico & then typed out the words I wanted
(her pattern had used "Hope" & "Memories" but you could use any words you wanted)
The calico then gets fed through your printer ...

Realising - after printing it out - I had forgotten to tea dye my calico first, I simply dampened the fabric & tossed some coffee granules onto the damp area

When all my pieces were dry I cut out my words & then primitively whip-stitched them onto the hearts

It smells heavenly

I love the finished product ... my pottery bowl is filled with last years dried rose hips, some cinammon sticks, & scented with cinammon & clove oils

... & Wine ...

Our grapevines have been prolific this year ... last year we had good crops but they tasted tart ... this year they are lovely & sweet
The Mr announced he was going to make wine this year !!!!

Our grapevines stretch over half the length of our property
This is rather unusual for 2 main reasons . . .
- firstly : we have lived here now for 17 years & every single year when the grapes are ready he announces he is going to make wine . . .  but has never actually done this !!!!
- secondly :  The Mr doesn't actually drink alcohol of any kind !!!!

The vines are laden & heavy with fruit
We are now into week 3 of his "little project" ... this is currently what I have bubbling & plopping away in my sleepout 

Although he assures me he knows what he is doing ..... I seriously have my doubts  !!!!!
I shall keep you posted on this venture dear readers.

I asked my friend Jan if she ever came across any small size Agee Jars in her Op Shop travels to please let me know ... Jan very kindly offered me 6 jars she had sitting at home.

I was able to make some more string jars as had sold some of the ones I did last year for the Cottage.
I also made Jan a string jar as a "thank you" ... I was so grateful as these Agee Jars are becoming quite sought after now that bottling & preserving seems to be making a come back

I really enjoy making these - often they make a pleasant change from sewing 

Well dear friends - thank you all again for your welcome visits
I wish for you, a week filled with wonderful things
(well actually Julie, the week is almost over - haven't you realised this yet !!!???)
I shall leave you with this little collage of Blackie who, as you can see, continues to lead a rather stressfull existence here at my Threadbear life . . .

his absolute favourite pastime .... sleeping with one leg in the air !!!!
with much love & friendship,
Julie & Blackie x0x0x0


  1. What a busy little bee you have been and are you assistant wine maker? Or will you be the taster? Blackie is such a cruiser.

  2. Wow weeeee wine making aye? This will be interesting. I guess with all the extra groups and people going to visit your wee slice of paradise you need to make sure the cottage is bulging with tempting goodies..............will there be any left by the time I get there??

    1. Yay, four more sleeps until I get to go shopping at the cottage!!!

  3. You have been busy! I hope your hubby's wine is successful - you could sell that too! The jars are nice - I like gifts that pretty but practical as well and the string jars certainly are. Hope you will have some time to relax a bit after your car group's visit. Betty

  4. Just gone 6:30 over here...Enjoying my first lea tea
    of the day...First of many! :).
    I've stopped at the bottom of your lovely post Julie,
    and ogling Blackie! It sure looks like a stressful life.
    HeHe! All that stretching and zzzzzzzZ! Bless!x

    Oh! And the wine looks good...Yes! Wine is my favourite
    tipple...That's how l got my stage name..Willie Wine...I
    even have photos of me in my high chair with a bottle
    held up to my lips...Well, we could'nt afford milk...! :>).
    So tell hubby to stick with it...Maybe this time he'll have
    a little taste..Who knows! None for Blackie mind!

    Well best get on...Had a new front door and panel fitted
    yesterday...Coming to finish off to~day..Looking good!
    It's also part of my famous downstairs toilet, so l'm
    repainting that...ooooooO! Bubble~Gum pink...HeHe!
    "Nuff Said".

  5. Ha..ha... small selection eh! Very small..... The string jars are really cool - practical and pretty. I remember at Bible College we made rhubarb champagne - still don't know why we thought that would be non- alcoholic - duh! Needless to say it blew up in the bathroom - everywhere!! My Mark doesn't drink either and was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.
    Love the primitive hearts - can you use any kind of acrylic? I'm really keen to try the crow thing now.
    I daren't open the cupboard with my old mags in - too scary!

  6. As ever a gorgeous post filled with oodles of pretties, Julie! Love the blanket hot water bottle covers. Those hearts are really cool as are the string jars.....they look amazing. Those Agapanthus look all pretty in blue and there is something reassuring about a grape vine winding it's way across a garden. The wine sounds must have a tipple when it is all ready to go. How thoroughly relaxed does your Blackie look. Cats really do have the best life; they always seem to find the comfiest spot to doze away some of their nine lives!!

  7. where did you find/purchase the Golly fabric...oooh I NEED some....and they certainly don't sell it here in Canada....

  8. Gorgeous! The hottie covers are beautiful and you always amaze me with the variety of crafting you do - the hearts and string holders are way cool :-) I've been wondering what to do with our excess grapes too - feeding them to the pig and the sheep seems a little extreme, but I don't see wine making as a new hobby! Lovely to see Blackie stretched out and relaxed!

  9. Hello Julie,

    Well I guess you can say you can't lead a man to drink but he will eventually make wine! Hope it tastes great and you have a great vintage, I think that's what wine people say. I do like the string jars, they would be good for crochet balls to as long as the jar is big enough. Enjoy the vintage cars and the drivers on the weekend.

    Happy days.

  10. You keep on doing it Julie, making, baking, gardening and all so wonderful to see. Giggles re hubby and his winemaking. I could hear your voice describing it all. The hottie covers look wonderful, the two I got from you were readily and lovingly grabbed, they were so beautiful. I guess it won't be too long before they are used. Hugs Shirley

  11. Ooh, you're so creative! I love the primitive hearts. My daughter and I create similar ones.

    Blackie is completely adorable ♥

    I can't wait to see how the wine works out :)

    1. Thank You Yvonne - I too, love the simplicity of the prim hearts - think I will make some more this winter.
      Yes, Blackie certainly has "the life" doesn't he .... he is becoming more settled each day (thankfully) :-)

  12. Oh Julie I jist love those heart bowl fillers. I havent made any in ages and these get me wanting to make prims. Now that cat has the right life!!! We just got back from visiting with my dad on his ranch and that is exactly what we looked like for 5 days Hahaha. Happy Autumn.

  13. Goodness Julie, Blackie's quite well camouflaged on that leather couch. Wouldn't want to sit on him inadvertently : O Good rescue on the hearts. I guess the coffee aroma would blend quite nicely with cinnamon & clove scents. Your hottie covers are always a delight. Didn't the lovely dark blanket come up nicely....for a bloke. The point YOU drink wine my dear? Hope it's a grand vintage then if you do! Nice colours in those flagons so far : ) It's quite fun & hopefully rewarding making plonk! Lovely, balmy autumn days here, hope you have too.
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  14. Cool makes as usual. Blackie is looking so at home. xx


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