Sunday, September 25, 2016

Timeless Black & White ....... (or Cream)

Rainy Sunday Greetings dear friends & readers
I have been trying to do a blog post for sometime now & even though I had the photos .... the words just would not get themselves onto the page !!!

My lovely friend Christine popped out for a cuppa & chatted with me about a new doll she would like me to make her.
Christine is currently introducing touches of black & slightly off white into her beautiful home.
She wanted me to make a specific doll for her ... a raggedy pattern called Sunshine - a Lil'blokes design
But she did not want ANY raggedy red in the dolly - just black & off white or cream

Little Miss Sunshine was such a pleasure to create for Christine ... I always love the timelessness of black & white 

Christine did not want raggedy red hair either so I used black perle cotton to stitch Sunshine's hair ... I wasn't sure how this would look but I think it really suits her with her monochromatic colour scheme

After walking past her for a day or two & feeling that something was missing, I realised she needed a toy to hold

This little black teddy bear was in my craft bits & bobs so I gave him/her a cream bow & heart button embellishment

Aahhh much better now she has a little friend for company

Christine was thrilled with her dolly & texted me to say she was most happy in her new home surrounded by other dolls & bears.
You can read about other doll commisions I have done for Christine *here* &  *here*

The garden is just coming to life after our long wet winter & lots of trees are bursting into flower - the magnolia below is in full bloom at present

We have many cherry blossom trees on our property - 7 of the flowering cherry blossom variety prunus awanui
Five of them are planted running parallel to the grapevine, but these will be getting removed in a couple of weeks due to them continually growing up towards the power lines

This one out towards my Cottage will just be getting a heavy prune ....
.... which will be great because it shades my vege garden a little too much.

You can see by my photos, it is still raining here ... these days are good indoor days ... with the fire roaring there are always painting jobs to do, even if it IS only Santa's boots
And as you can see ....
.... I have constant supervision ....

.... even though the Supervisor does get a little weary at times !!!

After the topsy turvy-ness of our renovations, I somehow ended up with 3 broken lamps,  one of which required a trip to the electrician.
This lamp here sits beside the couch by our fire & it is a great stitching pozzy on wintery nights.

After repairing the switch I decided it needed a new shade, but I didn't want to shade too much light as I find it difficult enough to see at nights as it is.
After removing the old cover, I wrapped the frame of the shade in lengths of cotton fabric & then when I was finished - it all needed a bit of a haircut trim.
I added a sweet raspberry coloured bobble trim to the base but Oh it needed something more ...........
Some crochet flowers would be a nice touch but all I had were these in a gawdy yellow colour
However, what I DID have was a paintbrush & an old-nearly-dried-up pot of resene "pohutakawa red"

I could paint them couldn't I ???   ..... Why ever not ???!!!

I just glued the flowers on at random ... I love the effect

Just simple & wonderful 

Thank you all for your visits this rainy weekend dear friends & readers
I shall leave you with this photo I snapped this morning of the tui that visit us here now the blossoms are flowering
Miss Pippi spends hours figuring out how she can taste test one !!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Gosh Christine must be tickled pink with her smart and crisp looking in black and white. Your magnolia's look amazing, mine have finished now, but my weeping cherry is still to flower. Your cherry trees look amazing!! Seems a shame you have to remove some. Pippi really does keep an eye on you doesn't she..........I wonder what she's thinking? Perhaps it's best you don't know!

  2. Brilliant! Love black/white, it's more my era..and little
    Miss Sunshine looks lovely! And the little bear looks
    settled and happy...When l first saw it, l thought it was
    Blackie as a kitten...Silly Willie!!! :).

    Oh! And blossom looks fantastic, especially the one with
    the Blackbird in..Very seasonal, and just the right colour
    of course!

    And Pippi looking at those legs..HeHe! That photo would
    make a lovely caption competition! :).
    " Mum giving you an M.O.T." :). Bless!xx

    Well...I must get on, l've got 8 for dinner to~day, bit of
    a late Burfday bash..I'm doing venison, rabbit, pheasant,
    chicken and pork..usual roasties..etc etc..washed down with
    a few bottles of vino calapso....My daughter got me a litre
    bottle of Chianti last month..then some fine cheeses with a
    bottle of vintage port..Starting at one, we'll finished up
    about eight..and a good will be had by all! Hic! :).

    Oh! Julie...I sent the photo of my pincushion to several
    contacts, and got several replies..all, l
    may have to turn to, and make some more. Honestly......
    A Sicilian Godfather making pincushions...what ever next,
    please don't tell the family...Horses heads and ALL that..
    HeHe! Bless! xx

  3. Oh Julie your Magnolia is beautiful!! Slightly over the rain too, but loving the garden waking up again.

  4. You have done a very good job with your commission, Sunshine looks really smart and co-ordinated and the little bear is just what was needed to make her complete. Your garden/grounds look vast - what a worry having trees reaching towards power lines. Betty

    1. Hello Betty, thanks for your comment. It IS a worry having trees growing towards the lines ... here in our area if you have the trees removed, it is free ... the power company pays for it. But if you have them trimmed, then you pay & it is costly ... & they come back each year & check if they need trimming again. Hence we decided to take these out to remove the ongoing problem & the cost. Hope things are well with you Betty x x x

  5. Hi Julie wow miss sunshine is gorgeous,love her in the black and cream.
    You have an amazing garden ,thankyou for sharing,hope you have a lovely day Julie xx

  6. Julie, yours is my most favourite of blogs, I really love it, and it's always exciting when you have a new post! Little Miss Sunshine is gorgeous, quite different colours for you to make I think ? Your lamp is so pretty too, I love the idea of painting the crochet flowers- genius.
    Your magnolias are looking glorious, it's all autumn berries and falling leaves here!

  7. It's good to see your spring bursting's getting quite autumnal here. Love the dolly and looking forward to seeing the rest of Santa, have a crafty week. xx

    1. Thanks E.E. I am enjoying our spring even tho it is still wet & cold, it is lovely to see the garden coming to life again. Time you blogged again E.E. :-) Thinking of you x x

  8. Spring is here, right? That does mean a rain shower or two!
    The black and white dolly is precious! She did get a red nose! Whew!
    Take care, clever Julie! I love the lamp, too!

  9. Little Miss Sunshine is delightful and I have to say teddies always fit right in...they just know how lol! Your garden looks a treat despite the wet stuff. Happy boot painting x

  10. Hi Julie, the doll is gorgeous, love your little cottage, if I ever get back to NZ would love to come for a visit, have a great week, Chris xoxo.

    1. Hello Chris - it would be sooo wonderful if you ever came for a visit - we could share a cuppa & solve a few of the worlds problems !!!! Hope you have a lovely week Chris x x

  11. I can't believe the size of that magnolia tree!!! The flowers are amazing and what
    a sight the cherry blossom tree is from a distance. I have only seen Raggedy Ann's done in the red tones,
    but the black and white is smashing girl!!! Teddy is an added cuteness to her. Lol...I'm
    having a laugh at the look on your 'supervisors" face. Looks like the painted legs in the
    bowls might be a temptation. lol

  12. your flowering trees are amazing! shame some have to be removed, but can relate to that, especially under power lines, i have a few on my north side that have to go too, they shade my house in winter plus they are getting way too big for the front border.
    ahhh Miss Pippi, such a fine supervisor she makes too
    love the black & white doll & didn't the little bear just make her pop! excellent!
    thanx for sharing

  13. Your flowering magnolia is a beautiful tree Julie and the cherry blossom is beautiful too, such a big tree near your Cottage. Shame some have to go but sometimes that has to happen. The doll you made is just beautiful and she looks very happy with the teddy. Good to see the Supervisor is on the job, lovely to have a tui visit you too. You did a fantastic job with the light shade!

  14. Little Miss Sunshine is lovely! And perfect with her little friend Bear! Cute lampshade and so funny seeing Pippi and all the legs in the air! Love the tree - I counted 14 tuis in the neighbours tree one year - it was amazing!

  15. Oh such a gorgeous non-Rageddy Ann, I'm not surprised Christine was happy with the result! Lovely to see your spring flowers and your tuneful visitor. We too have had more than enough rain lately, a mini flood this week made a lovely mess!

  16. Love, love, love your dolly! The little bear made the perfect companion. You're so creative and I love the little cups your creative feet are sticking out of.

  17. Hi Julie I loved visiting with you today, it's been awhile;O) I thought of you the other day, I found all the seeds you had given me finally, they were still packed away in a box, now I can sprinkle them in my garden! I'm a bit slow at getting onto things in the garden this year but now calving is almost done I'll have a little more time to spend out there... Your garden is an inspiration:O) I also have 2 of those lamps I love what you have done with yours... I too made a new cover for mine 2 houses ago;O)
    Big Hugs

  18. Ooh.....your Magnolia tree...breathtaking! Are you really going to remove those cherry blossom trees....really?? Love Little Miss Sunshine, she is a vision in black and white. Cute lamp, what a great idea to wrap the shade in fabric. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Julie.


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