Friday, September 9, 2016

The Purple Cupboard

Greetings dear friends & readers from Wintery Waikato
Late last year my friend Joyce & I were having a cuppa together & I was telling her about some of my revamps.
Joyce works as a Volunteer at the local Church Op Shop.
"There's a cupboard at the shop you might be interested in" she mentioned .... "it's only $3"
My ears pricked up !!!  "Yes please I definately would be interested"
"It's kind of a wooden bedside cupboard" she informed me "you could paint it up - I'm coming out this way tomorrow, I'll drop it off to you"

There was only one small teeny tiny detail that Joyce forgot to mention .  .  .  .
.  .  .   the $3 cupboard was painted bright purple !!!
When she unloaded it from her boot & sat it on my deck, I thought The Mr was going to burst a foofoo valve !!!

And so the purple cupboard sat at the back of the sleepout - abandoned & forlorn
There were at least 2 occasions when I attempted to clean out the sleepout & The Mr dragged "that hideous old purple thing" over to the burning heap.
But I would always drag it back again.
It was in such rough condition that it would require a major overhaul in order to ever on-sell it again.
Then last week when I was tidying up the Cottage decking an idea came to me.
I dragged the purple cupboard out of the sleepout & set it up on my deck to paint.

A rummage in the back of my craft cupboard & I came across 1 1/2 testpots of Hot Chilli red paint from Resene  .  .  . this would have to do !!

After giving it two coats I realised I had completely forgotten about the drawer
 I only gave the cupboard a good wipe down - really it needed stripping, sanding & quite a substantial amount of work
But I had neither the time, the energy, nor the inclination
However once finished, the drawer painted & the wooden blocks (feet) painted & secured, it looked totally transformed

The 1 1/2 testpots were just enough to give it two thorough coats

.  .  .  & the purpose of the newly painted cupboard I hear you asking ???

Well, down the end of my lounge in front of the french doors, I grow my babies tears in little pots
I find the warmth, the light & the late afternoon sun just perfect for getting them established
Plus it is out of the way of too much foot traffic (especially the 4-legged variety)

Note to self ......Julie finish scraping the paint from the windows !!!!!!
Once these little pots are established I plant them up into vintage aluminium teapots & china cups to sell in the Cottage
The purple little red cupboard would be ideal for displaying all these plants on the Cottage deck area
I needed something that wasnt too "precious" & that could take the odd splash of water spilt on it
The scrap of oilcloth was left over from a stool covering & was the perfect size for the top of the cupboard
These little aluminium teapots just need their doileys mod podged & they will be sealed & waterproofed

I asked The Mr what he thought of the purple cupboard now but he declined to comment & just shook his head !!!???

I have been the lucky recipient of some gorgeous gifted treasures this past month
Kerry popped in unexpectedly with a "care package" she had put together for me with such thoughtfulness

The delicate lime scented candle is still going strong but I must confess there are a large portion of choccies missing !!!!

I was lucky enough to have a visit from my lovely friends Claire & her Mum Nancy, from Hawera.
These girls were on their way North & we enjoyed a fun lunch together.

Claire presented me with some thrifted treasures along with this gorgeous pouch she had made me
I loved it so much that I added a wire hanger & it now hangs on my lounge wall (minus the choccy of course!!!)

And Nancy, who was knitting in the car, presented me with a wonderful selection of her handknitted dishcloths - which I LoVe & use every single day

Then last week, while waiting on a warrant for my car, I wandered down to visit my friend Sally
It was such a surprise to be given a late birthday gift - some of Sal's beautiful handwork, a gorgeous stitchery in a hoop - which is also now hanging on my lounge wall
Thank you SO much girls - I am so thankful for all of you, your friendship's & your kindness

We are experiencing an icy polar blast here in wintery Waikato dears friends
It is definately weather for inside activities
Last week when I looked after little Alec, we decided to make a start on some spring cleaning .... as you can see Alec was sooo helpful !!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today dear readers
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with things that bring you pleasure
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie ,wow your little cupboard looks fantastic and is perfect to sit your lovely plants on,well done,oh your sweet little Alec is adorable and what a great help he is too,lol xx

  2. That's a great use for the little cupboard, the oil cloth on the top makes all the difference. Glad you have had little Alec over, these times are the most precious. Your climate doesn't seem so alien now as we are heading into Autumn here and I am beginning to feel the need for candles, blankets and nights in!

  3. The little cupboard is lovely..lovely shape
    and design...I did like either colour really!
    But..But..There's only one colour l would have
    painted it...mmmmM! No prizes for guessing! :).
    Looks really nice with all the little pots on,
    sets it off, a treat!

    Goodness! That's how l started my sewing, with a
    hoop..aged five! Sicilian boys were always raised
    much the same as girls..not so much now a days though!
    We could'nt afford a l used to sit with mia Mama,
    and stitch away in the hoop! Usually with our pussy~cat
    on my lap! Bless!x

    Lovely saying by Roald Dahl...Kindness! so easily forgotten!
    And, little Alec..At least he's in a safe place! Which reminds
    me..."Winter 'draws' on".
    HeHe! I'm going to pop back to previous posts...To say hello to
    Pippi and Blackie....As there seriously omitted from this one!
    Bless them!xx =(^..^)=

  4. Alec, what a sweetie! he looks right at home in a kitchen. Love, love the red cupboard........w-a-y better than purple!

  5. What a gorgeous transformation. It looks wonderful with its baby tears potted up and on display. Love your pretty gifts and that saying is so very true! How cute is your little grandie xx

  6. Love the little red cupboard and the oilcloth is a perfect contrast with the red. So many lovely gifts, I love the hoop your friend made. Ronald Dahl is so right, kindness is so important xx

  7. I love what you've done with that cupboard and what an interesting
    and unusual style it is. So gorgeous. You've got some awesome friends who
    bring you wonderful gifts. Lucky you. cute is Alec...helping you
    with the spring cleaning. Little kids are so sweet. Love his eyes. xx

  8. Wow Julie!!!! What a transformation!! I love purple but even that little effort was a bit much for me!! Love what you do with the babies tears, their containers look wonderful. Lovely to see Alec helping you!! He has the most beautiful eyes. Hope the wintery weather picks up soon for you.

  9. Wow! that is a difference alright! Love that red! The oil cloth just makes it perfect for the lovely little plants to grow on. Fabulous gifts - aren't friends the best!. Alec looks like he had a ball with the Spring cleaning...ha...

  10. My dad used to say foofoo valve so I had a giggle at that. Love what you did to the purple cupboard, the transformation is super gorgeous and perfect for your baby tears. I swear little Alec is getting more cuter everytime you share a photo of him. Look at his beautiful big eyes, and that butter wouldn't melt look.

  11. Hi ya Julie, well I was going to agree with your Mr, you know purple is my favourite colour, but that looked hideous haha, amazing what you did with that little cupboard. Little Alec looks to be having a ball, great fun those pot drawers for the little ones. Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo.

    1. Thanks so much Chris .... I much prefer the red to the purple. I am so glad I painted it now as it looks just lovely on the cottage deck area. Hope you have a great week too Chris ... its pouring down here - great sewing weather :-)

  12. Love your little cupboard. I knew a small detail about being painted purple wouldn't stop you from transforming it into an object of beauty! Love the new colour and the oilcloth is perfect sitting atop it. Love the teapots. So happy your husband didn't burn it!! You received some gorgeous pretties. How sweet is that little sewing machine stitchery. Your Alec is adorable; he really does have the most beautiful eyes. Hope the weather over there begins to warm up soon.

  13. Dear Julie, long time since hearing that term "foofoo valve" giggles.That hot chilli is a lovely colour and makes the cabinet look wonderful.Dear Alec, happiness is-----

  14. I swear Julie that your Mr just has no vision for the potential in things...surely he's lived with you long enough by now to know that you can make anything look fabulous?? xxxx

  15. the cupboard looks wonderful, though am a purple fan myself too.
    some lovely gifts there
    thanx for sharing

  16. Hi Julie, Thank you for your kind words, really appreciated as I have been through a nasty family upset and didn't think I would be able to get back to blogging, perhaps it wasn't right to mention it but I wanted that person to know how much it hurt.
    Anyway, it's good to be back and I have lots of catching up to do. Sending you a virtual 'kindness medal' xx

  17. Wow Julie I soo love seeing what you transform things into.. chilli red of course is a gorgeous colour.
    Alec is looking so gorgeous.. such fun having them 'helping' too ��

  18. Hi Julie! What a perfect cupboard! I love the color (sort of chili red!).
    What a cute grandie grand!
    I wish I could visit your shop/home.
    Take care, lovely YOU!

  19. Alec is completely adorable!

    Roald Dahl has been one of my favourite authors, since childhood ♥

    You are such an inspiration, Julie.
    I adore the cupboard, and all the plants, too. Perfection! xx

  20. That little cupboard looks amazing now - love the colour.

  21. oh yes the cutest little one is so helpful hahah reminded me the days when were as helpful dear.
    your cupboard looks fabulous you arranged it so beautifully and even your post is arranged so nicely .best wishes


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