Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Christmas ..................... And Candles

Good Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers
As we have had constant rain since I last posted ... there has been quite a bit of productivity from my Sewing Room.
Now I know alot of you will be groaning when I mention christmas ... but it was time for me to finish some Santas that I began several months ago.

I have rebooked a stall at the craft fair that my local town hosts each November opposite our beautiful rose gardens.
Last year I found the christmas items on my stall were rather popular.

This Rustic Santa above was my first completion ... he is an old  Woodcutters Daughter pattern 
(now Theodora Cleave)
On the instruction sheet Barb has written "I especially love this Santa"  ... well he is one of my favourites too. 
I have made him a few times now for gifts & to sell, & I treasure the one I own myself.
  ...........  I just adore him with his quilted teadyed jacket & his rusty tin embellishments

Next Santa to be completed was this fellow called Prim Olde Santa by Kerry Daly of Primitive Country Treasures

This guy is lots of work with all his toys & trims & attachments.
The raggedy doll is gorgeous & I was able to find a lovely olde worlde christmassy fabric to use for the stocking

I scented the cinnamon sticks in his stocking with a touch of christmas pine & spice oil & he smells rather divine.

These two stitcheries were unearthed amongst my christmas patterns ... one was completed, the other just begun.
I managed to finish stitching the last one ... Cottage Garden Thread "Kangaroo Paw" ... & made them up into little lined christmas bags.
This is an old Country Friends pattern ... once again, I have made this a few times now & it's a favourite of mine.

....  Simple ticking fabrics for the backs ....

This gorgeous woven christmas trim - purchased from my local patchwork shop Stitchin Stuff  just yesterday - was perfect to complete the bags

Earlier this year as we embarked upon our renovations, I had to unpack several wallunits & cabinets in order to move them out of the lounge room,
I came across some lovely teacup sets gifted to me & never ever used so I decided to try making some soy candles in them, as a change from the teacup pincushions I usually make.
I purchased some soy candle wax & some wicks online ... & then .......  nothing further happened !!!
They all sat in the spare room gathering dust !!!
Last weekend I finally found the confidence to give it a whirl.

I must be honest & admit I rushed with the first batch ... & paid the price for it.
The result was several air bubbles in my candles & one of them cracked as well.   These ones will be burnt myself, gifted or sold as "seconds".
The second batch I did a little more research, took my time & had a much greater success rate.
I found it helped to warm the teacups just ever so slightly first.

The first batch were fragranced using Mulled Wine & for the second batch I used Lime, Basil & Mandarin as I felt this suited the pretty green of the teacups

This old 2 tier wrought iron stand - unearthed in the haybarn & repainted by moir - is perfect for displaying them on 

The next batch I plan to make will be scented with either orange cinnamon or lemongrass & ginger fragrant oils 

There is something so therapeutic about making soy candles - especially when the weather rages around outside ... you are tucked away creating delicious smells in your kitchen !!!

Thank you dear friends & readers for staying with me through a lengthy ramble
I hope your week is going well & that you are kind to yourselves & to each other
Thank you for your visits today
with much love & friendship & kindness to you all
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x

photo at the bottom especially for you dear Willie cos I know you will mention they are missing today !!!  :-)


  1. Hi Julie what a beautiful post,i love those santas and those bags are so cute.
    Wow those candles look amazing on the tiered tray,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. Ah! Bless! Bless! Look! Now that is what l call
    friendship! HeHe! Thankyou Julie...One for my
    pussy~cat folder! Thankyou!x

    Think l will have a little groan..or maybe two! love Christmas..Yes! Yes! of course
    l do..And all the more with the above Santas.
    Especially the top rustic one! Love it. Quite
    unique! :).
    Christmas is in the shops over here to..Even Sky TV
    have started a Christmas film channel..I always think
    Santa is a little thick though...Houses have doors and does he come down the chimney and get
    stuck...!!! :).

    The candles look lovely to Julie..but l think l'll stick
    to the pin cushions..! My daughter saw mine, and she wants l might just try and get an extra large cup/mug
    and make one...perhaps even a bucket....HeHe! :). get on..just gone seven over here..time for a
    second cup of lemon tea, and face the vigour's of the day...
    Another sunny is forecast..I'll wander into town and raid
    the charity shops!
    BIG (((HUGS))) for the furry ones, when they wake Julie!

  3. "Ho, ho ho, Merry soon to be Christmas".................your Santa's look superduper! Pretty candles and I can say from my own experience as a proud owner of one of your lovely candles, they are so nice!
    Wishing the best of luck at the craft fair.

  4. Hi sweet Julie! Your makes are always so inspiring! The Santas are so gorgeous! I'd like to make candles!
    Aw! The kitties! So cute! Timothy is sleeping on my lap at the moment.

  5. What a reminder!!!....Christmas isn't that far away. I love your santa and Christmas projects.
    The bags are awesome, I love making Christmas bags for friends and family. The candles in the cup and
    saucer is such a cute idea too. As I was reading through your post I was wondering where the furry
    friends were!!! lol They look too cuddly. You have a great week too.

  6. The dreaded 'C' word!!! No not really dreaded but it does seem so early! Love those Santas of yours, bet they will be snaffled up. And a good idea to put the china to good use - the soy candles sound divine - bet they smell divine too!

  7. Hi Julie, oh how I miss making dolls, your Santa's are delightful, just love them. Yes the weather here in Victoria has been horrible as well, so much rain, great job on your candles, they look good to me. Best of luck at the Craft Fair, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

    1. Thank you Chris ... we are still getting rain would you believe !!! Great crafting weather though. I am hoping to make another batch of candles this afternoon ... makes the house smell yummy. Have a great week Chris x x x

  8. I'd love to have a look in your hay shed sometime Julie it seems like a tardis of vintage treasures :-p Love the tea cups, so pretty xxx

  9. Hello Julie,

    Your room must smell divine, love how you made the stitcheries into little bags. Best wishes for a successful sale in November.

    Happy days.

  10. Your kitties are just adorable!
    This post makes me pine for Christmas, but it's too soon... maybe after Halloween, I'll be ready :)

    1. Thanks Yvonne ... Christmas sure is coming up sooo fast. I am stitching some christmas ornies at the moment & it feels way too soon. Have a great week Yvonne x x

  11. Wishing you all the best for the market next month..Christmas is coming way too quickly for me!! Love the stitcheries and they look wonderful in the bags. Your candles look great too, the oils you have used sound divine, can almost conjure them up in my mind!! The Santa's look wonderful too I am sure they will sell quickly.

  12. Those candle look fabulous! Love them and also the way you have displayed them. And you know how I love the Christmas stitcheries and bags you made! love to the puddytats!

  13. Your acup candles look wonderful, I would love to have a go - lemongrass and ginger sounds nice. all your makes are very festive and inspirational. Betty

  14. Please let me know when the Fair is on as I so want to come over for it this year. You certainly have been busy getting your stock sorted. All will sell super fast I am sure. Love the candles, and quite like the idea of making some, is it difficult to do?

  15. I'm in love with that pretty wrought iron stand. Just as well I don't live down the road from you.....I would have to take that one home with me. =) The teacup soy candles are a brilliant idea. I bet they smell divine. Those Santas are sweet. Your stall is going to be amazing with all your pretties displayed there.


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