Friday, October 28, 2016

A stool, a rack, a trunk .......... & worms that pee ...........

Happy Friday dear friends & readers

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jan informed me there was an old wooden stool at the local Op Shop for only $5 !!
I was on my way to babysit Alec so I popped in & purchased it on my journey.
It sat in my car for 2 days before I took it out of the boot & bought it inside.
When I looked at it in front of the fire that evening .......... I wondered what on earth was I thinking ????!!!!!!!
The paint work in my photo looks quite okay .... but in reality it was decidedly tatty, chipped & tired looking.
The seat was hideous & had no padding whatsoever - although it DID have about 500 staples holding it in place !!

I removed the seat cover firstly (yes all 500 of them !!!)
Next I painted the legs cream & then I found a large offcut of foam rubber to add some deep padding to the seat

I covered the seat with some of the gorgeous Sanderson Oilcloth that I was able to buy from
my lovely friend Catherine
The edge of the oilcloth had the manufacturers details on it - rather like fabric does - so I cut these off & affixed them to the base.

Somewhat of an improvement don't you think dear readers ??

While I was painting the stool legs, I also painted this magazine rack which I hauled out of the sleepout
Though I forgot to take a "before photo" it was plain dark wood - rather similar to the one I did in this post

Painting anything slatted can be time consuming & fiddly but I always especially enjoy the embellishing 
part at the end

The Mr arrived home from the farm last month with these 2 old tin trunks on the back of his Ute
I danced around merrily with much excitement & glee .  .  .
The grey one is an old ammunition trunk . . .  it had been used to store gunpowder in.
I did not ask The Mr how he disposed of the gunpowder - but I think I am fairly safe to say he did not toss it in the burning hole !!!!

After a good scrub The Mr made me coat the entire trunk with anti-rust preventative paint ... this part of the revamp was boring, uninspiring & time consuming . . .
Then I gave it 3 coats of my cream wall paint Cottage Cream
After studying the top I decided to paint the cross part in red . . . I used my testpot Resene Persian Red
After 2 coats of this I decided No - too dark/too brownish/ not happy !!
So out came my nearly-dried-up-testpot of Resene Pohutukawa

Much better .  .  . & much more the deep rich red I was visualising

I have not sanded/distressed the edges of the trunk yet ... I am still undecided about this as The Mr thinks I should leave it as it is.
What do you think dear readers ??  Leave as is or sand the edges ??

This tin trunk is going for sale in my Cottage but the largest sized one - yet to tackle - will be going in my lounge.

I am not too sure what I am doing most of the time ... but I must be doing something right with my worm farm because those little worms are pee-ing like crazy !!!
The set up of the worm farm is structured so that everything liquid that comes out of them goes right down to the bottom layer
This reservior has a tap on it so you can access the worm tea/juice which makes the most amazing food for your plants, pots & your vege garden
I had been asked by several customers if I would be selling any of this liquid gold so this week I was able to bottle some up for sale .  .  .
.  .  . as well as using it continually myself on my plants & the garden.

Thank you so much for staying with me through this lengthy ramble
The sun is shining today (for a change) & it is nearly The Weekend !!

I hope it is a wonderful one for you ALL dear friends,
Thank You all for your visits
With much love & friendship
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Treasures everywhere! You have the Mr trained up with 'The Julie Eye' for treasures you can pimp over.........good stuff. Worm pee is fabulous stuff, shame you can't post me any? Wouldn't it be funny to post wee !!
    Love the transformed stool, way better than the doom and gloom vinyl green!

  2. the worm farm is interesting. That antique trunk is going to be snapped up, you made it look really good - I would distress the corners slightly as you suggested. It would be a lovely blanket box or shoe box.

    1. Hello Betty ... thanks so much ... funny as I was thinking myself it would be a perfect blanket box. It is a good size without being too weighty. Yes I have slightly distressed the sides today & added a big old black key to it ... it looks much better. Have a great weekend Betty xx

  3. Pee~ing worms...Goodness! The mind boggles! :).
    It all looks good and strong in the bottles!
    Do you mark it with the date Julie...For vintage! :).
    Keep it away from the furry ones don't
    want them growing any bigger! HeHe! Bless!

    And, what you've done with the ammunition box is amazing!
    I think it needs a little more of something doing to it.
    Might be just me! But, it does look more like a 'first~
    aid' box now!
    Interesting to see what you do with the brown box!
    Looks as though Blackie!x has an interest in it...And,
    look..he's stood up..! :).

    And, the lovely covering on the stool..really nice that,
    seems a shame to sit on it, and cover the pattern up! :).

    Well...nearly 7:30 over here Julie..still dark, the clocks
    go back an hour on Sunday, hour extra in bad, not that it
    makes any difference to me!
    Time for another lemon tea...! And, mind those worms don't
    pee on the carpet...Bless Them! :0).

  4. The stool is amazing, you have transformed it!! Beautiful!! Woo hoo for the worms and their pee!! And think of all the composting they are doing as well while making the pee!!! Well done the Mr bringing home the trunks. I think the white one needs something but I don't know what!! Helpful or not!!!

  5. Ha...yes, worm pee is like liquid gold! I help feed Grandma's worms and she is still reluctant to let me have some! Ha!. Love what you have done with that stool and the Ammo box

  6. I love the stool. I wish I could toodle over to your shop and buy it!
    The trunks are very cool! I think you should distress the edges. My vote.
    Everything you make/remake is lovely and tasteful. You are a true artist!
    Sending love your way!

  7. You have given me a great idea for my husbands Christmas present, I think he would love a worm farm!
    I would distress the trunk just a tiny the stool, just off to investigate worm pee! xx

    1. Oh I am so pleased E.E. I think it would make a GREAT gift ... I received mine for my last birthday & I was sooo excited. It doesnt take long to get them up & running & they are just wonderful for disposing of your scraps too.

  8. Hi Julie wow the stool looks fantastic now as does the trunk, and mag rack,I love your revamps well done xx

  9. Gosh you are a bit of a magician aren't you - working wonders with bits and pieces :-) It's always fun to see what you do. I do hear that worm widdle is wonderful for the garden, I bet your customers will be snapping it up!

  10. Far out!!! You got up to all sorts of things this week...pretty groovy girl!
    You are dedicated to be taking out all those staples, you were a woman on a
    mission. Great job the worms are doing there and I've heard their 'juice' is
    good for the garden. lol

  11. Your creativity amazes me every time :)

    I hope you have a great Halloween :)

  12. The stool looks great and so in love with the rusty trunk! I look forward to seeing what you do with that!! worm pee, so funny am looking into that myself, my soil needs help!! Have a great week, Michelle..............ooooh have you had your market day yet? if so how did it go??

  13. The stool and trunk are unrecognisable, I love the cream paint you used. After wondering for awhile, we've decided to get a worm farm going in the new year after winter, hopefully we'll have lots of worm pee too! xx

  14. I'm with Pom Pom- you're a true artist indeed!! What a wonderful transformation with the stool & the Sanderson. Funny thing- Rob just used the same to recover an old wrought iron (I think) seat for the front porch yesterday. It looks lovely too. Perhaps I could send Barbara pics of them both. Love the names underneath yours- very inspired addition. The blue stool, a post or so ago, came up ever so nicely too. Mmm now I really am dragging my heals after hearing the boring bit about the undercoat on the trunk, I/we have an old rubbish tin sitting in the way in the garage that I continually bump in to in the interminable wait for me to paint it! The results are stunning, however, when I see your trunk so I should hurry myself up. Love the red in the middle & yes, am inclined to agree about the slight rough up. Dear Alec, so nice to see him growing up. Much love from a very chilly- got the fire going- Hawke's Bay x0x0x

  15. Hi Julie, wow what a difference with the stool. I vote to sand the trunk, everything looks better rustic, oh and don't remind me about slats, I'm in the process of painting a set of table and chairs, with those dreaded slats lol
    great worms you have, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  16. Your revamping is always so good to see. You see the potential in everything I think.

  17. wow love your revamping, mmm, the trunk looks good as is & probably look good stressed too
    you do amazing things to stools, that was some face lift! gorgeous fabric!
    worm pee is amazing stuff i get mine from our market gardens :))
    thanx for sharing


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