Monday, October 10, 2016

Getting back on track ...................

Greetings dear friends & readers,

I managed to finish another chrome leg stool ... the same style as the one I did in this post *here* & the last stool from out of the haybarn (unfortunately)
This stool I had covered in a different patterned oilcloth
I am hoping this one is as popular as the last one I had in the Cottage

I had some leftover remnants of oilcloth in my sewing room so decided to stitch them up into some outdoor cushions

I find when customers see my own outdoor cushions, they often ask to buy them
So these will be going for sale at the Cottage  ....
....  the cushions that is .... NOT the cat
(tho' somedays the cat would be for sale .................. or even free !!!!!!!!)

The men have been & removed the blossom trees that I wrote about here
Considering the wet weather & the soggy ground, they did a great job of not making too much mess
The very next day the Mr went out & purchased 4 new weeping blossom trees prunus something something ... & we planted them.
They are a slow growing, later flowering, weeping variety that will NOT grow up into the power lines
I now have 2 large piles of this below ... to spread on my gardens

-  one pile out the front & one out the back  - 
I look back at my life & I wonder what happened in my life that I now get excited about piles of mulch !!!!????

Perhaps I have a chromosome missing somewhere ...................

During the past year - particularly once the Mr broke his leg ... I got waayyy off track with alot of things
I feel as though I have spent most of the year just chasing my tail
Gradually I am getting back on top of things though it is a long, slow process
One of things I got way off track with was my vege garden
I let it go to weed & then when I did manage to weed it, I flung veges in willy-nilly with complete disregard for my moon gardening calendar
All my broccoli & cauli seedlings, my beetroot & several herbs bolted straight to seed - it was soooo disheartening

I am feeling good about my garden again now that I am diligently planting by my moon calendar - which tells me when to plants things that produce above AND below the ground
I have lots of new veges coming along & we are almost ready to eat our first lettuces of the season

This little wooden bowl below was found in my craft cupboard
I think it was left over from this old post *here* where I made "little bowls of prim"

I loved it & wanted something to fill it .... but wasn't quite sure what ??
I accidently tipped over a bag of Tilda scraps in my sewing room (I keep every single scrap of Tilda offcuts)  so this inspired me to make some Tilda hearts to fill my bowl
I added a tiny mother of pearl button to each heart
Instead of stuffing them with wadding I filled each one with dried lavender ... they smell heavenly
The "Home" button is old & I think is a Nikki Tervo ceramic button
Funny how something so simple can make me feel so happy 

The garden is coming back to life after winter & it feels like new things burst into bloom each day
It is a pretty time of year & reminds me why I love spring so much.
Thank YOU so much dear readers for stopping by today to visit with me
Your visits & your comments are so appreciated
I hope the coming week brings you only good things,
with love & friendship
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Piles! Piles! Excited about piles?
    Well..I've never had them, but l'm told there
    quite painful! :).

    And! A cat for sale...I'll take it! I'll take
    it! HeHe! Is it 'buy' one..get one free! Bless!x
    I'll collect! I'll collect! :))).
    Pippi looks lovely on that rustic wooden bench!

    Oh! And Hubby and his leg..lost track a bit, hope
    he's o.k. now..all healed up! And, running round,
    like a whats~it on fire..! :).

    Love the cushions Julie..I do love cushions, had
    one as a prezzie for my Burfday..It's pink (of course).
    with black cats all over it!

    It all looks lovely, as usual Julie...Autumn over here of
    course, most upsetting thing is the leaves falling off my
    Virgina Creeper...bit sad that! Still, loads of spider webs,
    (wonder if their on the internet)..which l look after and
    feed...With interest!

    Off for a second lemon tea...Take care of those piles now!!!!
    Bless! BIG (((HUGS))) for the furry ones! Take Care!x

  2. Don't let my hubby see you may be selling a cat......or better yet giving her away for free! I don't need anymore cats! Gorgeous stool and the matching cushions. I need to visit again to help load the mulch around your garden! That's two good mountains you have!

  3. Your garden is looking gorgeous, and this is why we love Spring, the growth and the colour. I would get excited about the mulch too, we obviously live a wild life Julie!!

  4. Hi Julie, you have been a busy bee, love your stool, they bring back lots of childhood memories, only not with that gorgeous fabric, something orange if I remember rightly lol. Oh you wouldn't sell that adorable cat, not in a million years hehe. your garden looks great, love those old wagon wheels. Have a great week, good luck moving all that mulch. Chris xoxo

    1. Thanks Chris ... yes I remember the orange chrome leg stools too !!! My Mother had one for years. Wish I could get my hands on it now & give it a makeover. Hope you have a great week too Chris.

  5. Hi Julie what a lovely post,i love the chair and those tilda hearts are so cute.
    We must get back into the vegie garden too,its been to wet and cold to do so,hope you have a lovely evening.

  6. Hi Julie, I always love popping by and catching up with you. Love that stool and the Tilda hearts are so cute. I keep every precious scrap of Tilda too. Hugs, Fee

  7. Lol..maybe you have several chromosomes missing! lol Perhaps we're twins. I get excited when
    I drive passed a farmer's rubbish tip. Missing the same chromosome ? lol. Those hearts and cushions
    are pretty awesome girl. It will be nice to see your new trees grow and I love the other garden pics.
    Too beautiful. Your stools are lovely looking and no wonder they're popular!!

  8. g'day! your garden is looking splendid!
    love the bench your cushions are displayed on (& the cat!)
    also love your teacups (candles) from the previous post, vintage!? you certainly do know how to find things.
    give hugs to the furry ones & hope you have a great week
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina - the bench with the cushions on is quite old now ... but it just gets better the more moss it seems to grow !!! Yes have given the furry ones a hug from you Selina :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Playing catch up as usual...good to see your festive crafting and love the rusty bell bags. You seem to cram so much into your days...enjoy your spring and relax! xx

    1. Thanks E.E. Yes I do try to cram too much into my days sometimes. Relax ..... Whats that ?? :-)

  10. I do like the three legged stool - you have done a very good job on that. glad you have plants that will be beautiful but not reach the power lines. You work so hard and have such a busy schedule - I like your outdoor cushions - maybe I should think about that for next Summer. We are winding down into Autumn now and the nights and early mornings are chilly, Betty x

    1. Hello Betty - Yes I have been enjoying seeing autumn creep into your part of the world. The outdoor cushions are great & are easy to sew up. You can probably buy a wonderful range of oilcloth in the U.K I would imagine. thanks for stopping by Betty. x x

  11. Hi lovely Julie!
    The stool is VERY cute! I want one!
    Aw, that ginger and cream kitty is so sweet and cute. Cuddle BUG!
    You make the warmest and most wonderful things. The hearts are precious.
    Take care, spring chicken! Our nights are growing colder but we are enjoying the mild temps. Soon we'll be walking around in puffy jackets.

  12. Those hearts look lovely - I am imagining smelling the lavender from here. I am sure gardening is nice but I don't do it. I am fortunate that Grandma does and as we live next door on the same property I get the benefit of all skills. She works in a nursery two mornings a week. She has retired 2 or 3 times - even got the gold watch but keeps going back - they love her. Love the stool.

  13. Well done with the stool, I am sure it will be snapped up. Shame about the big trees but hopefully the smaller ones will behave!! The hearts you have made are beautiful, I bet the smell wonderful too. Maybe I need to look at the planting by the moon too, the last broccoli I planted went straight to seed too! Tomatoes are growing well though despite the horrible weather we have been having. Love the out door cushions!

  14. Such a gorgeous post, filled with creative loveliness. The stool is so pretty and I love seeing those that adorable kitties of yours ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks Yvonne .... the kitties seem to feature in every post. I didnt plan it to be like that but somehow they seem to pop up here & there :-)

  15. Hello Julie, I somehow managed to lose track of your blog – not usual as I seem to lose track of most things these days. Anyway I’m happy to have found you again.
    The fury one is as adorable as ever and your garden is looking splendid. I understand the mulch thing, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy either! Happy Spring.

    1. Thanks Barbara for stopping by & leaving your lovely comment. I too seem to lose track of so many things these days !!!! I make lists ... & then I lose the lists. Hope you are having a wonderful week Barbara.

  16. Oh dear, I do believe you are missing a chromosone, Julie.....maybe more. So glad you replaced your pretty trees with some weeping cherries. Love all those pretty oilcloths....great stool. Those little hearts are sweet, I bet they smell divine! Your veggie patch is looking amazing. I don't believe for one minute that you would give away your four legged little ginger friend!


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