Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Revamping Raggedies

Happy Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers
Last week while reaching way up into the top of the spare room wardrobe for a lightweight blanket for Sid's cot, this pair of Raggedy Anne & Andy dolls fell down on my head .  .  .
 As I hastily tossed everything back up there, I suddenly glanced at the raggedy dolls - "ah yes .... I remember you" I thought ....
I think I could do something with you two 💕 ....

That is their strips of fabric hair shown lying beside each one !!

I had originally purchased the dolls through the Gift Shop where I previously worked.
 I enjoyed them for many years but when they began to fade, they were put away out of sight in the "one day pile"
The worst part of the fading was their raggedy hair which had faded to pink in some places - I managed to remove this easily enough & then gave their faces a spray with parisian essence to give them some colour back again 
Each dolly was given a gentle sponge bath & when dry received new chunky wool hair ....
Even this alone brightened them up SO much !!!

I decided to tackle Raggedy Andy first ....
I made him a primitive looking Santa sack & stitched this to his hands .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  then proceeded to fill the sack with all sorts of goodies .... a teddy, a gingerbread man, cinnamon sticks, greenery & pip berries & some primitive looking candy canes which I striped with my burgundy fabric paint
While I had the burgundy paint out, their wooden bases got touched up a little ....

I also made him a Santa hat - keeping to the muted country colour scheme - & stitched a rusty bell to the end
 I love embellishing & adding rusty stars & bells to things ... I often have to stop myself getting rather carried away & overdoing it !!

Next came Raggedy Anne . . . .
I loaded her arms up with goodies .... a rag doll, a golly, a wooden heart, candy cane, berries etc & tied a big homespun bow in her hair

I have decided to call my pair "Santa's little helpers" ... I think they will look wonderful on my stall along with my Snowmen & other christmassy crafts


This Christmas Garland was another finish this week .... this pattern is called "Celebrate Christmas Swag" by Tracey North from "I Luv Country"   .  .  .   stitched in Cottage Garden thread "mistletoe"
   I chose to blanket stitch mine onto dark red felt & attached a small rusty bell to the corner of each square

I used torn strips of dark green homespun to tie each square  together
(not photographing very well today unfortunately)

Last Christmas - among the gifts I gave my son Kayne & his wife for their soon-to-be-born Son - was this photo of Kayne taken at Cherry Island & wearing a smocked romper suit I had handmade for him, 32 years ago when I briefly attempted learnt to smock.
Along with the photo I gifted them the romper suit as it was still in pristine condition !

They sent me this photo just yesterday of my grandson Sid wearing the actual romper suit 💗
Sid is currently experiencing his first holiday with his parents in Rarotonga & this was taken on the beach - he has the same serious expression his Daddy used to have !!

And then this photo came through this morning ... there is no bath tub in the unit but not a problem ... he just gets bathed in the kitchen sink along with the dishes, & doesn't mind one single bit!!!
Just delightful !!!

Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today dear friends

 I hope your Wednesday is a happy one indeed !
with much love & friendship to you all 💝
Julie & the furry ones (absent today !!)


  1. Oh! Love 'Santas Little Helpers'...And, what you've
    done with them Julie...But, best of all are their
    legs, they did make me laugh! :). All thin and screwed
    up...HeHe! Lovely! :).
    And, l do hope they go together, and not split up!
    They look a lovely 'old' couple! :).

    And, Kayne and then Sid with the Romper suit!
    That brings back memories, my goodness! Yes!
    I wore exactly the same thing at that age!
    Though in..(no laughing)! Yes! Pink!
    HeHe! But that's another story! :).

    Bathing in the sink...Yes! That to...Though
    l can't remember any bananas being there! :).
    And, my Mum, used to plonk me in the sink
    after doing the washing, while the soap suds
    were still at there best! :).

    Well..Best get on, nearly 7:30 over here, and
    still dark, though the clocks go back an hour
    on the 29th...wish they'd leave them alone!
    So...l'll go make another lemon tea and sulk! :(.
    At least it's only the second..who's counting..
    post..that the furry ones are absent...Boo! Hoo!
    Bless! :0).

  2. I can't believe the magic you have worked on the Raggedy pair! Your creativity knows no end. They are adorable!!
    The Christmas swag is so cute!
    The twin photos of your son and grandson are priceless, as is the photo of bath time. :)
    Delightful post, Julie!

  3. The raggedy's look so cute all dressed up for Christmas, you have so much talent have you ever thought of doing classes? Your grandson is gorgeous and what a treasure having a photo with him wearing the romper, priceless. I have a little dress that my mum made with smocking and made out of lawn fabric which she made when she was in high school which is over 40 years old. My nana had it but couldn't find it when my Mum had me and my sister. So maybe one of my grandchildren might get to wear it one day!
    And no kitty cat posts today? xoxo

  4. That was a real treat Julie. Loved the dolls and all the work that went into them. As for Sid ! What a happy delightful little boy he is. You are so

  5. OMG you are oozing talent! If the sky fell on your head what would you do with that!? I like the new look you gave the old raggies. Your grandson is a sweetie, fancy him wearing that same sweet romper.....very cute!

  6. Fabulous rescue on the raggedy pair, you are SO talented. How special is the romper suit that Sid now wears, he looks much happier in the sink though!

  7. How cute is Sid in the romper suit and the sink!!! So good to see him in the beach. You have made beautiful changes to the Raggedy people, you are very clever!!

  8. Hi! Your Grandson is adorable! The make over Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls turned out so nice. It is wonderful that God has given you such a creative mind and thank you for sharing with us. I love the Christmas banner! Have a great day! Nancy

  9. Hi Julie! Oh, Ann and Andy are adorable! Really, the hair made a huge difference and your addition of goodies is brilliant.
    Oh Sid is a cutie and looks just like his dad, doesn't he?

  10. I adore your Santa’s helpers, you’re so creative, they look amazing! How wonderful that your beautiful grandson is wearing an outfit you made his daddy, how special xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl - yes I was so chuffed my daughter in law took the outfit away & photographed Sid wearing it.

  11. Love your revamped Raggedy's. They look fabulous. Gorgeous swag. Sid looks so cute. Hugs,xx

  12. Hi Julie love those raggedy's, you did a great job reviving them, I think I love raggedy Andy best, but they are both adorable, good luck with your stall.
    Speaking of adorable, your grandson looks so cute in his Dad's old romper, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  13. amazing!
    loved the raggedy dolls too!
    thanx for sharing

  14. Your son is beautiful in this suit! And he is sooooooooooo cute in the kitchen sink! Funny photo, my friend! I love how you gave life to the old raggedy dolls! And great stitching on the Christmas garland! Kisses!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mia ... yes I loved the photo of him in the kitchen sink, it was just gorgeous !!

  15. Oohh Julie such a lovely post. The Raggedys look amazing after their do up and Sid is adorable. Loved the romper suit and sitting in the sink among the dishes, love, love love and as Willie would say "bless". All adorable Julie.

  16. LOVE your rejuvenated Christmas Raggedys, Linda. You have breathed new life and whimsy into them. You smocked?? I am impressed. Love all the smocked outfits our children all those moons ago. How sweet Sid looks modelling his smocked rompers. How wonderful he is wearing this treasured outfit.

  17. Adorable pictures!Your son is so cute!!
    I am your new follower, hope you follow me back.

  18. You've reminded me how close to Christmas we are getting. Love the Christmassy items, so
    cute. Baby photos always make me go all warm and squishy. lol. Have a beautiful week. xx

  19. What an amazing job you have done on those raggedy dolls. They had had your special touch and they look fantastic! Great idea with the little smocked romper suit. When I got handed down a little waistcoat and cap that Mark and his brother had worn - made by Grandma - I dressed my son and replicated the photo. It was great fun!

  20. What an amazing job you have done on those raggedy dolls. They had had your special touch and they look fantastic! Great idea with the little smocked romper suit. When I got handed down a little waistcoat and cap that Mark and his brother had worn - made by Grandma - I dressed my son and replicated the photo. It was great fun!

  21. So amazing what those raggedy dolls look like when they have had your touch! They look fantastic! It was a great idea about the little smocking romper. Grandma had some little vests and hats that Mark my hubby and his brother wore and when I got handed them I did a little photo shoot the same. Great fun!

  22. Gorgeous revamp of your Raggedy's, Julies. No one would ever guess their history! And fabulous photos of Sid - how cool that the romper suit lived to clothe another child!

  23. Another great transformation! Those raggedy's are now looking rather gorgeous. You are very clever and have a great eye for detail :)

    Love the little romper on Sid, he does look a lot like his dad...too cute! My kids used to love a bath in the sink or laundry trough too, so much more fun than a boring old bath :)

    Also loving the Christmas swag, those colours look great and finish it of nicely :)


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