Monday, October 2, 2017

Stitching Snowmen & Planting Bikes !!

Greetings dearest friends & readers
A shiny new week AND a bright shiny new month  .  .  .  .

Welcome to October !!!!
The weather here today is bitterly cold with icy showers & a howling gale outside.
The fire is roaring & the cats are tucked up in their basket in the warm ... it is an ideal Sewing Day !!

This morning I put the finishing touches to a small collection of Snowmen I had been working on over the past couple of weeks
The weather has been rather perfect for making Snowmen !!!! 

All the Snowmen were made from the same vintage wool blanket from my stash.
The two Snowy's above were copied from one a friend had gifted me several Christmas's ago ... I do not know who the pattern is by so please let me know should you recognise it so I can give credit to the designer
Their woolen hats are from the sleeves of a 50c Op Shop Jumper!

All the Snowmen are weighted in the base with a bag of fine gravel which I stole pinched borrowed acquired from the metal pit just down the road from me !!
This fellow above & below is called Snowbells & is a pattern by Margaret Hart from an old copy of Homespun Magazine (Vol 6 No 4)
These little fellows were the reason for Sue & I to visit The Christmas Heirloom Shop in my last post as I was wanting the artificial christmas greenery & berries to embellish my Snowmen.
This particular one had snow already painted on it & was just perfect for Snowbells.

My last fellow is called "Chilly Willy" & is a design by Mary Wright ... again out of an old Country Craft Magazine 
(Vol 13 No 3)

When Mum was staying with me I spent quite a bit of time going through my old craft magazines looking for Christmas inspiration.

I have altered this pattern somewhat from the original ... I haven't painted a snowman on his body, I have appliqued the jacket rather than embroidering it, I have given him a rusty tin bucket holding christmas berries & greenery, along with a wooden snowflake button on his scarf
Most of all I LoVe the bird that has made a nest in his hat !!
(& Yes, that IS a real birdsnest that I found fallen out of a tree last month)

Here they are all lined up along my candle cupboard - all looking very festive indeed.
These are all going for sale at my Christmas Craft Stall in mid November.

In between the showers & the winds, I have managed to plant up some bike baskets with snapdragons, petunias & impatiens ... our grounds are covered at present with fallen cherry blossom petals that remind me of confetti.

This time of year my little collection of baby's tears plants are coming along well down the end of my lounge ... I find the dappled light through the french doors is a great growing area for them

 Some vintage teapots received a doiley embellishment mod-podged onto them & a pot of babies tears 
ready for sale at the Cottage ......

...... & this sweet little china jug - gifted to me by my friend Joyce from the Church Op Shop.
They were tossing it out due to a hairline crack inside but I thought it looked perfect with a dainty 
baby's tears growing in it.

Well dear friends - I am off to work on more Christmas Crafts - & fill the wood basket!
I hope the coming week is good & kind to you All

Thank you all So much for your visits today
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Love the snowmen. They are very cute. Hugs, xx

  2. Still quite early over here Julie...Had my last
    Burfday bash yesterday, dinner for l've
    a bit of head this morning! And, l was up and about
    at five..on my third lemon tea now! :).
    But! That's all gone now! Seeing the furry ones in the
    basket has cheered me up no end...! Bless! They look
    lovely! :).

    The Snowy people look lovely..well, you have to have
    Snowy ladies...The bestest for me is 'Chilly Willy'
    of course, love the expression on his face..Lovely!
    And, the bird on his hat..HeHe! He looks the coldest
    of them all..! :).

    The bikes look great to..Wonder if Sid will be riding
    around on them one day...or at least trying to..that
    would be fun..! :).
    The collage at the bottom is lovely to...a robin with
    a pink breast, quite unique..or someone being clever!

    Great post, as usual Julie...I'm off for another lemon
    tea, and l think l can manage breakfast, a little later
    on..can't miss my fry up...! Then, a little wander into
    town for coffee at Costa...! Bless!x

  3. Love your snow people Julie!

  4. Your snow people are nice! You are always creating nice things! Love the picture of the cozy cats. I don't have any baby tears. Almost bought a pot once. I think they are so sweet and will end up with a pot of them at some point! Love tea pots. Never thought about putting a doiy on them! Have fun sewing today! Nancy

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Nancy. I wish I could give you a babies tears plant! If you should ever see one to buy, then you can break them up into small pieces & they soon take off ... they are wonderful for small containers, teacups & teapots. Happy creative week to you Nancy Xx

  5. I can always depend on you, lovely Julie, for reminding me that Christmas is not very far away....thank you. =) Your snowman are gorgeous; all of them. I love all the little details you have added to each one. Sounds a bit dreary (weather wise) over there. I will send some of our Spring sunshine over the ditch to you, shall I?? Love all your pretty plants in the sweet containers. Hope your October begins to warm up very soon.

  6. Oh, those snowmen are so jolly and cute! They have so much personality.
    The bike planters are very clever.
    And I love the various containers filled with baby's tears. I had forgotten about that sweet little plant. I grew some decades ago. I know I'd bring one of those home, if I could shop at the Cottage!

  7. Hi sweet Julie! Oh, your snowmen are VERY sweet! They are perfect! I have watched a new sewing class on Creative bug and now I am excited to sew a blouse, a dress, a skirt, and pants! I need to move my sewing machine downstairs first so I have lots of space.
    Soon your weather will be warmer and ours will be colder!
    Oh, those kitties! Could they be any cuter?

  8. I love your snowmen with all their gorgeous adornments. Your cats look so sweet and snuggly curled up together in your basket xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl .... it was the kind of day where you almost wanted your own basket to curl up in & let the world go by!! Hope your lovely daughter is feeling much improved.

  9. Agreat post Julie. Not sure about being reminded that Christmas is on the agenda soon. Love the pink collage at the end of your post, beautiful.

  10. Hi Julie, snowmen are my favs, and I remember that chilly willy pattern, yours looks just as good like that.
    The warmer weather is taking its time to get here, wish I could curl up in a basket in front of the fire. Almost finished with your surprise, one more thing to do and should be able to pop it into the post by weeks end. Have a great week, hope the weather is warmer for all of us soon, should go up to Sydney, they are having fabulous weather, but I guess I'll be complaining that its too hot then hahaha. Take care, Chris xoxox

  11. YUS................winter is hanging around..perhaps for a winter lovin' gal like me!! Your snowmen are super cute, when you come to visit you can see the cute ones our mutual friend made me. I love the twigs in their heads, they look like they have small sprouts?? We have also had the fire going, still after coming back from a heat wave in Australia i need it! Loving the baby tears, one of mine has taken over the bathroom vanity :-)

  12. Psssst....naughty me giggled at the name for one of the snowmen "Chilly Willy".............:-)

  13. That was a lovely blog Julie. The snowmen are very cute. I love your plants and seed growing. I have never done baby's tears. They all look wonderful. You must work from morning till night to be so productive.

  14. Your snow people are fantastic Julie, love what you have done with the snowy Christmas greenery. That was such a good find! The little rusty bucket looks great too! Lovely to see the cats in the basket snuggled up there. We have had a sunny day today, actually got to sit out in the sun and read for a while this afternoon, but the rain is due to come back tomorrow!! I can hear Leeanne giggling at the Snowmans name!! The bike baskets look wonderful as do the babys tears, the end of the lounge must be the best place for them to grow well. The tea pots and little jug look wonderful too, they will fly out of the cottage. Hope the sun returns to you very soon.

  15. they all look wonderful & homey! the snowmen that is lol (so do the cats!)
    love the planted bike! just adorable!
    stay warm & safe!
    thanx for sharing

  16. Your snowmen are delightful, they are very much in the Tilda style. The one with the birdsnest in his hat is my favourite. I hope you get some clear sunny days soon.

  17. Hi Julie wow I love your snowmen they look fantastic,you have such a beautiful garden my friend xx

  18. Your Snowmen are all so beautiful, it is going to make it hard for your customers to choose who gets to go home with them. Spring at last, time to get into the garden like you and plant up the much needed colour.

  19. Adorable snowmen!!!

    you are amazing at your skills my friend!

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