Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Advent Calendars & Train Trips .........................................

December Greetings dear friends & readers

About 5 years ago I bought some sets of novelty pegs in a half price sale.
I had originally intended using the pegs to make Advent Calendars to sell at Christmas time in my Craft Cottage.
This idea never came to fruition.

Last month, when a box fell off a shelf in my sewing room - out tumbled the pegs ..... perhaps I could make Advent Calendars for my Grandsons ??

These wooden "trees" were purchased last year from The Warehouse - once again at half marked price so 
instead of being $20 each, I got the 2 for $20
There were only 15 round hooks in each tree - so I carefully unscrewed these

I hot glued the novelty pegs onto my trees, making sure to cover the holes & also to evenly space out my 24 pegs.

While down at Mum's last month I came across a Photocopy Shop closing down with all her plain wooden letters for 50c each.
I purchased my grandson's names & once home, I painted them with a testpot of chalk paint I found in my cupboard ... Imperial Red - the perfect Christmas red  πŸ’—

When dry I hot glued my letters to the star on the top of the tree.

My local Patchwork Shop StitchinStuff was selling these lovely printed panels with little stockings on so I purchased 
a different one for each of my Grandsons

Now believe me dear friends - sewing all those teeny tiny stockings was not terribly much fun at all πŸ˜‰ !!
As the girl in the Patchwork Shop said to me "the first 3 are great fun & then after that it's just plain fiddly"
And I had 48 to sew !!

Each one was backed with a red/white spot fabric I found in my stash 

The Panel I used for Alec's advent stockings reminded me very much of French General fabrics πŸ’•

During the process of making all 48 stockings, as well as working on my Orders ...... I somehow lost 
Numbers 16 & 23 !!  I could NoT BeLieVe it !! 
It took me 3 days to find them in amongst the mess that my sewing room is in creative space that I work in πŸ˜‰
So I decided to make a small pouch that the stockings could be kept in when they are un-pegged each day

I used the same red spot fabric & the edges of the stocking panels had these lovely fabric tags on them, so I stitched one on each pouch.

My next task was taking one stocking & heading off to my local Variety Store to find treats small enough to fit into the stockings.

I decided to wrap each days surprise in red tissue as I had visions of Alec peeking in all the stockings to see 
what was in them.
48 tiny packages later & I was finished !! Phew !!

Last Sunday, the 1st December I packed up a picnic lunch &  took my grandson's & their families to the
 Hamilton Miniature Train Park

The day was warm & windy & we just had the bestest time together

We rode the trains & we picnicked & the little ones rode bikes, blew bubbles & told stories to each other

The Park has many big established trees that are just wonderful to picnic under.
I also gifted my Grandsons their Advent Calendars & watched with pleasure as they each opened Day 1.

Well dear friends I am currently working on my very last Order 😊
Thanks So Much for your visits here today - I hope the coming week is good & kind to you all,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones


  1. What a wonderful grandmother you are! Not only making your grandson's wonderful keepsake gifts but having fun picnic's and train rides too!

  2. These advent calendars are so special and will be cherished for ever now. I made a set of those small stockings a couple of years ago, it was actually the red and grey set. I remember that by the end I was very glad to see them done. x

  3. Goodness! What can one say..? What can one say..?
    Julie..the Advent calendars are simply amazing..! :).
    All that work, all that stitching..maybe boring, but,
    Hey! They look's nice to be unique and
    different..(look at me)..HeHe! :)
    The Grandlittle's will love them..! :).
    Will you be making one each for Blackie and Miss Pippi..?

    We have a park near to where l live, that has a train, though
    only the one, it goes round a very large pond, with ducks and
    swans..lovely there in the summer..! And, it's near the sea as

    Not long now, must get my crib out at the weekend, get that up,
    don't bother with a tree, have'nt done since my daughter went
    off to Uni. Long time ago now...! The crib, l've had since a boy..
    Still the same one to..So, l put a special effort into it...! :o).
    πŸŽ„ 🦌 🎁 ⛄ πŸŽ„ 🦌 🎁 ⛄ πŸŽ„ 🦌 🎁 ⛄ πŸŽ„ 🦌 🎁 ⛄

  4. Well Julie, with each passing post, I say to myself 'Julie is such a fantastic crafter I wonder what she'll come up with next?' and here you are totally surpassing my expectations with those absolutely FABULOUS Advent Trees. I can feel the amount of love which you poured into each one and I hope the boys will treasure them for years to come. I'm not sure how much effort I will put into decorating for Xmas but I wish I had your enthusiasm. Your train day looks like the perfect family day out, again making special memories for those darling boys. Thank you for popping over to mine too, Julie. Means a lot. x

  5. Wow they are beautiful and you certainly worked very hard to make them so! I bet the boys love them! You can't beat a train ride xx

  6. love the advent trees with stockings, delightful

  7. Darling,but you are right the first three are fun the rest not so much.

  8. Hi Julie wow what a fabulous idea ,the trees look fantastic,well done my friend on your beautiful work,love the photos ,happy times xx

  9. Beautiful, special thing you have made for your grand sons Julie. I can imagine the sewing would become tedious!! Looks like you had a great day out at the trains, special memories for the boys.

  10. What an awesome gift for your grandsons Julie, you did a wonderful job. Being a former Hamiltonian girl I don't remember such a cute placeπŸ€” not that trains was something I liked as a girl😁 Good luck with your last order for the year, then you can kick your heels upπŸ‘πŸ˜„ Chris xoxo

  11. That will put you in the good grandmothers box for some time to come.

    1. Sometimes I need all the extra Brownie Points I can get !!!

  12. Oh wow, both the Advent Calendars are amazing. I cannot believe you stitched 48 itty bitty stockings. I can just imagine both your grandson's sweet faces each morning as they open their present for that day. Such a fabulous idea, Julie. Love the photo of you with Alec and Syd on the little train.

  13. My goodness, what lucky grandsons you have! These advent trees are wonderful, Julie! I can imagine how "fiddly" it became to make all of those stockings, AND to wrap all the little gifts. But it must feel so good to have accomplished that for the special wee ones.
    The picnic looks delightful.

  14. Those are fabulous and the best I have seen. You put so much work into those and your grandsons are going to be thrilled. I am sure they will be treasured for a lifetime. Might I also say your picnic looks very posh I am quite jealous. x

    1. Thanks so much - it has been lovely to get little photos each morning on my phone of my grandsons opening their stockings. Yes I do love putting together a nice picnic.


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