Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas Bits & Bobs

Greetings dear friends & readers 
I hope the week is treating you kindly - the days seem to be going by so very fast!

Last Tuesday when Sid was here we decorated the tree ... Sid grew tired of this task about 1/4 the way through 
so I finished it when he had his afternoon nap

I have been wrapping my gifts as they are either made or bought & putting them under the tree - but once again 
I have to leave a space for the Christmas Fairy who is under the tree yet again this year!

Sid & I made a few decorations together - some for his tree & some for Granny's

Last weekend The Mr was away riding Moto X for two days.  I got alot done. 😊
Not that he necessarily stops me from doing things, but I find not having to make meals & endless cups of tea - I seem to achieve alot more.
I got all my smaller orders completed, including the lavender bags (10) & mothball sachets (20) above

I made a vintage china teacup birdfeeder - an Order for my friend Elaine.
Yes I often do "try them out" in my garden first πŸ˜‰

I made a batch of soy candles in vintage glassware - some of these are for gifts & some are Orders.
The house smelt delicious - a mixture of Mulled Wine & Calico fragrance oils

My lovely, clever friend Shirley sent me a photo of some beautiful dainty stockings she had made. Shirley had come across a piece of handmade felt that she had made awhile ago & decided to make 6 little stockings with crocheted snowflakes on & silk ribbon bows.

Shirley asked me to fashion her "a coathanger of sorts" to hang them on.

I had a lace covered cream satin coathanger already made so I added a wooden snowflake to it - sprayed first with some cream spray paint.

I made some holly shaped leaves from felt for each end along with gold bells & embellishments to compliment the bells Shirley had stitched to her stockings.

When I delivered the coathanger to Shirley I thought it looked So Stunning I could quite easily have bought it 
right back home with me!!

I decided to do a quick paint/upcycle on this old wooden stool to use in my bedroom.
I have to do these projects when The Mr is not here because he does not like me painting the native wood.
The colour is Old Linen (chalkpaint) & I covered it with some leftover curtain fabric.

Though my eyes are tired at night, I still like to sit & knit either dishcloths or cotton scrubby cloths,
Blackie tucks up right beside me these evenings - he is feeling rather tired himself from all the Christmas prep 
he has still to do πŸ˜‰ !!

Thanks as always for your lovely visits here today dear friends,
I hope the lead up to Christmas is going well for you all,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Now that is a Christmas tree!! How gorgeous it looks all decorated with its sparkles. How fun to have Sid help you with the tree. I see your furry little friend peeking from under the tree, too. I thought she might be sitting on top of the tree. =) Love all the gorgeous makes you have been imagining. Gosh you have been busy. Those lacy stockings are beautiful. You put Santa's elves to shame, Julie.

  2. Hi Julie oh I love your Xmas tree and had to laugh at your Xmas fairy ,what a great spot.
    Oh I do love seeing the things that you make. You are so very clever,well done my friend xx

  3. All so lovely. I especially like the use of the old glassware to make candles. x

  4. Goodness! Julie! It gets better and better..! :).
    Love that wonder Sid got tired, l expect
    he could'nt reach the top bit, to big and to tall!
    Lovely surprise for him when he woke up though...πŸŽ„

    The lavender bags, candles, and coat~hangers, all
    look lovely to..but! the cups/saucers always make
    me chuckle..l love those..l really do..wonder what
    the birds think of them..HeHe! :o).

    And Blackie looks ALL pooped out after ALL that
    knitting..I expect both furry ones are loving the
    tree..and all the going on's..Bless them..! 😼 🐾🐾
    πŸŽΆπŸ”” Jingle Bells πŸ””πŸŽΆ Merry Christmas! 🎁 πŸ””πŸŽ„

  5. What a gorgeous Christmas tree! We have a 6' slim tree, not overly decorated. We only have one 'old' decoration on it and that was a gift given to John in 1969 in Japan. I've wrapped all the gifts we're giving and they're under the tree. I love all your little handmade gifts. Best, Jane x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Jane. I find decorating the tree a huge job but am always thrilled when it is all done & lit up. xx

  6. Everything you do is so beautiful. I love the cat under the tree, that is where my cat is right now.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. I am sure Miss Pip would just love to be on top of the tree if she had her way !!

  7. ahhh, christmas tree, christmas tree... haven't decorated one in a long time. my old christmas tree was a live hoop pine which has been planted out & is almost the height of the house.
    your tree looks lovely
    glad the furry ones are enjoying the season too
    love all the handmades!
    have a wonderful xmas & a safe new year
    thanx for sharing

  8. You have a beautiful large tree. It is always more fun to have little helpers to decorate! The candles look beautiful in those glass containers. I adore that lovely hanger with those beautiful little stockings! What a great idea. Nancy

  9. Love your tree. I couldn't put up my big tree this year, just no room. We have a bigger computer desk & it now covers the area where i used to put my tree. :(. Just as well i have a smaller tree i can use so i will still have a tree up. Love all the projects you've been making. Love your Christmas Fairy. Hugs,xx

  10. What a pretty tree--and I love the ornament making with Sid. :)
    The stocking hanger turned out to be a perfect match--just lovely!
    Like your husband, I do have a hard time painting over wood, but I have to say that every time I see you do that on a project, it always turns out to be beautiful.

  11. Love your tree Julie. It is beautifully decorated. My best friends son gets married tomorrow - it has been a busy week as they are kinda relaxed ( understatement!) so there has been a lot of fixing - wedding dress!! yikes - altered - dear Auntie Susan did that ( everyone needs a Susan in their life - plus re-size the grooms waistcoat.....tons of stuff to do out at the beach site etc etc.........My poor tree isn't even out of its box!! sigh...... Told my Hannah she can elope!! ha...ha..... Think the cats have the right idea. I will go to sleep until it is all over!

  12. Beautiful post Julie, your tree looks amazing, good to see the Christmas furry fairy is in place. The stockings look lovely too, you are both very clever creators!! I can imagine the wonderful smell of the candles. I must get into gear and get my bird seed cups in the garden!

  13. Julie, it all looks so beautiful! Funny, it took me a while to find the Christmas Fairy. Now I get it. :) Even with the Mr.away, how do you ever get so much done!!

  14. You have been very busy, Julie. Sid has done a lovely job on his decorations. I still put up ones my boys made when they were little.


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