Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not a bike collection

Hello dear friends & readers,
A lady wandered up the driveway to the cottage last week in the spring sunshine.
"hello" I went out to greet her...
"Oh hello " she said -  "you collect bikes"
"No??" I replied . . .  "Oh but yes you do" she said, look how many you have around your garden !!!" . . . 
So we chatted about spring & gardens in general & she had a browse & I walked her back to her car.
When she had driven off, I decided to have a serious look at this "so-called" bike collection . . .
Well, I mean to say  . . .  whats one ol' bike sitting under the tree where you park ??? 
As I walked around the 1st corner of the driveway I did spot an old rusty trike in the undergrowth but it was hardly noticeable . . .
if you can hardly see it,  it doesnt really count does it????!!!!
I do "happen" to have a trike on my deck which I sometimes use for children to ride on to occupy them while their mums are shopping...

As you walk past the deck there is another old planter-style bike once again, hiding in the growth . . . (so doesn't really count)
Then on the lawn, we have the old trike that I planted back in the       winter which is now full of colour . . . 
As you cross the cobbles to the cottage pathway, there might be is another old derelict bike which has a basket planted but is - like everything outside at present - covered in little pink/white blossom flowers - these spring winds we have make the lawn look like it is dotted with pink/white marshmellows lately . . .
Then - just recently - I was thinking of have moved a bike onto the deck of the cottage & planted a little side basket on its carrier, which I hope will soon be overflowing with flowers & prettiness . . . 
Not to mention (of course), there might be is the odd bike on the wall . . .
Now I ask you friends . . .  would you call that a "bike collection" ?????    She was slightly mistaken don't you think ??? A bit of an over-exaggeration on her part????  :-) (or perhaps a bit of denial on mine)
The garden is coming to life at last & some of my old-time favourites are coming into bloom -
iris's flowering by the pond - grown from a cutting
I Love grannybonnets - one of my absolute favourites & love that they just self seed everywhere . . . 
Even the vege garden is showing some life & I have also been planting lots of summer salad veges . . . 
A friend bought me some blankets that she needed edging with blanket stitch & they came in this little plastic carry-all bag - she said I could keep the bag & it has made the most wonderful little "mini greenhouse" to raise some seedlings in  . . .
Amazing what a bit of improvising can do
 There has not been alot of crafting going on inside - truth be told I have felt sooo tired of late - the change in seasons perhaps & also we have daylight saving which has begun here in New Zealand & I have felt tired & unfit & notice my summer clothes from last summer appear to have "shrunk" somewhat !!!???  (I knew that soap powder I was washing them in would do that to them!!!)
I have finished making up a batch of citrus potpourri though & have been bagging it up along with my country garden potpourri as have a large group due next week & always like to have fresh stock of potpourri in the cottage 
  Needless to say, the house smelt delicious -
& finally folks, Mr big Fat Fluffy has found himself in a bit of "trouble" this past week - what with digging & burying, & generally "sitting" on precious plants etc (believe me, not alot survives when that big fat fluffy thing parks himself on top) - but theres not alot bothers him now & when he gets a telling off from Mum (never Dad) he just closes his eyes & pokes his tongue out at the world & everything in general . . .
that stupid ol' Mum yelling at me like that - who does she think she is . . .  tomorrow I'll sit on another plant!!
Maybe we should all take a leaf out of his book ???
Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week dear folks - thanks as always for stopping by :-)
Julie (& Mr poke-your-tongue-at-the-world Wolf)  xox


  1. Bikes...I would say you collect plants by the looks of things, LOL
    It all looks so inviting. It must be an awesome trip to wander around your grounds.
    That homemade potpourri looks divine.
    I bet it smells the same.
    Your poor doggie he looks just tuckered out.

    PS funny how that soap powder sneaks up on us ;)
    Enjoy long walks in that garden and I am sure in no time your clothes will be back to normal ;)

  2. Hello Julie,

    Thanks for the tour around your garden. I was so pleased to see the pram on your verandah. I had one of those when I was a child, thanks for the memories.
    Vegies look great as well as the potpourri. I can just about taste and smell them from here.

    Happy days.

  3. Ha ha I can see that you don't collect bikes just like I don't collect blankets! Isn't the planting in the trike on the lawn looking good. I do so adore granny bonnets & foxgloves & all the pink & white confetti on the lawn. What an odd phenomena that getting tired with the seasonal change (& really annoying)..very sensible doing the day light saving change over in the school holidays though isn't it. I feel as if I've only just done the winter clothes re-shuffle don't tell me I have to go through all that drama again already! I think I'll cling to my denial a little longer...I lit a fire again tonight it's so chilly. It's the birds here that seem to be continually turfing things out of my garden.. plus a big fat fluffy would make a terrible mess! Have a lovely week dear friend & thank so much for your lovely comments. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  4. Oh I love your garden and your non bike collection! and your threadbare cottage. I have been browsing through your old posts and you are so clever :-)
    Thank you for your lovely kind comment, hope that you are having a good week...a whole day with no rain here Yippeee!
    love Sophie.
    For some reason I have only just found your blog!! Mr wolf is a gorgeous handsome boy x


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