Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Waving my brush around . . .

Good rainy afternoon dear friends & readers

Since my return from Mums I have been waving my brush around
. . . my paint brush that is . .  .
. . .  Not my hair brush (hmm,  mores the pity). . . 
prior to going away I had begun a couple of projects & I wanted to get these completed & also attempt some new ones

When I helped my friend shift shops back in February lots of bits & pieces got loaded onto the Mr's ute to be taken to the dump
Me ... being the Steptoe that I am ... unloaded some of it!!
This shelf looked like it could do with a makeover

It had come with a range of soft toys that Gail had in her shop
& was in a the shape of a teddy bear

My friend Elaine had told me about this technique she uses to wax & then distress things, & I was keen to try it & also I figured that - if it went wrong - I had nothing to lose!!!!

I waxed the unit first with an old white wax candle rubbing on all the corners & pieces I thought I may want to sand later
then I painted the topcoat straight on - no undercoat

Because it was a type of plywood it really soaked up the paint
so I ended up having to give it 3 coats in the end
then when it was dry, I set to with my paint scraper

note to self ...  treat yourself to a shiny new paint scraper!!!

I didnt take too much off initially & just sort of decided as I went along - taking a little bit more here & there
I wanted a sort of timeworn, vintagey, distressed look
(yes, rather like myself you are thinking!!!)
Honestly folks ... it is soooo much easier than the sanding method
it just glides off where you have waxed
Thanks so much Elaine - now you have got me well & truely hooked!!!!!

this is the finished shelf being used in my sewing room to hold my baskets of fabrics & tidy up the clutter on my desk

As it is kind of jammed into a corner, the photos dont really do it justice 
 I was really happy with the teddy bears "arms" detailing on the side which I had waxed around

I came across these lovely patchwork letters from here

& treated myself to some for the top of it

all handmade & in a variety of colour combinations :-)
I was very happy with my shelf that I "saved" from the dump

My next "waxing" project were these 2 Op Shop finds

 -  from the SPCA Op shop, while I was down at Mums

I waxed/painted them both & then made the bowl into a pincushion  -

using a selection of fabrics & laces I already had ...

I am rather in love with this pincushion :-)

My final project was yet another throw-out from Gails shop
a little mahogany table - nothing very inspiring ...

A light sand to remove varnish, then my candle waxing again
& a couple of coats of paint

Yes I have embellished the poor swan with the "repaired" neck

& it keeps company with a lovely vintage sewing box given to me by my friend Claire 
This little table sits in front of the planter stand I gave a "make-over" to back in January - this piece was done the labour intensive way using sandpaper & lots of elbow grease

When I look at this floral plant pot I always smile to myself
I well remember the customer off the bus group last year
She gave me a right royal "telling off" for having "that valuable  china jardiniere" out in your garden!!!!
"Oh thank you" I said - thinking to myself ... "is now a good time to tell her I bought it from The Warehouse for $19.95 ???!!!"
(she should be pleased with me anyway, I have it inside now)

Finally, on the weekend, my son Kane came & built me some handrails for my cottage steps
I had been wanting some for ages - we had never put any there when we built the cottage & it had become evident that I needed something for the elderly visitors to help them get up the steps

this photo was taken last spring but shows how I only had the poles going down & also a rather cluttered entranceway to get up the steps

Kane also reframed & re-concreted in the steps for me
It was amazing to see the rabbit tunnels underneath them!!!
(quite a little rabbit village going on under my cottage!!!)

I am really pleased with the handrails & I have moved all my clutter off the steps to the garden at the sides making it much easier access

Well folks the rain has stopped so I need to go out & garden some more as I have a big group coming this Saturday . . . 
A Clan Gathering !!!!!
bringing their afternoon tea to have in the garden
(incidently the weather forecast is for torrential rain!!!!)
I do hope you will be inspired to try this waxing technique next time you are wanting to revamp a piece of furniture.
Wishing you a wonderful week wherever in the world you are :-)
Julie Xoxoxo
(thanks SO much for stopping by)


  1. I love the tutorial, when I did a similar thing to one of my pieces of furniture I did it the hard slog way, this way looks fun & fast!
    Cute pincushion, it must have a wooden base?
    Good make over for the steps. Thank goodness you have a large deck, if it does rain when your load of visitors come on Saturday.

  2. Oh your furniture makeovers are so gorgeous. They all look wonderful. We have been painting things white here but we haven't been brave enough to distress them. Love the look of yours though. And your cottage steps are lovely, hugs Wendy

  3. Wow Julie you have been busy, just love what you have done with all your wooden bits and pieces, that pincushion is to die for. What an awesome technique!! Good on your son for the "step makeover" and good luck with your group on Saturday. Hugs x

  4. hello Julie, You have been busy. Your make overs look wonderful (as usual). Good on Kane for helping his "Mum", the railing will be a great asset for the oldies.Hope you have a good day Saturday. Hugs Shirley

  5. ALL the make overs are gorgeous!!! Love the bear shelf! If you didn't need the shelf for sewing supplies it would look fab with bears and doilies!! Steps look great almost like they have always been there!!

  6. Gorgeous makeovers...beautiful items. Loved seeing all your treasures.

  7. Hello Julie,

    If you can't find that pincushion and table, it will be at my house. They are just stunning, just shows what can be done with great pick ups from the op shop.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hello dear Julie...pardon me I seem to have misplaced you in my scrolling!! I thought it was a bit strange so I went hunting & discovered your last two posts..weird how things can slip by unannounced on occasion! Thanks for sharing Claire's home with us agin Julie & your visit there with your mum & Michelle (I shall pop over there in a moment). I do have to say, right this minute, what a tender special find the fallen birds nest ♥
    What a fabulous lot of upcycling you've achieved..makes such a difference doesn't it! It's most especially graphic, I think with the little wooden piece that became the beloved pincushion..utterly transformed. I love it too. Um, just wondering how you know where you did the waxing once you've painted over it all? You must be very pleased with the new rails & that they have been done before anymore precarious incidents! How remarkable all the burrowing...funny old bunnies!
    Oh yes...very fortunate swan find...looks so sweet with the rose around her neck.
    I shall keep a more careful eye out for you.
    Much love for a happy week in the garden in this lovely mild weather. Glad all the techno thingees are getting worked out...that must have been annoying!!
    Hugs & friendship Catherine x0x0x


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