Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Seasons

Good afternoon dear friends & readers

This past week feels like we have seen all the four seasons rolled into one

We have had a real mix of rainy days, cold windy days, chilly clear spring days & then last Friday ... I gardened outside in a t-shirt (Yes I Did in fact, have trousers on too!!)  ... the sky was so blue & clear

On the days when the weather was lovely, I felt like doing outdoorsy things ... walking past my old table & chairs I decided it needed a freshen up ... I remembered having some old testpots in the back of the cupboard somewhere ...

by adding a touch of water to the mix ... I had just enough

& was so pleased with the improvement  :-)
(when purchased, they were white, then they went dark green for a few years, now " Hot Chilli")

However on those cold days, it was indoor activities for sure ...

I only had 2 blue owls left in the Cottage so out came the blanket stash again ...  another "Parliament of Owls" came to life ...

No you are not seeing things, yes there are 2 the same ... 1 is a gift for a friend far away
I was especially taken with this little fellow ... I had not used this blanket before ... quite a bit of retro going on ...

Especially loved the "poppy wings"   :-)

Incidently, the doilies I have used to embellish their tummies, if you look closely at my Op Shop purchases from my last post (below) you will see the bottom left corner doiley ... I simply cut out the individual crochet "flowers" & used some of them up ...

This stitchery had been completed several months back & sat in "the pile"

Finally I made it up into a cushion ... it is a Country Gate Crossing design & was bought out of a clearance bin many moons ago ... I decided to use some of my Lynette Anderson wooden buttons to embellish it ...

I loved this pattern for two reasons ... firstly, it was a preprinted panel (dont you just LOVE those) & secondly, I love anything flower or garden related   :-)

Also sitting in "the pile" was this stitchery ... also completed many months ago & never quite made up into anything
This was another bargain bin purchase - a pattern from "You are Special/Sami's Stitchery's" - I made this one into a wallhanging & added a wire hanger I had in my stash

I decided not to tea-dye the centre panel as it was a lovely lineny osnaberg fabric & it seemed a shame to detract from this

Note to self . . .  clean moss off brick paths ! ! !

The garden is "unfolding" as spring kicks in ... twice this past week customers have commented on my grannys bonnets (acquilegia) ... "oh you have these weeds too do you ??!!"  . . .  well (to climb up on my soap box for a minute here) ... to me, they are Not Weeds ... I adore them   :-)

And I save the seeds of the different coloured ones, & sprinkle them round in other places of my garden ... just because something chooses to pop up in the cracks of your concrete ... doesn't make it a "weed" in my book !!!!!

slooowwly coming to life . . . 

Its okay everyone  ... I'll climb down now . . .

Finally folks, after my "slip" last post down the steps, I had to go one better...
I actually fell right through the deck of my cottage this week ... now honestly ... I know I could do to lose a few kilo's but for goodness sake . . . I am Hardly an elephant !!!

Yes the boards were rather rotten but all I could think of (once I had hauled myself out of the garden & dusted myself off) was "thank goodness it was me - & not the little old lady customer I had the day before!!!!"
So the moral of the story is . . .  if you need to lose a few kilo's & are having trouble finding the motivation ... try falling thru your deck & that'll kick start your weight loss campaign well & good!!!

Our builder Daniel is coming this week to replace several decking boards I am pleased to advise

I am off to walk myself round the local Domain Park - thanks so much for your visit - do hope the coming week is filled with good things for us all . . . 

Cheerio for now folks,
much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie x0x0x
(p.s  do let me know if you would like any grannys bonnet seeds ... I have plenty to spare !!!!!)


  1. The granny's bonnets are my favourite flowers too.... although we call them 'prima ballerinas' in a homage to my love of Bagpuss.

  2. Hello Julie,

    My favourite owl is the purple eyed one in the back row. You tell that customer that some people like me are unable to grow those plants and you feel very lucky to live in the climate that they pop up and love you.
    The Garden Gatherings cushion is lovely, a wonderful pattern.
    Have a great week.
    Happy days.

  3. Granny bonnets rock! Some of the best flowers are 'weeds'! We too have had four season's this past week.
    Cute owls, who who's national & labour parties??? :-0
    Lovely stitcheries........mmmmmm those Lynette Anderson button's look familiar?
    Your garden is looking fabulous. Stunning cherry tree!
    Have I told you I LOVE your red table & chairs, where do you get them from??
    I like the moss on the bricks, but I suppose you would be worried a sweet old lady might slip on them?

  4. I absolutely love your wall hanging 'life is precious' it is so special. Your garden, as always, is looking lovely - I have the little pink flowers you are finding in cracks too - they pop up unexpectedly from time to time. Betty

  5. Well I adore Granny Bonnets..they are one of my favourite flowers. I think they're adorable & friendly & I love that they come in so many colours but you never quite know what you're going to get. Love that blue of yours. Aren't those nemesias great value..looks fab in your watering can.
    I have 2 whole Honeywort seeds for you so far! With lots more to come.
    I am so enchanted by all the detail in the angel hanging...the little crossed over toes & the cat & the heart & the sweet! Goodness Julie...NO more slipping please!! you couldn't believe that it happened again. Yes, definitely not a good idea for it have been an old dear! Rob went through our back porch running for the phone just before Christmas a year ago he was so lucky not to hurt himself. Are you ok?
    Your chairs look much to do! We hope to wash & paint outdoor furniture this week...if it doesn't rain. I think of you every day with a fond thought & tender heart when I look at Lucy's sweet bunting : ) Much love & friendship Catherine x0x0x

  6. Good to see you are propagating doilies by dividing, must be the gardener in you...(we call that a park, not a garden!) Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

  7. What a beautiful Spring post full of everything I love.
    Your garden is looking so lovely Julie - I keep some patches of moss on the bricks here but I suppose you have to be careful of "slips and falls" when you have the public visiting.
    Love the colour of the garden furniture - very dashing!

    Both of your embroidery finishes are just lovely - I'm still struggling with Jessies stocking in between gardening and working on the boat.....

    I would love a few seeds of your blue aquilegia - I have one plant of the gorgeous pink one like yours - it must have come in with the compost because I can't remember buying it!! I'll find something from my garden to send you too!

    I'm spending the morning in the garden adding a few bags of compost - nothing like the mounds you shift - thank goodness!
    Enjoy your week and catch you soon
    hugs & love
    Shane xox

  8. Oh you had me giggling with this post Julie.
    If you wouldn't have said that was a weed, I would have never been the wiser...looks like a pretty flower to me ;)
    I applaud anything that grows green here in a tumbleweed world, lol
    You have been super busy. I love the pop of color on your outdoor set.
    Now for that porch, goodness you could have really hurt yourself. Glad to hear they are coming out to replace them, but for now walk lightly, lol
    Your stitching always gets me going. Owls are so in season here, that burnt orange really pops off my computer screen. I am sure you will sell out fast.
    I am telling ya, your fingers must throw sparks on how fast they must move.
    Take care

  9. Hi Julie
    I love granny bonnets too, and have a few in my garden, they make me smile! I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly...
    You always amaze me with your productivity!!! Yet another bunch of lovely creations:O)
    Enjoy your week

  10. Hi Julie,
    Such an inspiring post you have with all your lovely photo's.
    I love the owls and isn't it amazing just how many doillies you
    find in op shops, I'm surprised they are not used more. Outdoor
    set looks lovely and fresh...makes me want to wonder outside
    myself today.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Hi Julie,
    You know how much I love granny bonnets, (have those yellow ones I dropped off grown? or was it another colour?) I brought a red and one last year from the Warehouse-gorgeous!!! I love how the garden is starting to awake-now I just have to weed!! Love the garden stitchery and the buttons finish it nicely. Hope your ankle is ok?

  12. Julie, I think your blanket owls are absolutely lovely! I love the orange x and I also love the hot chilli table and chairs! It's taken me a long time to pop over to you.....I'm really glad I did x

  13. Your garden is looking lovely, I am happy for granny's bonnets to pop up in the garden too. Love your parliament of owls and the cushion and wallhanging. I love seeing how you pull things together from your stash. Hugs Wendy xx

  14. how cute, I love your stool!
    Izzy x

  15. Leeanne gave me a link to your blog, I love it! Iĺl come back and see and read more!
    Greetings from The Netherlands, Cisca


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