Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This past week & a bit . . .

Hello dear friends & readers,
This past week & a bit has gone by in the blink of any eye  :-)
I cannot believe we are about to turn the calendars over to November !!!

I had the loveliest group last week bring their lunch - an older bunch of ladies - the lady sitting next to me was 97 !!!
As they were leaving this is what they presented me with . . .

Inside the box was this . . . 

the most beautifully iced home-made sponge cake :-)
we shared it with my sons & their families,  (otherwise I could quite easily have scoffed the lot!!!!)

Some of the ladies in the group were impressed with my vege garden which is looking bountiful at present

They asked me ... "you must have a great composting system??"
"No"  I said "I garden by the moons cycles"
And so off I launched explaining my current obsession ... lunar gardening
"Oh I couldnt do that" one lady commented "my husband would think I was quite batty"
"dont worry " I replied "mine already does think I am, but I still continue..."

I have harvested my first planting of beetroot & cooked it up ...

They taste just delicious

Now answer me this folks .... 3 weeks out from a wedding in my garden ... surely only a man would decide to build another raised garden from scratch ???!!!
(I very nearly had convulsions !!!!)     (AND left home as well!!!)

However, we needed to get rid of our rubbish heap that I burn on & this seemed the best solution as the potash makes very good filling for the base 

The old saying "the only difference between men & boys is the size of their toys" .... very true in our house ...!!!
 but he did do a great job & it sure saved me trying to wheelbarrow it all in by hand

We have composted it, & fed it with blood & bone, & lime & are waiting for the new moon to begin planting
The Mr was keen to plant it on the weekend but I insisted we wait ...
"you know you are in danger of becoming like one of those evangelical preachers" he told me "all I hear is you waffling on about planting by the moon - I hear you telling your customers about it & you cart that stupid calendar around with you everywhere ..."   !!!!!

I love that often while we are working outside, we have some "visitors" observing us .... cows are such inquisitive animals by nature

Oohh Gladys, what do you think they're doing over there .....  arguing with each other ??!!

There has been very little inside activity this past week & a bit - although I did run up the 2 scraps of oilcloth leftover from my stool revamps,  & made some outdoor cushions for the Cottage

A trip to Briscoes sale bought some new teatowels & while the angels have been ironed on, I have yet to applique around them & do their "hair" ... I like the bright splashes of colour for a change

While at Briscoes I noticed their lamps were half price so this rather uninteresting little number came home with me ...
(I am always looking for extra lamp light for the Cottage but the ones that appeal to me, cost a small fortune)

The shade is rice paper . . . so I decided to "embellish it" a little

Out came the Op Shop doiley again ...
I was so pleased with the end result ... even the Mr commented on what an improvement it was  :-)
What do you think ???

I added a doiley circle to each side plus some bobble trim I found in my scrap box

In my kitchen I have a bit of a "poppy theme" going on ... I did not really plan this but the old tiles I rescued from an antique fire surround kind of started this off
And so I commissioned the poppy stained glass doors to match the tiles
So I was most excited to win an auction on Trademe last week for this set of coasters - handmade by a lovely lady from the far north

They are so beautifully finished & have felt on their underneaths to prevent scratching

Well folks I hope you have found some creative time in your week
Thanks so much for stopping by to read my ramblings
I may not be posting much in November but I shall remember to cart my camera with me to record the "happenings"
Wishing you much love/hugs/friendship, as always
Julie x0x0x


  1. Julie your veggies look amazing!!!! I want to dive into that cauliflower and broccoli!!! You can keep the beets though ;) my doc tried to put me on them since they are so good for cleansing the liver and kidneys but ugh, nope can't do it. Teach me a good recipe that I can swallow and maybe I will change my mind. Oh those cows made me laugh out loud!!! So stinkin' cute.
    I bet you are getting super nervous for the wedding. I can't wait to see it all come together and do take lots of pictures please!!!
    I don't think you are crazy at all by planting around the moon, it seems to be really working, I mean just look at your harvest!
    Let the boys be with their toys and go about your work, :)

  2. Gosh Julie, this moon gardening lark seems to be really working for you - your veges are looking great!! Everything is looking luch and green and I'm sure it will sparkle for the wedding. Even Gladys and co seem to be in top condition! Love what you did with the lamp - great transformation!

  3. I love that you garden by your lunar calendar and that it's working out so well for you! I love beets but my hubby claims he's allergic (he's not) I just can't see how anyone doesn't like them. Love what you did to the lamp! It's so pretty now!

  4. Your veg looks amazing. You're busy as usual x

  5. Well that is spooky... I have just purchased two of those lampshades in cream and was wondering whether to doily them up for my daughter.
    I have a great image of you dancing by the light of the silvery moon...keep a-shining and ignore all man chums...happy wedding day. xx

  6. Yay lots of wonderful red in your post. The beetroot looks amazing with your red bowl in the background. Do you ever roast your beetroot...it intensifies the flavour & is even more delicious..I find. Well cuckoo..the seeds that I sowed at the appointed time have all surfaced very quickly..I'm wrapt. Dear Rob is fine with the concept & even sowed some grass seed out on the verge when he was supposed to, or should I say he prepared the patch & I asked if he'd sowed the seed...ah apparently he was waiting till the evening to plant it by the moon-light. I roared with laughter...most impolitely & told him it'd be fine to do it during the day ; ) Could well have been me thinking that, of course! So much fun & makes perfect sense & actually has really motivated me to get some things done pronto...like pruning back a rose that had flowered all winter & all spring & yes, it was the right time so quickly got on with it!
    What a lovely poppy theme & the lamp is great too. Isn't it amazing how the simplest applications can make such a difference.
    Love your big deep planter boxes. Unfortunately I have too many trees these days & have run out of open sunny spots for vege growing pretty much but I'll keep using my imagination to find new spots to grow a few bits & pieces.
    Have a good week my friend & take care of yourself as the pressure comes on.
    Much love always Catherine x0x0x

  7. Hello Julie,

    I love beetroot, yours looks amazing as does your other vegies. That new vegie bed is full of wonderful compost etc, the vegies will love it. Had to smile at your neighbours peeking over the fence. The ladies certainly left you a lovely cake, it looks so yummy. Great to share it with the family.

    Happy days.

  8. Your garden does look amazing, I am really looking forward to visiting you again in November! The lamp transformation really works, very pretty. Hugs Wendy

  9. Hello dear Julie

    I love the photo of your jersey girls peeping over the fence checking up on you!!!!!
    The lamp shade is beautiful - your creativity takes it to a whole new level!
    Luscious bounty from your garden - I can see why by the rich compost the digger is putting into the hew raised bed!!!

    No seeds showing their heads yet......


  10. Hi Julie,
    I really enjoyed your post. Great pics, and really
    inspired by your design for the lamp cover. Very
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Love, love the lamp! Mmmmm is it for sale??? That's what I love about your blog & shop, you see things is such creative ways. Your 'Mr' did a great job, but I understand the timing was a bit stressful for you. Perhaps, next time he gets the urge to build a vege garden, he could drive his 'big boy toy' up to my house & build one for me! Your veges sure look healthy.
    What a lovely cake, you deserve it as you are a lovely hostess.


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